Naked Day Part 2


Trish her Mom and her Dad got to our house at about 9:30am and everything went without a hitch getting the family out of the house
no one even had time to take off a coat. The luggage came in from the cab they had taken from the airport, Dad and my Uncle
got in his car and drove off to the game. Mom and my aunt got in her car and drove off to their day out.
My Mom asked a purely routine "are you sure you don't want to come?"
Trish and I both replied, "No we have our own plans, hang out until Lunch, meet some friends, see a movie"
"Ok well, there is some left over pasta in the fridge, have fun" has moms response and they were out the door.

That left Trish, myself and our plans. We smiled at each other, waited for the car to make the left at the end of the
street, now pretty sure that no one was turning back turned and looked at each other, and then gave each other a
good deep kiss.

"So yeah, Hi!" said Trish
"Yeah, its been way to long" I said "So the place is ours, what's first on our list fo the day"
"Oh I tihnk you know, you don't want to wait and neither do I it would spoil the surprise I have for you anyway. " Trish said with a wiked grin
"Ok, thats what I was hoping you'd say, so ah. . . "
Anticipating my question Trish said "I need a couple minutes, freshen up and stuff, why don't go wait for me in the basement.
I like it down there, no one can see us. "
"Great, can I put away your coat for you?"
"No I'll take care of it I know were it goes" I said kissed Trish again quickly and when to the basement.
A few minutes later I heard Trish coming down the stairs, she came around the corner and into the room
wearing a heavy robe.
"Heh" I said
"Heh" She replied "So I've got a couple of surpises for you actually, your sorta gonna get two of them
at the same time, but I couldn't take off my coat without ruining one of them. .


  . well anyway. . . " Trish
said smiling, and then untied the belt on the robe, pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the

She was now standing in front of me wearing a pink satin bra, and matching bikini panties pretty much
the same outfit I had commented on the last time we had gotten together and seen in a lingerie catalog
at her house. That was a nice surprise, the bigger one was that she now had something to fill that bra.
The last naked day, she had had barely more than puffy nipples, now she was. . . bigger. . . in those days
I had no reference on size, but in the light of expirence I can say it was probably a soild "B" cup
I was looking at. She was also not a bean pole any more, oh she was still tall for sure, but while not
exactly womanly, she was definatley beginning to show some curves.

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"Heh, ah. . . yeah, well those are some nice surprises" I said recovering from realizing I was staring.

Trish smiled, I'd never seen quite that smile before, I realize now that she was actually enjoying being
oggled, and the dumb horny guy look I had on my face.

"I picked it up last week, I remembered you looking at that catalog the last time, thought you'd like
to see it for real"

"Yeah and on you its the best kind of real" I said walking over closer to her. "Thank You" I said as I
gave her a quick brushing kiss on the lips. She pulled me back and gave me a deeper more passionate open
mouthed kiss, tickling my tougue with the tip of hers. I returned the kiss in the same way. Trish and I
stood locked together is this kiss for serveral minutes. As the initial passion of the kiss settled I
found myself exploring her body as we kissed. First my hand down her back, then on to and around her bottom,
finally up the front of her to her bra covered left breast, I could feel her hard nipple under the thin
satin of the bra. We had touched each other before, but it had never been like this and her body had never
reacted in quite this way before to my touch. As we continued to kiss I squeezed harder and my thumb and
finger pinched the hard nipple. Trish pulled away and sighed.

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"I'm sorry did I hurt you?" I asked concerned

"Oh no, no not at all, it felt really good in fact. . . I've been thinking about you doing that
ever since my breasts started growing I've been playing with them and I felt so good, thinking
of you doing it made it even better, and now you doing it. . . ah so good. "

"Cool I like doing it, so good for both of us. " I said with a smile now placing my right hand
on her right breast to give it some equal time. We returned to kissing, and after serveral minutes
Trish started doing some fondling of her own. She reached down and pulled zipper of my pants, undid
the button and then pushed them down. She then reached inside the front of my boxers and pulled
my cock out and started playing with it as we kissed. I was young, it was the first time a girl
had touched my cock like that, yeah I blew my load in about 18 seconds.

"OH, Ah, AH" I groaned as as a blew my first load from being jerked off by another person.

"Feel good" asked Trish

"Um Humm" I said still panting from the pleasure as she continued to play with me as I got soft in
her hand.

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"Guess I did it right saw a girl do it on a porno I downloaded"

"Oh Yeah you, ah, did it right"

We seperated and only now as I was getting senses back did I notice that I had shot my load
all over the front of Trish's panties, her belly and her upper thigh.

"I guess I made a little bit of a mess all over you and those new panties, sorry"

Trish just smiled "eh, no big deal, feels like I made just as big a mess inside the

"What do you mean?"

