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I dont know exactly when these fantasies started but i know i have had them for a while. Almost every night when i go to bed i masterbate. i must fantasize about her alot because now when i see her my 6 inch cock gets rock hard. its only bad because it is my own mother.
im 17, 5"8 and 170 pounds. for the most part im in shape but there are times i let go and dont excersize or work out for months and when i dont it starts showing.
my mom is 44, 5"4 and 110 pounds. she used to be fat but since she got seperated she lost around 70 pounds. she has 34d breasts with alittle sag but still looks classically nice, alittle belly flab but enough to still look amazing and a nice round ass. her hair is red and goes down to her shoulders. i have an older sister but she is always out with her boyfriend or at one of her friends cottages.
since my mom never gets out we have nice conversations with me always managing to hide my inceteuous thoughts and rock hard cock.

me and my mom dont get along well, only because she always yells at me whenever she is mad which is alot.
whenever i see my mom get exicted my mind always goes to the times when i would look in my moms rooms door and see a porno on and her fingering herself. i coudnt see her pussy because when she did masturbate it would be under shorts or pants. i would constantly try to have sex with her but i never took it far enough as too clue my mom in on it.

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One early summer saturday, i woke up to the sound of my mom cleaning my room. i watched her as her hips swayed with the vaccum. she then bent down to pick my trashcan up from the floor and i noticed her nice ass. she was wearing short jean shorts with a nice white t shirt. her hair was tied back which made her look more sexy. she was working up a sweat. it must have been 100 degrees out.