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Topic: Page One    My family lived poor. My father tried his best to keep my brother and I fed, but sometimes it wasn't enough. So, when my brother turned twenty, he started to work with my father. It was just me, my father and Michael, my older brother. My mother got tired of living a life in poverty and left us when I was thirteen. We lived in a small two bedroom apartment in one of the worst areas of town and I had to stay home to keep the house clean. I was only sixteen at the time, but not going to school was still a little hard for me. I was a bookworm, I buried myself deep in books to keep out the harsh sting of reality. My brother, Michael was a hard drinker, just like my father. It was difficult to live with them because of their drinking habits, but I had managed up until one day. Me and my brother used to share a room up until my body began to develop. I had nice 38C breasts, slim body, and long blonde hair. I also had big bright blue eyes, just like my brother. Anyway, I slept in the smallest room alone because my father and brother slept where they wanted to. I awoke one fateful morning to the sound of some banging around in the kitchen. Slowly I rose from my mattress and walked slowly to the kitchen.

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   Michael was standing in the middle of the kitchen as I peeked around the corner. He had thrown something to the floor. I could see the shattered remains of whatever it was he threw. I was staring at him when he suddenly looked up. I gasped, but I knew he'd seen me. "Come here, Katie. " He growled and I knew I was in some sort of trouble. With my head hung low, I stalked into the kitchen. "You didn't clean any of this shit. " "What? I did the dishes last night. " "Obviously not, Kate. I mean look! Damn! Its all a mess. " He'd moved closer, but I kept my head hung, staring at my feet. "Look I said!" He gripped my chin in his rough fingers and jerked my head up to look at the messy kitchen. I winced at the mess because I knew I cleaned it up the previous night.

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   "I cleaned it up last night, Mikey. " I said, my voice was mumbled because of how hard he was gripping my face. "Does this look clean to you?" He asked, anger evident in his handsome face. I shook my head, no. "I want it clean. Dad's still at work, but if he comes home and sees this a mess like it is, you know what he'll do. " It was a warning, but I didn't know why. Michael never tried to stop my father from punishing me before. I wondered why now? I nodded, yes and he tightened his grip once more before letting me go. "I have to go to work in twenty minutes. I want it done by then. " I stared, speechlessly at him. "Do you understand me?" He asked, stepping closer to me, using his height and muscles to intimidate me. It worked. I nodded, yes and got down on my hands and knees and began to wordlessly clean up the mess Michael made.

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   I could feel him staring at me like a heavy heat on my back, but I continued to clean. Ten minutes later, I was doing dishes when Michael came back into the kitchen. He grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face him. I gasped and he glared down at me. "Why isn't it clean?" He growled angrily. I stared up and him and noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. His black hair was wet and he smelled like soap. He'd taken a shower. "Because it's only been ten minutes, Mikey. " I mumbled. "I think I better start punishing you as well. You only seem to listen to those who punish you. " I thought he was going to hit me, but instead his mouth covered mine. I froze, terrified as he tongue tried to slip into my mouth. With my eyes wide open, I could look up into his face and see that his eyes were closed.

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   I felt his hand slide from my shoulder down to my breast. I gasped and that was all he needed to slip his tongue into my mouth. I put my hands on his chest and pushed at him. With his free hand, he easily reached up and snatched both them. He removed his hand from my breast long enough to lock both of my hands behind my back. He held them behind me with one hand and quickly returned his other hand to my breast. Roughly massaging it throught the thin fabric of my oversized LSU tee shirt. I then suddenly realized that I hadn't taken the time to put a bra on! My nipples hardned and he pushed his lower body against me. I could feel his erection against my stomach. I wanted to push him away, but at the same time, I wanted to kiss him back. It felt wrong, but I still wanted it. I kissed him back and he froze, seemingly surprised at my action. He then jerked away. He stared at me for a long time, his blue eyes like blue fire. "Damn you.

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  " He mumbled and he let go of my hands. I thought he was letting me go, but instead he threw me hard to the tiled floor. I landed hard and as I was recovering, he was already ontop of me. "I've wanted you for a long time, Katie. Now, no more waiting, no more pretending. You're going to be mine. " He wiggled his self in between my legs and I started to struggle. I pulled his wet hair and scratched at him and bit him, but he didn't seem to even mind. He just reached down in between our bodies and I heard him unzip his jeans. I froze, panic taking over. He then lifted his body off a little and ripped off my thin shorts. I was now in just a LSU tee shirt and panties. I tried to get away, but he laid back down on me. I could feel his dick through my panties and I unwillingly began to get wet. He started to move his body against me and he moaned lightly.

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   I began to hit him again and he grabbed both of my hands and held them effortlessly over my head, trapped to the cold tile floor. With his other hand, Michael pushed my panties to the side and began to massage my pussy. I was already wet and I heard him groan as he plunged two fingers inside of me. I moaned out loud by accident and he started a rhythm with his hand. In only a few minutes, I was arching my back, ready for him. I felt Michael pull his fingers out and I looked down to watch him get his hard 8 inch dick out of his jeans. I watched in fasinated terror as he positioned himself over me and plunged roughly into my pussy. I screamed as he began to move. He was ramming himself into me and I was already moaning. He let go of my hands and put each of his on either side of my head, holding his upper body off of me as he watched his body slam into mine. I grabbed both of his forearms with either of my hands and clawed them out of pleasure. He began to grunt and I began to move against him as he plunged his dick into me over and over again. "Oh. Yes! Fuck me Michael!" I screamed, surprising myself as well as him. It caused him to go faster and I cried out.

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   "Yes! Yes! Yes! FUCK ME!" I could feel my climax building as he continued to fuck me. I knew his was building too because his movements were losing their rhythm. He moaned loudly and crashed hard into me. That was all I needed. I came in a rush. I screamed his name as I came. I heard him curse through clenched teeth and I knew he'd came as well. He pulled out of my pussy and laid down next to me. "God that was fucking fantastic. " He mumbled, sweat gleeming off of his chest. I just nodded and then I heard, "Fuck. " It came from my brother and I looked at him to see him staring at the kitchen door. Quickly I turned my attention to the door and I found myself staring at my father.



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