Nosy Neighbor Ch. 3


Nosy Neighbor 3

Part 3 in the series.

The morning following our encounter, I was more comfortable about it. I woke up to find mom had already woken up and was up and about making breakfast. I went down after getting dressed for school and she was in a skimpy pair of shorts and t-shirt. My cock stirred and was hard by the time I hugged her from behind making her squeal. She suddenly turned around and her mouth was on mine as we kissed hard. Her hands went to my cock and it was soon out even though I protested that I had to get to school on time. She just kneeled and started suck it into her mouth. I held on to the sink as her mouth worked over my cock. Her sucking was so intense that I came in a few minutes and she gulped down my cum without batting an eyelid.

I would have licked her as well but I was late for school. I met our neighbor Kate at the gate and by the look she gave me I knew she was thinking of the other day she saw me and my mom.

"Hey Sam, how are you? Didn't see you for around much," she said pointedly looking at my body, her meaning unmistakable.

"Oh I have been busy with school stuff," I said excusing myself to rush to the bus. I got into the bus and sat down only to realize that Sara was sitting next to me. I acknowledged her but my heart beat faster than the RPM rate of the bus engine as I was wondering what to tell her.

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She broke the ice by sharing with me that she was attending the same college as me. She was 2 years senior to me and we chatted about everything other than what happened the other day. We arrived in school and we got off and we went to our respective classes. I caught a few glimpses of her during the break but didn't get a chance to talk to her again. After my lectures I bumped into her again and we rode home together. This time she seemed quiet and suddenly she blurted out that she was sorry about watching me.

"Sam, I am really sorry about what I did. I didn't mean to spy on you but it was too tempting," she said.

"It’s OK. I didn't mind it much," I said, my face blushing crimson.

"Well about you and your mom, its none of my business, but it was kinda interesting to watch. My mom had a heart attack when she saw you two," she laughed.

"Well, it was a planned thing. It was my mom's idea to spook you guys!"

"Oh really? Oh my god, you almost killed us, although in a perfectly good way," her smile told me there was more to it than what she was saying.

I then remembered our video recording.

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   We had totally forgotten about it. I thought that it might be a great idea to show Sara the video, so I invited her home with the excuse that I wanted to show her something. She kept pestering me about it and I didn't give her a clue.

Mom was home when we got there. She opened the door and I saw her raised eyebrows when she saw Sara right behind me. She was dressed to kill with a low cut blouse and a flared skirt that ended just above her knees. She appraised Sara and then invited us in. After I invited Sara to have a seat, my mom pulled me over to a corner wanting to know why I brought her home. I reminded her about the video and suggested that we show the video to Sara. Mom had a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Oh, you naughty boy! Are you trying to get that girl horny?"

I grinned in response to her question. We were interrupted by Sara.

"Hey, is it alright if I pop back into my place and come back in a little while? Mom wants to talk to me. "

We agreed and I went up to shower and clean up. I dressed up in a pair of shorts and t-shirt when I heard the doorbell ring.

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   Sara was dressed in a t-shirt that accentuated her breasts and a plaid skirt that ended just about 3 inches above her knees. She was in pigtails that made her look even younger than usual. My blood started pounding as I took in her body. My mom winked at me as she left us in our room.

"What is it that you want to show me?"

"Well its a surprise!"

"Close your eyes and wait until I tell you. "

She smiled her cute girlish smile as she sat in front of my computer. I connected the camera to the PC and loaded the video. It was quite clear andit showed Kate on the balcony. I asked her to open her eyes.

Her face changed when she saw her mom.

"Oh you video taped her!" She seemed annoyed but mesmerized by the image. I fast forwarded the movie to the point where she started to rub herself. She sat there, her face unmoving as she watched the image of her mom masturbating while watching me.

I sat on a chair next to her as she watched the video.

"I don't believe she grounded me for doing this.

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She gasped as she saw her mom start to rub herself. Her hands were clasped tightly on her lap as if preventing them from doing something wrong. Her mom was so hot that I couldn't help having an erection. I had decided against wearing underwear and now I was paying dearly for it. I looked at Sara and her eyes were glued to the screen. The rise and fall of her breasts suggested that she was getting excited by the sight of her mom and then she gasped as she was captured on the camera wrenching her mom's binoculars and watching us. Her hand involuntarily started pressing against her crotch. It was the time where she was at the edge and the point of no return. I waited eagerly for that to happen and slowly put my arm around her pulling her close. She was like a rock at first, her gaze at her mom and herself on the screen.

Then she gasped again as she saw herself start to caress her moms' body and her mom reciprocate the gesture. My hand slowly traveled down to her breast caressing the skin. She seemed oblivious to my attention. This is when I heard someone come into the room. Sara was still 100% tuned to the screen and was not aware of anything else.

