Oh mum! pt1


My libido was at an all time high as I arrived at my home from college. The reason for this was that damn female tutor I had. She was no chicken when it came to age,but she tormented my cock almost to orgasm every time I had her for a lesson. What's more I am convinved she knew what she was doing. . . Or was it just my imagination?

What I mean is, her dresses seemed more short than one would expect for a woman of her age, - I had her aged about that of my mum - Okay,that's only in mid-upper-thirties,but the way she seemed to make eye contact each time I was sure she had caught me trying to see as much up her hemline as my imagination could achieve, as she sat her ass on a desk here or adesk there. Sitting right on the corner with one leg dangling over the front edge,while the other thigh stretched straight to the floor allowing her dress to rise above the knee, thus revealing a semi opening of her thighs,just enough to tantalize yet hiding what I desired to see.

She pissed me off,because, everytime that tiny smile that crossed her lips as she met me eye-to-eye was followed by her eyes dropping down to where I was sure she had spotted my uncomfortable cock straining at my trousers as it raised its head at the thought of seeing her knickers, - What sort would she have on? What colour were they? It was driving me mad,not knowing. But above all,would the top of her thighs be stuck together because she equally was getting hot at trying to see my stiffy?

So as I said. My only thought was to dash up to a private engagement with my cock and hand,fuck I needed to wank! - Then it all changed in an instant - "That you Clive? I need you,come through to the unit" - Our white goods area - Mum was obviously doing washing or something - Drat! She's not normally here for another half or three-quarters of an hour. - I always had this timed off to a tee, In,Wank. Cum. Clear up cum and look all innocent making a drink for the two of us as she came through the door!

"Got a problem,its so embarrassing,I'm not sure how to begin" - Christ,I've left some cum,I must have missed it at this mornings session, - I had a late start to my lesson. - "Lets go in and sit down,I'll feel more comfortable in there" - Apprehensive now,I follow her into our lounge. Seated, I noticed she sat awkwardly, "Its down here, - she winced as her hand reached behind her.

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   "See,I can't reach that far,but its round and down at the base of my spine" - I was concerned now, - "What at the base of your spine mum,what have you done?" - Its not serious,or I hope not! No,its just damn hurting and I can't do it myself" - "What can't you?" - "Put some stuff on it to ease the soreness" - "Oh,that all,I'll do it" - I said in all sincerity. - "Hang on,I realise your good intentions,but its not that easy" - "Why not?" - "Oh, Clive just think about it,you'll be able to see my bum. Its really right down that far!"

Now up until this moment,while appreciative of my mum going bra-less when around the house vacuuming and stuff. Yes I'd clocked her tits swaying and even the silky stuff her tops were made of making her nipples go hard,but it wasn't sexually,or at any event I hadn't made the link until now. - After all the sensations of my tutor,mum's ass was up for the gloating,who knows,I might even see pussy" - I knew I had to think fast and handle this in a sutle manner. - "How about,you go up on the bed and make yourself ready,you know strip off only what you feel you need too. Then I'll take a look at what's to be done" - She looked apprehensive but struggled to her feet and clambered in some pain up the stairs, - "I'll call you!" - "Right,where's this stuff you've got?" - "Oh shit,I forgot its in my bag" - Having retrieved this cream,I read the label to get some clue as to what mum had done.

'Can be used on abrasion's or broken skin, for soothing purposes,slight anaesthetical value to ease pain,if pain continues for more than three days,seek medical help' - That was about it really. Hovering outside mum's room,I awaited the call, - OW! OW! Clive,come in a minute,there's a problem" - In I went to be met with mum's body standing naked from the waist down except for a purple pair of lacy panty's - "Its stuck,the material of my pants is stuck to it" - I seen instantly what the problem was, - Its your blood mum,its dried and stuck your knicker's to the broken skin like a scudding effect. Stay there,I'll wet the flannel with some warm water,that'll do it"

Looking at me suspiciously, - "Okay,if you say so,but don't hurt me will you,it hurt like hell when I tugged them,I didn't think I'd broken the skin,I wonder if its okay to put that cream on?" - "Yeah,it is,I just read the info' It says its okay for broken skin" - I left her obviously self conscious that I was about to handle her ass cheeks and feel them in no uncertain terms as I removed them from what I now realised were a very sexy pair of plump buns. I equally had no doubt in my mind,I would get a hardon as I wondered if these panty's were the type my tutor had on.

