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----- 4 --
Aaron stormed out of Carly’s room, marching into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.   Carly laid facing the ceiling on her bed, tears welling in her eyes.   She laid for several minutes feeling her warm tears run down the sides of her face into her hair.   Hearing her younger thirteen year old sister moan in pleasure behind the bathroom door stung into her heart as her face swelled and she flipped her body over, covering her head with her pillow.   Between sniffing the runny liquid back into her nose and shifting her face to a new dry spot on the bed, Carly thought to herself what she could possibly be doing wrong.   How did her sister gain so easy access to Aaron’s affection but she couldn’t.  
Carly opened the door and walked into the bathroom wiping the remaining tears from her face onto her sleeves.   She looked down into the bathtub meeting Megan’s eyes as she laid on top of Aaron, unable to move a muscle.   Her reproductive organ still latching onto Aaron’s shrinking shaft, she laid being held tight to Aaron’s body by his warm tone arms.
“Can we talk?” asked Carly now looking into Aaron’s embarrassed face.
“Just let me put her in bed,” replied Aaron feeling an overwhelming power of guilt, embarrassment, and shame.   Carly walked out of the bathroom and went to wait in her bedroom.
Aaron, recovering from his sexual high, but still under the carefree influence of the drug, looked down to Megan.   He moved his hands and lifted her body from his softening penis and propped her up facing him.   Looking down to her tiny vagina now resting on his waist just below the water, he apologized for molesting her, and even more, for having sex with her.   Thinking through his sexual high, he began to remember that he didn’t even take notice to steeling her virginity.

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    Holding her nimble naked body on top of his he pleaded for forgiveness for taking her virginity.  
Megan, wanting so much to rest, began realizing what she had just did and pushed herself into consciousness to explain herself.   Not wanting to reveal the fact that she had practically raped him twice before, she maneuvered her words, telling him that it was entirely her fault and that she set the whole situation up so she could give herself up to the person she wanted to most.  
She hadn’t lied yet, given that she had decided all of that after actually giving herself to him the real first time.   After the first night with him, she decided that her first time was best to have been  with Aaron and no one else.   Megan pulled herself to Aaron’s face and whispered to him that it was what she wanted because he was the strongest and most honorable guy she knew and she trusted him with everything.  
“And I’ll never let you regret what I tricked you into doing to me, because I know that you liked it as much as me,” she said quietly into his ear before moving her mouth to suck on Aaron’s bottom lip.   She moved back up and rubbed her naked shoulder to her cheek and said with pouty lips, “Can you carry me to bed now; you did take a lot out of me. ”  Smirking, Aaron lifted her hips above the water and watched as his cum began oozing out of her tiny stretched slit.   Megan looked down and started rubbing the cum over her vaginal lips and said with a big smile, “I guess you put a lot in me too. ”
Aaron stood her small body up and pulled himself up next to her.   He stepped out of the tub and pulled a towel over himself and dried his body off.   He put his hand in the bathwater, lifted Megan out, and began rubbing his cum from her vagina.   She protested, saying that she wanted it there, but Aaron said she had to be clean to go to bed.  
“Fine,” she pouted and squeezed the muscles between her legs trying to hold the cum inside her in.

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    Aaron wiped her vagina clean, pulled her from the water and dried her slender body off.   Aaron then pulled her body up into his arms with her shoulders, up, and her knees, down, hanging outside with her torso and butt hanging down between his arms.   Megan, tired of holding her muscles, let loose with a sigh.   She looked down to see Aaron’s cum pump out of her vagina, smearing between her legs.  
Aaron looked down as well, seeing her attention drawn there and told her he would wipe it up when he put her in bed.
“No, it’s mine,” Megan cried, “you have more, let me play with this, please,” she begged.   Aaron seeing her so interested in it gave in and set her on the light pink comforter covering her bed.   Megan quickly wiped her hand over her vagina, careful not to get any on her sheets as well as to keep Aaron away from it.   Aaron turned to leave the room but Megan moaned to him.  He turned around and looked to see her reason.
“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” she asked.   Aaron walked back to her and leaned over her, pressing his lips to her small mouth.   Megan moved her free hand over his head to keep him there but Aaron took one of his hands and rubbed his thumb and middle finger over her nipples.   She began involuntarily loosing grip, as her tiny pink nipples shivered in a sharp tingling sensation, and he pulled his head away leaving her teased and alone.   He walked from the room hearing her moans of disappointment and desperation.

