On a mission ch 1


It ws 4. 30pm,and as always emily was rushing home to get ready to "go on the prowl". For a fifteen year old girl emily had the looks and body of a hot 22 year old. Her tan skin went perfectly with her brown hair and bright blue eyes and her 32d breasts,firm ass,long legs and curvy hips were what every girl envied her for. . . not to mention she was down right gorgeous!
In school emily seemed nice,quiet and innocent but as soon as friday would come she left her other life for a sexy exciting one or in other words her life as a slut!not that any one knew that she was a slut,she wasnt paid for it.

her friends often asked if she wanted to hang out but Emily had other plans.
She came in the front door,her father was in the kitchen making dinner before work. she seen how he looked at her in her short navy skirt and tight blouse but she didnt think it was weird she liked the attention!she knew by bending over or wearing tight clothes that she would send her father on a raging hard on. . . and she liked it. tonight she ad planned to go out looking for a horny 20 yr old that could show her a good time, but she had other plans. . .

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  . .
since Emilys mother passed away her father had spoilt her to make up for the loss of her mother and all Emily would have to do is flicker her eye lashes and shed get what she wants. . tonight was no different. "hunny,are you okay?"her father asked,"you look a bit flustered?". "no dad i have a fever,i think im coming down with something!"emily exclaimed. "let me feel your forehead dear",and with that emilys father put his hand on her head. . . she did feel a bit hot and looks it he tought to himself. "feel how heavily im breading daddy"she put his hand on her left breast to show him just how"heavily" she was breeding. her fathers eyes widend as he realised he was slightly careesing his hot 15yr olds tits. . something he dreamed of and wanked off to at night.

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  "em. . yea u. . em are a. . . breeding deep all right"he could feel his cock twich,"oh daddy stay home and look after me jus like mom used to?"Still in shoch from having felt his daughters tits he agreed and rang his job to confirm his staying home. Emily had this planned, it was all going perfectly! so what would she do next????