Our Project - Ch1 - Undue Influence


My name is Bob, I had a wonderful life with a loving wife Helen and daughter Teresa. That was until a new parson took over our church. This guy was a real firebrand. He expected his concept of religion to dominate the congregation's lives, no if's and's or but's.

Unfortunately my wife came under his influence. In a way I am not surprised as after a night of hot loving she seemed to be a little ashamed of what we had done. Helen could not accept any compliments on how sexy she had been. It was as if being sexual was something to feel guilty about.

I first noticed a change in her when she did not want me to go down on her. Something that was never been an issue before. I knew she liked it because of her bodies reaction and how frequently she came. Heck I really liked seeing her come hard it made me feel I was fulfilling my responsibilities as a husband and lover.

The change in her attitude happened only a few weeks after the parson started a series of sermons about our obligation to live clean Christian lives. He said to be worthy of heaven we needed to resists the sinful practises that abounded in our world.

During one of the later sermons in this series I glanced around the church and noticed a number of the women nodding their heads while their husbands had hard set jaws. It seemed likely that I was not alone in my experience of the negative effect this ass-hole's words had on the quality of our sex life.

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As proof positive I saw some wives looking down with their heads slightly shaking in decent. Their husbands seemed relaxed absently thinking of something other than the parson's nattering.

The odd thing was that the parson's wife and daughter seemed a bit board like they had heard his spiel one too many times. This parson was so full of himself he did not recognize the damage he was doing. His daughter seemed particularly uninterested. As I observed her, she seemed to be scoping out the males in the congregation.

Wanting to nip this trend in the bud I had a sit down, heart to heart, with my wife. Big mistake! She accused me of being a sinner. From that point on I was lucky to have sex once every couple of weeks and then only in the missionary position with little or no enthusiasm from my wife.

I wonder if it wasn't for the religious connotation of that position, whether I would have had any sex at all. It got to the point that I did not look forward to intercourse because of the lack of passion.

The inevitable happened and Helen caught me masturbating while looking at a nudie magazine. She said I was a disgusting pervert and not to bother asking her for sex anymore. That night I found our bedroom door locked. From then on I was banished to the spare room.

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If it was not for my daughter I would have divorced Helen but I knew I would have lost custody. Besides at that point I had not fallen out of love with my wife and held out hope this religious obsession would fade given time.

When balancing my monthly accounts I discovered that my wife had written a cheque donating an excessive amount to the church. When I confronted her, she said it was the Christian thing to do and brushed me off.

I finally had to admit I did not trust Helen anymore. The following week I talked to the bank manager to make arrangements that any further large withdrawals by my wife needed my approval. I suspected he was having the same problems as myself because he was very helpful in expediting those arrangements.

When I informed her of what I had done she was very angry but could not do anything about it. Sure she could have filed for divorce but she would have embarrassed herself within our church community. To the outside world she pretended that everything was great in her life including her marriage.

My wife now spent almost all her time working at the church including weekend excursions to spread the good word. My daughter and I rarely saw her outside supper. I started to suspect that the parson may be taking advantage of these church going women. With no proof I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind.

One Saturday afternoon when my wife was away on another church trip, I answered a knock at the door.

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   I opened and invited in the parson's wife Cheryl and daughter Becky. Teresa came to the door and the two girls scampered off to play.

I asked "Cheryl is there something wrong? I thought you would be with the trip my wife is on". Cheryl shook her head saying "No, I stayed home to take care of Becky. I would probably be in the way. Besides I like to meet the parents of my daughter's friends".

Something in Cheryl's voice and body language told me there was much more to that comment than could be deduced from the her words. This added to my suspicions that something nefarious was going on with that self righteous prick. In fact as we talked I had the impression Cheryl was becoming flirtatious. She eventually left telling me when she would be back to pick up Becky.

To focus on something other than my miserable marriage I started a whole string of projects. If I do say so myself I am very good at woodwork and home improvements.

One of my first projects was to remodel my daughter's room. To make it fun we drew up the plans together getting many of the ideas off the Internet. I could see that Teresa enjoyed our time together.

