My younger cousin Ashily part 1


            It was in the middle of a hot summer, and my parents were going to an overnight party, I was going to be home alone for the entire night, and bored as all hell too. . .
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            “Ok Eric, we’re gonna be going to be gone all night, and I left my cell phone number on the fridge incase anything goes wrong. ” Mom said.
            “Ok” I said quietly.
            “What’s wrong son? You sound sad” My dad asked.
            “Well there’s nothing to do here…and I’m gonna be alone all night…can’t I have a friend sleep over or something?”
            “Hmmm…. I guess so…not wild parties though” My mom said jokingly.
            “Thanks mom” I said, and hugged her, then my dad and said goodbye to them and told them to have fun.
            Well I was alone now, after a couple minutes of thinking who should come over, I walked over to the phone, first I called John, he wasn’t home, then I called Anthony, he said he was busy tonight. With a long sigh I thought of who else could come over, I just had a big argument with Mike a couple days ago so I don’t want him over right now, Jeremy is sick, and Jake is grounded.

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            “Well this fucking sucks…no one can come over…oh wait…my cousin Ashily, she could come over, haven’t seen her in a couple years, at that birthday party for my 5 year old nephew. ” I said to myself.
            I called my cousin Ashily, at the fourth ring her mom picked up.
            “Hello?” she said
            “Hey, it’s me Eric, how’s it going?”
            “I’m fine, Eric, you calling for Ashily?”
            “Ok here she is”
            After about 5 seconds, I heard the phone being passed to Ashily.
            “Hello Eric” Ashily said in a sweet voice.
            “Hey Ashily, my parents went out for the night and none of my friends can come over, and its been a couple years since I last saw you, maybe you could come over and spend the night?” I asked my cousin.
            “Hold on, let me as my mom”
            I waited for a few minutes, in the back round I heard Ashily ask her mom if she could come over, she got a ‘no’ from her mother but she persisted, after that it was completely silent for a minute.
            “Eric, I can come over to spend the night, and my mom can drive me right now, if that’s ok with you?” she questioned.
            “That’s great. You can come over anytime you want. ” I said.
            After about 20 minutes of waiting, cleaning up here and there throughout the house to make it look a little less shitty, I heard a knock on the door. I walked quickly over to the door and opened it to see my sweet 18 year old cousin.
            “Hey Eric!” she said as she hugged me and I hugged her back, smelling the sweet perfume on her.


            “Hey Ashily, I missed you so much!”
            “Yah, me too! Its been too long. ” She told me.
            “Yes it has, well I can see you brought no sleeping stuff so you can have my bed for tonight, I’ll sleep on the ground. ”
            “No no no no! I’ll sleep on the ground, it’s your bed anyway. ” she respondided quickly.
            “Ok if you say so, I got a lot of extra pillows, I’ll make a little bed out of those for you to sleep on” I told her.
            “Thanks Eric, I don’t mind sleeping on some pillows. ” She said to me with a smile.
            I guess I should tell you about my cousin, its been a couple years since I’ve seen her, last time she was a cute little girl, now she’s 18 years old and has grown taller, started wearing makeup, and wearing bras to hold up her perky breasts which last time I saw her, she was flat chested, now she has pretty large tits. She had long straight brown hair. And the cutest face in the whole world! I never ever thought sexually towards her at all, but I have always thought she was very cute, but not sexually. “What do you want to do now?” I asked my cousin.
            “Hmm… TV?” she responded.
            “Sure” I said.
            For a couple hours we watched TV, then a movie, then some video games, then as it was about 1 a.

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  m. , we went upstairs to my room to go to bed. I set up the pillow-bed for her and got into my bed.
            “Jeese its hot up here!” She complained.
            “Yah, no air conditioner, right now its 102 F°. ” I said.
            “Holy shit!” She yelled. “That’s hot! I knew it was hot here but jeese. . . didn’t know it was that much!” she said to me.
            “I’m gonna sleep in my boxers like I always do, you can sleep in your underwear if you want, I won’t look…unless you want me to” I said the last part a little jokingly.

            “Hmmm…I’m gonna say no to that. ” She said, half laughing.
            “Ok, also I’ll have the fan turned on us to help a little.

