Noc 7


----- 7 --
Carly and Megan’s father raced from his breakfast cereal, running up the upstairs hallway, catching movement from the corner of his eye in Aaron’s room.   Replying to his beeper, he was no less relieved to find Carly in Aaron’s room than to find Aaron in trouble.   Carly stood tense, holding the panic button in the small hand before her, staring at her father.  
Aaron and Megan both still laid asleep on their mattresses in the almost overly girly room.   After seeing that she could never fulfill Aaron, Megan began almost resenting her older sister and began phasing out their social relations.   Carly feeling guilty, but not wanting to hurt either her sister or Aaron, fell asleep with Aaron every night and later moved through the middle of the dark to wake up with Megan.   Not wanting to gloat or upset Megan further, she hadn’t tried anything since the first night with Aaron.  
Several days later, she and her sister began growing suspicious of their father and Aaron as they began spending more and more time together and always leaving to do different things together alone almost every afternoon.   Carly’s curiosity peaked though almost three weeks after it all began, when the night before, she caught Aaron hiding something in his dresser before relocating to Megan’s room.  
Carly’s father was not happy that the hospital had postponed the surgery, but was satisfied enough that they were less restrictive on Aaron in site of his body’s good behavior.   That made it much easier in that he and Aaron had only to show up at the hospital once every other day.   He thought though that if he had left him at the hospital, Aaron would have held priority and his surgery would be done and over with.   But the surgery was now only three days away, which didn’t help on the stress, but did provide hope and light at the end of the very dark tunnel.
Carly’s father stared at her speechless.   He waited hoping that she would guess a wrong story as to what the button was.   She just stared, the sun coming through the window reflecting from the glaze of tears over her eyes.

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Not wanting to ask but knowing that there was still a remote possibility in its purpose, properly responding to the call, her father choked up, “Is Aaron alright?” 
Carly broke down realizing her worst fear and lost the strength in her legs, falling to the ground.   Her father rushed to her, catching her in his arms and held her close to comfort her.  
Aaron walked from Megan’s room toward the bathroom.   He thought it strange to see a hand sticking from the parent’s room waving him in as a dark face peaked out, but decided to follow it.   He walked in and his cousin’s father locked the door behind him.   He began filling him in on the situation.
Carly had ran off to a friend’s house because she couldn’t bare being with them knowing that they had lied to her so badly.   Megan was still in the dark but they had to tell her before Carly had the chance.  
Aaron couldn’t wait until it would all be over in a couple days with the intervention of his surgery.  
Megan woke up seeing her father and Aaron sitting on the side of her bed.   They knew it wouldn’t be a fun time to learn about what was going on, but they didn’t know when Carly would be back.  
Aaron liked the way Megan was taking it; her father though knew that her way of taking it would only come back with a vengeance.   Megan decided that things couldn’t be that bad and played the denial game.   When her father began forcing her to accept it, she threw her head into her pillow and began screaming to block out his voice.  
“I think I can reach her,” Aaron interrupted her father, “just give me some time alone with her.

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  ”  Her father wholeheartedly agreed replying that he would be downstairs if he needed anything.  
Aaron walked to the door, hearing Megan’s father walking down the stairs, closed and then quietly locked it.   He walked back to Megan, who was then silently face down in her pillow, and put his hand on her back.   He moved his hand and rubbed it down the side of her face, pushing the wet skin to face him.  
“I told you before, if there was something wrong with me, your father would protect me,” Aaron started, “and he’s doing everything I said he would.   I’m already scheduled for surgery and after that, I’ll be good as new. ”  Megan knew that Aaron was going to have a special checkup to be fixed soon, but they had never told her about brain surgery.
“Why’d you hide it from us?” Megan whimpered.
“I wanted to tell you, but I knew it would hurt you, and you already don’t like me anymore,” Aaron answered.
“I like you,” she pouted a little.
“Then why don’t you want to be around me?” he asked.
“Because you don’t like me, you only like Carly,” she said, releasing a few tears from her eyelids to the pillow.
“Carly is the most amazing person I know and I love her for that… but you are the most intriguing person I know, and for that, I will always love you,” Aaron said hoping to comfort her after a short silence.   “I love you in a different way than Carly, but still in a way that will never die.   I would do anything for you.

