O Captain, My Captain


I was sitting in the school parking lot waiting for her soccer practice to end. It was from 3:00 till 5:30 and it was nearing 6, and I was getting a little mad because a couple friends and I were going out that night. 6:15 rolled around and still no Amy. At 6:20 she comes strolling around the building with a broad smile on her face and a boy walking right behind her. "See ya tomorrow Greg!" she says, and gets in the car. Her smile quickly fades when she sees my angry face. "Where have you been? Have you been off with that boy? I have been waiting for almost an hour for you. Goddammit Amy why can't you ever be on time?" "The practice went over, Mike. . . " "Over with that boy Amy?" I interrupted. "No, he's just coming out from tennis and I know him from math class. " " I don't care, you have to be on time or I’m leaving!" "Yes captain" she replied. I laughed at this because she knew just how to cool me off when we fought. "So who is that boy? Is he your BOYFRIEND?" She gave me a playful punch because I always made fun of her for not having a boyfriend yet. I mean she is very pretty and she should have boy's hanging all over her, but she turns down all the invitations to the dances and parties.

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   I never knew why. I asked her all the time, but she always replied with "I have my reasons. " So I decided to ask her now and I got the same answer. "Why do you always say that. I want to know your reason. You know I'm your brother and you can talk to me about anything. " She laughed and said "no it's not anything like that. " We both laughed. Then she asked me a strange question right out of the blue. "Mike. . . are you a. . .

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  virgin?" "What's it to you?!" I replied, kind of shocked at the boldness of my sister. "I dunno, I'm just wondering what sex feels like. I play with myself but. . . " "O. K. we are not having this conversation!" I said as we pulled up to the house. I was getting a little aroused by the subject of talking about sex with my sister. "Well then why don’t you tell me if your a virgin or not?" "I have my reasons" Hoping to maybe get some info out of her. "I'll tell you my reason if you tell me yours. " Exactly what I was aiming for. "O. K. " I said.

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   "What is your reason?" "No you first" she says. "Well, um. . . I am not a virgin" I lied. And then the dam burst. She shot tons of questions at me "What does it feel like? What did you do? How did you do it?" "Hey enough, what is your reason?" "Well I don’t have a boyfriend because I only like one boy" "Well duh, that is a good person to have as a boyfriend, Amy. " "No it's just that I have those feelings towards you. " Towards you. Those words rang through my head. "WHAT???!!!?" I said not really comprehending. "I like you as I would a boyfriend, Mike. I love you. " I sat down on the sofa, kind of smiled and said "oh". I couldn’t believe my ears, my very own sister has sexual feelings towards me.

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   By this time I was very turned on by the happenings and I had a hard-on that showed through my shorts. I only noticed this when I caught Amy staring at it. I stood up and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink, she started to follow me, but turned around and walked up the stairs and into her room and closed the door. I got some iced tea and sat down in a chair. I thought about the conversation we just had. My hormones were beginning to take over and in my mind a picture of my sister came in and thought about how hot she really is. I was thinking about maybe, just maybe of fooling around with her, but thought better of it and laughed it off. I finished my tea and headed up to my room to do homework. When I got upstairs I heard the shower running. Again my teenage sex drive said why not walk in on her showering, but I decided against it and went into my room. It was going on 7 and my friends and I were to meet at 8 so it was time to cram with the homework. The shower stopped and Amy went into her room. The phone rang and I ran downstairs to get it. It was mom saying she had been invited for dinner at a co-workers place and she said she probably wouldn't be home till late. I said that it's great that she was dating again and she laughed and said bye.

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   I hung up the phone and went back upstairs. I reached for my doorknob and realized my door was shut. Thinking to myself that I didn't shut it that the wind probably blew it shut and that happens a lot because of the crosswind in my house. I opened the door and there was Amy lying on my bed completely naked, the towel on the floor and she was fingering herself. My cock grew hard instantly even if she was my sister. She stopped and looked at me and said "Do you like what you see?" My eyes ran the length of her body. From her breasts to her mound of pubic hair and then back up. "Yyeeess" I stammered. She got up and walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips. She slid her tongue in my mouth and I eagerly kissed back. Feeling her tongue in my mouth, sliding against mine, turned me on so much. My hands started to explore her body. I put my hands on her tits and messaged them and grabbed the nipple very softly and rubbed them in between my thumb and forefinger. She pushed her thigh into my hard cock that was bulging through my shorts and started to take off my shirt. Once that was off I picked her up and set her on the bed.

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   I lowered my face to her breast and circled her nipple with my tongue, and started to suck on it. She moaned with pleasure and said "I knew you would do it. " I said "what?" and she replied "I knew if you saw me naked here you would like it. " "Oh I do!!. " This both made us laugh. I continued to caress her breast and lick her nipple while my other hand went down her belly and messaged her thigh, slowly leading up to her beautiful pussy. She sat up and took off my shorts and boxers. My cock sprang out and she kissed it. She took the head into her mouth and moved her tongue around it. Then she slid my cock full into her mouth and started to move it in and out. I just put my head back and moaned. Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and she pulled my cock out of her mouth and tongued all over it. She put her tongue on the head as to try to fit her tongue in the hole. My cum was starting to boil inside my balls and I knew I was going to climax soon. She rubbed my balls with her free hand.

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   This sent me over the edge. I continued to fuck her mouth and right before I came she tried to deep throat me and she gagged. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her face.
    Some dripped down onto her chest and the cum on her chin she happily lapped up. She shoved my cock back into her mouth and squeezed the rest of my cum into her mouth. She took the cum that was on her breasts and rubbed it through her pubic hair, and then started to finger herself again. I pulled her back up and I said "I love you Amy" and she kissed me again. I could taste my cum as we moved our tongues in and out of each other's mouths. She stopped and looked at me right in the eyes and said "we can't tell anyone about this, ok?" I said yes and she smiled and leaned over and nibbled on my ear and said "your turn. " So I proceeded to kiss her lips, then her nipples, then her belly button, and finally I got to her pussy. I kissed it very slowly all over. She was already wet from her masturbation and the blow job she gave me. Her clit was all puffy and swollen and in need of some attention. I slowly stuck out my tongue and tasted my first pussy. It was incredible.

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       Her juices spread on my tongue and I spread her pussy open with my fingers. First I licked the outside and then the inside. Loving all of her and wanting more. I tongued at her tight virgin hole. I slid one of my fingers into her and fingerfucked her while I licked her clit. Her breathing was getting laborious and she brought a hand up to her breast and started to pinch her nipple. I knew she was going to cum soon and I started to move my finger in and out faster and faster, my tongue matching my strokes. As she started to tighten up around my finger I slid a finger into her asshole to enhance her climax. As she came her juices spread all over my finger and I licked it all up. She brought me back up and kissed me again so she could taste her cum in my mouth. "That was amazing my Captain. " Amy said. We both laughed and fell asleep on my bed. I awoke at about 12:15am and got dressed and carried Amy to her bed. As I stared at her sleeping naked body I thought about what we just did that night and thought to myself that it wasn't so bad, as long as we kept it quiet.

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       I kissed her once more and went downstairs. The message machine was blinking and I remembered about my friends. Oh well I thought, I had much more fun here!This is my first story. I plan to make this story a series after reading any comments from readers. Please comment all you like, it's what makes writers better!.