One for all and all for one. Part 3 (conculsion)


Topic: The Story ConcludesPart 3At this point we heard the door. Anne called out "Hello" or something "In my bedroom Honey" Mum replied. Anne came in and nearly fainted! The four of us just lay back and smiled. "So that's why I've been feeling funny all afternoon Trace! You got yourself laid by John!" Anne went to her twin sister Tracy ignoring everyone else. "God! Wish I'd been there to see it - we did promise!""Well sorry - but there was no way I was waiting for you to get in from your training once I discovered these two in the shower together. " She indicated Helen and I. "Brother and sister, twins! How disgusting can you get?" Anne leered at Tracy. {Footnote: Anne was a seriously promising distance runner and had been away at a training session that day which explains her absence till now. She eventually won Gold in both the Olympic and Commonwealth championships as well as umpteen national and games records over various distances but that's another matter. . . )"Pretty filthy if you want to think like that - how about brother and elder sister cunt, mouth and arse, mother and son ditto with dots and clogs on. Me with Mum, me with Helen, Mum with both of us. You name it, we've probably done it and if you do come up with something new we'll all do our best!" Tracy explained to her twin. "Mind you - we're twins too, never stopped us!"Anne started to reply but then sighed and stripped ALL her clothes off. She really, really was Tracy's twin - not so much as a mole or freckle separated them - just a tiny little matter of a hymen! That of course was not to last as I started to pleasure her, kissing her deeply, tongues entwined, before sucking at her tits, before sucking at her puss, before fucking her for the first time.

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   She was hell of a tight on me - if anything separated Trace and Anne for me it was the tightness of Anne's cunt. Nowhere near as good as Hels in my opinion but I'm biased like I said earlier. Still, we had a bloody good fuck with Anne coming on my cock time and again before I was able to deliver my homage to her. As soon as I came and with me still embedded in Anne, Helen stuck her head between us licking up the overflow. Carol pulled us apart. "Helen! I'm going to have to watch you! You'll go for anything won't you?"Helen laid back considering. "No, Mum I wouldn't. Possibly anyone's cunt - loved that story about Chloe. . . ""That was no story - that was gospel!" Mum replied. "Yes I'm sure but what about you and other guys Mum?" Helen, my Helen, probed. "Other guys?" Mum mussed. "Except John there havn't been any! Obviously, apart from a plural marriage, we had an open marriage. In theory anything went as long as the three of us knew about it but I think Ali and I are really lesbian.

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   Sure we dated other guys a bit but nothing ever came of it. We were much better at attracting Teenies for your Dad (and us) to pleasure. Wonder what he'd have made of you lot had he lived? The three of you have lovely bodies - sorry John I can appreciate your body but what ever else he was your Dad was no poof - couldn't stand having his arse touched in fact. Loved fucking my rear mind you but there you go - we all have our hangups. ""You've not shown me how to use a dildo yet Mum. " Helen pouted after while as we lay recovering. "And I've not seen you fuck Tracy's puss yet, John. Arse, yes puss no. " she countered. "Arse!" Anne squeaked. "NO one is fucking my arse! Final!""Ah shut up - you've NO idea!" Helen declared forcefully. Tracy nodded. So, kinda sadly in my mind for Anne, her being the relative newcomer (newcumer?) to the group after all, Trace mounted my dick while Carol found a double ended dildo and fucked Hels with it - although I was only half watching as I took my pleasure in my elder sister. At first Anne just watched before things got the better of her and she dived in at her twin's cunt as Trace rode my dick, sometimes licking at her sister's puss, sometimes licking at my cock, sometimes sucking my ball bag fully into her mouth as I continued to ride her twin - forcefully! Just as Helen liked her solo sex hard, I had decided I liked my sex hard - these days however I'll go either (read any) way - if the girl wants it hard she can have it hard, if she wants a slow tender screw she can have it. Seriously I like it anyway and every way and always and forever! I like my girls to be multi-orgasmic and if they didn't start out that way I can usually teach them - what? No one ever said I was modest! I could furnish references if you need convinced - well maybe only one reference, my cock! Guaranteed satisfaction OK? Ego trip over.

