Obsession With Sister


Hello, i am a 18 year old schoolboy while my sister is a 19 year old working women. My name is Mark her name Is Teri. Since i was about 12 i have taken a keen intrest in her here is how it happend in this story i am 18 my sister 18 Its is a friday night and my parents are getting ready to go out with some of there mates from work my dad is already done wating downstairs for my mother me and my sister are sitting down watch the T.V my dad then asks teri to go and fetch his belt from his wardrobe as my sister kindly fetches the belt i carry on watching t.v then after my sister gives it him they are ready to go they phone a taxi and off they go about 20-30 minutes after they have fone my sister says come with me i say what she says just follow , as i follow her up the stairs she open the wardrobe door and puts her hand under the little opening where my dad keeps his belts and pulls out a handfull off porno mags and videos get a load off these with a shocked face i say how did u find these my sister replied ''i found them when i was getting dads belt'' let go and put one of these videos on as she walks downstairs and puts it to show a black women licking a pussy of a white one while getting fucking in the ass and pussy all off a sudden my sister starts to rub her pussy she looks at me while i am gazing at her thinking what the fuck are you doing she says ''what! you cant expect me to watch this and not enjoy myself and you cant tell me your cock is not rock hard in those pants off yours go on take it out and pleasure yourself''' my cock was rock solid inside my pants i thought if she does it why dont i so i pulled out my cock then about 5 inch and started 2 slowly wank it mm thats it she said enjoy yourself after about 20 minutes of wanking and my sister rubbing her pussy now inside her jeans and g-strings she said to me ''come here'' ''what'' i said ''just come here she replied'' as i walked over cock still hanging out she grabbed it and pulled her hand out of her jeans and slowly started to suck what are you doing ''sucking your cock'' she replied being very cocky i felt like pulling away but it felt that nice i just could not mmmm i said yeah u fucking like that yeah i replied she sucked and sucked for about 45 minuted then we both went to bed the next day i wanted more [ALOT MORE] but she acted like nothing happend and just walked around like normal there was nothing i could say because i was too embarresed to i just left it but ever since then for 1 and a half years every single wank i had would be over my gorgeous sister teri she has average size tits a chunky ass but she is beautifull i used 2 sniff her dirty thongs out off the washing basked jack off and shoot my load in them shoot my load over pictures i had off her i used 2 hug her and pull her 2 me as close as i could tryed showing her sings i wanted her walking round the house in my pants winking at her but she never noticedi came home from school and my sisterwas sitting on the sofa with a red bakini onmy jaw dropped she is soo sexy i have thought aboutmy sister sexualy now for about 2 and a half yearsbut have done nothing yet i have sniffed her cum stanined thongsand g-strings before but never actualy engaged in sex and i have alsospyed on her while she has been getting changed and watched get into the showershe has a chunky but PERFECT ass with round ass cheeks and 32d tits Anyway she walked up the garding and lay down to sunbath i quickly ran upstrairs got changedand started searching for my binoculars to look at her body close up from my bedroom window but could not find them i looked everywhere and in the end found them in my moms knicker drawand ran to my bedroom window to look at her she has just rubbed tanning oil into her skin and waslieing down ready to sunbathe my cock grew very fast indeed and i pulled it out and started toslowly wank i examined her body and my cock just got harder and harder her perfect tits that i wanted to suck so bad i just wanted to run down there rip off her bikini and fuck her goodbefore this i had tryed to show her signs i wanted her but they didnt work i tryed gettin my cock hardand walking round the house in my boxers so she could see it but she never noticed i look her up and downand lick my lips and she thought i was joking and when i hug her i lower my hands neer her ass and pull her closeso her legs ar touching my cock through our trousers and before she knows i hate feet dont ask why i dontlike them neer me and when she came out off the shower before i said errrghh feet and she laffed and i saidwa wud u give me if i sucked you toes and she said nothing i said ok i will do it anyway i got on my kneesgrabbed her foot and placed her big toe in my mouth and sucked then i licked her whole foot and looked up at herlike i was her little slave she just looked at me then she laffed and said ok you can stop now i laffed and walked offanyway after she came from sunbathing she went in her room to get changed to get in the shower and as time passedi knew she would be naked now so i intentionlly open her door and she shouted NO! get out! i didnt listen and walked inshe was covering her self but just the thought off knowing she was naked and i was in there got my cock like steeland i could see the top off her tits and her curved i said sorry and went to walk out wait she said i turned round and she had dropped the towel on the floor and was stranding there naked my jaw dropped in shock come her i walked over you want this and pointed at her body she said y yy yeahhh i do i can see your cock is like steel so get it out those pants as i pulled my cock out she got on her knees and started to suck my solid rod mmm it was so nice then she got up lay down on the bed spread her legs and told me to bury my face into her pussy i did as i was told and got on all fours and enterd my tounge into her wet pussy and swallowed every bit off juice that came out off that holemmmmmm she moaned eat your sisters pussy eat it bury your tounge inside me mm yeah oooooo FUCK OOOOOOOHHHH im cumming she screamed fuck yeahhhh!!!! im cummmmiinggg she came in my mouth and i swallowed every last drop then she sat up and told me to fuck her i lay on top off her and rammed my cock deep inside my sisters pussy hole fuck me oh oh oh faster harder ooooo yeah fuck me she raged she dug her nails into my back and screamed IM CUMMING !!!!!!!! i pulled out my cock and she came all over the bed and her legs then she told me she wanted my cum in her stomach she got her knees and i jacked my solid cock off in her face and shot all over her face and in her mouth she swallowed it all then we both went to bed on her bed all night this happend many many times after. 



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