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“Come on,” Megan whispered, waving her hand for Aaron to move into the bathroom, “I think he’s gone altogether. ”
Aaron, slightly bent over, quietly ran naked with his clothes pressed between his arm and stomach, into the bathroom.   Megan, wearing only a robe and pressing her small underwear between her legs to hold in Aaron’s cum, turned and ran in behind him.
“You’re door’s locked, right,” Megan asked, “dad has to think you went back to sleep if he comes back. ”
“Yes, little miss I’ve got everything planned. ” Aaron replied.   “You’re just like Carly, you’re so confident about everything you do, it kind of scares me. ”  Megan looked down ashamed.   Aaron caught her expression, “We can just forget about what just happened, I tend to forget what I think when I’m lost in the moment so no harm done. ”  Aaron sat on the toilet seat and grabbed the uneasy little girl by the waist and forced his head into her robe to absorb the tiny and barely extruding nipple into his mouth.   Megan gave out a little giggle and moan.   She dropped her panties onto the ground and fumbled her hands under his neck to untie the robe.   Letting the straps fall, she moved her hands up and pulled the fluffy cotton fabric over her shoulders to drop behind her to the floor.
Aaron caressed his hands all over the small tight body.   He moved one hand down to her butt and ran his fingers inside her crack.

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    Megan closed her eyes, moaning at the sensational feeling.   Aaron moved his fingers back up her crack stopping his index finger at the small indention where her hole laid.   Slowly, he pushed his finger into it.   Feeling the immense pressure, Megan pushed her butt back into the air allowing easier entry.   She almost cried out groaning as the finger ran its length into her intestine.
“Well, you better get the shower going,” Aaron happily said pulling his mouth from her nipple.   As Megan began turning to the bath tub, Aaron hooked his finger inside of her.   He watched her backside as she moved toward the bathtub faucet with his finger still up inside her.   She bent over spreading her butt cheeks as she turned the water on.  
Turning her head around to see Aaron, Megan asked, “Are you going to let me free anytime soon?”
With a smile on his face, Aaron replied, “No. ”
Megan lips stretched big in a smile; “Good,” she said.   As the water warmed on her hand, she shifted it from the faucet to the shower head.   Aaron stood up to get in the shower.   In standing, he pulled his finger inside of Megan, drawing her too him in a sudden pleasurable pressure.   Megan looked up to Aaron’s face; Aaron seemed a little out of it.

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“Are you ok?” she asked.   Aaron stood still for a few seconds before replying.
“Yeah, just a little dizzy,” he responded, “nothing big, it’s been doing this for a while now but I imagine the surgery will fix it. ”
“You should tell someone,” she said.
“They’d just give me more drugs,” he assured her, “and then I wouldn’t be able do this. ”  Aaron slipped his finger out of her butt hole in one motion.   Megan inhaled deeply from the movement and pressure in her butt.   Aaron then slid his hands under her arm pits and lifted her up to his chest.   He stepped into the tub and Megan closed the curtain behind them.   Megan locked her tongue inside Aaron’s mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist.   The hot water beat down on the back of her young naked body.  
Another dizzy spell hit Aaron.   It took all his strength to slowly back to the wall of the shower to gain leverage.   With the little girl’s mouth locked to his with her tongue sucking at his, it was hard to keep his head straight.   Megan moved her legs back in front of Aaron as she felt them being pressed harder against the wall.

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    She opened her eyes and moved her lips off Aaron’s when she felt them sliding down.   Before she could ask, Aaron answered.
“How are you going to pleasure me and me cum in you if I’m doing all the work holding you up?” he asked more expecting approval then an auditory answer.
Aaron sat down leaning his back against the wall.   Megan stood up quickly and moved the shower head down, redirecting the flow of water from Aaron’s forehead.   She sat down over his waist with the hot water pounding her back and rubbed the hard penis back and forth through the slit nested between her legs.   She pressed her palm against his pubic hair and shifted his penis straight up.   Slowly, she then sunk it deep inside her body.  
“Better make this quick so we can clean up afterwards before the hot water runs out,” she said.   Slowly she lifted her body back up, and slowly she pressed his length back into her, the smile on her face growing at the same rate the length inside her grew.
Parked in their driveway, Carly and her father sat speechless in the car.   Carly didn’t mean to tell an adult this early but she had just gotten so scared.  
She had told her friend the false story in agreement to get her a hold of pregnancy tests.   It had only been three weeks but with her new interest and research, along with what she had just been put through in her house, she didn’t want to wait any longer to use at least one of them.   After running to her friend’s house, she made for tests.

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    She knew it could be wrong, but she just wanted something else to think about besides Aaron and her father lying to her about how serious Aaron’s condition really was.  
The test was positive.   Carly’s research informed her that it could only be wrong if it was a negative, otherwise claiming it not possible to read a false positive.   She tried the second one.   Positive.   Her dream became a nightmare.   She had thought she had it all planned out.   Now she didn’t know what to do.   She knew that she couldn’t keep it to herself and she couldn’t face Aaron with what she did to him.
Her father sat behind the steering wheel not knowing what to do.   Carly had just accidently splurged the false story of rape.   She claimed it was on the walk home from her friend’s house several weeks ago; that she remembered very little of the traumatizing experience.  
“I didn’t want to tell anybody because I thought you would never let me do anything again,” she lied, tears dripping from her eyes.   “But I’m getting scared,” she continued, “because I’m feeling funny lately, and I didn’t take my pill the last two times because I accidently dropped my last two down the sink and I forgot to tell mom because of everything with Aaron. ” 
Her mother had been raped at about her age.

