Only Daughter


With only one bathroom in the old farmhouse my daughter would take her bath(no shower in the house) after my wife left for work. On the night my plan went into action I walked in while she was in the tub saying that I had to use the bathroom badly. I was hard and aching as I looked at my daughter in the tub. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my 8" cock so that my daughter could see it and then turned my back so she could not see me use the toilet. It was difficult to go being so hard but I managed to go enough to cover my excuse for being in there. I began creating excuses to look in on her while in the tub or would sneak out and peer through the window trying to get a glimpse of her body. She had nice developing breasts with pink puffy nipples and the hair around her pussy was a fine blonde color, and her nice firm round ass looked perfect. I knew my daughter was on the computer alot chatting with her friends. I started leaving some of the files I had downloaded of young girls on the computer knowing that she would be able to find them. I would go back and check the history and see she had seen them. I started walking around in my shorts more and a couple of times came out of the bathroon naked after my bath and used the excuse I thought she was in bed.

We would always wrestle and tickle and now I would find myself letting my hands go to places I used to try and stay away from. Touch her breast, tickle her inner thigh, have my cock rub against her leg. I began to notice that when I would walk in on her in the bathroom she did not protest as much nor did she cover herself. I could stare at the nice tits and wonderful pussy that I was dying to have. I also tried to have as many reasons as I could for being nude in front of her and I noticed she would not look away.

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   Finally, one night I made the decision to get on line before she went to bed. I went to my favorite young teen files, undressed, and began stroking myself. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and I kept stroking slow. Tammi came in the room and asked "Oh my god Daddy what are you doing"?I looked her straight in the eye and said "Looking at these pictures wishing it was you I was looking at". Tammi sat in the chair to the side of the computer staring at my cock. Drips of pre-cum were on the tip, and the head was swollen I was so turned on. She watched the slow stroking of my hand up and down the shaft.
    "You like looking at me dad"? she asked. "Yes you are so pretty", I replied. "You like looking at me undressed"? "Yes baby you have such a nice body" I was starting to stroke faster as I talked to my daughter sitting in full view of me. "Do you want me to take off my night shirt dad"? she asked. "Oh baby please take it off for me" I moaned. She stood up and lifted the night shirt over her head I watched it travel up her body getting my first real close up of her pussy and tits that I so longed to see. She sat back down on the chair leaning forward to watch my hand stroking my cock. "Lean back baby.

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      " I said. She leaned back still watching me. "Spread your legs open for me hun" I told her. I looked at her spread pussy and noticed she was wet!!!!I was now rubbing fast and felt the first sprays of cum working up and I leaned further back in my chair as cum exploded from my cock spraying the desk my stomach and some on my daughters legs. "Wow dad that was a lot of stuff. Was all that just from looking at me?" I was breathing hard and just sat feeling the cum dripping from the tip of my cock and watching it slide down my daughters leg. I felt panic at first but starting at my daughter told me there was no turning back. End of chapter one.