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Aaron moved into his room, threw some clothes on, walked into Carly’s room and seated himself next to the distressed girl on her bed.   Carly’s mind was filled with questions and she didn’t know where to start.   A silent pause filled the room.
“I’m sorry,” Aaron broke.
“Why?” Carly questioned him, slightly startled by what he said.
“You yelled at me, I did something wrong.   You were kissing me and I didn’t know what to do.   I didn’t want to hurt you or loose you, so I let you lead, but I did something wrong, and you got mad,” he answered.  
Carly’s mind instantly cleared.   She wanted to apologize to him, not the other way around, now she just managed to get him to fear doing anything with her.   She wanted to run from him and just cry by herself but knew that would only confuse and scare him away more.  
“You’re under the effects of that drug,” she pushed out, feeling the mucus in the back of her throat muffle her voice.   “I thought you were just letting me use you because you felt you had no choice,” she cried, staring at the mosaic pattern on the floor through her tears.   “Why do you make my sister feel so good but me so bad,” she spit out, trying not to cough.
Aaron sat silently on the bed thinking.

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    “Because I love you,” he said softly, leaving a short silent pause and continued, “and love hurts, I‘ve heard. ”
Tears flooded Carly’s face as she moved to push her eyes into Aaron’s chest.   Aaron gripped her body into his.   After about two minutes, Aaron rubbed the back of his index finger up Carly’s face stopping at her forehead.   He used his finger to push her face out of his shirt and into the air where he could look into it.   Carly stared up to Aaron’s face not even able to see it through her tearing eyes.   Aaron moved his head towards her and pushed his lips into hers.   The strong taste of salt ran throughout Aaron’s mouth as a tear rolled off Carly’s lips into his own.   Aaron shifted Carly above him and laid back onto her bed.   Carly sniffed every other second trying to hold the liquids in her nose with an overwhelming number of her tears fell onto Aaron’s face as she laid on top of him with her mouth so close to his.  
“Take me away, take me into your dreams where you always look so happy as I hold you, and make me yours; you’ll always be mine,” she cried into his face.   “I wanted my first time to be special, but I don’t think I’ll be able to beat this moment,” she said between sniffing her nose and dropping her tears onto Aaron’s face as she stared down into his eyes.  
“I’m at your mercy,” Aaron replied pointing out that she was on top.
Carly tried rolling off and pulling Aaron over.   “I want you to do it, I trust you, and I don’t want it any other way,” she pleaded.

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Aaron moved with her shifting body and rolled over putting her below him.   He then pulled his body back to his legs above her knees and looked down at her; one year younger than him at only 15, her body was small for her age, but Aaron thought her mind was far too big for her age.   He put his hand to her waist and began pulling her miniskirt and cotton panties down in one slow movement.   Glancing to Carly’s nervous but highly enthusiastic face for approval, he continued, pulling them under his own legs and past her ankles to let them drop to the floor.   Aaron stared at her body, her tiny perky breast lying on themselves under her taut  t-shirt, her belly lying parallel to the mattress below her, her naked thin, tanned legs just below his own body, and of course, her perky bulge locked in the crevice of her legs.
Aaron slowly removed his shirt and leaned down pushing his head close to Carly’s vagina.   He moved his warm arms up Carly’s sides caressing the skin ever so lightly with his fingers as his open thumbs slowly drug her shirt up her body.   As Aaron moved up her body removing her shirt, he glided his chest softly over her bulge to feel it increasing in size along the length of his torso as he stimulated it.   Carly moved her arms over her head and moaned feeling Aaron’s body caress hers as he pulled her shirt from her now naked body.   Being completely naked below Aaron’s towering body dazzled Carly as she felt she was completely at the mercy of him.   Small and helpless, she only thought of how Aaron was going to take her virginity all for himself.  
“Take your pants off,” she begged, wanting to see his naked body as well to set herself more in the mood.  
Aaron unbuttoned his blue jeans and pulled the zipper down.   He pulled them, along with his boxers down to his knees.   He lifted one leg, then the other and maneuvered the last of his clothes off and hovered his naked body over Carly’s.

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Carly stared down between Aaron and herself seeing his penis, erect and ready to take her.

