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I want to share you all a thing that if it is possible to have sex with your close relative it really sends thrills in body specially when with real sister’s. today I am posting my true experience which happened with mesome month ago with my younger sister any girl, women want to contact me on qupid143@rocketmail. com. One day Pinku my sister got final result so she started searching job and on evening when i came she toldme that she had interview for job tomorrow and asked me some questions which can be asked in exam when it finished she came to me wearing a salwar suit and told how was she looking cause she is going to bear same tomorrow. I told her she is looking great but is it possible to bear another dress which can reveal some skin to interviewer. I told her in this competitive time it isreally very hard to get a job or if it can be possible to get one with some Reveal what is the problem she understand and said bhai I have not such clothes and please suggest which kind of clothes should I try, I told her that bear a dress which at least can give glimpse of your cleavage like a shirt with top button open she told she have no shirt and she feels shy. I told her she can try mine she told no bhai I can’t I feel shame cause I didn’t try it ever I told her if you want job you have to do this. I told her if you don’t mind you can try it in front of Me so your shame will be gone she asked why I told her if you are comfortable with your brother you will also be comfortable with others. she agreed and told me to give my shirt I gave her a semi transparent white shirt she took that and went inchanging room when she came she was with all button close I told her what is this shirt is enough long so get rid out of your jeans she murmured something and then said turn back when I she said ok now turn when I saw my sister was standing only in shirt and her milky thigh were in full view she was feeling much Shy her top two buttons were open and it was clearly visible that she was wearing a red color bra and matching panty. she was feeling shy so I told her to feel comfortable she was trying then we started formal conversation after some time I told her that she is really looking sexy and any interviewer cannot reject her she smiled and said bhai I will not comfortable like this in interviewso I told her to remove her shirt she strictly said no but I make her understand that there is no reason ofshame before me but it will help you to feel comfortable tomorrow so she told ok.

Now she started opening her shirt button one by one and here my bulgein pant was increasing while she finished I was only staring her so she told loudly bhai what are you doing I told her yar my sister is a sex bomb how a man can close his eyes by seeing beauty like this. She smiles and said shut up. I told her that she looks really very sexy in this dress and she answered that say I look sweet without dress we both laughed then I said her we should act normal now and we went on bed and started watching TV she came me like some model is coming white color of her skin On red bikini she came near me and laid beside me she told bhai i am feeling very different I hugged her and said same with my sister you looks so beautiful that I can’t imagine ever. For some time we talked normal then I said her by the way what is your size she exclaimed and said why? I replied just want to know she was now teasing me she ran from bed and said ill not say i told her if you will not say ill see and finally she stopped at one place her breast were bouncing and I was going mad when I saw her breast were going up and down with her breath. I went close to her and told tell me what the size is she told no and ran again I again followed her and catch her while catching her I caught her one breast and she stopped I rested my hand there then suddenly she ran and her bra get tearand in my hand she was ware I really felt sorry but she covered her breast with her hands and told see what is the size I was stunned on herstatement cause I was thinking that she will scold me but she was laughing when I checked her size it was 34 written on her bra she giggled hug my dear brother what is my size I smiled back it’s enough to take chance in interview my dear really it not look like u have these two melons she said she was still covering her breast in her hands and bended sitting on couch. I started walking towards her she said no bhai if you will come near meill again go in other room I again make her understand that it is nothing but we are just making away your shy, she said I am not going to take off my all clothes in front of my interviewer nor he is tearing my dress so it is fine till now Iam going to wear my clothes you have already tear my bra or if we arenot going to do anything why are youfeeling horny on this statement I toldher I am not feeling horny then she said see your bulge in your pants I can see it clearly then I told her oh my dear sister don’t be fool let me come and explore you it will help youmake bolder and I catch her while I catch her she struggled and left her melon free wow I left seeing those lovely couple of breast without taking a small lap to my eyes so big so firm well round shape decorated with pink nipple with pink areola and hard nipple on it my sister saw me that I was staring like nothing and said bhai these are your sisters not this is your girlfriend then I came in sense and sad my god pinku

I had never seen such a lovely couplebefore and I am sure will not then my sister said don’t mind I will searchmy bhabhi with breast bigger and firm then this now please stop staring .

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  I smiled and said I want to touch these please she said no then I said please you are also horny she said no then I said your nipples are hard and showing that you are also feeling such feelings like me and I pinched her one nipple, she said ouchand moaned bhai please don’t and I cupped her one breast and hu her she was saying please Bhai this is not preparation you are making me down but I continued kneeling her breast and she started enjoying and stop resisting I fondled her boobs and then she took my lops in her mouth and started kissing I was in ninth heaven and after kissing and fondling her boobs for 15min I lowered my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth I started sucking one nipple she started moaning heavily after some time shetold I have two breast bhai please suck another too I then to hold on second and in between chew her nipple which result her loud moan with pain And pleasure she then told me to stop and took me to bed and said bhai is it right to do such things in this relation so I stop her saying and made her laid on bed and started kissing her from neck I kissed her on each place when I reached at her belly she was closed with her eyes and moaning and saying bhai this is my first time I can’t believe I was waiting for you to take my cherry and when I went down belly and kissed her pussy as started jerk which were filling horny in me

I was kissing her and then I took off her panty in one swing from her leg she feel shy so she covered her pussy in her legs but when I again started kissing her upper thigh she opened her legs to welcome my face I saw my sister pussy neat and clean and was really looking so sweet she was breathing heavily when I tool off my breath on her pussy she catch my head and forced me on her pussy I started licking her pussy actually I never licked pussy and I don’t like it but this time I don’t know what happen I was loving it smell, taste it was salty and her pussy was Completely wet with her virginal juice. I licked each drop of her juice and she was pushing my head and shivering I got to know that she is coming and she felt first orgasm had spread her love juice on all over my face she was now resisting my face but I continued licking her pussy and she again felt another orgasm and this time i left her she was lying on bed and was smiling and shying she opened her eyes and said thank you bhai I never felt orgasm like this and sit up.

