Niece's Driving Lessons


“Great Uncle Ron, I can hardly wait!” she replied as she moved toward my truck. My truck is a full size Chevy standard pick-up with an 8 foot bed, but it’s an automatic so it’s very easy to drive. I decided we’d hit some of the back country roads where encounters with other vehicles would be few and far between. As I was sitting in my truck buckling up, I watched her as she got in. I could see her long muscular legs, her smooth tanned thighs and just for a second, the swell at the base of her butt, as she slid up into her seat and her cut-offs pushed up. She gave me a devilish sexy smile as she caught me checking her out. “It’s not polite to stare, Uncle Ron?” she chuckled as her eyes drifted to my crotch, looking at my hardening shaft beginning to take shape under my blue jeans. “Sorry Leez, but you look very pretty this morning. You’re going to make some young man very happy one day. ” I responded. “You made me very happy in the shower Uncle Ron. ” She said as she giggled. We both laughed as I pulled out of the driveway onto the roadway. I was serious about teaching her how to drive but she had other thoughts on her mind. It didn’t take me long to realize that as we were about 3 miles from home when she undid her seat belt a slid across the bench seat over next to me. As she sat next to me, the temperature in the truck felt like it went up 20 degrees.

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   I could feel the heat from her body as her leg touched mine, causing my cock to swell and harden even more. My stiff cock ached as it was confined inside my jeans straining to get free. Leeza broke the tense silence as she said in her softest sultry voice, “Uncle Ron, after our driving lesson, can you give me another lesson about sex?”I damn near crashed the truck as my heart pounded just thinking of fucking her again. I wasn’t going to try to have sex with her again unless she initiated the encounter. I thought that once I showed her what sex was like, she’d find a boy her age to experiment with. Needless to say, I was quite happy she wanted to make love again to a man 24 years older than her. Trying hold back my excitement, I replied, “Well we’ll see. I guess that depends on how well you do on your driving lessons first. If your grades are good, maybe you’ll get a reward. ” I said as I rubbed my hard swollen shaft through my jeans. Her eyes widened as she watched my hand stroke my cock. She smiled and she gently replaced my hand with hers. Her small soft hand slowly moved up and down my hard shaft as she snuggled closer to me. I looked over at her young innocent beauty, her nipples swollen, poking through her top as she gently caressed her Uncle’s stiff rod. I couldn’t take anymore or I’d cum in my pants.


  Determined to give her at least some type of a driving lesson, I pulled over and told her to slide behind the wheel. Both our faces were flush red as the sexual tension was getting very hot between us. “Come on Leeza, get behind the wheel and let’s get this driving lesson over with so we can get to more important lessons. ” I laughed. She smiled in agreement. “Ooookay, Uncle Ron. ” She replied with a sweet sexy smile only a young girl could give. We drove around for about a half hour. She was doing great and I was enjoying the view of her legs, pretending I was watching her work the pedals. I was looking at her firm young body as much as watching the road. My cock stayed rock solid as I watched her soft breasts bounce each time we hit a bump in the road. I could see her nipples were still swollen, as I’m sure she was also thinking about her next lesson to come. “Leeza, turn right at the next dirt road. ”“Ok Uncle Ron. ” She said, as she slowed to make the turn.

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  I knew the dirt road went through the woods and ended at an old pond where I’ve done some bass fishing. There is a beautiful grove with soft grass under some large oak trees. The local farmer uses it to gain access to his fields and I was sure we wouldn’t be bothered by anyone. I could see the excitement in Leeza’s eyes as we pulled up to the deserted pond and stopped the truck. We unbuckled our seat belts and she slid over to me. We looked into each other’s eyes as our lips drew close, passionately kissing each other as our hearts pounded in unison with excitement. “Are you ready for your next lesson?” I said softly as we broke away from our long passionate kiss, both breathing heavily. “I’ve been waiting all week for this Uncle Ron. ” as she leaned forward and kissed me again. As we kissed, our tongues danced and twisted together, my right hand cupped her left breast, caressing her nipple through the material of her top and bra. I could feel she had a very thin bra on as it barely held her breast. Her nipple swelled to my touch, as she reached between my legs and rubbed my hard cock as we continued to kiss. We were both panting hard, embraced in a lustful kiss, our mouths feverishly exploring each other while our hands caressed and roamed over each others bodies. As I slid my hand under her tank top, I felt the soft silk of her thin bra, her soft mound of flesh topped with her hard nipple against the palm of my hand as I caressed it. She responded by sliding her hand up under my t-shirt, across my hairy masculine chest and toyed with my nipples much like I was doing to her.