"When I get ah. . . exicited, well things get a little damp between my legs I've noticed"

"Oh, so thats what it means when a girl gets wet, I've heard something about that. " I said
"Well not as obvious as when I get excited" I continued laughing

"Well not right away anway" Trish said "well unless you can feel or see it"

"Yeah, can't see anything yet, its naked day, and we aren't even naked yet" I said

"We can fix that" said Trish, pulling my pants and boxers further down my legs, I finished by
stepping out of them. Trish then pulled off her panties and reached between her breasts and
started working the clasp on the bra.

"Can you leave the bra on for now, I ah kinda like it" I said

"Sure" said Trish smiling "Looks like we both got a little hairier over the last couple
months" pointing out the mass of black curly hair that surrounded my sack, and the fine
fuzz of reddish hair between her legs. She then took my hand and guided it over to between
her legs, while her other hand she touched me in the same place.

I could now feel both the fine soft hair Trish had grown and the wetness we had just been
talking about. I had touched her before but then she had not had any hair there and the
area had been dry. This was different and much more interesting. I moved my finger around
a little feeling the warm wettness, and slipperiness Trish had there now. Meanwhile Trish's
touching of me had started to make me hard again and she was once again massaging my cock
with her hand. This game me an idea she had jerked me off, I had heard of guys getting girls
off, or girls getting themselves off with fingers inside the girl's cunt, my finger was
already just outside that why not try.

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I moved my middle finger around, Trish had spread her lips for me the last time we were
naked together so I knew sort of what I was lookingb for and where it was, but it still
took me a minute to find it. Once I found it I started slowly circling around her hole
and teasing I was able to slowly work my finger inside until just past the nail, but
then there was a lot of resistance. I kept playing with her like that and over the
next few mintes things loosened up until I was finally able to get most of the
finger in there. I know it was supposed to work like fucking (not that I had done that
at this point but I knew how it was supposed to work) so I started pulling the finger in
and out of her. Trish started breathing heavier, and within a few minutes minutes
she was moaning.

"Oh god, that feels so good, ah I can't stand up any more" Said Trish as she lowered
herself to the floor. Once she was down I put my finger back into her and continued
what I had been doing. She reached down as well and started massaging the top of
her pussy with a finger the moaning and panting got more intense, then she screamed in
one great long note.
    I could feel her inside twitching around my finger until with one
    strong twitch my finger got pushed right out of her.

    After a few minutes her breathing slowed and she sat up.

    "oh that feels so good, I've been trying to get there for weeks but I've never been able
    to get there"

    "Well I'd say your orgasms are way more fun than mine" I said

    We spent the next little while making out and talking about various things. We
    eventually got into exploring each others bodies again and I started squeezing and
    massaging Trishes new breasts. She decided that she wanted get the bra out of the
    way and feel my hand on them for real so she took the bra off. Seeing her
    exicted nipples I wanted to suck and kiss them like I had seen in a porno so
    I started doing that as well. Trish laid down on the floor and I crawled over her
    so I could play with her breasts.

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      She meanwhile reached between my legs and played
    with my cock.

    As we continued to play the head of my cock had gotten to the point where I
    could feel the slick wettness of her pussy touching it. I hadn't until that
    moment thought of actually fucking her, but now I wanted to badly. I reached down
    and used my hand to play around in her pussy as I figured out where it needed
    to be to enter her. I eventually got the the head lined up and pushed into her
    a little. I stopped there not sure if I should proceed. I let myself sit there
    like that as I continued to kiss and suck Trish's breasts for several more minutes.
    She wasn't moving to pull me out, I decided I was going for it. I pulled away from
    her breasts and kissed her deeply on the mouth, as I did so my cock slid inside of

    "Ahhhh" Trish Gasped

    I pulled back out of her and then pushed back in.

    "Ohhhh" Trish Gasped again

    Getting no resistance from Trish to be being fucked, I continued pushing and pulling.
    I was rewarded with a Moan or Grunt each time. I was getting into it now and quickened
    my pace. I was glad that she had gotten me off earlier as I am pretty sure I wouldn't
    have lasted even this long otherwise.

    I was panting and grunting with each stroke now too, and could feel myself about to

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      Trishes moans were building faster and higher like they had when I had gotten
    her off earlier. I made one last hard thrust inside of her and felt myself explode, I
    continued pulling and thrusting. Trish didn't go with me, but a minute later as
    I continued thrusting riding out my hardness, I felt her shift inside and then
    she screamed.


    We continued our fucking until my cock went limp and came out not hard enough to
    go back in again. After that we continued making out and touching until I got hard
    again. We did it again this time with Trish on top riding me to Orgasm, we lasted
    alot longer this time slowly fucking for over an hour until we both screamed in
    pleasure and then colapsed.

    "Wow" I said once I had caught my breath and kissed Trish again, and gave her breast a playful squeeze.
    "Oh,that was definately the best naked day ever", Trish said as we lay on the floor kissing "Let's
    have another one tomorrow"