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Just at that moment I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, it was my dad. He had been watching us. I jumped and pulled my shorts back up and sis fell off the bed. He came in the room and looked very sternly at us both. He said if we were going to be doing this we better do it right. He pulled his huge cock out of his pants it was fat and long with a big mushroom head he told us to touch it so we did. He told me to lie down on my back and for sandy to put her pussy over my face. He told me to run my tongue around her lips; first the outside then the inside then to put my tongue into her love hole. Sandy was squirming all over my face. My dad has his cock in Sandy’s mouth and she was licking all over it trying to get more of it into her mouth. I found her clit and sucked on it she was moving faster and moaning and started to shake I licked all her wetness from her hole she tasted so sweet. My dad then laid on the bed and put sandy on top of him and slowly guided his cock into her hot pussy. He told me to put some spit on her rosebud and put my bulging dick into her. I went slowly and she groaned and stiffened up but soon relaxed. It was tight and I could feel my dads cock moving back and forth inside her. I knew I wouldn’t last long.


   I blew my load into her it was so hot and tight. My dad pulled his cock out and shot an enormous load of creamy white cum onto her titties. She rubbed it into her silky skin. Dad moved over to me and grabbed onto my shrinking dick. He told me he would get it hard again and to get used to it. Most women can orgasm many times and I should be able to satisfy them more than once he told me. He caressed my cock and as it started to grow he bent down and put his mouth near its head, I could feel him breathing his hot heavy breath blowing right on my cock head. He then wrapped his tongue around my head and took all my cock into his mouth. His head started moving up and down and it felt so good. I looked down at him and realized my own dad was giving me head. I had never thought any of this would happen. I looked over at sis; she was rubbing her slit with one hand and cupping her breasts with the other. My hips started to buck up to my dads face and then he stopped and told sis to lick my cock while he showed her what it felt like to have a “man” eat her snatch. Sis was licking me good, but not like dad had done it. I was enjoying watching her hump our dads face she was moaning in pleasure.

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   All of a sudden dad stopped and told her to get on all fours he told me to put my cock in her doggy way and he positioned himself in front of her and put his massive cock into her mouth. She was getting it from both ends. It didn’t take long for me to cum, I pulled out and shot all over her ass and as dad watched me he told her he was going to cum and she should swallow it. She nodded her head and tried to keep it all going down but some dripped out. He told me to lick it up and I did. It didn’t taste bad at all but I thought Sis tasted much sweeter. I knew from that moment it would not be the last time. That night my sister and I both lost our virginity together with our dad. It was the beginning to a wonderful summer filled with hot sensuous sex. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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