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  Breaking free, I went to Anne who was lying a bit forlornly. I started sucking her tits - she laid back sighing. I sucked harder and then let Mister Bad Finger play with her cunny, slipping one finger fully up her. She was just as tight as she had been on my cock but I withdrew my finger and replaced it with the same finger from the other hand. At first, Anne seemed not to notice but then I forced the well lubed digit from my first hand into her anus. I'd expected some sort of squeal of indignation but she simpered "Gosh John - I'd never expected it to feel soo good to have something, anything up there! Helen?" she called out. "Helen, do you like John up your bum?""Better believe I do!" Helen answered. "Carol, tell your daughter about anal sex. "Mum gasped "Later!" as she continued to ride her daughter, my wife to be. DO NOT get any hang-ups! Helen and I have not (got hang-ups that is. ) We got married as soon as we turned eighteen - yes all right I don't know anywhere in the world brother and sister can legally marry but we fudged a few papers and did it anyway!So Anne got up doggy style saying "Better show me John. "  Just as I had with Mum I got behind her and forced my cock up her tight cunt again slowly fucking her to another orgasm before I set to work on her rear. As you might imagine, she was heck of a tight on me but so relaxed after our fuck that my cock slid into her relatively easily violating her rear for the first time. As I started to pump in and out, really taking my pleasure in my sister's tight arse, Tracy dived below as and started to eat her twin's juicy cunt. Anne returned the favour dipping her head to suck at Tracy's pussy.

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   Soon all three of us came, I pumping a full load up Anne's rear - she came especially hard with both arse and cunt being assaulted, while she ate Tracy to her own orgasm. As I pulled out Tracy rearranged the pair so that she could suck my sperm from her sister's rear bringing her off once more in the process. Things had changed for Mum and Helen while this was going on - Helen now had the strap-on cock and was fucking Mum with it - Mum obviously revelling it the sensation of being fucked by her youngest daughter and Helen obviously loving doing it! I lay back, my cock already swelling again as I watched the hot scene. Helen soon brought Mum to a blistering climax. I went to them and kissed Helen. "Some show!" I commented. "Hopefully there's more to come. " Mum replied. "Can we try something I've not done since before your Dad died?" Not really know what was coming Helen and I agreed. Mum had Helen lie down on the bed and mounted the strap-on taking it up her rear. She arched back over Helen, cupping her full tits and exposing her shaven cunny. "Come on John fuck me - fuck your Mum's nice tight pussy. You two come and suck my tits!" So we moved into full family orgy mode as I eased my big cock into her pussy. Passage was difficult with Helen already filling her rear but eventually I got all the way into her just as Tracy and Anne started work on her tits having just finished fully exploring each others pussy, each finger-fucking her twin to orgasm. Helen and I managed to set up a sort of syncopated rhythm giving our Mum the maximum of pleasure as we double fucked her.

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   She was also obviously enjoying the attention her elder daughters were giving her tits and they sucked and kneaded at her ample mounds. Helen and I each managed to pull one of our sisters' cunts to us with me taking Anne and she Tracy. I rudely shoved my thumb into Anne's rear and two fingers up her cunt rapidly fucking them in and out. Helen did something similar for Tracy but I couldn't see exactly what among the tangle of bodies. After only a couple of minutes of this all five of us came at exactly the same moment - even Helen who hadn't really had any stimulation - she said it was the very fact of what was going on that got her off. We lay back exhausted. Someone, Helen I think said "Tell us more about your time with Dad Mum. "She started "Dad, yes well you've got some catching up to do Anne but let me see. . . Yes once we decided to get married Ali - Ali! Must phone her - hold on!"  She reached for the phone and punched the speed dial button for our 'Auntie'. "Ali - I know you're not in at the moment but could you pop up when you get back? I've a surprise for you. " Mum left her twin sister a mysterious message on her machine. She settled back between us all and the mischievous touching started, me at Mum's and my sisters tits, they at my cock as Mum continued. "Anyway Ali and I stopped taking the pill as soon as we'd decided to get married - we just wanted your father's babies, simple as that and money was never going to be a problem.

