Nick, Tina and Kyle


Kyle paused his Xbox game and looked around the living room and wondered where Tina and Nick had gone to. He glanced at the clock above the television. It was almost eight o’clock and he could feel his stomach growling. Mom had said that his older siblings were supposed to be taking care of dinner tonight while she was gone. Maybe Nick went to pick up a pizza or something? Kyle set his controller down on the carpet and stood, stretching his limbs as he did so. He walked around to the kitchen, saw no one was there and then walked toward the back door and peered out the window. Nick’s care was still there. Kyle made his way for the stairs that lead up to the second floor.

He figured Tina would be in her room, most likely talking on the phone or at her computer. Nick was would usually be in the room they shared listening to heavy metal or practicing his guitar. But Kyle didn’t hear any of the tell-tale signs of either sibling as he made his way up the stairs. But he did hear something which made him pause just a few steps from the landing above. It was a rhythmic, squeaking sound, followed by a muffled thud. He wasn’t sure what it was but it reminded him of the sound his bed made when he’d jump on it horsing around with his brother in his room. It sounded like it was coming from Tina’s room. Kyle fleetingly wondered if Nick and Tina were wrestling on her bed the way he and Nick did but that didn’t seem like Tina.



Kyle continued walking, a little softer as he’d become apprehensive for some reason he couldn’t explain to himself. He approached Tina’s door. It was closed. But the sound was definitely coming from behind it as it was a bit louder now. Kyle also thought he could hear harsh breathing and guttural whispers. He put his ear against the door and strained to make sense of what was going on behind it. Doing so, he noticed that his and Nick’s bedroom door was wide open and dark inside. Kyle took his ear away and reached for the handle. It began to turn. After a soft click Kyle pushed the door open slowly and peered inside.

The room was lit only by a small bedside lamp and Kyle’s curious brown eyes detected movement in the corner of the room on top of his sister’s bed. It took him a few seconds to register what it was he was seeing but when he did his mouth opened and an inaudible gasped escaped it. Laying on the bed was Nick and Tina. Nick had his pants off and was on top of his sister. Tina appeared to be naked, her legs spread wide and Nick in between them thrusting back and forth.

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   With each movement the bed springs squeaked and the headboard thumped against the wall. Tina’s hands were clutching the shirt Nick wore, bunching it up in her hands and moaning softly. Her long, skinny legs quivered as Nick pushed himself against her, his dangling balls slapping back and forth as he did so.

Kyle was only thirteen years old but he knew enough to realize what his brother and sister were doing. He felt confused because he also knew you weren’t supposed to do that with your sister but he also felt his penis twitching to life inside his underwear. His hand reflexively groped for his crotch and he rubbed and squeezed the fledgling erection. This wasn’t the first time his sister had caused him to get hard. He’d once caught a glimpse of her breasts when she was changing. That night he’d dreamed about it and woke up in the morning laying in a small, sticky puddle and his little, shriveled dick was coated with dried white flakes.

Kyle felt his dick growing beneath his hand as he watched his siblings fuck. He also felt a knot growing in the pit of his stomach, replacing the pangs of hunger he’d felt only moments before. He thought to himself that he should just turn away, that he shouldn’t be watching this and if they caught him he’d be in trouble. But he felt compelled to stand still and watch just as he felt compelled to rub his hard on.

“Uh, I’m coming, baby, I’m cumming!” Kyle heard Nick say breathlessly.

“No! Not yet, Nick!” Tina pleaded.

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   “Let me get on top. ”Nick stopped thrusting and pulled away from Tina. Kyle’s eyes popped open as he saw Nick’s member sliding out of his sister. Two thoughts fought for supremacy in his racing brain: he’d just seen his first, real life pussy and he wondered if his own dick was going to get as big as Nick’s was. Tina’s vagina looked too small to accommodate it.

