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Kevin remained silent for a moment, rolling things over in his mind. For the last three weeks, shortly after his sister had gotten back from camp, the three siblings had been taking every chance they got to engage in sweaty, energetic sex. It was Nikki who had initiated it, crawling into Kevin's bed one night despite his better judgment. She had been acting strangely ever since her return. Rubbing her body against his whenever she got the chance, making suggestive comments, and flashing him “accidentally” almost every single day. The first incident happened when they were playing one-on-one basketball in the driveway, two days after she got home. He had been shooting some hoops alone, when Nikki walked out wearing a tight t-shirt over her bra-less, thirteen year old tits. She had a pair of Kevin's gym shorts on, and they were far too large for her tiny frame. He held the ball under his arm and cocked his head, frowning slightly as she stood in front of him, pushing her chest outwards in that way young girls do when their boobies first begin to bloom. “What the hell you wearing my shorts for? And why the hell were you in my room, anyways?”“I wasn’t in your room,” Nikki responded, holding her hands behind her back innocently, “Mom’s doing laundry and all my stuff was in the wash. She just got done with your stuff and said I could wear these if I wanted to go out and play. ”Kevin snorted and began to dribble the ball once more, focusing on the hoop above the garage door. He was trying to get the sight of his sex-pot sisters hardened nipples out of his mind, hoping to all hell he didn’t involuntarily pop some wood. “Whatever,” he replied, raising the ball to make his shot, “just don’t get em all nasty. I gotta wear those things once school starts again. ”“I’m not gonna get ‘em.

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   . . nasty. . . or whatever. I just wanna play ball with you. ”Kevin shot her a disbelieving look. She had never been interested in sports before; although whatever she had been doing at Camp Olive, he reasoned, could possible have changed her mind. “Forget it, Nik Nak, you’re too small to play. Once you hit five feet, maybe David will take ya on. ”The Fifteen year old soon to be high schooler returned his attention to the hoop and pulled back to make the toss. As his arms began to snap the shot, Nikki leapt in front of him and raised her arms up high attempting to block the ball. Kevin was so stunned he pulled back a bit, and Nikki lost her balance, falling forward onto his sweaty chest. Her heaving, cotton clad little tits mashed against him and he swore he could feel her swollen nips poke through her shirt.

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   She shot a hand out to steady herself and grabbed his arm, holding herself close to her hot, jock bro while she breathed deeply, taking in his smell. “Fuckin-A, Nik, get fucking lost! Stop screwing up my game!”The little vixen looked up into his eyes, still pressed against his chest while she felt her cunt get wet. She became slightly amused at the fact that she was going to get these shorts kinda nasty after all, then laughed and slapped the ball out of Kevin hands. Kevin watched it roll down the driveway and stop once it hit the mail box post, nearly making it out into their suburban street. “Nice one, dork!” he spat at her, “Now go fuckin get it, huh?”Nikki reached her hand down and pinched his tight ass playfully, then jumped back and sprinted towards the ball. Her big brother turned and watched her bounce playfully down the drive, thankful that her hot little ass was hidden by the bulky shorts. The feel of her tits just moments ago had caused his dick to stir. He adjusted his semi-rigid cock inside his shorts, wondering how he could hide all eight erect inches if he were to lose his self control, but that concern suddenly became irrelevant as his sister bent down to get the ball. Kevin watched in shock as the over sized shorts came loose and tumbled down her legs, just as she was bent completely over, exposing her very naked ass for the whole neighborhood to see. Time seemed to stop as he took in the sight of her tight butt cheeks which where slightly spread as she grabbed the basketball. He was close enough to clearly see her pink asshole and the light black hair that grew around her tiny cunt. His cock swelled hard and throbbed against his will. He shot looks around, hoping no-one else was nearby. No such luck. His brother David’s best friend, Marty Simms, who lived two houses down, was at that moment peddling past on his bmx bike.

