Nosy Neighbor Part 2


Nosy Neighbor Part 2

For a few days after my first encounter, I made sure that I didn't run into mom much. Playing around with her as I did that day made me feel uncomfortable. Every time I thought about what happened, I got hard and that made me feel bad. However, I couldn't escape from day to day encounters during meals and there was sometimes an awkward silence between the two of us.

I didn't spot Kate and her mom too much and was happy about that. But one night as I was about to sleep, there was a soft knock on the door. I opened it to find Amy my step mom by the door. She seemed worried and when she looked up at me I saw her eyes glistening with tears.

"Can I talk to you, Sam?"

"Yeah, sure, come on in. "

She came in, dressed in a skirt and strap T-shirt that didn't do much good to conceal her large breasts. I could see the purple strap of her bra that the t-shirt strap failed to hide as she walked in. She sat down on the bed and sighed.

"Sam, I want to talk to you about what happened the other day. It was wrong of me to do what I did. I am sorry. "

"Oh mom, its ok.

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   I should have stopped you but, it was kinda nice, so I didn't want to stop you. Besides they were watching us and we wanted to give them a shock, right?"

"Well it started like that, but it was so long since I have been with a man and I went crazy that day. "

Tears started to flow down her cheeks and I felt sad about her. So I moved closer and put my arm around her pulling her close. Her head rested on my shoulder and she started to caress my hand absently as she lay against me.

The moment she came close, my blood started pumping at an alarming rate. I was wearing a pair of boxers and the bulge was apparent immediately. I hoped that she would not notice but even a blind person would have noticed my hard on. I looked down and her and caught a glimpse of her magnificent cleavage, which made things even worse.

All of a sudden she moved away a little and before I could react she lay her head on my lap pushing the hardened cock down. If she noticed my cock resting against her cheek, she showed no sign of it. Her body lay on the bed, her skirt riding up showing her shapely thighs. My cock kept trying to rise up but kept hitting her cheek. She looked up at me and smiled melting my heart.

I tried to say something, but no words came to my mind.

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   I just stood there with my step mom on my lap with my cock resting hard against her cheek as she smiled at me lovingly. Out of habit I just started to run my fingers through her hair and massaged her scalp. She sighed as I rubbed her. She reached back and started to caress my tummy and chest with her long fingers. I was angry at my inability to reduce my erection and my face was red with shame.

I watched as her hand reached up to her face and started to rub my cock through the material.

"Looks like our friend is excited to see me," she smiled gently as her hands caressed my cock over the material of the boxers. I grinned like an idiot.

It must have been the act of her rubbing me that prompted me to do what I did next. I started to rub her tummy. Her t-shirt had risen up exposing her flat tummy. I started to caress her tummy. I could see her cleavage much clearly and her bra didn't do much to keep the huge breasts from trying to move out of its twin nests. She turned her head towards my cock and kissed it gently over the material. I could feel the warmth of her breath.

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   Her hand reached further down and started to move in through the leg of my shorts. I was a bit ticklish but her gestures were firm. She caressed my thigh as she moved towards my balls.

Her hand grasped my balls and cupped them while her mouth bit the shaft of my cock gently. I moaned as I felt her fingers exploring my balls and moving up. Her hand knew what it was doing. I suddenly realized that my hand was inside her t-shirt and when I tried to remove it she reached back with her hand like lightening and held it it place, her message clear. Her hand went back to my shorts and caressed my balls again. She raised her head for a moment to push down the seam of my shorts and got the cock out. It was very hard and she sighed as she saw it. My foreskin covered the head and she started to kiss the cock from the base to the top and started to nibble the foreskin. I was going crazy and I moved my hands up to her bra cup kneading her breasts.

She turned on her tummy and started to lick the head of my cock dislodging my hands. I pushed up her t-shirt and rubbed her back making her moan. I kneaded her back as I moved lower, feeling her nice butt under the material of the skirt.

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   I pushed myself back more onto the bed and she curled up a little moving her ass towards me wanting my attention there. I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her skirt and panties and started to rub the crack of her ass moving lower. After a few tries I passed her ass hole to her pussy and realized it was drenched. My fingers came away wet and I pushed one finger in. Immediately she showed how much she appreciated that act by sucking the head of my cock hard. She licked the head of the cock sucking it into her mouth. Her hand played with my balls squeezing it while her mouth continued on its quest.