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   Her bedroom ended up being the envy of all her friends particularly the parson's daughter.

After we had completed that project I decided to add a solarium extension to the back of my home. To my surprise my daughter asked if she could help. That made me feel good and I readily agreed.

To make sure she did not get bored I gave her real assignments not the usual mindless go-get and carry-this activities that most parents give kids. Luckily I had the patience to spend the time dealing with her mistakes born of inexperience. Besides I had little else to do.

One of the ideas she contributed was that we should install a hot-tub. I told her that was a brilliant idea especially as a solarium was designed to retain heat and that would keep the cost down when heating the hot-tub. A facility that could be used all year around would be great.

In her excitement Teresa told Helen about the hot-tub. The way her Mother reacted you would think that a hot-tub was a portal to the fiery pit of hell. She declared she would never use it. I could see that Teresa was hurt but even more that she recognized that her Mother was being totally unreasonable.

Over the next year and half that it took to complete our project my daughter blossomed into an attractive young women.

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   Due to her emotionally distant mother she compensated by becoming very close to me.

During the project, Teresa started asking questions about relationships, boys and general sex related topics which most girls would never ask their Dad. I tried to answer as honestly as possible. Near the finish of the project she blurted out "Daddy it's too bad that Mom does not like to have sex with you anymore". It was hard to hide that we never slept together.

I was knocked on my ass but decided I had been straight with her before so why not now, replying "Yes, in my opinion your Mother has allowed her religious beliefs to view physical intimacy as dirty instead of a wondrous gift from god. Especially when without sex God would not have anyone to worship him". Not much more was said and we got back to work.

When we were finally done. I had my arm around my daughter's shoulders as we gazed over our handy work. I looked down at her smiling face and said "I have a surprise. Tomorrow when we test out the hot-tub you'll see the finishing touch".

Saturday morning the "surprise" HD flat panel was delivered and I mounted it in the solarium. It was perfect for viewing from the hot-tub. I checked the temperature of the water and it was just right all ready for that evening.

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My not so loving wife had gone on another weekend trip with the church group and would not be back until Monday morning. This left Teresa and I to fend for ourselves. I went out and got a couple DVDs to watch. When I returned Teresa came running up to me excitedly asking all sorts of questions about the new HDTV.

After supper I asked her "Want to take our test drive now honey"? She jumped up racing away to changed. I was in my trunks with the movie loaded ready to play when Teresa emerged wrapped in her long cotton robe. I had waited so that we would get into the hot-tub together.

I asked "OK sweety ready to take the plunge"? Teresa took off her robe. It was then that I had a jolt back to the reality of how bad my marital situation had become and how much I had ignored my own needs.

She was wearing a string bikini. Sure it was more conservative than what a lot of girls wore today but it revealed a young woman's figure that I had no idea was living under my roof.

When my eyes met hers she wore a broad grin and said "What do you think Daddy"? I replied "I doubted that Mom bought it for you". She laughed hard and said "No way! I hide it in the attic. Mom is always going through my cloths draws, looking I guess, for 'sinner' cloths. She does not trust me at all".

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Teresa did a slow turn letting me drink in her whole sexy teen figure. When she was done I decided we needed to get in the tub or my natural male reaction to a sexy female would be outstanding. I mumbled "Very nice dear. Let's get in".

Soon we were literally all wet. At least for the moment the hot-tub eased my hardon as the water tended to hide my daughter's body. We tested the various jet settings and everything seemed to be working as designed.

Eventually we decided to watch the movie. As I reached for the waterproofed remote to start the DVD, my daughter slid in beside me to get a better viewing angle.

When the movie was playing she pulled my arm around her and snuggled up close. She looked up at me and said "Your the best Daddy, I appreciate that you include me in your projects". I gave her a kiss on the forehead and replied "I am the one that is lucky".

During the movie my long neglected libido would not allow me to concentrate. There was simply too much soft female flesh pressing against my body. My hand absently rubbing up and down Teresa's arm.

