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Topic: Nat needs a lift!!This may or may not be true, if it is true, the names aren't!!I got a text while I was working.   "Cud u plz do me a fav? Cud u pick Nat up frm Hockey? Ta, Bev"Bev, my land-lady, and almost Aunt, the person who is like family but isn't really related to you, wanted me to pick up her teenage niece, Natalie, or Nat for short. Natalie, wow, she was gourgous.   Of course with me and Bev being so close, she was totally off limits, but a guy can dream, right?She was an older teen, slender, no. . . athletic.   I mean hell, I was picking her up from Hockey, and she also did football, netball and all sorts.   Blonde, proper blonde.   Tall, with legs to die for.   Legs that you would willingly sacrifice a testicle for.   Her tits were a budding C cup, which suited me fine, they were pert, I loved pert.   Name a man who doesn't love pert!  Her eyes were an engaging blue, and all together, she was an easy 9/10, maybe even a 10.   So yeah, I didn't have a problem with picking her up, it was requested letch time, and I'd be getting brownie points!Anyway, I finished work, and headed over to the hockey practice, and I arrived as they were all heading in from putting the equipment away, she noticed me, I waved, and she figured out I was her lift today.   So I returned to the car and waited for her to shower and change. I was quite surprised when the car door opened moments later, and she hopped in still in her hockey outfit.

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    Got to love a pleated skirt and white tee-shirt combo.   Especially with the glint of hard-effort moistening it in patches.   She plunked her bag down in the foot well and explained that she wanted to get home quick, as the showers there were dire. I thought nothing more of it and off we troddled.   We got to hers, and as I was about to pull up, drop her off and leave, she asked if I could help her out with a couple of things. One was some maths coursework, to which I plea'd as we weren't allowed to help vast amounts, but she wooed my to the idea by promising that it would just be other examples I'd help with to help her get her head around it. The other was something for tea.   She knew how to cook, but not that well, and as she mentioned she was on her own tonight thanks to work functions and slumber partieds, I agreed.   I said I'd get something prepared while she showered, and then we could just throw it in the oven when she brought down her maths stuff. She unlocked the door, popped the alarm in and bounced up the stairs to her room.   I followed behind, one out of respect for the alarm coding, and two, that ass bouncing upstairs was magnificent.   I moved swiftly off towards the kitchen before she reached the top, so as to avoid detection of my letchery, and shouted "What sort of thing did you want to eat, and what have you got?". She informed me, by raised voice, that some chicken had been left to thaw, and that she'd like some chicken wings and carrots, and the like.   I trundled off, and found the said chicken, raided the fridge for carrots and other stuff, and began preparing.   The boiler kicked in, and grumbled about its business of providing that hottie her warm water.

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  As I was turning the oven on to the carrots and other vegitables I heard her scupper into the doorway.   I looked and she had come down in her fluffy bath robe with a towel around her hair.   I went to the drawer to get a wooden spoon and she snuck in between me and the cupboard, her smoking hot body wedged between mine and the hard surface of the kitchen, as she kneeled down and opened the door to find the hair dryer.   As she ferked about in the cupboard, I didn't move, jesting that I was just making life difficult for her, when in fact I was lapping the moment up like a letcherous thug. She eventually found it and retreated back to the dining room, and kicked the machine into a whir and dried her golden locks.   I stired the carrots, and then left them, and stood in the doorway admiring the way her hands so expertly manipulated the machinery and her hair.   In what seemed like moments, the whir clicked off, and she looked at me with a smile and said "What?", I replied "Nothing, where's this maths then?", and she pulled a grumpy look, which returned to a smile to match mine.   "Let me put this away first and sort myself out. . . " she mummbled as she squeezed past me, and returned the hairdryer, and then squeezed past a second time to go dress. I was loving it, secretly, I hoped. When she came back down, I was moving things off the table to set up our tutorial, and she plunked the books down to get my attension, and as I looked up sharpish, due to the slight fright of a bang, I saw a dissapointed face.   It was only then that I noticed that this sassy-stanced madam was stood, hands on hips, one knee bent, in a pair of hot-pant jeans, long white patterned socks up to her knees and a cropped fitted white tee shirt, with her hair in pigtails one either side of her head. My dropped jaw managed to mutter "You're not seriously going to wear that get up are you?!"She coyly retorted "Well, I can take it off if you'd like.

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  . . " while looping her thumbs under the tee shirt and flinging it off to reveal her pert C cup breasts standing there clad in a sting top bikini. I think I began to drool, as she steped closer to me, the man made of mush, the man incapable of doing anything due to sensory overload, and stood inches away, and with heavy breath husked into my gaping mouth said "Is this any better" ending her sentance not with a question mark, but a kiss to my lower lip. I was shocked.   So shocked I came out of one shock into another, and this time was able to mutter something. "Yes, no, I mean. . . You're Bev's niece. . . I'm too old. . .