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   She was following my lead, much like a student follows the teacher’s example, in her next lesson on how to make love to a man. It was getting so hot and heavy inside the small cab of my truck. Her top now pushed up as she sat in the middle of the truck, exposing her sexy tits encased inside her thin white-laced silk bra. My hand was now under her bra, caressing her soft breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingertips. As her head rolled back, I lowered my head and mouthed her nipples through the material of her bra. She gasped as she felt the heat of my mouth touch her hardened nipples. “Ooooooohhhhh god, that feels good, Uncle Ron. ” She cooed in a sexy voice. She raised her arms as I helped her take her top off. What a sexy sight she made, her dark tanned skin, dark brown hair, sweet sexy hazel eyes, her tits tucked inside her sheer white laced bra with her long tanned legs and denim blue jean cut-offs. I could see the pale white mounds of flesh inside her sheer bra, her dark swollen nipples pushing out trying to get free. My body just trembled with lust for my sexy 18 year old niece, who sat there a pure vision of beauty. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you Uncle Ron! You were always my favorite uncle and then when I heard my mom and ………. . ” she paused, knowing she slipped and started to say something she didn’t want to.

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  Startled, I questioned softly “You heard your mom……. say what?”She knew she was caught, as she replied, “Well, promise not to tell my mom I told you this. ”“I promise Leez, my lips are sealed. ” I said smiling. “I over heard my mom and Aunt Leah talking on the phone. Mom was so excited that she seduced you and she told Aunt Leah everything. ”Completely startled, I said “Everything? And you heard it all?”She acted a little embarrassed and said “I know you had sex with my mom. She described it in detail to Aunt Leah. Mom told her all the juicy details. She said such sexy things, I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mother’s mouth. It got me so hot, I couldn’t help but think about making love to you myself. I wanted all this to happen Uncle Ron!” she said with that sexy little girl grin again that just melts my heart. “I just knew I wanted you to teach me about sex. Mom told Aunt Leah how you touched her in such a special way. I just had to see for myself.

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  ” Leeza said. I suddenly had a shocking realization. All along I thought I was doing the seducing with these two women, when actually they were the ones doing the seducing. How easy women can manipulate a man with a hard cock. I laughed to myself and thought, oh what the fuck. Leeza and her mom Deedee are both very hot pieces of ass so who cares who seduced who. I had the pleasure to fuck both of them. As Leeza sat there naked from the waist up except for the sheer white laced bra, I said in a very loving tone, “I love you too Leez. Are you ready to continue your lesson?”She gave a sly grin and nodded “Oh yea Uncle Ron, I’m ready for whatever you want to teach me!”I looked her in the eyes as I reached over and unbuckled the snap of her cut-offs. She raised her butt slightly as I slowly slid them down those long sexy legs. As I slid down her cut-offs, I traced soft wet kisses down to her knees. She had on matching sheer white lace silk panties. I could see the wisps of pussy hair through the sheer material and a damp spot in the cotton padding of her crotch. God she looked so fucking hot. I had to get her out of the confines of the truck so I opened the door behind me and motioned her to follow.

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   Once out of the truck, I peeled off my t-shirt and just watched as she stepped out and stood before me. I once again took in all her precious young beauty, which was a sexual feast for my eyes. “God Leez, you look hotter every time I look at you. ” As I motioned her to spin around and display her young supple body to me. “Do you like the sexy new undies mom got me?” she said. “More than you’ll ever know Leeza. ”“I wore these today just for you, Uncle Ron. I know how turned on you got from my purple ones when you were watching me that night. ” Leeza said. She was so right. Her standing there in just her sneakers, socks and sheer white-laced panty and bra was like a vision from heaven. The sun was flickering through the trees, glimmering off the surface of the pond behind her and the warm soft breeze exhilarated and energized the feeling of making love in the open air. I embraced her in my arms and again we kissed deeply. I could feel her soft breasts and hard nipples pushing through her silk bra against my chest. I cupped her soft butt cheeks and pulled her, pressing her pussy hard into my solid cock, grinding against her while our lips touched and caressed each other.