That thought already done for me as I adjusted my cock into top gear up my belly before re-appearing with the warm wet flannel. I moved behind mum and gently placed the flannel on her panty covered bum ,dapping it while admiring the putty like softness as her body gave under my gentle pressure. - "Is It working?" - Hang on,I'll do it a bit more,then see if I can peel your pants down a bit" Again I noted mum's eyes looking at me through the dressing table mirror. My cock tweaked as the look was similar to my tutors when she caught me trying to see up her legs.

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   Trouble now was, mum had spotted me studying her pubic mound in the mirror,I knew this as she immediately bent forward somewhat to take it farther between her leg. This made matters worse for me as she now had a puffiness poking back thro' at her thighs which now showed a distinct slit down its middle.

"See,I said it was a problem for me as to what to do about your eyes. That's what I was bothered about,those eyes of yours are everywhere,go on admit it,you're ogling your own mother" - It gave me the same feeling of guilt and effected my cock in the same manor. I was getting horny playing with my mum's buttocks,christ they had a lovely roundness all the same. - "Sorry mum,yes you did see me looking perhaps how I shouldn't,but its not my fault,you have such a nice body,and I am a bloke mum" It was then I became aware of mum's thighs as she straightened up again. "Look,I think we better call this a day,clearly its having an affect on you,it shouldn't but I'm not blind Clive,I know exactly what I'm doing to you,I saw it sticking out just now"

I felt strangely exilarated,she'd just admitted to her own son,she'd noticed my hardon. My face was on fire,but I stood my ground. - "Look mum,I admit I'm taking in the view,but its all in the cause of stopping you from suffering and yes,you have shown me things that you would rather not have,but as I've now seen them,doesn't it make a whole lot of sense to let me get this stuff rubbed on to your soreness,the sooner we do, the easier your bum will feel" - While I'd been talking,I'd loosened her pants and was easing them down from her cheeks. - "Okay,its a fair point,but stop pulling my pants down any farther,it feels like you can see more than just my bum now" - Drat,I'd talked the panty's down to the crescents at the lower part of her cheeks and could just about see that puffy part that she'd pushed back towards me when she'd bent forward awhile back.

Again I was caught as our eyes met,she'd been watching me all this time and knew perfectly well I was trying to see her cunt. - "Enough,get out of here now they're loosened off,let me get on the bed without you gloating,you're making me feel all uncomfortable,I don't want you seeing me throwing my legs about as I get into a laying position so you can put the stuff on. - Okay,so I vacated for now to let her do what she'd said. - "Okay,back in now,I'm ready and waiting" - I thought,if you only knew what my mind was wishing regarding 'Ready and waiting' mum, you may have chosen differently than that sentence. - Yes,I wanted to fuck my own mother!

I popped the cap off and hesitated as she jumped on feeling the small amount of fluid as it landed on the small of her back, - "Blimey,that's cold" - "Yeah,there's a bit of a problem mum" - "Problem,what sort of problem?" - "Its a runny fluid mum,not a gel or cream,if I do it like this,it'll run everywhere,all over your bedclothes,and its sure to run into your pants" - "I can wash them,but I don't want it all over my bed" - "It might stain,so your pants would be ruined" - "Oh,Hang on let me move round a bit" - I nearly came at that moment as she in moving herself round and off the side of the bed had her thighs open straight in front of me,my cock in particular.

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   But worse,or should I say better,I got my first look between her legs, - only a moment - but that moment had me throbbing. To me mum had always been a dumb blond,in the nicest sense,in other words she had a blond head,but as she veered her legs around,there before me was an amount of brown pubes sticking out and under her lowered panties as she lifted he rump giving me a look thro' her thighs with her pants down as far as they were.