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  this is. . . ""Real. "  She replied. "You're not related to me, and we've both got something the other wants. "  She continued. She elaborated "I've caught you looking at me before, I'm just amazed you haven't caught my blantant stares before now. "I stood there silent.   I began to speak "But Nat, the age difference. . . " she silenced me, and the only reason my mind could comprehend to not carry on with ". . .


  but I'm legal, on the pill and consenting, where's your issue, or would you rather I put a jumper on??"I unknowingly nodded in the negitive, and silenced the screaming voices in my head with two of her previous statements, ". . . We're not related. . . " and ". . . I'm legal and on the pill. . . ". This was a dream, it had to be.   But she was there, I could feel her breath, hear her heart, sense the warmth of her body.

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    I decided, with those internal voices now silenced that I would carry this on.   My hormones raged, and the bottled lust took over, I gripped her arms, and made our lips meet. As I kissed her my mind raced through all the moral questions I never thought I'd ask myself.   As her lips engaged my bottom lip, and her teeth gently nibbled away, I found my mind being over ridden by the pure lust of my loins, and suddenly non of the all important moral questions seemed important in the slightest. Both our lips found each other, and with a mild pressure the pair of lust full lips opened gently with my tounge slowly seeking hers.   They found each other and began to readily intwine with passion.   As the kiss broke away, my lips caught her bottom lip and I began to suck and nibble gently on her lip, which thrust her forward in the throws of passion, and again our tounges intertwined. With this second, much more full on kiss, my hands began to roam the gourgous body I had just a few seconds been given full rights to.   One, my left found it's way to the small of her back, while the other hand gently caressed her left breast, the silky feeling of the bikini top matched with my light trace of a touch gently around the orb of her breast. Our embrace broke, and she turned toward the living room, throwing one hand behind her to catch mine, and giving a slimpse over her oposite shoulder, as she led me to the sofa and playfully pushed me into the seat.   She remained stood, and her hands went behind her waist, and within moments the bottom of the bikini top was now dangling down.   Her breasts still remained covered by the fact the neck of the bikini was still tied, as she leant down to me and kissed me.   With my eyes closed, I began caressing her head, and neck, and my gentle fingers found the knot that was denying my full view of those much letched orbs.   I swiftly undid it, thanks to the loop knot, as we remained kissing, and she once again stood towering over me.   Her hand went behind her neck to find that I had already removed the white top that was now lying in my lap.

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    She looked to her bare chest in disbelief, as she hadn't realised I had undone it.   The look of playful shock only upped the lustful feeling taking over my body. She posed for a moment, and then skillfully undid the button of her hot pants, but before removing them beaconed with a finger for me to stand with her.   I stood up, and she kissed me, briefly, and as I was about to engage my tounge again, I found she had stopped kissing me, and had her hands at the bottom of my top.   In a "you've seen me, now I see you" way, she removed my top, and began to pull at my buttonfly jeans.   As she fumbled with my jeans, I kissed her, and found my hands roaming her ass and working forwards to the pre-unbuttoned hot-pants.   I unzipped them and slid my thumbs in the waist line, and ushered them down her thighs slightly.   This now exposed a beautiful set of boy-shorts which clung to her out line.   She wiggled out of them, and I returned to her hands, fummbling so close to the centre of my lustfull being, to help remove my jeans. So there we were.   She was stood, beautiful, naked but for these suberb boy pants, and me stood in my black boxer briefs, obviously excited and ready to shead more. Once again I was playfully pushed into the sofa, and she spun around, looking back at my face over her shoulder, as she strutted a bit, then posed, and bent over.   The boybriefs clung to her shape and I nearly died.   Her ass was indeed perfect, and her legs were so slender and creamy white.   My cock twitched and carried on growing, willing my boxers to fail in the duty of keeping it bound, trying to escape like a mad prisioner against 18 guards.

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    As she was bent over, her hands ran from her ankles all the way up to her hips, where her thumbs then hooked over, and slid the briefs back down those legs.   I got my first view of her gloryous pussy, and my god was it gloryous.   She was trimmed perfectly, and puffy and gourgous.   Her ass cheeks were begging to be touched, and my cock was begging me to touch them, so I extended out a hand, and for a moment they got thier wishes, but then she slapped my hand away and instructed that I wasn't to touch, yet.   There was plenty of time. While I was slightly disapointed, that was washed over by the playfullness and the indication that this wasn't just going to be a quick one off. She grabbed the offending hand, and pulled me up.   I was once again stood face to face with her, inches away, her completely naked and me with just my boxers on.   Another kiss, a loving passionate fueled embrace of tounges, and I felt her hands roam, as I placed mine just above her hips on her hourglass frame.   I felt her fumble for the elastic and then the kiss was stopped and she had slipped my boxers down and ended in a kneeling position with my rock hard cock in her right hand.   It all happened quickly and suddenly, but I was so glad. She eyed up my monster and pushed my thigh back, so I again ended up sitting.   Then her hand re-found my penis and she began to gently run it up and down, letting the skin roll with her loose grip.   She then looked in my eyes and with a devilish grin, and then broke my eye contact and introduced her lips to my head.   She extended out her tounge to my head and made contact.