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   I felt the warmth of a presence behind me and I felt a hand snake down over my shoulder towards my cock. I almost fell off my chair as I felt my mom's breasts against my back as she bent to caress my cock. She was so quiet that Sara still didn't realize what was happening. Her attention was totally on the scene on the screen. She caressed her crotch as she watched. I caressed her right breast lightly. As I started to pull my hand away, her other hand pushed it back in place telling me that she was aware of my hand on her breast.

In the meantime my mom's hand was in my shorts rubbing my cock. Her face was next to mine on my left licking my ear. I was trying hard not to moan, knowing that it could upset the balance of the seduction. It must have been a movement that caught her eye, and all at once Sara's gaze was transfixed on the hand that was touching my cock. I heard a sudden intake of breath as she realized who the hand belonged to and her gaze went to my mom, her hand self consciously going back to gripping each other on her lap.

My mom, moved in front of me with the grace of a cat, totally ignoring Sara and pulled my cock out. Her breasts were unsupported now and she was wearing a sheer blouse that left nothing to the imagination. She knelt beside me and started to suck my cock.

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I looked at Sara and her gaze went to my cock and mom and then back to my face. She seemed undecided about staying. I grabbed the opportunity to pull her closer. She resisted at first but the sight of my mom and my cock tipped the scale in my favor. I squeezed her breast as I gently took one of her hands and pushed it towards my cock.

Her hand felt heavy as I pulled it towards my cock. Mom realized my plan and helped me. With an encouraging smile she helped me pull Sara's hand to my cock. With a little bit of prompting, she started to explore my cock. My mom continued to suck my cock head while her hand conveniently rested on Sara's thigh. She tried to pull away at first but the lure of my cock was harder to resist and she started to rub it with more intensity and forgot about mom's hand on her thigh.

It was so hot to see my mom caressing Sara's thigh and that made me harder. My hand slid into Sara's t-shirt from the top and cupped her breast. She wore a loose bra that made it easier for me to cup it. It was warm and soft with her nipple standing to attention.

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   I squeezed it gently and Sara's head slowly swayed towards my shoulder and in a little while her head was resting on it.

Her hand was rubbing the base of my cock while my mom's saliva dribbled down to her hand and all over it. I noticed that mom's hand was now inside Sara's skirt and by the rocking motion of her body I was able to gather that she was rubbing Sara's pussy.

Sara was now totally under our spell. She was moaning and squirming as my hand kneaded her breast and my mom's hand rubbed her pussy. As if reading my mind, my mom pushed up the skirt to show me what she was doing to Sara. She was rubbing her pink panties which were drenched. She paused her sucking for a little while and looked at Sara.

"Sara, would you like to suck my son's cock now?"

Sara didn't reply but I felt her body start to move as she leaned over, dislodging my hand as she bent to my cock. My mom moved away to let her suck it. I was surprised to find Sara quite skilled in sucking. Her mouth made wet noises as she pushed it all into her mouth. My mom took the cue to move next to my shoulder and she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breasts to my hungry mouth. Sara had stopped her sucking and was looking at my mom's breasts with awe as they fell free of the blouse. I started to suck on her nipple like a little boy being breast fed.

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   It was amazing how sexual my mom was as she pulled Sara up to her breast and made her suck the other. We were now both hanging onto her breasts sucking her hard. She moaned at the sensation of two mouths sucking her. I realized that Sara was almost straddling my leg as she bent over my mom's breast. I reached my hand started caressed her thigh, moving up to her panties. I used my other hand to do the same to mom. She was not wearing panties and my fingers reached her wet lips in no time. Sara groaned as I started rubbing the crotch of her panties and I managed to slide in through the seam.

I had enough practice to push into her pussy and finally I ended up fingering both ladies. It was getting difficult to manage on the chair so we moved to the bed. I was amazed at the way my mom ushered Sara to the bed. She started to kiss her the moment Sara lay on the bed. The two seemed like long lost lovers and my mom kissed her hard. Sara returned her kisses with passion that left me breathless. I moved toward the ladies and took off Sara's panties and her skirt.

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   My mom's skirt came off next. Sara parted her legs so that my mom could straddle her thigh while my mom's thigh rubbed against her pussy. I took off my clothes and climbed on my mom pushing my cock between her legs but not entering her. I reached over the two ladies and we ended up in a three-way kiss. I kissed Sara and mom and that was one of the hottest kisses I have experienced. The two women were gentle and intense at the same time.

"Why don't you push your cock between our mouths?" said mom.

I was not going to say no. I moved up to their mouths and pushed it in between then so that they could kiss each other over it.
    They even started fighting over the head. One second it would be in Sara's mouth and the next it would end up in my mom's mouth. I was going out of control and realized that I would come soon if I continued. I pulled back and my mom understood what was going on.