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  ” I told her.
            “That’s good. ” She said while situating her bed under her.
            I turned the fan on medium and aimed it at us, I then got onto the bed right next to my cousin laying down on the ground, watching me. I leaned forward towards the lamp and turned the light off. We stayed awake for about an hour, just talking about stuff, like school after summer, my cousins gymnastics, funny TV shows. I asked her if she is going to my school next year, she didn’t answer, I asked again, still no answer, so I just assumed she was asleep, so I tried to go to asleep too. I lay there for about an hour, just trying to fall sleep, but failing. ‘Maybe a glass of water will help me sleep’ I thought to myself. I turned on the lamp and got out of the bed quietly as to not wake my sleeping cousin. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I stood up on my feet and looked down and saw one of the most arousing sights in my entire life. My cousin was sleeping with the blanket completely off to the side. I couldn’t help but stare at her magnificent body. She had matching pink bra and panties. But her bra wasn’t on, it was off to the side, then I noticed she had no tits what so ever! She was stuffing her bra this whole time! I kinda thought the flat chest was even cuter cause I always liked the young girls, I’m not a pervert or anything but I just had a thing for the young, cute, innocent girls.

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            What I did next shocked me. I actually kneeled down and sniffed her crotch through her cotton pink panties! I decided to take my chance now and began slowly pulling her panties down her legs, I got them to her knees then stopped, as not to wake her. I looked up and saw my very first pussy in real life, being a teenager, I looked up porn a lot on the computer and had learned a lot. I knew about the clitoris, G-Spot, periods, and all that stuff about the girls. I also knew how to have sex, even though I’ve never even touched a girl in my entire life.
            I put my face no more than a centimeter from her hairless pussy, I took a long sniff then used my right thumb and index finger to spread her pussy lips wide open, I then saw her pink pussy folds, this sight made my already throbbing 7 and a half inch cock twitch and begin to hurt because it was so hard.
            I stuck out my tongue and licked her pussy lips then slid it up her folds. The taste was very strange, but a few more licks and I already started to get used to the taste. I saw her tiny little clitoris poking out and decided to flick my tongue across it. After that I got so freaked out, because I felt a hand on the back of my hand pushing me into Ashily’s pussy.
            “Ooooohhhhh!” she moaned.
            “Oh shit!” I said aloud.
            “Eric? That felt so goooood! I’ve never felt anything like that in my life! Please do it again!”
            “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” I asked.

                “Why not? You’ve already gone this far. ”
                “Good point!” I said and began to re-lower my face to her now very wet pussy.

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                “Wait, Eric before you do anything, I want to tell you that I’ve always thought you were hot…ever since I was about 4 years old I wished I could get married to you! I feel so silly saying this… but its completely true, and I know from sex-ed at school that if I had entered puberty that you could get me pregnant, but I never got my period yet. But I’ve been stuffing my bra for about a year now cause some other girls in class were already getting boobs so I didn’t want to miss out, but since I’m not in puberty yet, I don’t think you can make a baby with me. ” My cousin explained.

                “Yah I’ve always thought you were very cute!” and with that I lowered my face to her nearly soaking wet pussy and began licking as fast as I could.

                “Oooooohhhhh ooooooohhhh yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh that’s nice!” she was moaning with each lick.
                ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this with my 18 year old virgin cousin who’s not even in puberty yet! It’s so sick…but at the same time I love it so much.
                After about a minute of licking, switching from licking her clitoris to just her folds I decided to stick my tongue inside of her vagina hole.
                “OHHHHHHHH AGHHHHHHH OH MY GOD!!!!” she was yelling and moaning at the same time with all the pleasure, I guess she’s never even fingered herself before!
                After I jammed my tongue in her hole and she screamed and moaned, I brought my cousin to her very first orgasm in her entire life, she was shaking and screaming and gushing her juices into my face as her hand was holding my head onto her pussy as hard as she possibly could. For a few seconds I couldn’t breath cause the only thing going into my mouth was her sweet warm juices.
                When she calmed down from her first ever orgasm, she let go of my head and I raised up, juices literally dripping from my chin, as I crawled on top of her some of her pussy juices landed on her belly button, then chest, then finally her own chin as I went in to have my first ever kiss. The kiss was very long, first I had my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it and lapped at it with her own tongue and tasted her own pussy juices on my tongue then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I did the same. We both had each others saliva in our mouths, and we both swallowed it at the same time, Ashily swallowing her own pussy juices.
                After the minute long kiss, Ashily told me “Oh Eric that was wonderful, I never had that feeling in my life, that was also my first kiss! It was wonderful, I don’t care that you’re my cousin, I love you as family, and as boy and girl!”
                “It was my first kiss to! And I love you the same as you love me!”
                “Is there anyway I could pleasure you like you did for me?” She asked, not knowing of blow jobs or anything, she was completely innocent, and I loved it!
                “Actually yes there is, for you to give me a blowjob. ” I said to her.
                “Blow…job??? That sounds weird, but if it makes you feel good then I’ll do it, but first you have to teach me how to do it!” she said happily.

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                “I would be happy to teach you!” I said as I started pushing down my boxers.
    Watch out for part 2! Coming soon!