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if you read part 3 you know wher this story i going. i had sent tina back to her house to try and hypnotise her sisters and mom. about an hour past and tina came running in and said they were all 3 under and it was easy. i said 'Mine" and she stop i told her to take a go to her room and take a nap and she left a feww min. later i was in my inlaws kitchen and my wife jody and there mom was sitting at the table stairing staight ahead. just to make sure they were not faking i told them to take off there tops. they all 3 did. no need to waist time telling you what they looked like i told you that in the past. i waisted no time in telling them everything i told tina made sure they all obey me and and the key word "mine" and the sun burn don't hurt and put your tops back on and 1-2-3.
they woke up and didn't remember a thing just like Tina. i had to hurry there dad was going to be home in about 18 minutes i told them hey its saturday night why dont we wipe out the left over rum from new years eve tonight. of course they all agreed and i sliped out the door and went home to mfigure out what i was going to do next.
i wanted jody first she was the only one i had not got yet and i was ready to burst with excitement. i picked up the phone and called next door. jo answered. i told her to send jody over here for a min.

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  a few min later jody walked in still in her swim suite i asked her what cindy and her mom was doing they are getting the glasses and rum out "mine"she stared straight ahead. you are hornier than you ever been as soon as i wake you you will become wet and can't resist me. 1-2-3
  i reach over and grab her arm with my right hand  lead her up stairs. she breathing hard and i can see the wet spot on her suite. i didn' have much time so i didn't waist any i removed her bottoms and pushed her on the bed and climbed ontop. only pulling my pants down to my knees. she was tight i had trouble getting it in and she never said a word just heavy breathing and wiggled her hips a little finally got it in it took all of 3 secounds i came hard and she did too. i pulled my pants up while she put her bottoms back on and all she said was i don't know what came over me. and we went back down stairs. i sent her back to her house and thought boy i love hypnosis.
a few minutes later cindy came in with a rum and coke in her hand. i'm going to get my swim suite off she said and go back over she said. i followed her to our room and and said"mine" shee stoped and staired stright ahead. ill discribe my wife again i case you missed my first stories. she is 5'2" tall about 110 lbs now sandy hair shoulder length and shaves everything else.

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  i asked her if she can remember doing naughty things with her dad when she was little. she said yes. tell me all about it
she told me everything tina told me plus more she lost her virginity to him when she was 9 but gave him blowjobs from age 3 till she was 18 or 12 they fucked several times also from 9 till she was about 12. why did they stop? he said i was to old but she thinks jody and tina took over.
ok you are going to put on your teeshirt and thong underwear you are not going to get drunk tonight but pretend to get drunk real drunk. you are going to flirt with your dad when no one else is around and see if he flirts back if he does you will seduce him in the bathroom just like you did when you were little. you will be to drunk to go to the bathroom but get your dad to help you there. 1-2-3 she woke up and said i think im just going over in my night shirt its just family i said that was fine and left the room.
don't ask me why i wanted cindy to seduce her dad i guess i wanted to see if he was still a perv or not. he is 46 years old about 5'9" tall gray streaks in his hair and beard over weight   probally 240 lbs  big belly.
 we went over her dad was home and had rented some movies to watch . we watched the first movie and cindy was acting perfect drunk and when her dad would go in kitchen she would to i could see her talking with him while getting herself another drink. he was drinking beer and she reached in the fridge to get him one she bent over and could see her ass and thong underwear. once i saw her puther hand around him and give him a hug. the last time they went in my wife could hardly walk she leaned on him while she was getting some ice.

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  her mom and sister were already past out so i pretended to be asleep too trought the slits in my eyes i saw them head down the hall to the bathroom he was helping her with his arm around her for support. he glanced in the living room and saw us all asleep when they went by. when they got by i ran over to our house and upstaires just in time to see the bathroom light come on. i pulled up a seat where i sat for many hours before and got readyfor the show. they came in the room and cindy was gigling and he had a smile on his face. he got her to the pot and with his arms around her she slide out of tem down onto the pot leaving him holding her shirt she sliped her arms out and sat there in her underwear her tits pointed straight out hard nipples and all. he turned and locked the door. she sad somthing to him and he bent down and pulled her underwear off. i could see th bulge i frount off his pants she must of pee and said something to her dad he got toilet paper and went to wipe her she spread her legs and he wiped and kept his hand there a long time. my wfe i could tell was enjoying it. i told her before we went over she would get hornerer than she could be as soon as her dad got her in the bathroom. it worked he seen it too. the perv was going to take advantage of his 19 year old drunk daughter. he helped her to stand and he pulled his pants down. his dick stuck straight out about 4 or 5 inches maybe it was small.

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   he sat on pot and pulled cindy on him stradling him he moved her up and down prbably like he did when she was small. she moved her hips back and forth thrusting into him as he bit down on her nipples they both came and got up to get dressed. i ran back down stairs and over next door and pretened i'm asleep a few  minutes later they came out i woke up me and cindy went back over to our house. cindy was acting guilty and upset she didn't know i knew what she did and it was bothering her. me i was horney what i just seen i wanted to fuck i put the move on but she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed.
    i said "mine"as she staired ahead i told her she would remember everything her dad did to her since she was little. its all good memories and the thoughts turn you on. what happened tonight brought it all back and you want to continue a affair with your dad and tell him you remember it all and love him for it never tell antone of it not even your husband. in the morning your dad will be on the back porch drinking his morning coffee like he always does he gets up before everyone else so you can sneak over and talk to him. the only place you will fuck him is on the back porch or his bathroom and no one can see you. you will fill guilty and fuck your husband anytime he wants  even if its right after you were with your dad. even with guilt you will come with your husband because the thought of me fucking the same hole your dad just dad turns you on. 1-2-3
    she woke up and i put the moves on her this time she let me. she smelled like sex and i could see her dads cum in her underwear as i removed them. it didnt take long i came after about 5 min and she did too.

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    the next morning i woke up when cindy climbed out of bed and snuck down stairs then i remembered what i told her to do. I had to listen in i snuck down staires into our laundry room the window was 5 feet from my inlaws back porch i crouched down and listened. he was nervous when she saw her come over and real quite. She told him every thing i told her too and bent over and kissed him on the lips. when she did this i saw she only had a tee shirt on nothing else. she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick and started sucking on him. a few min. later she climbed on him just like the night before and started thrusting her hips in to him . she bit down on his shoulder to keep from screemming as she came i was horney as can be she held him a feww minutes the kissed and she headed back to our house. no one else can see the back porch because of a privacy fence so i didn't have to worry about nosy neighbors. she came back over and i pretended like i just got up. i asked her where she been she said sitting on the back porch with daddy. i could tell she wanted to take a shower she grabed clean clothes and headed for the bathroom tring to avoid me. i followed her in and gave her a hug and said whats this no underwear she said no one could tell with her tee shirt on. i said nope but it makes it easy for me.

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      i bend her over the sink and took her from behind after about 5 or 6 thrust i came and she did too. i did'nt have to worry about performance i could make her think i was the best fuck she would ever have all the power was mine. she got in the shower and i had to go see you in part 5 of this story.   Enjoy



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