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    It was like an electric shock through my soul.   It was amazing.   She made contact with some pre-cum and as she grinned up at me, there was a string running from her bottom lip to my cock.   It was all so visual and fantastic.   Then she bobbed her head down and then licked up my shaft, one hand a the bottom of my cock, and the other fumbling with my testicles.   When she reached the head, her mouth opened and then engulfed my cock head, as she slowly sucked down the shaft, her lips meeting her hand. She then returned up to the head, and before letting my manhood free to the atmosphere, she again sucked down my shaft, and then came back up and off my cock.   As she took a breath, she gently wanked my penis while lightly tugging my balls, then she licked up the shaft on both sides, then up the bottom of my penis.   Again she took it into her mouth and bobbed up and down a few times all the while suckling and rolling my cock with her tounge.   I was getting close, and began to breath heavily.   She opened her mouth, took my cock from it, while gently wanking me, looked into my eyes, pre-cum running from my cock to her smiling mouth, and gave me a playful smile and then she stopped. I was so close.   I was at that point where had she carried on a little bit longer, just a moment longer, I would've begun my orgasm cycle.   The point of no-return if you like.   She timed it well.

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    My cock began to swell with anticipation, and my body fuelled fully on lust, and she stopped. Then she sat next to me on the sofa, and her hand roamed directly to her moist puffy lips.   I got the idea, and stood up, placed myself in front of her, and knelt down.   Her hand was rubbing on her clit.   I placed my fingers at the top of her slit, and she retreated her hands up to her breasts, as I began to circle her beautiful pussy.   I traced my fingers around her slit, gently, and then on her labia more firmly, and then deliberatly ignoring her clit I began rubbing the top of her lips in a small gentle circular motion.   As she was showing signs of liking this, I figured it was alright to touch her clit now.   I had avoided it to make sure that it would be erect when I did touch it, also it had droven her a little more wild, she was now arching her back in anticipation, as one finger found its way down the middle of her slit, to get lubricated, and on its way back up to her hood, she exhaled heavily.   I found her bud and began to circle it with varying pressure, and occasionally crossing directly over it. My cock had calmed down, but was still twitching, and still leaking pre-cum. I lent towards her groin and introduced my tounge to her hard clit.   She bucked back into the sofa as I replaced my circling finger with my tounge.   My finger now found its way down her slit, eagerly scouting for her opening.   As I found it, I ran my tounge over her clit with as much pressure as I could and gently curved my finger into her.   She was throughly lubricated now, and my finger slid in with little resistance.


    I continued to tease her bud with my tounge as I drove my finger slowly deeper into her tunnel.   A second finger began to lub itself in her juices, and followed the path of its brother.   This one rested ontop of the other, and met slightly more resistance, but with the now liberal amount of lady lubricant, it found its way home, and as I continued licking my second hand introduced itself to her bud.   Now my exploring fingers were in as far as the knuckle and I began to do the "come hither" motion, as I rubbed and licked her bud. I was becoming a bit tired and dry mouthed, but pressed on regardless.   I stopped licking her long enough to create more saliva.   My fingers worked in and out of her cunt with more dedication as my other hand rubbed her bud vigourously.
      She was bucking and whimpering quite a bit now, and on the reintroduction of my tounge, she pulled my head to hers, my hand slipping from her tunnel, and my fingers loosing her bud as she kissed me with furious passion.   Her nipples were like rocks and her face flushed. With my now raging cock so close to her sopping pussy, I reached down and took hold of my member and lined it up to her slit, while kissing her.   I broke the kiss to check positioning, and she looked down to see my cock inches from her warm cove.   She looked up at me and said "Not here, follow me", as she squirmed throwing me off balance and onto the sofa.   She took off up the stairs towards her room, and I followed, slapping her ass on the way up the stairs.   It was cheesy, but she giggled, and I loved it.   When she got in her room, she threw the covers off her bed, and lied down on her back, only half on it, with her legs at 90 degrees and feet squarely on the floor.