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When the movie ended I went for some snacks and changed the DVD. We were back in the hot-tub ready to watch the second movie when Teresa mentioned "Dad I heard these hot-tubs are often used for physical therapy". I replied "Sure, naturally the warm water is relaxing but the water jets can be focus on injured muscles giving a deep massage. Here I'll turn the jets on and you can move around to see how they provide a massage".

Teresa massaged a calf then a shoulder telling me "Ya, that feels great". She went to move forward from the shoulder massage getting onto her knees. The jet must have hit her flush on the pussy. Her eyes fluttered and she let out a moan.

As soon as she moaned Teresa moved away from the jet and her face turned red. I chucked a little and she protested "Daddy" and playfully splashed water in my face. I leered "Yes, there are several techniques girls use to get a very 'special' massage". She giggled and I laughed some more.

I was not surprised at how mild her reaction to that embarrassing moment considering the numerous intimate conversations we had over the last several months. I said "Lets watch the second movie and then off to bed". I started the movie and once again my arm was around Teresa.

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During the movie I swear she moved so that my hand lightly touched the side of her breast. Also her hand pushed across my groin bumping into my semi when she was trying to get into a more "comfortable position".

When the second movie ended we got out. Unexpectedly Teresa gave me a big hug pressing herself hard against me saying "Daddy I love you so much and really appreciate all that you have done for me. I cannot get close to Mom. She seems to disapprove of everything I think or do".

I could not stop myself and my semi thickened. I am sure she felt it but said nothing. We went our separate ways but that night I masturbated thinking of her young body.

In the morning Teresa asked "After supper I would like to spend another evening in the hot-tub". I replied "It's a date. Do you want me to pick up another movie"? She replied "No we can just talk and watch TV".

The evening started out like before except I was already in the tub when Teresa appeared. She quickly disrobed but took her sweet time bent over folding her robe and placing it on her saddles. Her camel toe was a nice sight for these old eyes but it made me wonder if she was displaying herself on purpose.

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Teresa was snuggled up to me as we flipped channels trying to find something of interest.
    After the second pass she said "Just turn it off I would rather talk". We sat there in silence for a while when Teresa said "I have something personal to ask".

    I waited for her to continue "Daddy you mentioned that you know ways for girls to use the water jets to receive a 'special' massage. Could you show me? It will be our secret as I know Mom would freak out".

    To say the least I was at one of life's crucial cross roads. Personally I believe that if my wife and I were having a normal physical relationship I would have behaved as was morally expected but that was not what happened. I asked Teresa "Are you sure? Be warned that I will need to touch your body and if things go right you will have an orgasm in front of your me".

    She did not even hesitate saying "I already thought this through last night and again this morning. What the heck, we love each other and I trust you. You already know I masturbate so this is just a variation".

    I turned on the water jets then I moved Teresa, onto my lap, facing away. I pulled each of her legs so their heals were just over the edge of the hot-tub. Her back was supported by my chest. Next I moved us so that the jet was spraying between her legs.



    With my hands on her hips I raised her slowly up and down. The stream was pressing over her bikini covered pussy. The effect was almost instant as I heard her first moans. Soon my girl was panting and wiggling her hips. All of this was making me harder than I had been for many months.

    I whispered "It will feel better if the water is not blocked by your bikini". The words were said without thinking but my baby girl reach down and pulling the sting on either side of her bottoms. The water stream pushed them off to flutter slowly to the bottom of the hot-tub.

    As soon as I lifting her up she moaned a loud "Oh Daddy" and the fun really began. Moaning, wiggling and a stream of panting "ah"s were uttered from a very horny daughter. All of a sudden her whole body tensed and she cried "I'm coming Daddy"!

    I knew her clit would be too sensitive to continue so I let her bare butt rest on my thighs and cupped her pussy with my hand as if that was some form of protection. Teresa was too distracted by what I suspected was her best orgasm to realize the liberty I had taken.

    When she opened her eyes I leaned down and kissed her tenderly then said "I have never seen a women look so sexy and beautiful then when you came". She smiled and replied "Well what other methods do you know to keep a women feeling this way"?

    I replied "Many baby girl, but it involves lots of intimacy". Teresa looked me in the eye and said "Daddy I do not care just make me come.

