One Vs Three


I got there half a day later and registered myself before setting out to see my grandmother whom I hadn't seen since I was a boy of eight. I didn't quite remember Grandma's appearance till I saw her greeting me at the doorway. An elegant fine-looking not-too-elderly lady with loving-kindness was all my appreciation for her at the first sight of her. She laughed and opened both plump arms, which closed round my face while I was still three steps below her. She hugged me firmly to her protruding chest forcing me to inhale a milky fragrant. I found Grandma quite sexy though in her late sixties. We settled down in the capacious drawing room. My luggage was carried in by another two women whom I didn't know. Grandma took time to introduce so I knew one was in fact my aunt, Grandma's daughter, in her thirties whom I never met before, and the other, wife of my aunt's husband's brother in her early fifties. "Three happy widows are we," said Grandma with a cunning smile after the introduction. "And three beautiful widows!" I took a close look at each for the first time and added, without speaking out. I had to tell you I was not a lewdster though I got horny easily but I was glad I was plunged into this effeminate den. How and why the three became widows and came to live together was what I ought to tell you first. Well, to make a long story short I would just say each lost her own husband and they hailed from three different places to join for what they called a depend-on-each-other life. People in my country say women without husbands living together are like enemies with teeth in a narrow battle plot. Yet I sensed from their faces that there must always be laughter and harmony in this female combination.

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  Five days passed without anything special happened until my first weekend when something unforgettable occurred between Granny and me. That day my aunt and her sister-in-law were away to deal with some business in another city and there was only Granny and I at home. As it was weekend and I needed relaxation from my busy college life Grandma decided that we should eat out and perhaps see a film whatever there might be. I wowed at the splendid idea and soon we were eating in a diner three blocks from our house. Then we roamed around to a cinema where a romantic film was on show. We booked tickets and went in. It was a dull film telling routine love stories among serious-looking men and women who did nothing interesting but fight hard against each other for his/her right to be seen with a particular him or her. I dozed till the end when a man declared that some interesting dessert would be served without further charge. Of course we remained. The film soon began and it turned out to be something unfit for us young guys as Grandma then put it. It was, as I learned later, an X-rate erotic film. Grandma pulled me out of my seat just in time to avoid the scene where a nude woman was rushing at a nude man. We got out of the cinema only to find it was raining outside. A summer rain might not last long here but a summer evening rain usually did. We waited until we lost patience then we decided to walk home regardless of the rain.

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   We walked hand in hand in the street. Granny laughed saying jokingly we were having a heavenly bath. Upon arriving home we were soaked to the core. The house was a little chilly as the air conditioning was working all the time while we were out. The first thing to do was to bathe. Yet both grandma and grandson showed comity as to who should enter the bathroom first till both were shivering with chilliness. Then Grandma pulled me together with her into the bath and closed the door and began to fill the tub with warm water. Granny undressed me first and pushed me into the tub spraying warm water on top of me and then gave me the sprayer. I recovered from the coldness before I knew what I was doing. I was naked all over in a closet with a woman who was my grandmother! I flushed with a feeling of incest and was anxious to escape. I got up to leave but a broad white flesh wall stood in the way. It was Grandma, now also as naked as a newly born baby. She saw me and thought I was flinging into her. She opened her arms which closed me round tightly, my face buried between her hill like soft breasts; my arms, too, subconsciously hugged her as I was overwhelmed by a marvelous sensation. A 18 years old boy I was I had never encountered sexuality with any female.

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   Now this skin to skin contact really awakened my sexual consciousness. I immediately decided I should not leave but had better keep stuck to this sexual offering. I stood still doing nothing, or rather not knowing what to do. But in no time Grandma started to busy herself. With her left hand she pressed my head hard to her breasts while her right hand reached for my crotch examining my manhood. My penis which hardened a moment ago now became rock hard at the very gentle touch from Grandma. I used to stroke my shaft to get relief. Now this gentle touch seemed to have ten times of power in making me wild with sexual desire. I was enjoying this when Grandma let go of me and slid into the bathtub herself, inviting me by pulling my hand to join her. I followed her and found myself lying on top of Grandma, who at once sat my ass on her belly to let my penis sticking out above the water like the tip of a red mast. Then she played with it calling "My little bird! My little bird!" all the while. I was burning with so strong a desire that I decided I could wait no longer. I turned and humped granny's breasts, with my penis stroking in and out the cleave. Grandma responded by pouring some lather on her breasts and pressing her two udders to add to the friction round my manhood. I felt in heaven and sped up the pace till I knew I was almost shooting my load.