    “Take me,” she told him.  
    Aaron moved his penis to the soaking slit in her vagina and began slowly spreading the never been opened vaginal lips.   Carly gasped for air and put her hands on Aaron’s shoulders causing him to halt.  
    “Drive it all the way into me, all at once,” she stuttered as if chilled.
    “I don’t want to hurt you, I can’t,” Aaron told her.
    “Please,” she begged gripping his shoulders harder, “please… love hurts. ”
    Aaron felt there was no other choice but to obey her.   Carly gripped even tighter onto his shoulders seeing that he was going to listen to her.   Staring hard into her eyes, Aaron drove the entire length of his dick into Carly’s incredibly tight and unsuspecting vagina.  
    Trying not to scream her brains out, Carly, wrenched her fingers into Aaron’s shoulders and tried turning her screams of pain into not as loud moans of pain.  
    Leaving his penis inside her, careful not to move it anymore, Aaron dropped down to Carly and squeezed her body into his, putting his face up to hers and repeatedly told her in short fast spurts that it was ok.   Carly couldn’t keep from crying as the pain from her body’s intruder seared through her hips and stomach.   Aaron kept squeezing her body and began rapidly kissing all around her mouth telling her that it was ok.   Carly’s eyes covered her hair in tears dripping from the sides of her head as she moaned loudly in pain.

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    Kissing and squeezing her for several minutes trying to calm her, Aaron moved his hands to hers, slipped his fingers between her shaking nimble fingers, and squeezed their palms together.   He squeezed her hands and moved them over her head and started kissing her lips with short pecks.   Carly slowly came down from her pain and pleaded to Aaron to continue.
    He slowly pulled the length of his shaft out of her freshly devirginized organ.   Carly moaned from the now overpowering pleasure as she felt the head of his penis rub the opening walls of her vagina and then leave it completely.   Slowly, Aaron moved his dick just barely out of her and then back into her.   Carly felt as the swollen, bloody tube inside of her, reaching between her legs, stretched slowly and then slowly squeezed back like a wave to just before her vaginal opening, then stretched back again as the intruder pushed itself deep inside of her body.  
    “Oh my goodness, this is sooo great,” she exhaled, breathing deeply.   Aaron moved his hand down to the top of her vagina and slipped his thumb over his shaft and felt her vagina as he stretched the tiny opening.   He ran his thumb a little into the slit and rubbed against a little nub he found.   Carly bucked her hips into his as she gasped for air in surprise.
    Seeing the look of eternal bliss on her face at that moment, he moved his thumb back on the nub he just rubbed and began massaging it in small circles.
    Carly cried, almost screaming in sheer pleasure as she couldn’t keep her hips on the bed, lifting them up and then losing control and jerking them up and down into Aaron’s penis.   Her insides squeezed and locked his cock inside of her as they spasmed out of control.  
    Aaron could feel his second cum of the day coming soon and told Carly that he had to pull out.

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        With what little control she had left, she wrapped her legs around his and told him that he wasn’t leaving her until he left something inside of her to replace him.   Aaron pushed his thumb back into her slit while she just started calming down and began rapidly rubbing and flipping the nub.   Carly flung her head onto the pillow closing her eyes as her hips rose higher into the air and her entire body began shaking.   Her inner organs splashed her own cum into Aaron’s  penis while her muscles gripped and sucked his appendage into her.   Aaron couldn’t hold back anymore and his own hips began to buck into her airborne body.   Carly felt as Aaron’s cum shot into her small body.   Carly sucked down air competitively taking as much oxygen into her body as she could as she couldn’t stand the unfounded pleasure pulsing through her body.   She couldn’t control her body temperature either she could feel as her entire body was soaking wet in glistening sweat.   As her hips slowly floated back down to the bed she could feel the tension of Aaron’s penis inside of her holding her back up as it pressed against the meat between her tummy and her vaginal tube.
    She finally came back down pulling Aaron with her.   Aaron laid down on top of her soaking, panting body.  
    “Please sleep with me tonight, I don’t want this to end,” Carly asked sleepily in an almost begging voice.   Aaron, lying atop her, simply replied that he would never let it end, as he moved his arm around her body to hold her as he felt himself falling asleep from the lack of energy left.
    ----- End --

    Hope this one is at least good.   I thougt it to be a bit more boring then the lasts, though I did read it 3 times in the past 3 days trying to get the kinks out, maybe I need an editor.

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        I might just be putting too much storyline into it.   As always, email comments, suggestions, and critism to me at hanes_el@yahoo. com. Thanks for reading.