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  Marty had seen everything and he nearly bit the tar as his eyes attempted to shoot straight out his skull. There was little Nikki Thompson, bent over at the waist, with her naked butt on glorious display. He had dreamed of her many times as he had jerked his cock over the last year, wondering what his buddies sister looked like naked, and now he had at least half the answer. He braked to a unsteady halt, frozen at the sight before him in the driveway. Nikki straightened up and placed the ball under one arm, looking straight at the Simms boy, seemingly unaware that anything was wrong. Marty’s cock, which was hard most of the time anyways, jerked in his black Levi’s and spontaneously began to leak as he locked his gaze on the little girls bush, the first real one he had ever seen. After a seconds pause, when she was sure the little brat had gotten a decent peak, Nikki looked down and gasped, doing her best to act surprised. She bent once more and grasped her big brothers shorts, tugging them up around her waist once more. “Why don’t ya take a picture, Farty,” she shouted at her twin brothers friend, “aint ya ever seen a girl’s pussy before?”Both Kevin and Marty were taken aback by the thirteen year olds brazen language and apparent lack of modesty or concern. The two boys looked at each other, Marty still silently in shock and Kevin trying to think of what to say. “Get the hell out of here, Simms,” Kevin shouted out, pushing his rock hard dick downward to try and hide it’s bulge, “David’s not home anyways. And keep your mouth shut about this!”Nikki looked back at her big brother, pleased with his chivalrous concern for her dignity. She smiled at him, then turned and walked his way. He looked over and noticed that what were once slight bumps on the front of her little tits were now much larger and impossible not to see. She looked down from his gaze, smiling wickedly, and could make out the swollen head of his large, thick cock as it poked out the bottom of his left shorts leg.

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   Much to her satisfaction, the piss hole was flared open and a drop of pearly pre-cum dangled from it, then oozed out and dropped onto the blacktop to form a dime sized puddle. If that was just him dripping, she wondered, how much came out when he really shot a load?Marty Simms jumped back onto the seat of his bicycle, turned it around, and went speeding down the street. “I saw Nikki Thompson's cooter!” he shouted repeatedly as he rode away, causing Kevin to pick up a rock to chuck at him, but he was too quickly out of range. The little tease approached her brother, still staring wantonly at the head of his prick as it jerked and drooled, then handed him the ball. She looked up at him and, noticing his obvious confusion, thought better of taking things any further at the moment. “Ok, Kev,” she remarked casually, “if you don’t wanna play ball with me I guess I’ll just go play with myself. ”Acting surprised at her double entendre she put her hand to her mouth and gasped a little laugh. “Uh, you know what I mean” she added cryptically, then winked at him and headed towards the front door. Once she reached the doormat, without turning around, she quickly pulled her shorts down just below her cheeks, flashing him once more, then ran inside the house. Kevin dropped the ball and buckled at his knees. The sight of her round, perfect little girl caboose had gotten the better of him once and for all. Without even touching his cock it began to spew a hot load down his thigh. Six long jets blasted out, most of it hitting his leg but a great deal squirting directly onto the driveway. His balls churned and pumped out teenage cream all over the place. When it was over, he was a mess as was the ground beneath his feet.

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  How the hell was he gonna get back inside, past their parents, like this, he wondered. Then decided to go through the garage door and grab a rag. He couldn’t care less where the ball had rolled off to. Straightening up to implement his plan he caught a glimpse of the window curtains next to the front door as they fell back into place. It appeared that Nikki had gotten as much of an eyeful as her brother just had received from her. Kevin didn’t know what she was up to, but over the next few days, he would realize much more then he had ever dreamed. After this, Nikki took every chance she had to turn both her brothers on. Once their parents had sent them to bed, she would make a point of walking around the upstairs hallway (which connected the siblings three bedrooms) in her tightest panties and flimsiest t-shirts, giving both Kevin and David provocative little peeks. She took to wearing loose fitting tops and never wore a bra, bending over as the opportunity presented itself to give both boys a good look at her swelling, b-cup boobs. Her shorts were always the tightest ones she owned and her ass was constantly on display. Over a period of about a week, neither brother shot a single load of cum without picturing their little sister as they beat themselves off, and they both came several times a day. Nikki was being such a tramp, the boys thought they would go mad if school didn’t start up soon so they could get some other girls into their dirty little minds. Kevin and Nikki had told David about the Marty Simms incident, and Kev threatened to beat his ass if he saw him around the rest of the summer. Apparently Marty figured this out himself and chose to keep his distance, but with all that was going on lately with ‘Hot Pants Nik’, David couldn’t really see what the problem might be. Then, one night, things finally came to a head.

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   Kevin was lying in bed with his nightstand lamp on, his sheets held up so he could watch as he jerked his rod. He was thinking of his little sister, of course, remembering her naked ass and filling out his mental picture from the numerous glimpses he’d had of her creamy tits. His cock was pouring pre-cum all over his tight stomach and his climax was getting near when he heard a little cough. Snapping down the sheets he looked over at his door. It had opened quietly enough not to attract his attention, and Nikki was standing in the doorway. Her short black hair was pulled up in a tight pony tail and she was wearing one of his junior high football jerseys from last year. “Jesus fuck, Nik! Get out of here, I’m trying to get some sleep!”“With your light on?” she quizzed, “And your. . . well, it didn’t look like you were sleeping. I’ve been watching for awhile, ya know. ”Kevin remained silent, staring at her as she slowly moved forward and climbed atop his bed. He didn’t know what to do, but he did realize, as she lifted her leg to get on top of the mattress, that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. The little brunette sat cross-legged next to him with the jersey pulled up around her waist. He couldn’t see behind her, but there was no doubt in his mind that if David walked by right now, he’d be greeted by her adorable butt cheeks on display.