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   Yet Grandma was experienced enough to pause at the right point. She told me to stand up, began to wash my head and shoulder and back and so on, like a mother bathing her baby on her routine service. When she decided that I was clean she asked me to help her with washing and I did the job innocently till I decided she was clean too. We let out the water and refilled the tub for a rinsing. Now my penis became a little flexed due to the busy work. But now Granny turned my penis to her, pointing it directly to her mouth. Opening her big red mouth she swallowed my penis at a gulf. Imagine the warmth that made me scream! This was a hundred times more aphrodisiac than just now I dry fucked her breasts. I felt her flexible tongue rolling and teasing my shaft. My penis now must have been burning hot but her mouth was even hotter. It gave a feeling like I was going to explore. I put my hands at the back of her head and pressed it to me rhythmically, which sent an incredible pleasure I had never had through my spine up to brain. I was glad to expect that the coming explosion would be much erotic than any one I got from masturbation. But right at that moment Grandma stopped. She shifted her present job to an earnest labor washing herself and me clean as though nothing had happened.

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   This saved me from too soon a spurt. Then after drying both of us she pulled me upstairs into her bedroom. There she sat at the bedside and hugged me by the waist then together we rolled over to the bed. Grandma then asked me to sit near her knees opposite her and posed her pussy before me. I was taken aback by this suddenly exposition because before me there was a nearly-seventy-year-old cunt which I had never dreamed of. I had once chanced to view a very young girl's vulva which looked like a half blooming lotus bud. That was lovely but innocent, while Granny's was rather more lascivious with that bright red opening amid the patch of shining scarlet meat. I jumped at her and sought to enter her at once. My dick got into her so easily and the burning heat in it made me scream again. I humped up and down for a while and Grandma told me to stop for her to make some change. This time she positioned her buttock on a thick pillow, which allowed my penis to have a full penetration. I was gasping, and she, too. The unique female aroma from her mouth drew my mouth near hers and soon we were having a crazy French kiss. Meanwhile my hind half was bumping against hers violently. About only five minutes I came.

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   Thus I lost my virginity to an elder female, shooting my incestuous load of hot sperm into my dear Granny's hot womb. When we finally got out of the marvelous incestuous trance it was half an hour later. Grandma first apologized to me and I did the same to her. Then we decided what we had just done was all right since we had harmed no one. Grandma again apologized to me saying that she was now too lecherous not to do something more to me. I wondered what she meant and she said she had to fuck me. I was dumbfounded at the remark but she soon produced her tool--- a dildo with strings to fasten to her coxa. She explained that she had sex with my aunt and her sister-in-law almost every day. She had been in doubt if she was a lesbian until a moment before when she was sure she was fond of male so much. She added that since her sexual desire for a male had been released she now wanted to fuck me to release another kind of intensity. I had heard of anal penetration yet I had never imagined having one, let alone really get one. But as I was curious about it I agreed to have a go but asked her to take care. She applied some KY around the artificial penis and, grasping my ass from behind, began to search the hole and entered it, first a little, then more, and more. For the sake of the lubrication it didn't hurt me, but gave me a strange feeling. Now she started to stroke my penis which slowly pulled me out of the refractory period so that I began to like her intrusion.

