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Hope you enjoyed my first 2 stories so lets fast foward a little 6 months or so to june. Tina is about 6 months pregnat now. kinda cute with her little petite body and a big round belly. her butt stuck out more now round as ever.
  Its saturday afternoon my father inlaw had to work and im home with my wife and her sisters and mom. They all were in the back yard laying out in the sun except tina she stayed inside. I of course was  enjoying the view of my sun bathers.
jody was in a 2 piece pink  my wife and jo had on black 2 piece and i was in heaven watching them out of the kitchen window. after awile i got bored and decided to go check on tina and see what she was up to. iwalk next door and she was in the living room watching TV so i sit down to join her. it was Dr bill show and the subject was how to use hypnosis to ease pain quite smoking and so on. Tina made the coment that she wiched she could be hypnotised to help her back pain from the baby. the idea struck me . I dont know nothing about it but if your willing i can try. becides what else is there to do on a boring afternoon.
 She said sure but your waisting your time it takes years for thse doctors to learn how to do that.

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  Dr. bill had just got done explaining how some people can be put under real easy and i hoped tina was one. I  got a pen out and held it a foot from her face. told her to look at the tip of it listen to my voice and count backward from 100. as she did i slowly moved the pen closer to her and told her how sleepy she was getting and her eyes closed after she got to about 92. no way she had to be messing with me it couldnt be that easy. I sat there a minute wondering what to do. finally i decided to test her to see if she was faking me or was really under my spell. i told her to stand up. she did sit back down she did. i needed to get her to do something she would never do  if she was awake. my mind was racing with all the posabilties. i decides to ask her some personal questions she would not tell me if she was awake. what do you think of me. she said mike is a nice guy kinda cute  and has a nice butt.

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When is the last time you had sex?2 days ago when dave was here. dave is her boyfriend who she thinks is whos baby shes carrying. Do you play with yourself?yes was her answer. ok im rock hard now. she would never say this stuff without at least a smile or somthing. who do you fantasize when you do. depends she said. have you ever fantasized about me. Only when i'm mad at my sister. i get my revenge that way by fucking you in my mind. ok that was enough to convince me, i go to the window to make sure they are still sunbathing. they were. back to tina. lean back she layed back. stick your hand down your pants and play with yourself.

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  she mowes her hand down and i watched for about 5 min. wile tring to decide what to do.
 I had her stop and told her to listen to me. from now on i'm the guy in all your fantacies. ive always turned you on. but you will never tele anyone this. you need me you always have. you will do what ever i tele you and believe everything i say. you won't have sex with dave again unless i teel you you can. when you do it won't turn you on you will fake it with him. before i wake you when i say the word mine you be back like you are now waiting further instructoins. when you wake up you won't remember nothing about being hypnotised  by tthe way your back don't hurt anymore. now on the count of 3 1-2-3
 she woke up and looked around and saw me. when did you come in. i just got here sorry i woke you.

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   thats ok i didn't mean to fall asleep. what time is it. 2pm  i was out for 30 min. they still laying out. yep,they will all 3 be burnt to a crisp. we both smiled at that. now lets see if my ordrer work. tina come over to my house i want you to see something. she got up and follewed me to my house i cant believe this is happening we go through the front door upstaires and into my bedroom. what you got to show me she said. i said MINE. she stops and staires straight ahead. you are horney very horney you want to fuck me bad when i count to 3 you will wake up 1-2-3. she wakes up and gets a funny look on her face and then looks at me i give her a hug and she kisses my neck then all the passion comes out we kiss each other wildly i reach down and grab her ass and she unbuttons my pants. bending over she takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me like she is starving.

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  after about 1 min i blow my load in her mouth. she licks it all up i turn her around and pull her pants down put her on the edge of the bed and took her from behind she came almost instantly and i kept on she had 3 more orgasiums back to back and i came and colapst becide her on the bed. we lay ther a min. and a told her that was great. she didn't know what came over her  she acted real guilty as she pulled her pants back on i told her not to wory about it i wanted it to and grabed her arm and puled her to me giving her a big kiss. no one will find out so dont worry about it. at that she smiled and said we better get down staires before someone comes in. down stairs i look out side all 3 are still sunbathing. turn to tina and say MINE. she stairs straight ahead i say sit down she sits on the couch. i needed to find out more about her. when is the first time you saw a guys dick?i must have been 3 or 4. tell me all about it.
when we were little mom worked nights dad use to walk around the house naked when mom was at work. so i saw dads dick alot.

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  i was amazed there dad was a perv. never would of guess it. he walked around the house naked in front of you jody and cindy?yes tell everything he did. well when mom left he would strip down and  his dick always stuck straight out. when he went to the bathroom he took one of us at a time some time me or jody but he took cindy alot. she was the oldest wust been 7 or 8 . what happened when you went with him?he would sit on the tolet and have me stand in front of him. he sit there rubbing his dick till stuff came out the end and he had me clean it up. did he ever touch you girls?he always washed us when mom was at work he wouls keep us clean. did he ever touch you in front of each other?one time we all went to the bathroom and had us all get naked and he sit on the tolet. he had cindy get on his lap facing him me and jody stood there and watched him clean her. it hurt her a little because she told him it did but he kept moving her up and down on his lap till i saw white stuff on cindys butt. then he had me clean it off her. what did you use to do that? i licked it off then he had jody clean him off. i was in disbelief my father inlaw fucked his daughter(my wife) when she was 8 or 9 and had the other to watch they would of been 4 or 5.

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  all 3 of themm must of blocked it out of there minds and don't remember.
ok tina im going to wake you up before i do you wont remember what you just told me. you will help me out and do what i tell you when you wake up. 1-2-3
I woke her up just in time i heard jody cindy and her mom going in the house next door enough sun i guess. i told tina when they start complaining about there sunburn talk them in to trying hyptnosis to ease the pain. and i told her how to put them under. when they all 3 are under don't do anything come and get me. hope you liked part4 to come soon.



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