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Claire, my older sisterit was dark. midnight. my room which was across from hers was open, but hers was closed. i could see the rim of the door emitting light, she was in there. probably getting changed after her six hour shift. she came back all hot and sweaty, her day must have been quite hard; being her hygenic self the first thingshe would do is take a bath. lukily for me , im home all day, i know the exact time she comes home. now, with a sister two years your senior, D-cup breats and smooth silky legs, who else wouldntplant a camera in both her bedroom and her bathroom. i thought to my self for a moment, what a genius i was. all those nights tring to imagine her while i pleasured myself would finaly come to an end as i could finnally watch her. getting undressed. . . . . slowly drying her sweat off.

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  . . . taking a long, hot bath;-and if i was luky, she might even use the dildo i found in her room. i must have waited for an hour until her light went off and she opened her door so the cool air breezecould circulate through our rooms. her white plum purfume wafted into my room as if inviting me in. i couldnt wait any longer, i needed to get the camera. . . . i slowly sneaked with my socks on to avoid the noise of my bare feet on the tiles into her room. lamp in her room gently flickered, it was too hot to sleep with the blanket so shelayed in her underwear on ontop. if only i could climb in with her and caress her round breasts and kiss hercute red lips; i snapped my self out of her body's seductivenss and went to the windowsil where the camera covertly sat. i removed it from its hiding place and went to her bathroom. her dildo was in the open on thewhite- tiled floor and i quietly congratulated myself as my camera no doubtedly captured her littlesession also.

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  back in my room, both cameras retrieved, i literally ripped off my boxer shorts and threw my vest into the walkway. "YES" i thought as i turned on the camera with her in her room. . . she started off in her room, her cute red and white uniform sticking to her skin form her sweat. her nipples were poking out and the lining of her underwear was visible through her white skirt. she slowly pulled off the red tank top. . . D-cup breasts jiggled as she struggled to pull the top over her face. then, she unlaced her bra. her nipples were erect i i wanted to do was to push my cock and rest it in her deep cleavage. she walked around her room for a while, topless. empting her skirt pockets, she slid it down hersmooth silky legs and then did the same with her underwear. completely naked, she went to her chair and lifted her left leg ofer the chair frame, she stared to finger herself.

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  just barely, the camera picked up her aroused groans. "ohhhh, ohhhhhh. Oh yeah" she gently gasped. while doing this, he other hand opened her third sidedrawer and pulled out the fat, ribbed, black dildo and rammed it into her pussy. "OHH YEA" "OHhH. . . . . . . . . . "that was enough, my dick was erect and i just couldnt resist stroking it at the same time as watching her pleasure herself.

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  i moved my hand up and down my saft at the same time she puched the dildo in and out, starting off slowly,i quickly and violently ran up and down my cock,i could feel the foreskin pulling back and kissingmy penis' head as i moved it up and down which made a great sensation . then finally she let out a discrete moanand withdrew the dildo out,and as if in synchronus, i ejaculated at the same time and all my cum went flying as it dampened my bed sheets. looking a quick glimpse at the clock, i noticed how late it was and how tired i was, so i decided to save the bathvideo for tomorrow. i was so exhillerated after my orgasm that i forgot to put my clothes back on. i layed down in the nude. . . . . little did i know that was was being watched until after i shut my eyes. "you little pervert"! the voice whispered "i saw that camera there, it just turned me on to let someoneelse see my naked body". the voice drew closer. i pretened that i was asleep but kept my ears open. "you pervert". the voice drew nearer"you little pervert".

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   the voice came close, it whispered in my ear. she was behind me i had my skinny broad back facing her, this immediantly turned me on, and just as i knew it, i felt the blood flowing back to my cock as it rose to its 6", 45 degree height.
    still, i was scared so i pretended I was asleep. "look likes ill have to do it then" her sweet voice drew as i felt her hand move over my back and on my cock. "uugh" i groaned and her touch stimulated another ejaculationi opened my eyes, her hand was sticky, covered with my cum. "you naughty boy,I knew it, you are a pervert. . . andi just had a bath"she sead in her seductive voice. i leant up and looked at her. she was totally naked. she was smiling as she moved her sticky handup to her breasts and spread it all over her nipples. "ahhh, so warm. . .

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      so wet". instinct kicked in, an so the primitive caveman that lusts nothing but hot sex took over my mindand as soon as i knew it, i was on top of her, my tonge in her mouth . i looked into her eyes,she was surprised, but then came to and closed them as i kissed her all over, stroking her legs and caressingher soft breasts. i led my hand up her leg and stroked her pussy gently. her arousal came just as quickly"ohhh yea, ohh, please. put it inside"so i put my two fingers inside and moved them in and out, it was getting warmer and wetter,, so i moved to a kneeling position and started poked my cock at the skin of her pussy before slowly sliding it in. i held it therefor a while as i lifted her silky smooth legs and fondled her cute toes with my fingers. moving one leg on my shoulder like in the pornos i used to watch, i ramed my cock in and out. soon enought, both of us were moaning. "oOOOh little brother, fuck me with your cock" she screamed"ohhh big sister, your pussy is so warm and tight" i screamed back. . . . only the camera sitting there on my bed side table could see this in full view, a skinny 18 year old boy going at it with his hot, sexy, older sister. soon enough i could feel the cumm travelling up my vas deferense and was about to withdraw untilmy sister replied:"no, do it inside me"as she leant toward me and hugged me.

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