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   First we were lying and soon she sat up and asked me to sit on her crotch for a shift to a 66 position. In this way she could control the up and down movement of my ass easily. She was able to control the situation but as time went on she became anxious because of the sexual intensity inside her. It soon burst forth and there came the most violent charges against my ass, wave after wave, with loud howling that shook the walls of the bedroom. This must be the entire catharsis of her strong lechery built up during the sex craze between grandmother and grandson just a moment before. It hurt me a little, but I liked it, for it was for beloved Granny's good. I let the storm go on and on, until Grandma got fully released and collapsed under me. Then without a wash we both went to sleep. The next morning we woke up at nine and I had an immediate hard on, much more urgent than that of last night. I rode on Granny without any foreplay and we fought for the next thirty minutes for the most carnal pleasure we had ever had. Then grandma told me that the two women would come back in the afternoon and that she had had a plan by which the four of us would remain in peace while enjoying a sea of luxurious entertainment. And she told me how. That afternoon my aunt and her sister-in-law came back. They were glad they settled sister-in-law's business problems successfully and they proposed to eat out in a good restaurant for celebration. We did go out to one and really had a good meal.

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   When we back at home it was only ten in the evening but Grandma suggested we go to bed right away. She told Aunt to take care of me saying that I was not yet used to sleeping alone at night and was feeling bad. At first Aunt simply couldn't believe her ears but when she was sure about what she heard she said she was just too glad to do that. She lost no time in leading me into her bedroom Aunt was a 38-year-old energetic blonde with perfect shape featured by broad coxa and protruding breasts. She took off her clothes in a hurry just in my full view and her breasts and tits I dare say would make any erotic nude picture lose color. If Grandma's breast was soft like sponge and her tits like purple grapes then Aunt's breast was made of rubber and her tits like big red date fruit. I was so horny but didn't know what to do. Aunt told me just to lie still and she started to strip me off. When my shorts were pulled off and my penis sprang out, she wowed loud and let it pop into her mouth. But she couldn't wait to let it go and turned and ride on me like a fierce rider to his house. She fitted her waiting wet cunt round my rock hard penis in perhaps two seconds and began to rock up and down over me. She fully controlled everything: the rhythm, the force, the pace, etc. My only task was to lie still savoring wave after wave of lust that now running all over my whole being. It was a completely different feeling from the one I got from Grandma. When with Grandma I felt like I was injecting into a tame mother elephant, while with Aunt like having a female deer in great heat ramming against my crotch violently and hastily.

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   Aunt was doing a greatest job while I was receiving a most wonderful sexual treat. Luckily I didn't cum so soon as I did to Grandma because that was my first time when I had full storage of sperm and now it had to take me some time to collect plenty of seeds. My aunt now hastened her pace and let out a kind of she-wolf like howling, indicating that she was near her climax. I figured I had to do something right now so I toppled over and rode on her. I thrust in and out of her pussy like mad, meanwhile my one finger searching and thrusting into her ass hole.
    This must have stimulated her most as she roared along louder like a lioness. As I hit the point I didn't slow down but kept going for several minutes before both of us came at the same time. Aunt seemed to like the aftertaste so she kept grinding her cunt against my now softened cock. Another ten minutes passed and the tide ebbed and the tough sea returned to tranquility. It was only then that we had the chance to talk. Aunt told me that she and her sister-in-law took turns to sleep with Grandma. She said Grandma would fuck her first with a dildo and then she would do the same to Grandma. Grandma liked both ways but Aunt only enjoyed being fucked but she found it not difficult to satisfy her Mom. And the same thing happened between another pair the next night and their affairs went on and on and they each enjoyed their incestuous pleasure. Aunt said it had been years since she enjoyed a man's meat so that was why she was so wild a moment before.

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       I said it was OK and asked to have a close look at her secret section. Aunt offered her pussy willingly so now I had a clear view of it. I had seen Grandma's public hair which seemed rather thin and soft like winter floss. Now I could not help marveling at this different vigorous sight presented by Aunt. The public hair was thick and long like spring brush booming itself on a fertile mound. Aunt's vulva was even wonderful with the oozing mixture of my sperm and her juice. And the vitality it displayed impressed me most. Still, I loved both hers and Grandma's as they gave me different flavors. The next morning when I awoke I found Aunt gone. She had to go to work as a clerk of a bank. I was about to get up when Grandma came. She wrapped herself in pyjamas. She dashed on to my bed, unwrapped her pyjamas and covered me with her broad plump flesh body, saying, "I can't wait!" She was twice as horny as the night before and now she wanted nothing but to be fucked. I was also horny so I pointed my dick upward waiting for her wet cunt. She hugged me by the shoulders so violently that I almost couldn't breathe.