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   I soon fell pregnant with Tracy and Anne but that didn't interfere with our sex lives - think I felt hornier than ever and loved Ali sucking at my blossoming tits while I rode your Dad's prick. Expecting twins as I was I developed a big tummy fairly quickly as these things go and normally sat on top of Jim - this let Ali at my tits and one day when I was fairly near term Ali was sucking at me as Jim fucked his all up my cunt having already given Alison a good seeing to when she pulled away spluttering. She just tasted my milk for the first time. "After Jim and I had come I laid back and let them suck my tits - they were a bit reluctant at first but I felt it was the sexiest thing I'd ever done and they were soon sucking away happily. A few days later my waters broke just after I'd had a massive climax on Jim's cock. "The three of us went to the clinic together - it was a private place where you could choose exactly how you wanted the birth to be and of course I wanted my husband and wife to be there and I wanted everyone naked - staff included. So there we were, I was getting on quite well. I'd chosen not to have any pain relieve but instead got Jim and Ali to suck my tits to relax me when it got bad - the staff were shocked at first but soon left us to get on with it. "Of course Jim got a stiffy - fairly typically for him. Unable to oblige him I indicated the situation to Ali who, during a lull in my labour, took Jim off into a side room and fucked him! They were discovered by a young orderly from the team who was of course naked - Jim (and Ali) had her too and before my relatively short labour was through Jim had fucked every single member of the team, midwife, doctor and whatever! Not that I minded, it was always a turn on for me to see Jim fuck his cock up another girl's hole - especially the doctor, she was a cute little bubbly blond who had a really good first fuck on Jim's cock - something about the hours she worked meaning she'd never really had a boyfriend before. She became a regular visitor for a while before she married an older doctor and went off to live in California. "Anyway soon you two were delivered and as I fed you they delivered the placenta. Shona, the doctor, decided you were a bit pale or something and you were taken away for a bit of UV treatment. This left Jim and I alone for a while and I just said to him 'Fuck me!' After watching Jim fuck everyone and especially after feeding the pair of you I was as horny as hell! Jim was shocked saying I needed to rest but I said I needed to feel his cock in me. I was still on the birthing couch so he said 'OK lets try something.

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  ' He got my feet back up in the stirrups - I'd never felt so exposed in my life as he stood between my wide splayed legs and sank his big cock into me. I was on a high and soon came eventually having to beg Jim to stop before he got off. Help was to hand as the orderly had returned to see how I was - Jim nailed her on the spot, stroking his erection into her tight hole. Jim told me she too had been a virgin when she'd come across he and Ali fucking like mad in the anti-room. "Not sure if it was that time or more likely about a week later I conceived again - don't let anyone tell you that breast feeding is a natural contraceptive. I can prove it's not which explains why right now all four of you are fourteen! This time things didn't go so well - you were lying upside down Helen - always were contrary - and I ended up having a section and off sex for weeks. I got soo frustrated but at least I could still have some lezzy action with Ali, Jim just wasn't allowed to fuck me while I healed. Still it gave Jim and Ali the chance to try and conceive but the more they tried the less that happened - they even went for fertility treatment but it turned out Alison is sterile and nothing could be done. They'd accidentally sterilised me too during my section so that explains why there are only the four of you. . . ""But what a four!" a new voice put in. It was Alison who had crept in unannounced while Mum had been talking and was now standing naked at the end of the bed. "Look at the size of his dick!" All the little touches given and received together with the explicate nature of Mum's story had ensured I was rock hard. Without warning Ali leapt onto the bed and impaled herself on my cock.

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   "God its been too long since I've had a real cock up there!" she declared. She rippled her cunt muscles along my shaft and rocked her hips belly dancing on my pole before she began to rise and fall on me. "Get my tits. " she instructed. Her breasts were as full as Mum's but her nipples were a lot smaller - something to do with never having breast fed. I reached up but before I could get her Helen was there reaching round from behind. "Doesn't he feel good Auntie Alison?" Helen cooed as she worked at her tits. "Bloody well right - and you can drop the Auntie bit Helen. " She turned her head and kissed Helen. "You fuck him first?" she asked. Helen nodded. "Good - always knew you would. "We spent the rest of the day fucking and talking. Turned out that Ali had continued to live with us all for a few years until we were getting older and Mum, Ali and Dad had decided that they had better at least try to appear to make it a normal family home and Ali had moved into her flat two floors below. Dad had spent alternate nights with each of his wives and often got a baby sitter in to look after us while the three of them partied downstairs.