Now she started undressing me she was kissing and saying that bhai I never thought that u could do it to me. I was also happy to hearing this from her side she was really looking sweet and sexy in her birth suit she open my shirt and kissed on my neck not kissed bite me here and there then she removed my shirt while sucking my lips and came down and praise my muscular body and kissed on my chest she was nibbling my nipple with her fingers and making round circles she was doing it so good that I was feeling like shivering and my penis in my boxer felt to break if thatwill not release meanwhile she started massaging my penis over my boxer I was feeling really like I am the luckiest person on this world then she went kissing down and nowshe was kissing on my belly portion and she inserted her tongue in my belly I moaned louder and she smiled on me bhai ever you enjoyed like this with your girlfriend I said no and mischievously rubbed her clit and massaged her boobs and she screamed ooohhoooo! Now she gave her two fingers in my boxer elastic and started undressing when she removed my boxer I was inundies she smiled bhai or kitna bada hoga ye janwar kitna bada dikh rahah ye. i said Pinku don’t see it please feel it and let feel me too that how good I feel my penis in my sister hand she smiled and said wait bhai this is my Suhagraat how can I loose my virginity so fast let me enjoy in full and you enjoy what i am doing and started licking my penis over boxer she then inserted her hand in my undies from thigh side and grab my penis I moaned aaahhhhaaa it was really feeling out of world my penis in my sister hand and she was enjoying thisshe smiled hello bhai how is this is feeling I said continue my darling sister it is real heaven continue then she untie my undi and make me full nude my penis was pointing towards ceiling she was wondering on this size and grabbed it and said bhai thisis my first time I saw a mature penis or that’s yours it is really beautiful and by holding my penis she started kissing my crotch area I was feeling mad and I said her to stop but she was in her own world she was kissing my balls and biting nearby penis area and then she came to my penis top and said bhai you are enough strong that you are holding your stamina still and my penis was wet with my pre cum she rubbed my penis head by its pre cum and smelled it which was on her fingers bhai it really feels good smell I said taste it is tasty what had you tasted ever smilingly she insert her finger which was wet with my pre cum in her Mouth and closed her eyes and didn’tutter a single word and lowered her mouth and took my penis head in hermouth she was sucking it like ice cream and I was rubbing her clit and boobs she was also massing my nipples I was feeling so horny that I was feeling coming I told her to stop but she continued and I squeezed her both boobs heavy when I came and I release my load in her mouth she continued sucking my penis till it get limb,When she left my penis she was looking fully satisfied and she was smiling and she came to my mouth and spit some of my cum in my mouth and said bhai taste it is really tasty thing in the world first time in my life I tasted my cum which was salty in taste and we laid next to each other and playing with each other genitals we again started smooching and fondling each other I took her nipple in mouth she again started wet from her pussy so I went to her pussy and started licking she said bhai please not fuck me by your tongue please use your penis instead I smiled and get up she came near me and took my penis in her mouth and start sucking I was again feeling horny and I said her to stop she stopped and I laid her on bed and came in between her legs she was smiling and saying please fuck your sister and make her women from a girl bhai I love you I love your penis bhai you love your sisters pussy I am saying your sister is saying fuck her like anything I want your penis in myvagina please cheer my vagina I put my penis head on opening of her vagina and she guided it and said bhai for what you are waiting?
I am out of control please insert as said I pushed my penis and it inserted half in her pussy she screamed in pain and said bhai please massage me I am feeling painso I started massaging her 34 size boobs I took her nipple in my mouth and started jerking she felt some restthen I again gave a stroke and my penis slipped in her pussy completelyshe only said aaahhhaaa bhai pleasestart fucking I start jerking she was out of pain and was moaning loudly there was only sound of our moans and fucking sound of our penis vagina in the room she was enjoying this in full I was kneeling her like this is my firstand last fuck she was kissing me and saying me bhai you are really hard I am loving you how did you like my pussy I said sister it is heavenly feeling to fuck you I never enjoyed sex like this she smiled and pinched her nails on my hips and said bhai I am your wife from now if you want to marry me I can runaway with you but I need this penis and loudly said my brothers penis whole life I cant share with my bhabhi or any other girl I said ok and meanwhile she catch me hungry and felt first orgasm I wasstill not feeling coming she told me to stop so I didn’t I continued fucking her and she again started pushing her hips to me then we changed our position I sit up on bed and guided her to sit in my lap she did and i pushed my penis in her this was the perfect way I was enjoying her full depth and she was my penis full length she said bhai your penis is touching my tube opening and kissing me like madOne I was coming same time she alsofelt coming she started her hips from down and pinching my nipple and nailing her nails on my back I understand that she is coming I also started my speed and fondling her boobs we were kissing like we want to eat each other then I shoot my load into her pussy she also screamed in loud aaahhhahha bahai ai also screamed ooohhoooo sister I am coming she was biting me on my soldiers I was coming for more than 18 second and she too she was biting me very hard and I was enjoying her I was pushing her down on my penis and she was loving it finally we both fell on the bed her eyes were closed our bed sheet was red due to bleeding and we took each other in arms and slept this is how we wake up in morning and my sister attendedinterview and she got selected and while she came she cheered that my bros penis is lucky for me and I am going have it in my all holes whole life and we again indulge in next round sex. .