Oh, Brother! - Part 1


Oh, Brother! - Part 1

This is my first story, so please be nice :)


I was walking home from school, thursday night, when I got a text from my brother.   It said "mom and dad are going away for the weekend - want to throw a party?"  My brother and I have always been very close, especially when it comes to deceiving our parents, and getting each other out of trouble.   My brother always has my back when my parents are mad at me, and I do the same for him.   I replied with "totally… saturday night is good right?".   I'm sixteen and my brother is just a year younger than me.


I got home at around 5:30 PM, after volleyball practice.   I'm pretty athletic.   I'm 5'7" and I have long, brown wavy hair, and green eyes.   I'm pretty proud of my 34D breasts.


"I want you and your brother to BEHAVE while I'm gone" my mother demanded, waking me from my daydream about my body.


"Mom, when have I ever done anything bad when you and dad have gone away?" I replied, shooting her a look.


"I know you do," she said, giving me a look back, "I just haven't caught you yet. "


"Whatever" I said, rolling my eyes.


The truth is, we throw parties every weekend while they're gone.   My brother and I are masters at covering up.   My boyfriend, Kyle, looks forward for the weekends that my parents are gone.

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    Those weekends are non-stop fucking for him and me.   Kyle was the only guy I had ever been with, and I planned on changing that soon.   From what I'd heard from my girlfriends, 5. 5 inches was nothing big, but I didn't know what I was missing.   Kyle was the star quarterback on the football team, and I know lots of girls who would kill to be in my place.   In fact, I'm pretty sure lots of guys would kill to be in his place, too.


I've put up with him for a couple years now.   I'm actually pretty proud I could hold on to a boyfriend for two years.   He took my virginity last year on my fifteenth birthday.   He was really romantic, but it lasted for about five minutes.   My hopes that it would get better were fulfilled, and by now were fucking for much longer.   I decided this weekend would be my last with Kyle.  


I woke up friday morning excited and horny.   I decided to give the boys at school a treat today, wearing a super short skirt and a tank top.   Feeling daring, I opted not to wear any underwear.

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    I wanted a thrill today.


I arrived at school, strutting through the hallways and turning heads wherever I went.   Excited by the thrill of my slutty getup, I went to by the boy's locker room and found Jason, who played wide receiver.


"Hey, Emma" he said, fucking me with his eyes.   "Nice outfit there. "


"I knew you'd like it" I grinned, leading him to the Ladies' room.


"What are you doing?" He asked nervously.


"What the fuck do you think I'm doing" I replied, "I need a quick fuck before class"


"Someone's going to see… what if Kyle…"


"In the ladies' room?  Don't be such a wimp. "


I checked the bathroom quickly, making sure no one was inside.   Thankfully, no one was, and I pulled him into the first stall.   "Mmh" I said, grabbing his cock through his jeans.   I flipped my skirt up, revealing to him my bare, shaved pussy.


"You dirty little slut" He grinned, taking his cock out of his pants.   He leaned against the door of the stall, and I pointed my ass towards his dick.   He wasted no time, slamming his cock into my hole quickly, taking me by surprise, and I let out a little scream.

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    After a few minutes, he grunted and pulled out, showering me with his load.  


"You fucking idiot!" I hissed.   "You got it in my hair!"


"Sorry…" He whispered quickly. "Not my problem… I gotta get out of here before someone sees me. "  With that, he peeked around the door, then ran out of the bathroom.


I walked out of the stall, straightening myself up and hoping to god no one came in to the bathroom.   I ran my hair through the water and decided to go with the story that I had just showered before coming to school.   I walked out of the bathroom, and I had decided that the next time I saw Kyle, I would break up with him.


After dumping Kyle the day before, I was getting ready for the party feeling free and adventurous, not at all how a person would normally be after a breakup.   People started arriving at around 8PM, including my best friend, Natalie and of course, Jason.   By 18 PM the party was in full swing.   After a few shots, the buzz of alcohol was going through my head, making me horny as hell.   I stumbled around until I found Jason.


"Hey, baby" I grinned.   I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom.

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"What happened to Kyle?" He asked.


"Like you care, asshole" I sheepishly smiled.   We arrived at my bedroom.   He shoved me onto my bed, and he took off his pants, revealing his seven inch dick that was already hard.   I had been sopping wet since I saw him.   I plunged my lips around his huge cock.   He pushed my head down and guided me around his dick.   With the alcohol buzzing through my head, I was determined to please every vein, every ridge and every inch of beautiful cock.   I wanted to suck every ounce of cum that came out of his dick.


"Oh, shit babe!"  He gasped, and with one grunt, he shoved my mouth further down his cock and he shot his entire, huge, hot load down my throat.   I sucked the rest of his cum from his dick.   I just had the best time of my life.   Sitting up, I looked towards the doorway, and was shocked to see my brother there, rubbing his crotch from outside his jeans.   His eyes grew wide when he saw me looking at him, and he ran out without saying a word.


The next morning, while my brother and I were cleaning up, things were awkward between us for the first time in awhile.


    The normal conversation that usually flowed was not present at all.   We were both cleaning up the kitchen when finally, I decided to break the ice.


"I really think we should talk about what happened yesterday…" I said.   I looked up at him.   He wouldn't meet me in the eyes, and I was scared that the relationship between my brother and me would never be the same.


"What's there to talk about…" He murmured, "I made a mistake and I'm sorry… can we just drop it?"


"We're never going to be as close as we were before if we don't talk about it.   At least, let me try and get rid of the tension. "  I smiled at him, but he still wouldn't meet me in the eyes.


"How are you going to do that?"  He asked, staring at the floor.   I reached out, and I grabbed his crotch.   "Let's see what you've got going on down there"  He looked at me, and I gave him a sneaky grin.   Rubbing around, I felt him get hard almost instantly.


"Stop it…" He stuttered.


"That's not what your dick says" I laughed, and continued to rub his cock through his jeans.


"Holy shit, holy shit…" He breathed.

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"What, you never had your dick touched by a girl before?  I don't believe that. "  My brother was gorgeous.   He had short, blonde hair, muscular arms and a tight six pack.   I was sure that he was one of the most popular kids at school.   "What about that girl, Tina?"  I asked.   He had been dating Tina for around 2 months.   She reminded me of a younger version of myself.   Still stuttering, he took his jeans off, revealing a huge bulge in his boxers.   I took his boxers off and I saw the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life.


"Holy fuck!" I exclaimed.   That must have been eight inches!  "You've had this gigantic dick and you've been hiding it from me?"  I was so turned on by my brother.   I threw myself towards him, kissing him passionately.   I wrapped my legs around him.   My lips locked with his for what seemed like an eternity.


My brother, suddenly horny and no longer nervous, grinned and rubbed my pussy through my sopping wet underwear.

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"Fuck me… fuck me…" Now I was the one stuttering.   I threw off my underwear, and my brother tickled my clit.   He rubbed his cock around the outside of my pussy.


"You like that, you fucking slut?" He asked, a malicious look in his face.


"Fuck me…" I pleaded.   He was teasing me.


"Oh… oh… uunnh!" I screamed, when he finally penetrated me with his huge member.   "Aaaagh!"  He filled me up, slamming his cock into my cunt.   Something was so hot about taking my brother's virginity.   "Oh!  Oh! Oooh!!"   I yelled, in tune with each pounding my pussy got from his cock.   I was cumming already, and so was he.   The walls of my cunt closed around his cock, and I soaked his cock with my juices, and he filled myself with his hot seed.   We finished up and put on our clothes.   I had a good feeling about the rest of the weekend.


- More to come, if I get good feedback.

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