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   As Mum put it "After all we knew plenty of teenage girls and she always got paid in kind once we got back. " There wasn't a position or coupling we didn't try - one of my favourites was fucking Alison's rear while Hels fist fucked her massaging my cock through the divide. Eventually, totally exhausted, we could only lie and cuddle. Mum reached into her bedside drawer and took about a small packet of pills. She broke three of them out of the foil giving one to each of my sisters. "What is it Mum?" Trace asked. "Its what you'd know as the 'morning after' pill - can't have your brother getting you pregnant can we?" she replied. "We'll get you fixed up on the pill tomorrow. " (Did I say Mum owned and ran a pharmacist's shop?) Tracy and Anne looked at each other in horror and slipped the pills into their mouths but Helen put hers back on the dresser and lay back looking most seductive. "Don't see why not but, anyway, its OK Mum" she said "I've been on the pill for ages. "I went to her and tweaked her nipple hard. "You little schemer!""Not really John - I've always knew we'd fuck. Couldn't have told you it was going to be today but I knew it was going to happen! Had to be ready didn't I?" I could only smile and kiss her tenderly. Sleeping arrangements changed from that night on. Ali moved back into Mum's king sized bed, Helen moved in with me and Anne and Tracy pushed their single beds together - it was only a couple of days before both they and my single were replaced by king sized doubles.

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   I service all five girls and various others, mostly young teens Mum connives to line me up with, regularly but it is always Helen I curl up with at night making slow, passionate love for hours most nights. Each morning I go to one of the other bedrooms and give whoever I find there a quick fuck to set them up for the day while Helen goes to the other for a fix of pussy juice. I said 'whoever I find there' because it wasn't always who I expected. Say for example I went to my sisters' room, it wasn't always Trace and Anne I found there, it might have been Mum and Anne or Ali and Trace but whoever I found got the pleasure of my cock that morning. As there was no way the flat was overlooked we dispensed with clothes around the house and anything went. One trick I especially loved was to surprise Mum in the kitchen and sit her up on the edge of the worktop before shafting my cock forcefully into her. She was always up for it! Basically if I wanted to fuck one of the girls, all I had to do was ask. In fact I really didn't have to ask, I just had to do it. Similarly they would often come to me looking for service which was never refused. Often we got together for longer sessions - it was at these Mum would frequently introduce a new 'lolita' - it wasn't just Dad who had that kick. All the girls loved to see me fuck a girl for the first time and who was I to complain, getting to pop sweet young cherries and slide my huge cock up their tight new cunts and arses? I always insisted in getting the girl off orally first - think I have a thing about sucking out virgin pussies, even although I knew Mum had been there at some point before me, as the girls never arrived unprepared for what was to happen - while Mum always insisted that I got underneath the girl and always helped her mount me, tracing her pussy lips once I was fully inside her and kissing and licking at our union before I was allowed to please the girl - she got real thrills from that. However I always took great care to ensure the girl had a marvellous first fuck - I'd learned to delay my ejaculation for as long as required to make sure the girl always came first and sometimes lots of times before she got to feel my cream inside her. I loved sucking their firm little tits and lightly downed cunts too but sometimes I had to fight my sisters and everyone for a turn. The thirteen year age limit was strictly adhered to by the way. Hormones are funny things.


   Helen and I, apart from the small matter of sexual equipment, were near enough identical at the age of fourteen when all this started however Helen stopped growing about then and I did not. This suited us, it left Helen slim and with those lovely little tits that I adored while I grew a few more inches in height, my shoulders broadening out leaving us looking less obviously like brother and sister and far less twins. Most importantly for Helen (and the others I suppose) my cock hadn't stopped growing either and by the time I was sixteen it was a couple of inches longer and a good deal thicker. Like I said satisfaction guaranteed. One time when Helen and I were mucking about on the web, we came across a 'Monster Cocks' site. Helen was not impressed by the photos even though some of the girls look very stretched but there was a contact address inviting you to send in your own photos. So while I fucked Helen from every angle we could imagine in both her tight shaven cunny and arse, Tracy took photos with a digital camera. These we uploaded to the site and next time we checked there we were as the 'Pick of the week'! They even offered us a contract to do a movie but Mum talked us out of it. Just after that time Helen and I went off to Bali with some forged documents and got married. My sister and my wife, my Helen. After one hell of a honeymoon we now live as man and wife in what was Auntie Ali's flat but the others are only a couple of floors above us. . .
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