"Still a problem mum,this stuffs so runny,I'll have to catch it if it runs between your bum so far" - "Hang on,what do you mean, 'Run between my bum' Its my back you're doing"- Not only your back mum. the scrage goes down on and into your bums crease,you really did make a job of it,how did it happen then?" - "Oh,those stupid concrete steps,they ought to resurface them,they're so rough,I thought I'd ripped my dress and pants it felt so hurtful. But its only my skin that suffered" - Guiltily I thought, - Lucky me - "So what are you saying's to be done" - "You ain't going to go with this mum, we need your pants off or at least below your knees and you standing at the and bent over the bed,so if it runs I can quickly catch it before it goes anywhere" - "Oh no,no chance my horny little son,don't think I'm stupid,perhaps I shouldn't say this but,don't you think I haven't noticed your sheets stuck together when I do your bed and that's not with super glue either"

I was shocked,I thought as I'd smoothed the cum across the sheets it would hopefully dry off and she wouldn't notice,now there it was,out in the open and she'd as much as told me she knew it was my cum. - "Look,don't be embarrassed,but I've done my damndest to subdue my womanly needs and here we are trying like hell to be all modest. How apprehensive do you think its making me feel,knowing my own son is lusting to see my pussy just because I was stupid enough to fall down" - In an instant I felt all sorry for her and just fell alongside her on the bed and grasped all around her in a very awkward but loving hug. - "Mum,don't feel like that,you were neither stupid to fall over and you don't need to feel embarrassed that I'm going to rub bits of you that a son shouldn't. Who knows you may like me doing just that" - She now hugged back at me, - "Clive,that's the point,I may"

The light went on in my brain,- This was all about me making mum horny. - I slowly got back on my feet and she in turn got into her original stance and I poured some of the liquid onto her hips,but as I was shaking now, a little went down thro' her bum crease. Instinctively I dashed my hand between her legs to catch it. There was no need,because as it spread down her ass groove it petered out,but my fingers were to quick and in my haste to stop it running and dripping,I inadvertantly touched into her quims slit and pulling away like I'd been bitten I looked at the gluey fluid on my fingers,it was not the balm,Oh no,it was a similarly sticky substance that I knew so well from my cock end. In my case it would be precum,in mum's it was her love juice.

Clearly,she was sexually aroused and all because of the thought of me rubbing her. All this while she'd not said a word or jerked in any way.

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   I now started rubbing the fluid gently all over the rash wound as I felt she needed. But I was hard,Oh so hard. My libido now kicked in more strongly and on finishing what I concluded was enough wound treatment I ran my still slippery fingers down through mum's bum crack and kept going on into her pussy slit. At the touch as my fingers passed her cunts hole she clenched but said nothing,she flexed again as my fingers went up into her hood and touched her clitoris. In a fumbling way,I felt this hard little clit, - she wiggled, - "No,you mustn't,we mustn't,I mustn't let you" - Looking directly at her in the mirror,I unzipped myself,she could see me doing it as she could feel me feeling her. She closed her eyes but in an instant opened them again,watching me wrestling to get my hardon free from my trousers. - "No please don't,we mustn't"

We both knew we were over the hill of guilt and it was going to happen. - As her eyes looked intensely at my cock,I found it difficult to keep my fingers fingering her clitoris. - "Take your trousers off,they'll get covered otherwise" - I did as she suggested and now stood with my hardon level with her cunt. I just watched as my body moved nearer and nearer to letting my cock touch mum's cunt lips. As we felt each other,with a gasp,mum pushed her pussy back at me. - "DO IT! Its to late now. Please fuck me so hard,god fuck me Clive,please! Faster! Faster! You're making it happen" - I knew what I was making happen her pussy was girating on my cock and from the moment I felt her warm wet quim wrap around my cock,I had one thing in my mind - To cum in mum and make her cum off on my cock. Then we did,surge after surge of cum shot from me,me with no thought of the consequences just shot as hard and as deep as I could get it. Now with mum's pussy gripping at me she and I collapsed on to her bed ,me flattening her bum cheeks with all thought lost of any pain it may give her.

