Only Daughter Chapter 3


"Did I do that ok dad?" she asked. "Oh baby that was the best ever. " I replied and it was no lie. It was without a doubt one of my most powerful orgasms ever. She reached down and with her finger took the cum from her nipple and sucked it off her finger. "You know daddy this really is not that bad tasting. I might want to try catching some in my mouth once. ""I would love that baby. " I said. "Daddy are you going to do it to me?" she asked. "What do you mean do it hun?""You know put it in me. ""Would you like that?" I asked. "If it feels as good as you licking me ----YES!" she said. "Your mom works again tomorrow night. We can do some more things tomorrow after she leaves. For now you get yourself to bed.

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   I don't want you too tired at school. "I wanted her to sleep with me, but I also knew that if she did there would be little sleep. I could not keep my hands off of her perfect body, and the fact that she was wanting me to touch her made it all the more exciting. The alarm went off too early. It was 6:00 a. m. and time for the battle of the shower. I got up and went downstairs and looked in on Tammi. She had not bothered to put on her nightshirt nor close her door. She looked lovely with the blankets around her. I decided to give her another half hour and went in to start the shower. I got in and let the warm water cover me and prepare me for another day. I had left the bathroom door open figuring there was no need any longer to close it. The sound of the shower curtain pulling back startled me and I looked to see Tammi looking at me. "Morning daddy.

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  ""Morning baby. How are you this morning?" I was a little nervous about the answer wondering if she would regret last night. "Wishing it was when mom went to work and we could be alone again. " she said. With that she stepped in with me moving in front to get into the water stream. She turned and faced me letting the warm water hit her back. "Dang it. Hold on. I have to go pee. " She reached for the shower curtain and was ready to step out. "Hun you don't have to step out. Just go in here. It goes down the drain anyway. Plus I don't want all the cold air in here. " I said.

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  She gave me a look like perhaps I was joking. "Are you serious?" She asked. I reached down and spread her pussy open. "Go ahead baby. It's ok. Really. "She leaned forward and closed her eyes. I started to feel the warm flow from her pussy onto my hands and then feet. I looked down and was turned on by how her pussy was thrusting out to get every last drop out. She looked down and saw that I had gotten hard "helping" her pee. "You liked watching that didn't you?" she asked. She reached for my cock. "Yes baby that was very very sexy. Now turn around and I will wash you. " I knew I did not have enough time to let her make me cum.

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   I needed to be out of the house in a half hour. We washed each other spending extra time on each others special areas, but did not make each other cum. I told her we would do that tonight. Work was a waste. My thoughts kept going back to the previous night, and also what was to come tonight. I craved my daughters body and was shocked to feel no guilt about it. I got home and my wife and Tammi were making supper. I kissed my wife and asked how her work was last night, and asked Tammi how school was. "It seemed like it lasted forever. " she said with a smile. After supper Tammi and I cleared the table as my wife went into shower. Tammi waited til the she heard the water running and stood in front of me. She pulled off her jeans and panties spreading herself open. "I am ready for you to touch me daddy. ""Not yet babe.

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   Mom is still here. " I said. I visited with my wife as she curled her hair and got dressed. She kissed us goodnight and went to work. I watched my wife's car go up the street and I locked the door. "Are you going to do it to me now daddy?" she asked. "Hmmm. I think I want you to undress for me first. "She pulled off her t shirt and bra quickly. She took her jeans and panties off and stood before me. "Do you still like looking at me daddy?" she asked. "Yes baby I do. Now lay back on the couch for me. Thats it. Now I want you to play with your pussy for me.

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   Do you know how?""I have played with it for at least a year daddy. Ever since you let me see you without clothes. "She spread her legs showing me that she was already wet. Her clit stood out as she took her left hand and used her index and middle fingers to rub the clit in a circle. I took my shirt off then my pants as I watched. "Take it all off daddy. I want to see it. " she said as she started rubbing faster. I slid my boxers down over my hard cock. Cum was leaking from the tip. "Put your fingers in your pussy and taste it baby. " I commanded. She slid the two fingers she was rubbing with into her pussy. As she pulled them out they glistened from the juice that was leaking from her pussy. She put the fingers all the way into her mouth and sucked them dry as she saw me do to her last night.

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  "Nice baby. Now keep playing. "She rubbed faster while she stared at my cock. Her eyes never leaving it as she moved her hand and fingers. Just as last night as she got close to cumming she arched her back. "Oh. Here I go. " she said and she moaned as her back arched. Her eyes closed as she came and she was flushed. Her nipples stood up and she moaned softly sweetly as she brought herself to climax. I walked over to her and kissed her. My hand felt her dampness which had come flooding out of her and I knew now was the time. "Tell me you want me to fuck you with my cock Tammi. " I commanded. "Fuck me daddy.

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   Fuck me with your cock. "I rubbed some of her pussy juice on the tip of my cock. It mixed nicely with the pre-cum leaking out of me. I lowered myself until the tip of my cock was at the opening of her pussy. The heat radiating out of there made my cock even harder. I pushed against the opening feeling her lips spread wide to let the tip in. As the tip went past the opening it was amazing how her pussy surrounded my shaft. The warm wet feeling around my shaft was without a doubt the most incredible feeling ever. I slowly pushed in deeper coming to her hymen. "Baby this might hurt if I go deeper. " I managed to say. "Do it daddy. If you want to. "I pressed deeper feeling the hymen give way to the tip of my cock. I saw her grimace but say nothing.

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   I waited a bit. "You ok baby?""Fuck me daddy. " was her answer. I moved all the way in. The shaft was buried and I slowly moved almost all the way out. Her pussy contracting against my cock all the time. Slowly I began fucking her. "I love you baby. " I panted as I moved faster. "Oh my god daddy this feels so good. " Her hips left the couch, rising up to meet my thrusts and my cock felt a mile long. Faster I went. Suddenly Tammi grabbed my forearms and said,"I' m doing it again. " She came again. This time much louder as her fingers clenched me tightly.

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   "Yes. Oh yes. " I could feel the flood of wetness surround my cock and it was all it took for me to push in deep as the cum shot into her tight, warm,wet pussy. It seemed as though each shot of cum caused her pussy to squeeze even tighter and it was like I was cumming forever. "Let me stay in for a little bit baby. " was all I managed to say. I pulled out slow savoring still the warmth from her pussy. "Daddy that was awesome, but I am not sure if I like this or licking better. ""I like doing them both baby. You are so pretty and sexy. "I kissed her and put her head in my lap as I sat down on the couch. Another chapter???.