Nick flopped onto his back giving Kyle an unobstructed view of Tina. She was wearing a tank top but the straps were down around her arms exposing her big tits. Kyle doubted he’d be able to palm them. Her nipples were dark and hard and Kyle wondered what it would be like to suckle them. Tina was bare from the waist down and Kyle’s gaze lingered on the spot between her spread legs. He marveled how she had less hair there than he had himself and reasoned that since she was two years older than him she must shave it. He could see a faint glistening between the small, pink folds.

Kyle realized with a start that if he could see Tina’s face than she might be able to see his! He reluctantly raised his gaze from Tina’s crotch to her face. To his relief, her large eyes were fixed downward on the bobbing cock laying in front of her. Her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair was disheveled and strands of it hung limply in her face.

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   Her cheeks were red and her breathing came out in ragged gasps through her slightly open, delicate mouth. Her little pink tongue licked her lips as she leaned forward. Kyle watched in wonder as his sister took Nick’s engorged dickhead into her mouth.

Nick moaned and threw his head back. Luckily his eyes were shut tight or he might’ve seen his brother standing behind the narrow crack in the door watching every second with eager eyes. Tina began to bob her head up and down. She made loud slobbering sounds and Kyle could see drool oozing down the thick shaft of Nick’s cock.

“Goddamn that feels so good, baby,” Nick moaned. “You do that so good.
    ” Kyle wondered what it felt like and vowed that as soon as he got a girlfriend he was going to ask her to do that for him. Tina was running her hands all over Nick’s muscled stomach and Kyle could see it hitching as she struggled to take even more of his length down her throat. Nick was pushing up and down with his hips, slowly fucking Tina’s face.

    Kyle’s own cock began to ache. It was now rock hard and felt like it wanted to explode. He could feel moisture against the tip cooling in his underwear.

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      He looked down at himself and saw it pushing out against his sweat pants as if trying to force its way out so it too could see the spectacle before Kyle. He tugged at his underwear a little, relieving some of the tension. When he looked back up he saw his sister’s big, blue eyes staring straight at him.

    She was still sucking Nick’s prick. She’d had one hand wrapped around the base of it and her cheeks were puffed as she worked the tip in her mouth. But her eyes were looking right at Kyle and it seemed to him as if they were smiling. Kyle didn’t know what to do. He stood still as his dick throbbed, rising up against its constraining prison of fabric. Tina’s deep stare fell toward Kyle’s midsection and they sparkled with realization. Kyle could feel his pulse pounding in both his head and his swollen member. He didn’t think Nick knew he was there as he was still breathing sharply and moaning. Kyle wondered what Tina was going to do. Should he back away? Stay? What?

    Still staring at his bulging crotch, Tina began to tug at Nick’s cock causing Nick to moan louder. “Oh, you’re gonna make me cum! Yeah,” Nick hissed. Tina pulled the purpling head out of her mouth.

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       A string of saliva connected the two for a second. She began to pump it faster with her fist.

    “Cum for me, sweety,” Tina whispered. She was looking at Kyle as she said this, smiling knowingly. Kyle realized she was talking to him. Did she want him to cum? Should he? Kyle knew it would take only a few strokes of his hand to do the trick. Without a second thought he reached down and stuck his fingers inside his waistband. As soon as he felt his naked fingers against his penis his whole body began to shake.

    At that same moment Nick groaned as thick, white semen began to bubble up out of the tiny hole in his dick head. “Oh, there you go, yeah!” Tina cooed approvingly. Kyle’s knees almost buckled as he felt his cock jerk and spasm. Sticky, hot fluid filled the inside of his underwear. Kyle bit back a moan as he looked down and saw the stain spreading on the front of his sweatpants. He grabbed the door jamb with his free hand for support. He looked up and saw still more cum oozing out of Nick’s rod.

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       Tina was grinning at Kyle as she lapped up some of the jizz, her hand still lazily jerking Nick off, coaxing even more sperm out.

    Kyle felt light-headed and weak at the knees. He watched through glazed eyes as Tina sucked at Nick’s wilting dick. She winked at him. He managed a confused smile and withdrew as quietly from the bedroom door as he possibly could. He made for the bathroom across the hall but before he closed the door the sounds of Tina’s faint, musical giggling filled his ears.

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