    "Why don't you give our pussies some attention, while I kiss this lovely young girl?"

    She moved on top of Sara so that she was no longer straddling her thigh. She was now straddling her hips and her pussy was rubbing on Sara's pussy.

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       I moved between the two pairs of legs and started to lick each lady's thighs. My mom started to rub her pussy on Sara's as I moved slowly towards the 2 pussies. I licked Sara's pussy first and I heard a corresponding moan. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tasted her warm wetness. It tasted a little different from my mom but equally delectable. I moved up to mom's pussy and licked her there. It was easy since all I had to do was to hold my tongue still and the movement of her body made sure it got a nice long lick.

    I moved up my tongue to lick her butt hole and she moaned as she felt me rim her. Once it was sufficiently wet with my saliva, I inserted a finger into her anus and moved back to Sara's pussy. I licked her little clit and moved to her vagina, licking her lips and pushing my tongue inside. Both ladies were rocking against each other.

    "Oh baby, can you fuck me now?" said my mom.

    I moved to her pussy and started to rub my cock head against her lips. She stopped her rocking long enough for me to enter her. Then I started to move inside her pussy.


       Sara gasped as she saw me on top of mom licking her neck while I fucked her. I reached lower to kiss Sara while moving in and out of mom.

    After a few strokes mom rolled over bringing Sara to the top exposing her pussy for me. I entered Sara. She was tighter than mom but it was equally nice. She moaned as my cock head entered her little opening. The head plopped in through the initial opening as I felt it go inside her pussy. I moved slowly as she adjusted to my cock. She kissed my mom hard as she pushed back against me. I moved faster wanting to be careful about cumming inside Sara. I didn't think she was on the pill. As I got closer to my climax, I pulled out of Sara and started to lick her pussy. I gave her asshole a lick and was rewarded with a squeal. I licked it some more and she was ecstatic. I continued to lick her ass while my fingers entered her pussy.

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       I was able to slide 2 fingers in. She moaned and bucked her hips as I started to increase the frequency of my fingering. I was in for a surprise when she came. She squirted right into my face. I was in shock for a few seconds but her pussy kept pushing towards me so I continued my onslaught and she squirted again and this time I was able to move out of the way.

    She reached back and stopped my hand as the intensity of the sensation was too much for her.

    She rolled off my mom and I entered mom again and mom licked away Sara's juice as I moved in and out of her pussy.

    "This time I want you to cum in my mouth," she said emphatically. Understanding that I was close to cumming, I moved out of her pussy and moved to her mouth. Sara wanted to join in so I had to let them hug each other and straddled both their bodies while they licked and sucked my cock. I didn't last long and I came in mom's mouth. She didn't swallow and the moment I pulled away, she pulled Sara to her and started kissing her. I could see the cum dribbling down her mouth and it was so hot seeing my mom swap my cum with another girl. They kissed each other and then ended up swallowing most of it. I joined them in a kiss and tasted my cum again.

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       I then remembered that my mom hadn't cum yet. So I moved down and to my surprise Sara joined me.

    We licked her together. Sara licked her clit while I licked the lower lips and fingered her. Mom didn't last long and she shuddered as the first orgasm hit her. Sara started to pull away but I pulled her down and we continued to lick. I had 3 fingers in mom and my hand ached as it went in and out of her pussy. Before long, she had a smaller orgasm and we continued to lick and finger her. I realized that Sara was moaning again and saw that my mom had pulled her onto her mouth so that she could lick Sara's pussy while we licked mom. It was so hot to see the two women in a 69 position. I continued my fingering and mom was rocked by a bigger orgasm and she urged me on. I was reaching my limit and felt that my hand would disintegrate at this point but found strength to continue.
    This time my efforts were rewarded with a huge orgasm almost knocking Sara off her body. I heard mom squealing and guessed that Sara had squirted into her face. I pulled out my wet fingers out and kissed Sara tasting my mom's pussy in her mouth.

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       When I moved towards mom, my assumption proved right. My mom's face was drenched with Sara's cum.

    I kissed the fluid off her face and we lay back on the bed. Sara seemed silent and then my mom broke the silence.

    "Now this is what I call a hot threesome!"

    And we all laughed. A voice jolted us out of the post orgasmic meditative state when we heard Sara's mom calling for her. Sara jumped out of bed making a mad scramble to get her clothes and overturned a chair in the process. My mom rushed into the toilet and got her a towel to wipe off the fluids. We made sure she was in a presentable state when she walked out of the house.

    That night I put on a private show for Sara using my web cam. We masturbated for each other online and I went to sleep a satisfied man.

    To be continued. As always, your comments keep me going!! yahoo addy gen_man69 at yahoo dot com feel free to add me if you wanna chat :-)