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  “Nikki, you gotta leave, Right Now. I’m not even kidding, here. You’ve been acting weird since you got back from that fuckin Bible camp and it’s gotta stop, OK?”His sister just smiled and lied down on her side, the jersey now hiked up so her sparse little bush was peeking out from underneath. She licked her lips and looked down at the tent his prick was making beneath the cotton sheets. “You ever have sex before?” she asked, ignoring his attempt at reason. Kevin began to sweat, but his erection gave his real thoughts away. It jerked a bit and a dark little stain began to spread outward from around its swollen tip. He couldn’t answer her, couldn’t think of a single thing to say.
    Realizing that he was now at her mercy, the horny lolita decided to play a little longer. She rolled onto her back and placed her right hand between her thighs, cupping her steamy little cunt. “I have,” she remarked dreamily, “at Camp Olive, just a week ago, right before we left. It was with a boy I barely knew, my friend Traci’s older brother. We were in the woods, me and Traci, looking at this porn magazine. We both got really hot, ya know, rubbing ourselves between our legs, when he came up on us from behind. ”Kevin watched as his sister began to pry open the lips of her dark fringed pussy and tickle her clit with her other hand as she told him the sordid tale.

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      “Nik Nak,” he pleaded, “This is wrong, so fucking wrong. You can’t be. . . be doing that, or telling me this stuff. I’m your brother for Christ's sake. What did they teach you at Jesus camp, anyways?”Nikki closed her eyes and slowly slipped a finger into her dripping pussy hole. She shivered as it sank in all the way, then she began to fuck herself inches away from her nervous, jock stud brother. “I can’t stop, Kev,” she sighed, “it feels so good, playing with myself, having something inside me and making me so hot. I mean, you know. I watched you shoot your load in the driveway the other day, and just a few seconds ago I could tell you were jerking your cock under there. ”Her brother jerked his hips against his will and the wet spot on the sheets grew larger. She opened her eyes and stared right at it, still steadily pumping her underage hole and causing a puddle to form beneath her cheeks. “Anyways,” she continued, “we all got so horny that we started masturbating together, right underneath this tree. Traci and her brother didn’t let it bother them, we all just wanted to feel good.

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       But, I guess, I needed more. I’ve been banging myself since I was ten, ya know, and I wanted to try it out. ”Kevin couldn’t take it anymore. Things had gone so far that all reason or control failed to matter in his mind. His swollen balls had taken over and something had to be done before they exploded from the pressure of his pent up, massive load. He reached down under the sheets and gripped his cock, not jerking off, just squeezing it gently as he watched Nikki masturbate. “It. . . uhhhh, fuck. . . it didn’t last long. ” she went on, her own cum building as she stared at her brothers hand clutching his cock beyond her view. “I told him I didn’t want to lose my cherry, cause.

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       . . ohhhh, uhhh. . . cause that’s probably a sin or something, don’t ya think?”Gripping his erection just below the tip, Kevin was squeezing hard to hold in his jizz, but he finally gave in and turned on his side facing his little sis, still covered by the sheet. “So you didn’t have sex, then?” he groaned as he finally began to rub his shaft. “Oh yah, Kev, do it. Rub you fuckin cock. Ohhhh, god. . . I did have sex, like I told ya. ”Nikki raised her little butt off the bed and slowly drew her finger from her soaking cunt. She brought it down and, after tracing the outer rim, began to sink it in her rosy asshole.


       She stared at her brother as he watched her anal frig and began to beat off with a healthy, solid rhythm. “Ohhhh fuck, Nik, you let him put it in you ass?” He asked, looking into her eyes. The little slut smiled mischievously and reached out with her free hand, lifting the sheet away from his body and exposing his pre-cum pouring dick. They watched each other masturbate as they gave themselves over to their impending orgasms. “It felt so good, Kevin. . . oh fuckfuck, shit. . . that hot cock stuffed up my asshole. . . Oh God, gonna cum, shit. .

