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It started out innocently enough. I was 12, my period had been coming whenever it felt like for months, my titties were just titties, and hormones ruled my life. I had this compulsive idea of seeing my twin brother naked. Paul, at all that age, of course, had no interest in girls. Anyway, one day when Mom and Dad weren't home, Paul was in the shower. I screwed up my courage and snuck into the bathroom and stood there in a corner where he couldn't see me until he came out of the shower. Eventually, the door slid open. Paul stepped out. There he was, naked and dripping wet from head to toe. But I don't think I had time to take in any details. He actually screamed and turned around to hide his privates. I ran out and hid in my bedroom and locked the door. A few moments later he came to the door and starting pounding. Boy was he mad. The only part of his ranting that I heard was, "I'm going to tell, Margo. " I was crying by then and scared to death.

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   I cracked the door to plead with him. He was already dressed. "You can't. You can't. " "But you came in there when I was in the shower!" I don't remember how long I pleaded with him, but then an idea came into my head. "I'll take off my clothes for you. " Now he may not have been interested in girls at that age, but that was an idea that he couldn't resist. "OK," he said. It was only then that real panic set in for me. I couldn't believe what I had said. I was trapped. So I backed into my room and he followed. "Close the door. " Of course nobody was home but, well, you understand. "Turn around.

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  " He did. I slipped out of my tee shirt, shoes and jeans. "OK," I said nervously. He turned to see me standing there in my panties and training bra. I could tell he was stunned by seeing me like that, even though it wasn't much different than my bathing suit. But then he said, "But you said!" I was still trapped. "Turn around, again. " I turned around, too. Tears streaming down my face, I took off the bra and dropped my panties to the floor. "OK," I said again. He turned to see my bare bottom. Then I turned, my hands covering what I could. Paul just stared. Slowly I let my hands drop to my sides, revealing the small tuft of hair that was growing and everything else for that matter. He stood like in a trance.

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   Finally, one word, barely audible. "Wow. " I turned back and rapidly got my clothes on. ==============A few months later, I guess Paul had been working up his own courage and his interest in girls was definitely stronger. He decided to turn tables on me. I stepped out of the shower, and there he was. I screamed and turned around, but he didn't leave. With my back to him and a towel hastily wrapped around me, I said, "You'd better take your clothes off NOW!!!. Everything!!!!" I heard the sounds of clothes being unfastened and dropped to the floor. When I turned, he was standing  there hiding his privates. "Come on," I said. "I can't. " "Come on!!" He moved his hands away and his penis was standing straight out. Guess what I said!"Wow. "=============When Mom and Dad were out, we would often find a way to see each other naked like that, especially in the shower.

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   We got over the shyness about using the toilet with each other in the room. Paul always liked to watch my pee come out and a few times, I did it in the shower stall for him. We watched each other develop physically and talked about our experiences with the opposite sex. When we turned 18 -- by then I was letting boys feel me up and rub my panties -- Paul came in while I was showering. "Will you come in and wash my back?" It was something I'd been dreaming about for months. He undressed and came in. I turned my back and gave him the soap. Of course, I hadn't really thought much beyond my back. Paul lathered my back, and then my shoulders and then he reached around in front and washed me there. We had never touched like that. I was much more developed by then and it felt sooooo good. I purred, "mmmmmm," and giggled when his penis kept knocking against my rear. Then I turned and said, "Wash my legs. "He was pretty embarrassed, but also excited. So he knelt down on one knee and started with my feet.

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   As he worked his way up, I had decision to make. "You can wash me there, too. " I had never let a boy actually touch my pussy, though some tried to push my panties aside or slip their hands inside. Let's just say that Paul did a wonderful job and I was moaning as he washed me there. "Oh that feels good, Paul. ""Your turn," I eventually said. I took the soap and lathered his back. He was so mucscular by then, so beautiful. "Turn around. " I washed his now strong chest very affectionately and, a little nervously, started to rub soap on his penis and balls. Then I too knelt down and washed his legs. Don't get too excited -- I never even thought of giving him oral sex. When I got to the top of his legs, I felt like his privates needed some more cleaning. His cock felt so strong in my hand. "Keep doing that," he said between deep breaths.

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   By then I was curious what would happen, though I knew from a theoretical perspective. All of a sudden, sperm shot out in bursts. Some hit the wall behind me. Some hit my cheek. Some ran down over my chest. He just moaned and moaned. After it was over, I stood up and he washed me off. Then we hugged tight, our wet bodies pressed together. "Oh, Margo. " He held me tight and we kissed like lovers. Maybe, we really were. .



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