Our Time in the Dark


The shades were always drawn. The house was always dark. But it was especially gloomy in the attic where there were no windows, only ventilation slats at the top of the wall that let in scant slits of gloomy light. The attic was small, only five feet high and barely bigger than a walk-in closet. It was meant for storage, but it was Rachel Booker’s bedroom. She was one of seven children living in a three-bedroom house, and when it became obvious that seven children simply couldn’t fit into two bedrooms with all of their meager possessions, Al Booker had cleared out the attic for Rachel, his oldest daughter. Over time, she had made the attic a more inhabitable place. There was carpet now, that she had tacked down herself, and sheets of plywood nailed to the unfinished walls. She had even taken the trouble to wallpaper it, but it was clumsily done so she covered it over mostly with white sheets that made the room look strangely haunted. There was just enough room for a narrow twin bed and a cardboard box for her clothes. It wasn’t much of a room, but at least she had it to herself. She stayed up there most of the time, lost in a book, despite the extreme heat or cold depending on the season. In the winter, she propped the trapdoor open to catch some of the heat, but in the summer there was no relief from the sweltering inferno. She dragged up box fans to get some relief, but all it did was push the hot sheets of dry, dusty air around and make her sneeze. Nevertheless, the attic was a safer place than the cooler home below. Safe and sheltered from six siblings who argued constantly and an alcoholic father who had taken more notice of her since she turned eighteen.

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   She dreamed of getting out of there, of going away to college or finding her own apartment, but her father forbade it. He wouldn’t pay for college, and her grades weren’t good enough to get a scholarship. And she couldn’t get a job without a car, even if he would let her. It seemed she was destined to be trapped up there forever… at least she didn’t hit her head on the ceiling. Standing on her toes, Rachel was still only four foot ten and ninety pounds soaking wet. She still looked like a child, but she certainly didn’t feel like one. Al Booker ran a tight ship. He had five daughters, two sons, and no wife. Laura Booker had left years before shortly after the birth of their youngest child, Matthew, who was almost six. It was after Laura left that Rachel had moved into the attic. She was there one stifling day in June, still dripping wet from a cold shower wearing only a towel twisted over her breasts when the trapdoor flew open. She spun around with a gasp, lovely in her own way. Childish looking with no make up and no clothes, but her body argued with the eye. She was slender yes, but she also had a very curvaceous figure for such a small young woman. She had wide, sensuous hips, high, firm, B-cup breasts, and long, tone, attractive legs that drew the eye.

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   She wasn’t a beautiful girl, but there was something appealing about her wide, innocent brown eyes, and long, soft brown hair. Everything about her was feminine, fragile, and innocent. She was a perfect blend of pretty and plain, pretty enough to attract attention, but plain enough to disappear in a crowd. Poking his head just inside the trapdoor, Al Booker took in his nearly naked daughter and feigned disapproval. “What are you doing up here dressed like that?” He came through the trap door, stooping because of the low ceiling. Rachel swallowed and backed up until she felt the backs of her knees collide with the edge of her mattress. “Nothing, I was just getting dressed. ” She said sheepishly clinging tighter to her towel. Al frowned and shut the door with a booted foot. Then he crossed the small space to her and she flinched. He sat down on the bed and looked up at her. “Go ahead then. ” He commanded in a soft, dangerous voice. Rachel wrapped her arms around herself and shook her head, staring at him with wide eyes. She had often caught him looking at her before, with an expression she didn’t like, but he had never taken it this far before.

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   She glanced toward the trapdoor wistfully, wondering what to do. “I said go ahead. ” Al barked and reached out, wrenching the towel from her grasp. Rachel gasped trying to cover herself, but it was a futile act. Al’s roving brown eyes traveled appreciatively down his daughter’s naked figure. Her nipples, a becoming shade of pink, were puckered from the cold, her flat navel was damp with a sheen of still drying water and her little pussy was a perfect V between her legs dusted with a light brown fuzz that matched her hair. Rachel hurried into a pair of panties, half expecting her father to stop her, but he didn’t. She pulled on a bra and yanked on a dress over her head. It was a worn, blue cotton that fell to the knee, loose and light, perfect for the hot weather, but she suddenly wished she could bundle on layer after layer of clothing and was acutely aware that now, more than ever, she had to get out there. “I’m going to have to punish you for being so indecent. ” Al studied her with sharp eyes. Rachel swallowed averting her gaze to her bare feet. Al reached out and closed his hand around her wrist, he dragged her forward and bent her across his lap. His large hand caressed her derriere lovingly through the thin fabric of her dress and panties. She squeezed her eyes shut, clenching her jaw, and waited for it to be over with.

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   “Daddy’s bad girl. ” Al whispered and lifted her dress up to her waist. Rachel panicked as he pulled down her panties, but she dare not move. Her bare ass and pussy were exposed to the air as he pulled the thin band of cotton around her knees. He ran his hand up the back of her smooth thigh and up over her butt. Then abruptly, he began to spank her, not hard, but playfully almost, just enough to sting. Rachel clenched the ridge of his jeans in her small fists biting her lip and prayed that it would end soon. But Al was far from finished. When her ass was pink all over he shifted the position of his aim so a stinging slap hit the backside of her vagina. She gasped loudly and clenched her legs together but it was useless defense against his repeated abuse. A strange tingling sensation started between her legs and spiraled outward to her body. Her pussy grew wet and gaped open a little from the rush of blood. Rachel felt dizzy. “Have you been a slut Rachel? Are you having sex with your queer little boyfriend?” Rachel shook her head in mute protest. “Let’s just find out, shall we?” Al sneered and ran his finger down her ass crack.