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    Even gotten pregnant, and had an abortion.   Her mother though said that the abortion was the worst decision she had ever made.   Carly had stolen the entire story from her mom.   Her mother had had Carly on birth control so young because of her own previous experiences.   But that was only a minor inconvenience in Carly’s path.
Carly loved Aaron more than anything in the world.   He was the last person alive in his family and with what she had just learned, about the surgery, brain surgery, he was in no safe position.   When Aaron’s condition commenced at the start of the summer, Carly quietly feared that he might die or she would somehow lose him forever.   She would never be able to excuse herself for permitting someone she loved so much, leave the earth without a trace.
The father had been on his way to the airport for a remedial task he had just been called in to take care of when he had spotted Carly walking from friend’s front door.
“You can go dad,” Carly choked up, “everything is done with now, I just need be alone, maybe talk to Aaron. ”  Trying to come around, she continued, “I just couldn’t stand keeping it all in; as long as you still love me, I know I can get through whatever happens. ” 
Her father grabbed her arm and pulled her halfway to him, meeting her with a hug, “I’ll always love you; none of this is your fault.   I’ll call my boss and tell him I can’t go. ”  Feeling the overwhelming love and support coming from her father, Carly couldn’t hold back the tears.

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“No dad, you go, I don’t want to get you in trouble,” Carly muttered over the mucus in her throat, “it’s just easier for me to be with friends my age right now. ”
Thinking of Carly, Megan, and Aaron, her father, letting the hug go, responded, “You three kids are growing up so fast.   I’m sorry you have to live through all this. ”  He wasn’t a bad father, he just didn’t know how to handle hard situations.   He didn’t want to leave Carly, but he didn’t know what to do if he stayed.

    Carly kissed him goodbye and urged him to go on as she opened her door.   Carly just wanted to be with Aaron.   She didn’t know how to tell him or what exactly to tell him, but at the least, she just wanted to be with him.   Knowing that her father still loved and supported her, some of her fears subsided, but she still had plenty left.
    Megan’s naked body slowly bounced up and down on top of Aaron’s penis; hot water pounding and running down her back between her butt cheeks.  
    “Ooh,” she moaned over and over from her chest as she felt the steaming pipe bounce in and out of her tiny wet body.   Aaron couldn’t help but moan as well as his younger thirteen year old cousin’s vagina latched and sucked at his penis.   He stared at her belly button as it pressed into her body every few seconds while she inhaled deeply and rapidly from the growing sensitivity inside her vagina.  
    Aaron lifted his arms up and pressed his fingers to her sides, extending his thumbs to her nipples.   They were barely even there.

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        Her nipples were only noticeable from the small round change of color on her flat chest and the tiny nubs that protruded.   That was just to Aaron’s eyes though.   In Megan’s nervous system, they existed as two of the few things that mattered in her entire body as Aaron’s thumbs pressed into and then rubbed them.   Her stomach pressed out toward Aaron as her back arched in the experience from her chest.  
    Continuing, Megan continuously rammed Aaron’s penis into her miniature vagina.  The mushroomed head inside her stretched and pushed at the vaginal tubing within, forcing near organs to relocate and stretch themselves.   Megan’s little body was building up and coming close to climax.   She was trying with every muscle in her body to hold it back until she could get Aaron to cum inside of her.   In return, Aaron could feel the muscles inside of her tensing and twisting in attempt to hold back her impending orgasm.   It was killing Aaron; it only magnified the stimulation on his penis and in his mind seeing her squeezing her little face together to hold something so strong back all the while moaning and groaning in amazingly powerful pleasure.
    Between the moans and the shower, neither Megan nor Aaron heard the loud click from the bathroom doorknob.   Carly opened the door, dropping the hanger she had just used to unlock the door, to the floor.   Silently she walked in, hoping only to catch and surprise Megan masturbating in the shower to ask her where Aaron was.
    Aaron’s eye lids began flickering as his eyes glossed over in the heat of the moment just before he began ejaculating.   Megan caught on and let herself go.

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        Carly popped open the shower curtain and stared down at the two naked bodies below her react from the simultaneous orgasms.   Megan’s vaginal muscles squeezed Aaron’s penis for all it was worth as her hips gyrated into his pelvis.   Aaron’s cum shot throughout her small pink tubing up into her womb.   Megan’s breathing became sporadic and untimely as her orgasmic juices spasmed out of her organ down Aaron’s shaft.   Aaron’s eyes shot back into focus seeing the shower curtain drawn.   He stared, attempting to cover the facial reactions to his ejaculating inside the little sister of the girl staring at him.
    Megan, still feeling Aaron’s cum splash into her womb, but his moving halted, opened her eyes.   Looking to Aaron’s face, then shooting her eyes to where he was looking, she could do nothing but finish pulsing her little girl cum down her vagina over the penis belonging to the ‘boyfriend’ of the girl now staring at her.
    Carly turned around and walked out of the bathroom as fast as she could, storming into her room, and slammed the door behind her.

    Again, this was a little different setup from the others, so please leave your feedback on if you like it or not and of course about the content as well.   Contact me personally at hanes_el@yahoo. com and/or leave a comment here on the site.

    ----- End --