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“Would you cum in me?” she asked nervously.
“Anytime in any place,” Aaron said consolingly.
“Really,” Megan replied a little surprised, “last time you let Carly pull me off you when you cummed and you held me away from you so you could only cum in her, because you love her now. ”  Aaron wrapped the palm of his hand and fingers down between Megan’s legs over her light blue cotton night pants.  
“I love you too,” he said as he began massaging her vagina through the layers of fabric.
Megan’s big childish eyes stared into Aaron’s as he caressed her baby making lips.   She turned her body over and stretched her arms down to push her pants and tiny underwear down to her bending knees.   She kicked her legs around trying to get her bottoms the rest of the way off while Aaron squeezed his hand between her tightly closed and kicking legs, feeling her tiny bald mound quiver.   She moaned as his warm fingers pressed against her reproductive organ and were mashed between her small wiggling naked legs.   She finally shook her pants and underwear off and dropped her legs down into a wide angle.  
“Can you cum inside of me twice right now?” she pleaded.
“That’s asking a lot,” he gasped.
“You said you would do anything to make me happy,” she said with a big innocent childish smile, tears still drying around her eyes.
“You’ll have to do most of the work on the second time,” he gave in.
“That’s ok, I want to have to try a little to make you feel really good twice,” she almost ecstatically said.

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Aaron thought she was getting the wrong idea about sex and love; but he too was still confused about everything that was happening to him recently.   He thought about it a lot in his free time and was way too scared to ask any adults.   He had learned about sex in school but with everything going on in his life, he remembered little.   Carly had calmed his fears of pregnancy when she explained to him about some pill and frankly, it all felt too good to give up.
“Are you taking a pill too,” Aaron asked Megan a little nervously, “so you don’t get pregnant?”
“Yeah,” Megan assured him, “Carly gave me her last two; she said she didn’t need them anyways. ”  Aaron looked into Megan’s eyes with a little fear.   “Don’t worry, she’s really smart, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. ”
Feeling a bit more reassured, Aaron straddled Megan’s knees.   Before him laid his younger cousin in her light blue cotton night shirt, and under him laid her naked slender legs and vagina.   His eyes tugged at the meeting of her bare waist and the light blue cotton night shirt.   He slowly scanned up her thin body, shrouded in the mystery of the shirt.   At the same time of wanting to rip the shirt from her, he also knew the mystery behind it was what drove his passion of wanting to take her.   His eyes met at her face where she stared into his passion with an exhilarating smile.
“Can you pretend that I’m Carly while you have sex with me?” Megan cautiously asked, “just this one time.   I want to feel what it’s like to be loved like you love her.

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“I’ll try,” Aaron replied, feeling the raw emotion radiate from her little body.   He could only imagine that she wanted to think of this as her last time before she gave him away to her sister.  
Not wanting to take her immediately, he began.   He kneeled back, moving his head down between her outstretched legs.  
“Remember, think only about Carly when you touch and make love with me,” she begged, tugging on his boxers.
Aaron, still in his night clothes, responded, pulling his boxers off and drawing his t-shirt over his head.   He slowly closed his eyes and thought deeply about Carly.   He didn’t know if it was from the drugs he was on or if he was slipping into a dream, but as his hands rubbed down the sides of Megan’s legs, he vividly pictured Carly in his mind.   It wasn’t so much of the image of Carly; mainly as his eyes shut, the overwhelming emotion of being with Carly right than overtook him.   With the feeling her little sister’s body in his grip, he began to accurately act out everything he wanted to do to Carly to pleasure her in apology to not telling her the truth.  
Aaron removed the tongue from his mouth and planted it on Megan’s vaginal lips.   Megan shivered a bit as she felt his warm wet tongue lather her small vagina.   Her entire body stiffened in shock as she felt his tongue enter her body in one long steady advancement.   She moved her childish hands over his scalp and began gently driving him in more as she shifted from breathing through her nose to through her mouth in effort to collect more air.  
Circling the circumference of her tube with his tongue as his lips made out with her slit, Aaron laid, gently caressing her belly with his hands.