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        I took my position and lined my cock with her cunt. I ran my cock up her slit a few times, the pre-cum mixing with her lubricant as I slowly pressed for the enterance.   I found it, my cock slipping forward ever so slightly.   She winced, and I quickly realised that although my fingers found home, and didn't find a hymen, didn't mean she'd had a real cock before.   Without mentioning it, I slowed my pace, and gently applied pressure and slowly watched my cock dissappear into a moist tight vice grip.   When our pelvises met, I slowly pulled out and watched my cock reappear.   She had her elbows kinked and was watching as fondly as I was.   Slowly I began to pick up the pace, and a few times going too fast causing a wince and a slight back step in speed. Eventually, when her vice grip had settled to more of a REALLY tight grip, we began fucking.   I began to speed up, and she began to buck back, which was fantastic!  I grabbed at a breast as my other hand reached for her head and our lips once again locked as we were pounding into each other.   Our kiss ended, mainly so we could both catch a breath, and I removed myself from pressed up against her hot flesh and stood back at her entrance, still pummeling my cock into her cunny.   As my moment returned I grabbed her legs and began to thrust wildly, she bucked back, and the bed springs aided us both.   I was rushing past the point of no return, and with each thrust I pushed harder into her as if it would be the last thing I would do before I ended existing on Earth. Suddenly my seed rushed from my testies into my cock and flowed freely into her hot bucking vagina.   Spurt after spurt of hot sticky liquid flooded into her, and she again began whimpering and moaning helplessly.

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        I carried on at a reduced rate until I acutally collapsed in a tired lump atop her.   We both were breathing deeply exhausted from our activities. I slid myself out of her, and we both laid on the bed next to each other staring up at the ceiling.   I lent up on one elbow proping my head up, looking at her, looking still at the cieling, with the occasional glances to my loved-up face, as I put my arms wrapped around her frame, and she gently stroked one of my arms with both of her hands. She looked at me, and then the cieling and asked me if I had enjoyed it.   I replied along the lines of "Yes, very much.   You?".   "Yes, actually quite a lot, a few times!" she answered with a coy smile.   I looked at her eyes, still locked on the ceiling, and asked "You planned this all, didn't you?!""Well, not exactly how it happened.   In my version of events I was going to call you and ask for maths help later tonight, but when you turned up to give me a lift it was like fate interviened, and just sped things up. "  She explained. "Wow", I thought, as I just looked longly at her. We just laid there in each others arms for several moments, until she looked at me all goosebumby and mentioned she was cold.   I offered to get our clothes, and she insisted before I did she wanted a hug, and another kiss.   I wrapped my arms around her, held her close and kissed her lips, gently introducing my tounge and licking her lips, as she retorted with her tounge.

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        After a short moment kissing, I departed to collect clothing. I went downstairs and suddenly remembered the cooking, and dashed into the kitchen and caught the pan boiling away, and switched the oven off.   I grabbed a spoon and tested the carrots, they were a little over cooked, but fortunatly not terribly so.   I collected our clothing and returned up stairs. She was stood finding some more appropriate clothes as I filled the doorway with my naked dangling self.   I handed her her clothes, which she put away in respective drawers and then turned to me as I began sorting through my things.   She watched intensly as I got dressed, as if it was something amazing, that no-one ever did. Once I was re-dressed, we went back down stairs, where I dished up and we ate.   All the while with flirty eyes and eager feet.   As it came to washing up time, I started towards the door, when she pled for me to stop the night with her.   I told her I absolutly would love to, but I couldn't.   I was expected home quite awhile ago, and I'd have to explain something to Bev as it was.   She rationalised it, nodded, and kissed me gently on the lips, hugged me and ushered me to the door, clinging on my arm. As I got in my car, I begun to prepare myself for the mock-3rd degree I'd get when I got it.   I wound the windows down to cool myself off and compelled myself.

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        I worked on the lie that I'd agreed to help Nat with understanding some coursework, and then I had gotten a phone call from an old friend, and was asked to the pub for a chit chat.   She'd buy that.   I hoped. I got in, and as I assumed got the mock 3rd degree.   "Where've you been, we've been worried sick!" In her playful conserned manner Bev said as I walked into the house.   I reeled off my line, and she bought it.   I'd convinced her, and it didn't take much. "So, how is he?" she asked. "Who?" I stumbled. "Your friend silly! Who else?""Oh, of course.   Yeah, he's ok, just wanted to catch up and off load some steam really. ""Well, that's friends for you ain't it?" She smirked. I laughed and retreated up the stairs to my room. Later that night I got a text. .


      . "Its a bit lonely ere, if nly sum1 cud keep me company. . .   Ta for the help 2day! Hopefuly dat wnt b the only time, yeah? Nat xXxXx""We'll see" I thought. .