OK Mom Part Two


For the next several minutes my penis continued to slide in and out of her lubricated vagina with a wet sound that mixed with our breathing. It was just so cool fucking my mother like this. I had never dreamed that she would ever want to do this with, to have me screw her. She had never tried to com on to me or anything like that, and I had never tried with her. But within five minutes, here we were fucking.
"Oh, yes! Oh, that feels so good!" she panted.
"It feels good to me, too," I said, raising and lowering my hips, driving my boner deep into her warm, wet depths over and over and over.

She laid there with her breasts jiggling around, her legs well apart.
I was so amazing that I was enjoying this moment with her.
"Oh, I'm going to come. . . " she said. "I'm gong to come. "
In the next moment she was gasping, with her hands gripping at my sides.
I fucked her even harder and then I ejaculated.

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I chocked as my sperm-filled liquid pulsed out inside of her.
"Uhhhh. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . " I said as I discharged my semen with intense spasms.
I sighed as it ended. I heard her sigh, too.
Slowly we disentangled ourselves and I climbed off.
We looked at one another with expressions that were somewhere between a little surprised and delighted.


"That was worth getting naked for," she said blithely.
I grinned. "Definitely," I agreed.
There was no need to put our things back on. Not now. It was much easier and nice just stay naked.
"More coffee?" she asked.
"Uh. . . yeah. Sure," I said.
Mom got up and took our mugs off into the kitchen. I watched her trim, naked figure glide by.
She was only gone about a minute, but when she got back, even to my own surprise, I was starting to get another boner.

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She smiled. "It looks like we'll have one more to take care of," she said.
I smiled. "OK, Mom," I said.



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