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   He pushed his index finger into the opening of her vagina and she whimpered, sprawled across his lap, and she could feel his throbbing hardness pushing against her ribs. He showed no mercy sinking his finger into her cunt until he met the resistance of her virginity. “Ah, good girl. ” Al crooned rocking his finger in and out of her. She panted opening her legs slightly, gripping to the side of his leg, her vision going blurry from the sensations he was stirring between her legs. “You deserve a reward. ” He purred, aching with need. He found her clitoris with his thumb and began moving it in slow circles over her tiny pleasure nub and she squealed, squirming on his lap. “Daddy, Daddy, please…” She begged spreading her legs further and rocking her hips slightly with the motion of his magic fingers. Al groaned feeling his erection harden and slid two fingers into her, stroking her little clitoris faster and faster until she quaked and trembled beneath him letting out a long, whispering moan. “Did you like that baby?” He asked her smiling. Rachel fought tears, refusing to answer. “Answer me!” He gave her butt a sharp slap. “Did you like that?” Slowly, she nodded. “Yes.

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  ” He smiled.
    “Then I think I deserve a reward, don’t you?” She didn’t answer, but he didn’t care. He pushed her off his lap and unzipped his fly, releasing his hard, aching cock. He didn’t have a huge cock. It was about six and a half inches long, but it was good and thick and it looked enormous to Rachel who had never seen one before. She felt slightly ashamed at the pleasure he had brought to her, but there was no undoing it now. “Come here. ” He pulled her forward by the shoulders and wrapped his fingers around the nape of her neck, dragging her face down near his engorged penis. “Kiss it. ” He demanded in a tortured whisper. Rachel hesitated and pressed her lips gently to the head of his cock, then looked up at him uncertainly. He groaned at the butterfly soft touch. “Now put it in your mouth and suck it gently, caress it with your tongue. Like an ice cream cone. ” He instructed.

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       Rachel shook her head. “No Daddy, please. ” He looked angry. “Do it. ” Fighting tears again she carefully took his penis into her warm, wet mouth and licked tentatively with her tongue. Al reacted almost immediately groaning and arching his hips. She suckled at it gently and ran her tongue up from the base over the head causing him to tremble. She sucked a little harder wrapping her tongue around his shaft and running it up to ridge around his head, licking all around it, drawing softly at his cock with her mouth until her jaw started to ache. She stopped and rubbed it. “Daddy, my mouth hurts. ” She complained. Al groaned, he was so close, ever fiber of his being was screaming for release. “That’s okay. ” He said breathlessly. “Take off your dress and panties.

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      ” Rachel blushed and shook her head, backing away. “Daddy, no, please, don’t do this. ” Al glared at her and she looked humiliated as she undressed, removing everything as he asked her to do it. When she was nude, he dragged her forward by the hips and gestured for her to sit. “Sit on my lap, slowly, and wrap your legs around me, I’ll hold onto you so you don’t fall. ” Rachel hesitated and awkwardly clambered into his lap until his cock was cradled against her belly and her legs were wrapped around his middle. He lifted her under the armpits and dragged her forward, setting her down slowly onto his cock. She screamed as the head of his engorged penis slid into her tight, hot, wet slit. “DADDY!” She wailed. He arched his hips and dropped her onto his cock and it sank into her up to the hilt, ripping through her virginity. She cried out and leaned forward, clinging to him and he groaned and bit her shoulder, rotating his hips, grinding his pelvis against hers. “It’s all right baby. ” He soothed and backed up until his back hit the wall. “Now get up on your feet. ” Looking pained, Rachel squatted over him.

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       “Now bounce up and down. ” He ordered breathlessly. Rachel pivoted to the balls of her feet and pushed herself up and down, his cock knifing in and out of her cunt. Al grunted gripping her hips to move her faster and lay there for the most part, letting her make him feel good. Rachel held onto his shoulders to balance herself, riding his cock for all she was worth, strange sensations of pain and pleasure boiling through her tiny body until her legs grew too weak and tired to continue. She collapsed onto her back, panting for breath, and Al got on his knees on the floor. He hooked his hands under her knees and dragged her forward to the edge of the bed. His need for release was so desperate now that forgot gentleness and hammered his throbbing cock into her tight, tiny pussy. He could scarcely believe how hot and tight she was. He gripped her thighs and buried himself again and again and again into her aching cunt. Rachel meanwhile was crying out in pain and pleasure, writhing beneath him and gasping with each thrust. Al’s thrusts suddenly got more frantic, deeper, harder, deeper still, harder still until Rachel was screaming and trembling beneath him, lost in the throes of an earth shattering orgasm. “OH GOD DADDY, YES!“ She screamed. Grunting Al hammered his cock into her harder, harder, harder, fighting through the tight confines of her orgasm until yes, yes, yes, his whole body shook with the impact of his own climax as he clung to her, emptying his balls into her tight little snatch. Sweaty and exhausted, though far from sated, he let his head drop down to her chest and stayed that way for a long time, feeling her tremble beneath him, feeling himself slowly shrink inside her.

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       Once he had the energy to move again, Al went downstairs for a shower and smirked to himself as he bathed. It seemed he didn’t need that fucking bitch, Laura, after all. .



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