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  As we broke our embrace, I undid the front clasp of her bra, letting it open and hang loosely on her shoulders. She slid it off and threw it onto the truck seat behind her. I lowered my head and suckled the nipple of her left breast while cupping her right breast, rolling her hard nipple between my fingers. She moaned with lust and excitement as her uncle gave her pleasures beyond her wildest expectations. “Uuuuuuummmmmmmm yessssssssss, Uncle Ron!” she hissed. I dropped my hand from her right breast, still sucking softly, flicking my tongue across her left nipple. My hand softly crossed her firm flat tummy and stopped at the elastic band of her panties. I slipped one finger under the edge of her panties and ran it softly from side to side, gently teasing her. She moaned again as I dropped my hand further and lightly stroked her hard clit through the thin material of her silk panties. She arched her back and pushed her cunt against my hand, trying to increase the pressure of my touch. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, that feels so good. ” She moaned. I granted her wish as I rubbed her clit harder through the silk material. She gasped and moaned with pleasure as I caressed her love button a little harder. I felt her breathing getting harder as I continued to caress her clit.

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   Her knees were getting weak as her pleasure and excitement continued to build. I let her nipple pop free from my mouth, the cool air touching her nipple still wet from my saliva causing it to harden, “Feels good Leez?”“Ummmmmm, oh god yessssssss Uncle Ron!” she exclaimed. “Well babe, then this will feel even better. ” I said as I dropped to my knees. I slipped my thumbs under the elastic band of her panties and gently slid them down. I traced hot soft kisses across her firm stomach and down her thighs, just above the descending silk panties. I could smell her sweet pussy as her juices were flowing in her excitement. I slowly caressed the full length of each leg, guiding her panties down, until she stepped out of them as I tossed them into the truck. As I looked up, I couldn’t help but admire the complete and beautiful woman she was growing into. Her dark tan, sexy tan lines, pale breasts with hardened dark nipples poking outward, thin wisp of black pussy hairs extending out from her white pubic mound between those luscious long tanned legs. I helped position her on the seat of my truck, spread her legs across my shoulders and kissed trails up to the soft mound of hair between her legs. I felt her hand softly stroking my hair as I lowered my lips to her sweet wet pussy. “Ooohhhh yesssssssssss, eat my pussy again, Uncle Ron!” she hissed, as she knew what was coming next. As my tongue flicked across her clit, she flinched as though she’d been electrically shocked. She moaned softly as my tongue traced light circles around and through the folds of her pussy.


  I flattened my tongue and teasingly ran it softly over her hardened clit. She shuddered to the touch and I felt her thighs squeeze my head like a vise. I increased the tempo and pressure on her swollen clit. I felt her lean back onto the seat of the truck, her head writhing from side to side, moaning softly all the while. My hands were on her hips, caressing her sides and trying to hold her hips still as she began to twitch and buck wildly back and forth. She moaned “Oh yeah that’s it, suck my pussy, oooooohhhhhh god yesssssssss!”She was so close to cumming, I could feel her sexual tension building, hear her moans becoming deeper and harder. I backed off just a little to keep her on the edge, keep her writhing in pleasure for just a little longer. She was beginning to squirm and quiver all over. Finally I clamped her clit between my lips, rolled it from side to side, dropped my right hand and slid two fingers into her hot wet pussy. She exploded in an intense orgasm, shaking and shuddering all over. Her juices flowed from her pussy as she let out a scream of pleasure that she tried to muffle, but was unable to do so. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeeessssssssssss!” she moaned as she climaxed. As she lay there on the seat of my truck, oblivious to anything but the waves of sexual excitement and pleasure traveling through her 18 year old body, I stood up, slipped off my boots and socks, unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans, underwear and all to the ground. I stood there, holding my solid erect seven inch shaft in my hand pondering how to have her first. I don’t recall my cock ever feeling so hard and heavy in my hand in my life.


  Deedee, Leeza’s mom has the most perfect heart shaped ass of a grown woman, but Leeza’s butt is the most perfect young girl ass you could imagine, small tight and firm. I knew I wanted to fuck her first from behind. “Leeza, are you ready for Uncle Ron’s next lesson?”She opened her eyes and her eyes glazed as she saw what was in my hand, “It looks so big Uncle Ron, bigger than in the shower, but I’m ready. ” She said as she sat up. I motioned her to follow me as I grabbed the blanket off the truck seat. I laid the blanket on the soft grass next to the oak tree we parked under and motioned her onto the blanket. “Leeza, first I want you to give me some head, like I’ve shown you how before. ” I said as I laid down on the blanket and she crawled between my legs. It still amused me of her timid young girl actions, but she was a quick learner when it came to sex. Must be her mom’s hot Italian blood running through her veins. She knelt on her knees, between my legs, her soft small hand wrapped around the thick base of my hard shaft as she softly stroked up and down. Leeza looked into my eyes, a devilish grin appeared on her lips as she lowered her head and flicked her tongue around the swollen purple head. She touched the drop of pre-cum with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth. She then glided her mouth down the sides of my rod, cupping and softly caressing my balls with one hand while continuing to stroke my shaft with the other. She was catching on to this fast.

