Nice Party III


I could not believe it! Of all the times for my daughter to wake up, I was not sure this was one of the best of them. Her friend Sandy naked and recently fucked looked out of the shower at me, and was waiting for me to do something. The silence was shattered by another knock. "Dad are you ok?"
"Ummmm, yes hun just finishing up in the shower. "
"Did you take Sandy home? She isn't out here, and she is not in my room. "
"I'm just finishing my shower too. " Sandy cried out.
I turned to glare at Sandy. Any hope of getting out of this cleanly was gone.
"Sandy are you in there too?" asked Allie.
I had to make a decision and all of the conversation I had with Sandy earlier about my daughter wanting to see me naked ran through my mind. I decided that the best defense would be a good offense and reached for the door. Pulling it open I half held a towel in front of me. There stood my 18 year old daughter staring at me and my towel. She raised her glance over my shoulder to see her best friend getting out of the shower with no towel, and obviously no clothes.
"Hi Al.

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   Geez you sure fell asleep fast. " said Sandy. She was talking to my daughter like it was not a big deal to be standing naked in front of her.
"Your dad and I started talking about stuff, and we decided to do some things with each other. "
"Things?" Allie asked.
"You know stuff that you and me talked about. Kissing and touching, and he even put it in me. . . . . . . I mean fucked me. " Sandy answered.

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Allie looked back at me and down at my towel. I was looking my daughter in the eye. It was too late to say anything but the truth. "It made me feel good to know you wanted to see me undressed babe. Sandy said she wanted to see me that way too so I showed her. "
"What did she say we did?" Allie asked.
"Things that I thought were pretty neat. " I answered.
"You put your thing in her?"
"Yes. It felt so good hun. Are you ok? Do you need to talk to me alone?"
"No. I thought you would be mad at me for talking about you like that. " she answered.
"Never babe. " I let the towel drop and moved to her and gave her a hug.

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   Lifting her chin up I kissed her lips gently. My tongue licked her lips and then the tip of her tongue. I stuck my tongue in her mouth probing her tongue and sucking the tip. She responded by moving closer to me, and her breathing became more rapid. "Practice with Sandy has made you a very good kisser. "
"That was hot dad. "
"Yup it was hun. It sure works for me. " I pointed down to my cock that again was getting very hard. "Touch it Allie if you want. "
I could feel Sandy's hand on my back as she moved closer to watch my daughter and I kiss. Allie reached down and touched the tip of my cock with her finger. It jumped at her touch, and I moaned. Sandy reached over and put her hand over the shaft and started stroking me slowly. I leaned over and kissed her.

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  "That feels nice. "
Sandy and Allie looked at each other and smiled. Sandy continued to stroke slowly. I loved watching her young tits move in rhythm to her stroke. "Can I see your body hun? You are looking at mine. "
Allie looked up at me. She kicked her tennis shoes off. Lifted her shirt over her blonde hair. Tossing the shirt aside she undid her bra. It was killing me to have to wait for her to take it off to see her tits. She slid the bra off her arms and I gasped. Her tits were not as big as Sandys. but they were firm and the dark pink around her nipples faded to light pink as it came to her small nipples. She slid down her pants and panties and threw them to the side. Standing up I could see her pubic hair was light blonde, and not fully in yet.

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   I could see the mounds of her pussy, and I wanted her.
"You are so pretty babe. " I said. I could not take my eyes off her. She blushed and looked down at her friends hand on my cock. "Come here and kiss me again. "
"Ok daddy. " She moved over to me, and this time we went right to the tongues exploring each others mouths. My hands went to her firm breasts, cupping them in my hands. Sandy continued to slowly stroke my straining cock.
"Sandy. Show me how you and Allie kiss. " Sandy took her hand off my cock and moved over to Allie. Their lips touched gently and then more firmly. Soon I could see their tongues moving over each other.

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   I started stroking my cock. "Suck Sandy's tits babe. " I moaned.
The two teen girls broke their kiss. Sandy straightened up as Allies head went to her friends tits. She started on the left one. Sucking it gently. She moved over to the right one and I could see the work done on the left had made it wet. Licking and sucking those nice firm tits was turning me on.

    "Feel good?" I asked Sandy.
    "Oh yeah. She knows how to do it like I want. "
    "Come here Allie I want to check something. " I ordered. She came over to me looking at me stroking my cock.

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       I leaned over so I could slide a finger over her pussy. I was shocked at how wet she was. "You are wet there hun. "
    "She leaks sometimes down there. "Sandy said.
    "I like the sound of that. " I replied.
    My finger rubbed up and down on her pussy. Sandy leaned back against the vanity and I noticed she was rubbing her clit slowly as she watched me finger my daughter. I found Allie's clit and started rubbing in a small light circle. I stopped stroking my cock and leaned over and nibbled on her tits. Taking a finger from my other hand, I slid it into her soaked pussy. Slowly moving the finger in and out I continued rubbing her clit. Sandy was rubbing her clit at a faster pace, and her eyes were half closed. Allie whispered"Faster.

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       Rub it faster. " I sped pace of the finger going in her pussy, and the one rubbing her clit. Allie put her hands on my shoulders. Her hips bucking against my touch. "Uggggh. Yes. Don't stop. "
    I looked over at Sandy who was rubbing so fast her fingers were a blur on her pussy. Her eyes closed. She all of the sudden arched her back, stopped rubbing and gasped. Allie gave my shoulders a hard squeeze and moaned. "Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh. "
    I kept rubbing slowly as she shuddered and collapsed against me. I held her tight and kissed the top of her head as her breathing started to slow down. My cock was in the throes of a raging hard on, and I needed to come.

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       I started stroking as both girls watched. "I want you to taste me as I cum. "
    "Where do you want us?"Allie asked.
    "Sit on the  side of the tub. When I tell you to open your mouths. " I started pumping harder getting more turned on by the thought of cumming on their faces and tongues. "I'm close. Open your mouths. "
    They opened their mouths as I felt the cum explode out the tip of my cock. The first shot hit Sandy on the nose and chin. Allie took the second on her tongue, and the third hit her on the chest. Sandy took a finger and wiped her chin. Sucking her finger she cleaned it off. Allie swallowed what was on her tongue, and leaned over and licked the tip of my cock.
    "That was cool to watch daddy.

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      " she said. Sandy was finishing the last of the cum on her face. I was sure there was more to come with these two.