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    Megan’s mouth stretched open as wide as it could attempting to take in as much oxygen as possible.   She could feel her climax coming, and fast.   She wanted him to stop, she didn’t want to look so weak in front of Aaron and have an orgasm so quickly; but she had no breath to spare for words.   Instead all that escaped her mouth were tiny girlish moans of pleasure as she began erupting into an orgasm.   Her hips, just starting to buck, were forced down by Aaron’s arms.   Megan almost screamed feeling her orgasm shatter her body as her bare ass was being forced into her soft mattress.   Her waist dipping below her chest and knees as every reachable area between her legs was sucked, licked, and fondled by Aaron’s mouth while she squirt her orgasm, nearly drove her into insanity.  
While still just barely recovering from the orgasm she was having, her body again convulsed slightly as another wave of bliss shot throughout her inexperienced body.   She wanted to cry in shame as she was receiving such abundant pleasure without giving any back.   The sensations between her legs stung with such incredible intensity; she knew she would explode screaming from insane pleasure if Aaron didn’t stop.   With the little muscle control she had left in her weak arms, she shifted her hands and began pushing the top of Aaron’s head away from her vagina.  
Aaron didn’t stop.   He wanted to drive her into unconsciousness from the experience and have her wake up to him squeezing her body and comforting her with a million kisses before he drove her insane with more pleasure.   His eyes closed and believing everything he was doing was to Carly, he pressed on as if they were the only two people on the planet.  
Megan’s moans became almost screams as the tongue inside her vagina pressing against her newly found nub and drove her into a third orgasm.

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    She didn’t think this much pleasure was possible.   Her body’s reaction tried gyrating her hips into Aaron’s mouth but his forceful hands were still holding her firm in place.   She could barely collect enough air to stay conscious as the orgasms ripped through her young body.  
Finally, Aaron stopped fondling her crevice.    Slowly, he grazed his head over her torso and under her nightshirt.   He inhaled the prepubescent sweat over her stomach and chest as he set his chest over her thighs.  
Megan, coming from her orgasmic high could now feel as Carly would, feeling Aaron’s face on her chest as he held her waist in his hands.   Her chest lit up in fiery paradise as the touch of his tongue and lips sucked over her little nipple.
    Megan grabbed at the rim of her nightshirt and pulled it over her head, feeling confident that if her father didn’t come upstairs yet, he wouldn’t come at all.   He had doubtlessly figured the loud noises were a temper tantrum and avoided it at all costs.   She dropped the shirt onto the floor and tugged at Aaron’s head, still wiggling her hips a bit coming down from the orgasms.
    Aaron moved from her nipple and slowly kissed his way up the rest of her torso over her small neck and up to her mouth where he began sucking her lips open.   Megan relieved her mouth, taking in his tongue, and stared into his closed eyes.   She could feel the passion he was putting into her.   But it was killing her psychologically knowing that she was empty, that she didn’t have his cum inside her.

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        She thought it was the greatest feeling in the world for some reason, knowing that Aaron could leave something so incredible inside of her like that.   She wanted his affection, but she was dying to be filled first.  
    “Please put your penis inside me,” she pleaded, “keep what you’re doing but I just need you inside me too. ”
    Aaron drove his fingers up her long blonde hair resting his body on hers.   He then picked himself up and prepared to obey her every command.   His hardened pipe hung below him.   Blindly he guided it between her legs.   The mushroomed tip bumped her tiny lips a few times before he felt the seeping slit.   Slowly, he squeezed his shaft down her tight long neglected tunnel.  
    Megan inhaled deeply as she felt the tube inside her hips stretch and push her other organs away to accommodate the guest.  
    Aaron lifted himself over the young girl, straightening his elbows, and slowly thrust his appendage into her body.  
    Megan, staring up into Aaron’s face, felt more shame than she ever thought possible.   Seeing his eyes closed, knowing that he was doing everything he was doing for the sole reason of making her happy, and imagining that all what he was doing was in effort for forgiveness from her sister.   Megan knew that she was now just toying with the already fragile relationship the three of them had.   Feeling the effort and emotion Aaron put into her now showed her how intensely Aaron really felt for her sister.

