Once upon a ride home


She reaches over and begins to stroke the bulge. He gasps, the car swerving slightly as he looks over at her. "What the hell are you doing?" She smiles wickedly at him. She unzips his pants quickly. He puts his hand on hers to stop her. She smiles as she leans closer. He stops the car, looking at her in amazement. She pulls his cock out of his pants, feeling it grow in her grasp. His eyes widen as he starts to move her hand away, his skin slipping through her grasp. He moans, releasing her hand slowly. He puts the car in park and turns off the ignition. His eyes close slowly, unable to believe what is happening. She continues to stroke his swollen shaft, feeling it continue to swell to full size. She leans down and drags her tongue over it. His eyes move to her half naked body. Her dark nipples standing out from her pale flesh and clearly visible through the thin fabric.

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  He inhales sharply through clenched teeth. He pushes her away. "We. . . we can't do this. " She leans back down and slides the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue wildly lapping at the smooth skin. His hand tangles in her hair. His instincts tell him to stop her but his lust drives him to let her continue. He pushes her head down. His shaft filling her mouth. She gasps for air as he stuffs his rigid muscle deep into her mouth. He groans as she regains control and begins to suck. Her lips quickly slipping up and down his shaft as he guides her head.

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   She begins to suck harder. Her lips clenching tightly around his engorged cock as he begins to buck his hips. His thrusts becoming quicker. She feels him tensing up. She pulls free of his grasp. She smiles wickedly at him as she gets out of the car. He watches her curiously. Following behind her as he holds his pants up. She hops up on the hood of the car. She slips her top off slowly as he watches her. She spread her legs. Her smooth glistening pussy laid spread out before him. She slips her finger down the wet slit, her finger dipping into her sweet wetness. She pulls it out slowly. She smiles wickedly as she places it to her lips and slides it into her mouth.

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   She watches him as she sucks her own juices from her finger. He licks his lips. Unable to take it anymore he pushes her legs farther apart and leans in. His lungs fill with the scent of her sex. She gasps as she feels his warm breath against her tender pink flesh. His tongue circles her clit. The taste of her creating an insatiable lust inside him. His tongue laps wildly at her throbbing little nub. She reachs down running her fingers through his hair, her head tossed back as she moans "OH DADDY" loudly. He slips his tongue down, pushing it between her pink lips. His tongue delving deep into her pussy. She lays back against the hood. Her hands running up and down her chest. She starts to pinch her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. Her pussy juice leaking out, coating his tongue and trickling down to that tight little puckered virgin hole.

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   He grips her ass tightly, lifting it as he slides his tongue out and laps at the juices that have coated her. She shivers from the new sensation. He pushes his tongue in. Her muscles tightly grip it as he slips 2 fingers into her tight cunt. Her hips buck wildly as her pussy muscles contract. He does not stop. The rhythm of his fingers matching that of his tongue. She cries out in a fit of passion as her inner walls tremble, her body shakes. His fingers baptized in her juices. He slips a third in with ease. She moans and writhes against the hood. He can not take any more. He has to be inside her. He pulls away and stands. The head of his cock rubbing her pussy lips as he leans down and takes a swollen nipple into his mouth.

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   He nips at it as he sucks it in. She begs him "Fuck me daddy oh god please fuck me" He reachs down and with a single rough thrust he fills her dripping wet cunt. The head of his cock slamming into her cervix. Another thrust and he slipped deeper. Each of his animalistic thrusts lifted her hips from the hood. Her juices quickly tricked out, dripping from his balls as the bounced against her little tight ass. He flexed his cock deep inside her. Her body shuddering as his dick tore into her. Panting loudly he yanks his throbbing meat out of her. He pulles off the car and turns her around. He roughly pushes his two fingers into her wetness again. Feeling her lips spread and accept him in. She bucks her hips hard to his hand. He slides them back out and traces around the little puckered bud. His cock quickly slips back into her slippery wet gash.

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   He forces the two fingers into her ass. Feeling the muscles tearing as he pushes into her. She cries out loudly. He continues to thrust. Working his fingers in and out to the same motion as his cock pistons in and out of her. "OH GOD DADDY" she shreiks as he slaps her ass with his free hand. He watches her cheeks redden as he continues to spank her. Suddenly he pulls his fingers out. His cock slips free from her cunt, and he places the head to her ass. His fingers having spread it open a bit the head of his cock eases in as she moans. He grabs her hips. His strong hands holding her tightly as he pulls her back, impalling her on his shaft. She whimpers "no daddy please no" as inch by inch he sinks into her. Her muscles spreading to accept him in all the way. Suddenly he is balls deep.

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   Her ass tight around his swollen cock. He begins to thrust gently at first. Stroking her hair reassuringly as he tells her "don't worry baby girl daddy won't hurt you". Her whimpers quickly changing to moans of lust again. His balls slapping her lips with every thrust. Becoming drenched in her sweet ambrosia. She begins to beg for more. "OH GOD YES DADDY FUCK MY ASS, FUCK IT HARDER DADDY". Lost in the moment he grabs her hair, snapping her head back. A low growl eminates from deep within him as he begins to thrust harder and faster, her breasts crushed against the car, rubbing her juices that dripped there into her skin as he fucks her harder. His groans become louder as he slams deep into her. His cock pulsing as thick jets of cum pump deep into her. She moans loudly. A blast of juices spraying from her cunt and coating his balls. He pulls his cock from her gapping hole, seeing his cum drip from it.

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   He looks at her tender pussy one more time. He slaps her ass harder than before. "I better get you back home soon and get you cleaned up before dinner. I know what I will be having for dessert tonight. ".