New years with mom


This is my first story so please comment me on it
My mother has been divorced for 5 years. She is 35, very sexy, 5’7”, Nice legs, breast size 32d’s and the best ass I have ever seen. I’m 18 , 6’ tall , 7 ½ inch penis , With a little extra in the middle. Me and my mom have always been close but one day we became even closer. It was new years and it was just me and her and we had a lot of drinks. We were watching TV for the ball to drop and as soon as it did she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into the most passionate kisses I had ever had in my life. When she was done she said she was sorry and I said its okay and I asked if we could do more and she hesitated but after about a minute or so she started to get undressed. I was about to ask her what she was doing but she told me to undress I obeyed right away.

When I was done we when into another passionate kiss. She started to play with my balls and I got a instant hard on. She pushed me on the couch and leaned down and started to give me a blowjob. She sucked very good I had an orgasm after like 3 minutes. I busted right on her face she enjoyed as she sucked the rest off my rock hard cock. Then I picked her up and placed her on the couch and started to eat her out. After awhile her juices were all over my face. I asked her if I could stick it in her and she said you can do what ever you want.

sweidish harmony 

   I slowly started to stick it in her as she moaned very loudly. I kept pumping it in her and I was about to cum and I was wearing a rubber I told her but she told me not to stop. So once again I obeyed without question. I was pumping then I just started cumming all in my mom I kept pumping in till my dick when soft. That night we must of done it like 5 times. We still do it today.