I started to finger her. She unbuttoned her skirt and pushed it down to make things easy for me. I pushed down the panties. I wet one finger with her juices and managed to rub her ass hole. Her response was swift by the sound of her moan. After a bit of rubbing around her ass hole, her opening relaxed letting my finger in. Now I had one finger in her asshole and one in her pussy and I started to move them in and out. She moved against my fingers as she sucked me harder.

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   After a few more strokes, I pulled her up kissing her face and mouth, pushing my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met mine with equal frenzy as we started to push against each other. I lifted her t-shirt exposing her purple bra. My hand went inside her bra cup cupping her breast. Her nipple was hard against my palm.

I pushed her down on the bed and straddled her torso, moving my cock up to her face. Her mouth opened allowing me to push my cock in. I pushed my cock in slow and started to fuck her mouth slowly. She reached back and started to rub my asshole as she pulled me towards her and back setting the pace. I knew I wouldn't last much longer so I pulled out of her mouth and her following tongue and started kiss her face and mouth. Then I moved to her ears wetting them with my saliva. She shuddered as my tongue explored her ear. I moved lower to her neck and then I lifted her arm to suck her armpit. She jumped as she felt my mouth sucking her there. I pushed her bra straps lower exposing her breasts and she lifted her torso and helped me unclasp her bra and the two lovely breasts were let loose from their moorings like giant blobs of jelly.

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   I began to lick around her pink nipples and sucked the skin around it. I mashed the two breasts so that both nipples were so close together and I sucked each in turn making her moan.

"Oh my baby, suck them harder! Oh god your mouth is so good on my breasts," she moaned as she caressed my balls staying away from the cock letting it come back to a stage where it could take more attention.

I bit her hard nipples. They were quite large and were nice to suck on. I rested one knee between her legs and felt her rub against it. Her body was totally under my control now. I moved down lower to her tummy while Irubbed her lower tummy moving towards her dripping pussy. I cupped her pussy with my hand feeling the juice drip through my fingers. I managed to push 2 fingers into her pussy while the top of my palm rubbed against her clitoris.

She pulled me towards her breasts, making me suck her nipples again. Her legs parted and squeezed against my hand, her body squirming in pleasure as my fingers fucked her hard. Finally, she could not take it anymore and pushed my head down to her pussy. My fingers didn't come out of her as my tongue started to lick her clitoris. She moaned and struggled under me squirming and lifting her hips wanting more and more contact.

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   Remembering that she had a few orgasms with me I kept pushing my fingers in harder and harder as I licked her clit. I was rewarded by the first orgasm which seemed to be low in intensity. Her moans were high pitched and it was hard to stay on her clitoris since she kept moving. My hands continued the onslaught as she had yet another orgasm and this time it was a bigger one.

"I want your cock in me, now!" she moaned.

I moved between her legs and after a few attempts, managed to push it in with her help.

I groaned as I felt her muscles squeeze me inside her pussy. I could not move as her grip was so hard. I kissed her hard and finally she let go allowing me to move in her pussy. It was wet and warm inside her and her kisses told me how much she liked my cock in her. I moved slowly at first taking my time to feel the sensation. Our bodies adjusted to the rhythm as if we have been doing it our whole life.

I moved a bit faster as her hands pressed against my buttocks urging me on. She was yet again a few seconds away from an orgasm. Her hips shuddered as she reached yet another orgasm prompting me to move faster and just as she was into her next orgasm, I blew my load inside her.

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   I was surprised to find so much cum inside my balls as it started shooting spurt after spurt. She groaned into my mouth as she realized what was happening.

My thrusts slowed down and I lay on her for a while. Her eyes opened and looked into mine lovingly. I was embarrassed, but she kissed me again.

"Thank you so much, Sam. I really needed that. Even though you are my step son, we are not related. So its fine. "

I pulled out of her pussy and she pulled me up so that she could kiss my cock. It was drenched in cum and her pussy juice. She sucked it all into her mouth.

We kissed again and I got a taste of my cum in her mouth. It somehow felt special when she kissed me. We lay there for a while and fell asleep in each others arms until morning.

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To be continued.



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