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       . It was so hot, so hard, and he. . . ohhhhhhhh, shiiiiiiit. . . he came right up there, shot his load right in my butt. . . ”“Jesus Christ, Nik,” Kevin panted, “I can’t hold it anymore”Her eyes glazed over as she stared at her brother pumping his fat, eight inch dick just inches away from her on the bed. “Do it, big brother, pump your cum! I wanna see your cock squirt. . . OHHHHH, SHIT.

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       . . . shoot it out all over me, Kevin, please! Cum on your little sister, shoot your fucking load!”Neither sibling could hold back any longer. Nikki poured girl goo all over the bed as Kevin pounding his dick and finally let it cream. Hot streams of thick cum squirted out of the tip of his aching pole and splashed across his sisters thighs. A few shots landed directly on her exposed twat and coated the sparse black pubes in a steamy coat of white. A hard blast jetting directly onto the finger she had pumping up her butt. Kevin grunted in lust and his sister muffled her cries as her own cum rocked her mind. She bounced her ass off the bed, taking in the feeling of the warm ropes of sperm her big brother was shooting all over her lower body. She came hard for several seconds while slamming her finger in and out of her tight little shit hole. Finally they both wound down and collapsed in silence while their bodies twitched and began to warm gently in the afterglow. “That was so hot, Kevin,” Nikki spoke first, “don’t ya think? Wasn’t it hot?”But it wasn’t her older brother who responded. Her answer came from her twin brother David who, for the last several minutes, had been standing by the bed. “Unghhhhhh, shit, Nikki.

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       . . ” was all he could say. Both Nikki and Kevin jumped a bit, then the girl flipped over to her other side. Not a foot away from her was her handsome other brother, younger then her by only seven minutes, and he had his pajama bottoms unbuttoned and his cock sticking out. He was jerking off rapidly and couldn’t wait any longer. Nikki’s mouth dropped open, pleasantly surprised that he was nearly as well hung as his older bro. Seven inches of bloated cock meat was clutched in his pumping fist. He looked at her with a pained expression, then climbed up next to her. Before anyone could say a word, his dick began to spew right into Nikki’s open mouth. The first blast took her completely by surprise, but she was still so horny that a mouthful of hot sibling sperm really drove her wild. She grunted with lust and reached a pussy juice soaked hand out to squeeze his teenage balls. Each time she did, another thick white squirt of cum fired between her open lips. Her brother fed her his entire load of jizz, and once his balls were drained, the dark haired slut sat forward and lick his penis clean. After that, the three began to rut like horny rabbits.

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       Fucking and sucking whenever the parents were out of sight. Kevin was the first of the two to get up Nikki’s ass, but David had followed right behind him that very same day. She still had kept her cherry, in theory anyways. Her hymen had been broken years ago by a fancy perfume bottle that she had, but the little butt fucking teen was content to leave any pussy fucking for her future husband and him alone. They still found many ways to have fun, and had worked through dozens of combinations. It had been a wild way to wind the summer down, but in a few more days they’d be back in school. How this would effect their incestuous games, they couldn’t really say. But it did weigh a bit on Kevin's mind. Being twins, Nikki and David seemed to groove on a different plane, like they always had regarding everything. But being the oldest, he was unsure what to think. He felt a need to be the moral authority, to guide them away from things that were wrong. And here he was, sawing his swollen dick in his little sisters ass. He figured once they got back to classes, he’s figure out what to do. Maybe Nikki would get a boyfriend and everything would change. Whatever happened, he figured it could wait until later to be worried about.

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       Right now their was some cum to shoot. Picking up speed once more, he pounded her tight pink shitter and leaned over to rub her swollen tits. David bucked upwards and blew his load all over his twin sisters face. Streams criss-crossed her face and shot into her nose and mouth, causing the girl to sputter and choke. It didn’t really bother her though, as her own climax exploded from within. It seemed centered on her ass hole, where Kevin's cock was pounding, and a brilliant heat overtook her as her cunt juice poured out like a stream all over David's face. Kevin pulled her butt back to slam into his waist as his prick fired and creamed the depths of her teenage ass. He lost count of how many spurts he shot as his mind swam with guilty pleasure. Nikki milked both her brothers dry, using both her mouth and asshole, then flopped her head down and panted with relief. All three were spent and finished fucking for the night. The twins said their goodnights, then climbed out of Kevin's bed and headed for their rooms. He watched them go and shook his head. How could he stop things now?It wasn’t his fault things had gone this way, anyways, he figured. And he didn’t think it was Nikki’s doing either. If things did go wrong in the future, though, he knew who he’d hold responsible.

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      Those damn kids from Camp Olive. Authors Note: For the full story, check out Back Door Summer.



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