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       Besides your hand seems to be very intimate at the moment".

    I started pressing my hand's heal on her clit moving in a circle. She raised her pelvis to press harder into my hand and gave me an appreciative moan. "So my little girl likes to come does she. Well Daddy will help you get off" then I inserted a wiggling finger. Her hips jumped and that young pussy danced around as I played with my little come puppet.

    Soon I moved my other hand under her tushy and inserted a second finger while removing the first. This allowed the jet to massage her clit while I fingered her little love hole. That was way too much for my princess and she pulled her legs together as she came to another mind blowing orgasm.

    She turn around wrapping her arms around my neck saying "Daddy that was awesome. Thank you so much. Give me a bit of a rest and you can do it again". I was both surprised and pleased.

    To keep her mind swimming with stimulation I told her "Honey I know a great way to extend your pleasure but you need to lean back a little". Teresa leaned back and I pulled the ties on her bikini top exposing her pointy tits.

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    She got up on her knees so I could massage and suck on those lovely half handfuls. She pressed the back of my head onto her breast exclaiming "Daddy suck those baby breasts. Oh God that feels so good".

    While Teresa was occupied, I reached down and pulled my trunks off. After a while I asked her if she was ready for something new. My horny teen daughter reply "Ready and willing Daddy".

    I turned her around again and took hold of her shins pulling them to the sides of her chest spreading her wide. Then I moved us close to the side of the hot-tub and lowered her pussy directly in line with a jet nozzle. Her pussy made its first contact with my erection.

    A few up and down movements had me positioned at the entrance of my baby girl's love canal. The jet of water and bubbles had her so excited all she said was "Do it Daddy". With that I pulled her downwards taking her innocence in one hard motion.

    As she cried out, I pushed her clit within inches of the nozzle. That action seemed to take away her pain and I started thrusting up and down into that freshly deflowered cunny.

    I whispered into her ear "Daddy loves you baby girl.

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       Feel Daddy's love honey". Teresa was way too sexed up from all the stimulation to resist. She responded with "Fuck me Daddy make me come again, fuck me"!

    Her body moved in rhythm with my thrusts fucking me back which also changed where the jet was pressing on her clit and pussy. I encouraged her "Fuck your Daddy baby. Come on my cock princess. Faster baby girl let me make you come. Give Daddy your special love".

    My words and the excessive stimulation had Teresa going wild fucking me as hard as she could from that odd position. She panted, moaned, grunted and the occasional "Daddy so good".

    Teresa drove her pussy deep down my shaft then scream "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh". Her body shuddered and that deflowered cunny gripped my cock as if she feared it would soon depart.

    I had not cum yet and did not want this moment to end. Standing up I lifted her with me to a new position. I aligned us over an upper nozzle and bent her over the edge of the hot-tub.

    Pressing the jet remote control I increased the water pressure.

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       Then I started fucking my baby girl from behind. With every thrust her pussy was driven into the oncoming water jet. Teresa let our a grunt and started to repeat "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me".

    In the water I could not go at the same speed I could in a bed but it did not matter. I was in heavenly, tight, wet and randy daughter pussy. I was finally getting back at my bitch of a wife by making Teresa my woman.

    With so much pent up need it did not take long. I heard Teresa scream "Oh God, I'm cumming again". That tipped me over the edge. I barely pulled out cumming rope after white rope over her back.

    We both sunk back into the hot tub. Holding on to each other in our blissful release. I may have felt guilty if not for my daughter saying "Daddy this is the best project we ever worked on". After a while she straddled me and and we passionately kissed then she said "We just have to do this again". I replied "Anytime your Mother's away honey" while massaging her tight little tushy.

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    The next day I bought and installed some handles which made it easier to get out of the hot-tub. When Teresa asked me what I was doing I said "Look where the new handles are placed". Her face lit up as she knew what they could be used to do.

    After thinking a bit she frowned and said "I like it better when you're helping me". I replied "Well what if you have friends over. Come to think of it have you ever invited the parson's daughter for a sleep over"?.



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