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   She content to lay with my hardon pulsing inside of her.

Now with a purring type of giggle she urged me to pull out from her quim, - "That graze is hurting,it must be our sweat,I forgot all about it for the time we were doing it. We shouldn't have" - I said nothing as I took it out and stood looking at her in the mirror. - Another now more sultery giggle. - "Goo,look at it,there's steam rising from it,I've never seen that from one ever before in my life" - "This is irreverent to you mum,but it shows what a hot assed little vixen you are under the surface" - "Tut-Tut,it may be more to do with the friction you put into wanking it every day" Ha! Ha! "Enough dirty talk" - "Just one bit more mum" - "Go on then,then no more!" -"There's a big glob of my sperm hanging out of your pussy and its going to drop on the floor!" - "Quick,pass me your pants,so I can catch it,I reckon a lot more will run out when I stand up"

The fun was ended and we cleaned up. - "Its a one off, this was mind!" - Cheekily I pressed my luck, - "What about tomorrow when you need your bum rubbed again" - Stop being cheeky now,besides,I've got a problem to resolve" - "What's that then?" - "Never you mind,its for me to deal with" - The day concluded and it was tomorrow. . . We went off as normal and although the tutor was still one of my lessons it seemed different somehow. - Back home I came and happily found mum already home. - "Hi mum,you beat me home again, - "Yeah,its my ass,I think the bruise is coming to the surface or sommut" - "Ahh! You'll need more treatment then?" - "Not the sort you're infering,but yes,I will let you rub some in in a bit" - "Hey I was thinking" - "That could be dangerous with what happened yesterday. NO! Its NO! Whatever you're suggesting!" - "Nothing like that mum,I just had that thing you said last night going round in my head" - "What? What what I said?" - "About 'its for you to sort' remember?" - "Oh that, yes,its sorted" - She went to her bag and pulled out a foil packet, - "See?" - I looked at her then at the packet, - "Oh!" - She in realising I didn't have a clue what this non-discript package indicated. - "Its a 'Morning after' pill. You hitting on me just once,that would be typical that we'd click and I'd find myself pregnant from you"

I took the packet from her and realised there was a further tablet in it, Grinning, - "What's this then? Just in case you weaken?" - "Don't act daft,they sell in twos just so they get two lots of money each time,but I bet most women only use one" - "Mum,we can't waste money like that,we ought to get our monies worth,it may crumble if its not used" - "Forget it,I feel as guilty as hell with what we done anyway" - Revelling with the feeling I had felt when I was inside her,I kept trying to hasten the moment that I could again see her naked and play with what I considered to by my new toy. - "Oh for peats sake,if you're going to keep on,lets get it over with,I'll go and get ready,it is sore I must admit" - I was at her door like a 'long dog' - "Come on then,do it" - In I walked and there was mum naked from the waist down,no knicker's in the way,it was there before me,her pussy,brown furry pubic area,with a nice amount of fur lying through her legs attached to her vulva.

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   - "Mum,can I say something before I do you" - "Do me no! Treat me yes and yes if you must,what's it about?" - I jumped straight in, - "I didn't realise you weren't a natural blond until yesterday,you know when I seen your pubes" - "Right,now lets get this done" - "Mum,just one more eh?" I went straight on, - "Your pussy is really small,those inner little flaps look like I'd expect a young teen girls to look" - "You're being smutty and I know your game,you think by flattering me I'll make use of that other morning after pill"

I decided to give up until mum said, - "You know,you remind me of someone,obsessed as you are with my sex" - I immediately thought of my long gone dad. - "Dad?" - "No much closer,ME! You're obsessed with sex,I'd forgotten just how obsessed I'd been,like I said,I've supressed sex,but now you've rekindled my obsessiveness,climb aboard jockey, - I was naked in an instant. . .

There's no saving us now,well use that pill then I'll go on the pill properly,you're in for a ride of a lifetime each day and everyday. BUT! Its secret forever between us mind,sorry about my vile talking,you'll need to get used to that,the last twenty four hours has put it all back into me". . . and so riding off into the sunset so to speak,we fucked happily ever after. .



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