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  “How’s that feel, Uncle Ron?” she said in a soft sexy tone. “Your learning honey. Just a few more lessons and you’ll be a pro. ” I panted as my heart raced with excitement. She seemed excited to hear that as she continued with renewed enthusiasm. She again looked me in the eyes as she opened her mouth, wrapped her soft lips around my cock head and slowly took in a good 3-4 inches of hard cock meat. Leeza slowly worked as much of my shaft in and out of her mouth as she could. She swirled her tongue around as she bobbed her head up and down. I watched this sexy young 18 year old suck cock like a natural, like she’s been doing it for years. “That’s it honey, take as much in your mouth as you can. Keep it in your mouth, that’s it. God that feels good!” I groaned. My cock was so fucking hard, I swear it grew another inch as she sucked it deep and hard. She quickened the pace and within seconds, I shot a huge load into her hot mouth. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fucken A!” I bellowed as I filled my sweet niece’s mouth with my hot seed.


  My cum spilled out from the sides of her mouth as she tried to swallow it. How sexy she looked as my cock slipped out from her lips, across her cheek, leaving a trail of my cum running down her chin. I motioned her up to me as she pressed her naked body on top of mine, sliding her hard nipples up across my chest. I wiped my cum from her face and kissed her soft on the lips. She returned my kiss by slipping her tongue past my lips. I could faintly taste my own cum as we kissed passionately. My cock was now hardening again as we kissed. Leeza felt it growing against her thigh and reached down, lightly stroking it back to a rigid state of throbbing hardness. She positioned my cock so her pussy lips were gliding up and down it’s length as she moved her hips up and down. Her hard clit was pressing up against my shaft as she moved back and forth.
    She continued this while we passionately kissed until my cock was rock solid and ready for more action with my sexy 18 year old niece. “Ready for your next lesson, my eager young student Leeza. ” I joked. “Ready teach, what should we try next?” she replied. “Well, lets see, get onto all fours.

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       I want to show you how to do it doggy-style. ”As she positioned herself she said, “How’s this Uncle Ron?”She dropped her shoulders down, propped on her elbows, arched her back and pointed her soft ass straight up in the air. God, that was the sexiest sight I ever saw. The way she rotated her hips exposed her pussy mound, which looked so damn inviting from the rear. Her firm tight butt cheeks, tanned thighs with her sweet cunt between just asking to be fucked. “Fantastic Leez, god your so fucking hot!” I said as I positioned myself behind her, softly grabbing her hips and pointed my hard shaft at the entrance of her tight pussy slit. In one slow deliberate move, my cock penetrated her young tight pussy until her soft butt cheeks touched my thighs. As I entered her, she was looking over her shoulder and I could see the look of pure pleasure on her face as she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. She just groaned as my cock reached its deepest point. “Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!” she groaned. I just couldn’t believe how tight my niece’s young 18 year old pussy felt. Every time we fucked, I thought the same thing. Too bad as she gets older, she’ll probably loose that tight young girl pussy. I laughed to myself as I felt lucky to be fucking her so young. “Ok Leez, we’re going to start slow and then pick-up the pace some.

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       Ready hon. ”“Oh yessssss Uncle Ron, fuck me pleasssssssssssssseee!” she begged. On my knees behind this young tight ass, I held her hips as my swollen shaft was at its deepest point, held there a few seconds then slowly pulled out until it was only held in by the crown of its head by her tight cunt lips. Leeza just moaned with pleasure as I teased her with this slow pace. I picked up the tempo, increasing the speed of my thrusts ever so slightly on each inward thrust. Her pussy was so fucking tight that I could feel her cunt lips putting pressure on the veins in my throbbing cock. I began pulling back harder on her hips, driving my cock deeper inside her young 18 year old pussy. She moaned and panted as she writhed in pure lust. “Uuuuummmmmmmmmmffffffffffff, oh that feels soooooooo gooooooooooooood!” she cried out, barely able to speak as I rocked her body with each hard thrust. I could feel her butt cheeks beginning to slap against my thighs as I slammed my hard shaft harder and deeper in her young pussy on each inward thrust. My cock was becoming a piston, ramming into her, harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster until I felt myself beginning to reach orgasm. I immediately slowed the pace to a point where my hard cock was barely moving. She could barely take the teasing sensations as her ass began to shake and tremble with sexual lust and desire. I started to again increase the pace but this time I moved up a little higher to change the angle of my penetration. As I did, I held her left hip with my left arm and reached around until I found her hard swollen clit.