       She hammered licentiously at my dick with her lower half continuously, which of course gave me tons of lascivious pleasure. It was twenty minutes or so before I came, then she followed me. By then Grandma was able to tell me how she was tortured by the desire aroused and built up by my recent intrusion. And how she wished to be fucked by me three times a day instead of once every third day. But she said there was a protocol between the three so she had to observe it. She reminded me of the plan we agreed to. Still she asked me to give her some extra service when possible. I OK'd it and then we got downstairs to have breakfast. I then went to my course at college. That evening at the dinner table the four of us talked happily about things that happened in the day as if there wasn't any affairs between us. With my new duty at heart I couldn't help throwing a passionate look at Aunt's sister-in-law. She was 51 and as short and tiny as a pretty little girl. I loved her shy-looking face with big sexually inviting eyes. At the end of the dinner Grandma said laughingly that I was a bit unease these days and needed special care and asked if Sister-in-law would take over the job which she and my aunt had done for the past two nights. Sister-in-law said she would love to and would do ANYTHING I needed.

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       Thinking I was soon to be with this little older beauty made me horny, and I began to hate how slow the clock went. Then it was ten. Though it was early, the other two had closed themselves behind Grandma's bedroom door performed their routine scheduling. So I went with sister-in-law to hers too. I stripped quickly but Sister-in-law sat still at the bedside going through an old magazine. I came up, closed her magazine and turned her face to me, my right hand round her waist and my left hand searching for her blouse buttons. She didn't move, but let me do it. I took off her blouse first and was at once treated to a pair of small round breasts. They were cute and firm and when I touched them I quivered. Sister-in-law then asked me what care she would have to take of me and I said I was having an intensity and I needed her help to release it. She said she knew what it was and how to help. So I was able to continue the exploration and every step gave me a new excitement, till in the end she was all naked, curling within my arms and legs like a gentle kitty. For the past two nights I was encountering two sexually powerful women who, while offering me heavenly pleasure, almost knocked me off my soul. Now this little beautiful female was full at my mercy. This allowed me to savor everything from her.

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       I laid her on the bed, spread her legs wide apart, and rolled over her. My rock hard dick was about to hit the target when her small velvet hand was there in time to guide it. She rubbed its head round her opening for a moment, making it covered with her juice. Then I penetrated. Goodness me it was tight! "Did you ever have a child?" I asked. "Never," was her answer. I was only too glad to know this. I had gone through Grandma's and Aunt's broad tunnels and liked the wanton feeling inside them. Yet this tightness served as a different type of sexual pleasure source. Both of us were motionless. This allowed me to have varieties of sexual fantasy. I imagined I was having sex with a very young innocent girl, with my neighboring cute little girl, with that girl who sat in the front raw of my class, with. . . But when I came back to reality what I saw a face even sexually inviting.

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       The charming big brown eyes! The small and exquisite mouth and nose! Everything! I was savoring all this in a trance when I felt a whining under me. Sister-in-law under me now started to move, first a little, then with shift tempo. Minutes later she was storming against my dick. I supported myself with four limbs to lift my body a little. Sister-in-law gained the space and the storm surging on. The timid kitty now became a fierce tigress, in heat of course. I remained motionless, just enjoying the luxurious service I deserved. But the tigress wasn't like this. She struck at my ass cheeks with both fists again and again as if begging me to hump up and down. I did so and she became even wilder. I served her with what she liked and about ten minutes later I pressed down upon her so hard that my dick went deepest into her and I burst my load there. Meanwhile she came and the storm ebbed. I was tired, but was glad to learn a lesson about what a woman really wanted. Now at last I had had all the three! I was young and seemed to have endless resources of loving energy. Sinking into this effeminate den and getting entangled with three female beasts ----I called them so out of my utmost respectful to these three lovely sexual ladies----only made me happy and gay.

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       Meanwhile the three valued my being with them very dearly so that on each passing day they invented new ways in which they updated loving making skills to a superlative level. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.