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    Slowly, Megan’s body moved up and down with Aaron’s thrusts.  The two naked bodies steadily humped each other, both almost unwillingly.  
    Aaron collapsed on his elbows and wrapped his arms under Megan’s arms.   Megan’s thoughts were mixing with the incredibly intense feeling driving into her vagina.   The same time she thought about how she was using Aaron, she could feel the little organs inside of her body stretch and grind each other as his penis ripped through her small body.   She moaned ascetically in happiness and regret as her nimble frame squeezed between her children’s bed and Aaron’s naked body.  
    Her mouth shot open and she began inhaling and exhaling wildly.   She could feel the slow build up of her orgasm coming.   She reached up and touched Aaron.   A smile of contentment crossed over his face.   She realized that she had been neglecting him again, making him give her all the pleasure.   She grabbed at him and tried pushing him over.
    Aaron’s body gave, falling to the side.   Without pulling Aaron from her vagina, she climbed on top of him.   Wanting to at least finish what she started, she started riding him.

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        She rode his penis a few strokes bouncing her butt cheeks off his legs before Aaron drug her face to him.   Megan’s building orgasm reached its limit.   She held it for as long as possible wanting to release it with Aaron’s orgasm but she couldn’t hold back any longer.   She felt it begin to leak out and in a last effort she pounded her body onto Aaron’s while exploding her orgasm onto his penis.
    Aaron’s cock flared at the sudden detonation of heaven on itself.   The tiny, almost vibrating, hot muscles clenching his shaft from all sides as the wet bare skin of the young vagina pounding into legs pushed him to no return.  
    Megan, unable to think at all, caught the sight of Aaron’s face reaching his climax.   She pounded one last time onto his body burying his penis as deep as she could into her body.   Her muscles spasmed and sucked at its guest.   Small amounts of saliva dripped from Megan’s lips as she fought for breath, unable to swallow at the time.   She released the volume of her lungs as she felt the hot semen spray inside her body.   At the feeling, her hips shivered in pleasure as her girl juices poured over Aaron’s waist from her vagina.   Megan laid, locked into place on top of Aaron’s penis as his shot cum into her body.   Every time she felt the hot liquid splash against the end of her reproductive organ, her body involuntarily ground itself into Aaron’s hips from the incredible feeling.   Feeling the penis fill her body so much, stretching her internal tubes to the max, she fantasized what it would be like to never have it leave.


    Megan dropped her body the few inches down to Aaron’s abs and panted for breath on his chest, still feeling the great sensations of being occupied.   She then almost choked when she thought she heard Aaron whisper under his breath her sister’s name.   Never wanting to leave her vagina empty, she reluctantly pulled herself up off of Aaron’s penis so she could meet his face.  
    “Open your eyes,” she asked quietly.
    Aaron obeyed to meet Megan’s eyes.   He looked over to the side shamefully.  
    Megan had never felt the emotions between them just then.   Feeling the devotion Aaron bestowed upon her, increased the sex she just had beyond any imaginable level.   She could now see why Carly was so protective of him and how she was able to be with him without wanting sex all the time.   She herself could barely stand what happened from how Aaron treated her, how he touched her; everything he did was different then he had done to her from before.   She wanted it to last forever but at the same time, she thought that it would drive her crazy to feel what she felt for much longer.
    Her body began shivering as the room temperature began evaporating her sweat while she thought about living with the passion Aaron had towards her sister.   Her mind couldn’t begin to comprehend what it must feel like to love something so much.
    Knowing that everything Aaron did to her was meant for her sister, her guilt began coming back.
    “I’m sorry,” she whispered, “you don’t have to ever do that again if you don’t want.

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    Megan knew she was definitely not the person to handle Aaron right then.   She couldn’t imagine all the things that must be going through his mind.   She wished Carly was there to fix what she did.   Carly always helped Aaron when he needed help.   She could never handle it, she just wanted the fun, not the pain, but now she was the reason for the pain and the only one there.
    She pushed his face back up to meet hers.
    “I’m me,” she said, “its Megan; touch me like I’m Megan. ”
    She could only figure one thing to take his mind off of Carly.
    “Let’s go take a shower and I’ll make sure you’ll never think I’m my sister again,” she poked out hoping it wouldn’t make things worse.

    ----- End --

    Noc 8 will be the last chapter.   There will be though a Noc 7. 5 coming out next which is both very important and erotic.   As always, all questions, comments, and feedback of any kind are very welcome at hanes_el@yahoo. com or in the comment box here.


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