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      She cried out the second my fingers made contact, “Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddd!”I could feel my shaft, sliding in and out of her tight tunnel. I rubbed her clit from side to side, increasing the rhythm and speed of my thrusts. A few moments later, I felt her pussy tighten like a vice around my cock, her body stiffened as she trembled and shuddered as she experienced her second intense orgasm of the morning. It took absolutely all my will power to not cum with her but I wanted to teach her more. As she relaxed she moved forward, my slippery hard shaft slid out of her dripping wet pussy, she rolled on her side, pressing her legs tightly together and tucked her knees up toward her chest. My niece almost seemed to be purring in pure lustful pleasure as she regained her breath. I just looked at her young supple body, kneeling behind her while I stroked my cock covered with her juices, to keep it firm and rigid. I could see the glistening trail of her liquid on the back of her thigh, just below her tight butt cheeks, from the exit of my wet cock from her well lubricated tight pussy. “Looks like you enjoyed that my lil Leeza. ” I said as I moved next to her on the blanket. I got behind her in the spooning position, my hard shaft nugging between her soft ass cheeks, putting an arm around her and softly caressing her right nipple. She replied softly, “Uncle Ron, that was the best one yet. I nearly blacked out. I came so hard. I felt like I wanted your whole body inside me.

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      ”“We’ll rest a bit before your next lesson. ” I said as she rolled her head, looked into my eyes and gave me the sweet devilish little girl grin again. She didn’t wait long, oh the stamina of a young girl lusting for sexual pleasure. She lifted her leg, reached down and began to slide her fingers up and down my hardening shaft. I continued to stroke her nipple as she rolled her lips towards mine and we softly kissed. I nibbled on her ear as her small soft hand continued to caress my cock. My cock was throbbing hard again, the head pure purple as it filled with blood. I rolled her onto her back, grabbed her legs and put them around my back. “Ready Leeza, we’re going to fuck missionary style, hard and fast. Uncle Ron needs to fill your pussy right now. ” I growled. “Lock your legs around my back and hang on. Drive your hips up in time to meet mine!” I commanded. “Ok Uncle Ron, gooooooooooo aheadddddddddd!” she started just as my cock slipped inside her again. I began to thrust my cock slow and hard into her, grinding hard against her pelvis, working her clit hard back and forth and then pulling out before ramming home again.

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       I increased the speed and force on each inward thrust. Soon we were slamming and grinding our sex together on each stroke. Leeza was learning fast as her hips met mine each time. Her face was contorted with signs of extreme pleasure and excitement. Her eyes closed, mouth open as she panted hard keeping up the pace with my thrusts. She looked so blissfully sexy as I fucked the living daylights out of her. I began feeling that tension in my loins as I neared orgasm. Each stroke, I came closer and closer, pounding her tight young pussy for all my worth. Finally I drove deep into her and ground against her clit hard as I came with such force, I nearly blacked out. Seconds later, her hips began to convulse, buck and shake as she had her third intense orgasm of the day. She dug her fingernails into my back as she shuddered with pleasure. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyessssssssssssssssssssss” she hissed again. I could feel our juices flowing around my shaft as I slowly worked my semi-hard cock in and out of her. She begged me to stop as she couldn’t stand the friction any more, needing to concentrate on the waves of pleasure still flowing from between her legs. I stopped and we just laid there, me on top of her, my arms holding some of my body weight off of her, as we slowly came back to earth from that mind blowing last orgasm.

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       As she opened her eyes, I kissed her softly on the lips and our tongues met again. My cock softening, I rolled off her and laid on my back next to her. We both were looking up at the trees swaying slightly in the warm summer breeze, catching our breath. After several minutes, Leeza rolled onto her side, looked into my eyes and said, “Wow, that was great, Uncle Ron. When do you suppose we could have our next lesson?”“Well young lady, we may just have to take you out driving again tomorrow. What do you think?” I questioned. Leeza responded, “I think I’m going to need a lot of driving lessons, right Uncle Ron?”“That’s right young lady!” I said as we both laughed as we got up, got dressed and headed back home in time for lunch. For the rest of her stay that summer, I took every chance to teach my young sexy niece all about the pleasures a man and woman could have. She completely enjoyed every moment of her uncle’s loving teachings. .



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