Obsession with aunt


First, I am a young male, 18 years old. I have been living with my grandmother for about seven years, But anyways, my obsession first began when my uncle got a new girlfriend, Shes so Attractive, Big tittys, Big ass, And a dynomite pussy to kill.. I hear him slamming that pussy behind lock doors, and i stand outside, Listening, i'll slowly pull out my 6 inch cock and stroke it to her moans.. One day, i was standing there by the room door, and he opened it, and i automaticly put my eyes on here, shining naked breasts standing there like a hot stallion ready to fucking slotter my cock in her mouth.

. My obsession has got so bad, sometimes i talk to her alot just to see if i can get a glimpse of her breasts or ass, she likes bending over alot and my cock gets so hard when she bends over i have to leave the room. So my question is, Should i confront her about my obsession? I'm a very shy guy, and my uncle is a big dude, so i don't know if its a good idea to ask him if i can have sex with her while hes hitting that shit.. Maybe i'l get drunk then ask, that away i can blame it on the buzz.