My wife fucks with her dad & our 13yo son.


After hearing about my wife's dream when she told me about in the morning,I promised her that I would call her dad to arrange for her to go down and see him,purely and simply,so that he could fuck her.
Since her divorced dad had been living by himself in his house,with her mom now married to a much younger toyboy,we her dad knew he loved to be nude in his secluded garden,and had sunbathed with her in the nude,just before we got married.
Having witnessed the effect it had on her dad's very hard cock,which was a bit bigger than mine,and thicker aswell,on seeing her shaven cunt & tits,it gave me wonderful thoughts about me seeing him fuck the arse off her beside me,especially after our wedding at some stage,in his own garden on the grass bare arsed.
After dropping her off down at her dad's,only wearing a t-shirt and very,very obscene cut off denim shorts,where the thinnest of narrow strips of material was inside her cunt lips,her dad had a fantastic view of her cunt,as soon as he saw her getting out of the car.
On seeing his eyes light up,I said to her dad,"Here she is dad,fuck the arse off her,you deserve it,for making her in the first place,enjoy her cunt like me".
Our young 13yo son couldn't believe seeing his mom's cunt so wonderfully bulging out like that,as she rushed to french kiss her dad deeply infront our son & I.
It was a good job,I'd closed the large gate behind the car,as her dad couldn't help feeling her arse and tits as he french kissed her deeply,with their wide open mouths,simply glued together.
I told my son to help me,as we both eased her skimpiest of shorts slowly down,then peeled of her t-shirt over her up stretched arms,leaving her totally nude as she returned her mouth glued to her dad.
Our young 13yo son had seen his mom in the nude before,but this was the first time,anything had happened between them,and it turned me on especially.
Now her dad got nude aswell as they kissed,as our son & I,caressed and kissed her body as her dad fondled her all over.

I told our son to enjoying kissing his mom's gorgeous cheeks,and told him to move between his mom& her dad to start to get his tongue to her lovely shaven cunt.
Her dad's now very erect cock couldn't help resting against our son's face cheeks,as it proudly waited for our son to suck & bathe in his mom's gorgeous cunt.
My wife had an enormous orgasm as our sons lips & tongue parted her love petals,and fed on her lovely juices.
I then slowly eased our young son's head to one side,so her dad could ease his wonderful cock inside her there,with our sons eyes,just a mere five or six inches away,as her dad's lovely hard cock,slowly eased it's way,inside my wife.
Her dad hadn't got hit fully inside her,when she had another amazing climax,as she hung on to her dad for life as he fucked her.
Our son crouched between them,getting the most wonderful view of his mom being fucked blind by her dad's very hard proud cock,before he couldn't hold back,and came powerfully inside her.

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We saw them literally cling together like limpets,as they both came together,and glued their mouths together again as they kissed.
I kissed her cheeks as she stay glued to her dad,as they stayed like that for a good five minutes infront of our son & me.
I'd stripped of like our son,with us both wanking like mad as her dad fucked her,but now it was our son's turn as her dad eased her down,to lie on the garage foor,so our son could fuck her aswell.
I quickly got two small cushions from the car,so our son could kneel on them,as he knelt between her wide open legs.
Then he slowly brushed his young cock against her love lips,before he managed to ease it inside her.
Then her dad & I,encouraged him to fuck his mom,to get up a steady rythem as he fucked her,on the bare floor,which my wife loved,being fucked on the bare concrete.
Our son soon came,unsurprisingly,as his excitement overtook him. to end with an amazing scenario down there as we then went inside to all have a quick nap and wind down,before my son and I drove back,leaving my wife to stay with her dad,and with them constantly making love for a week.
On calling her every evening,she excitedly told me everything,about her dad fucking her rigid,both day and night,all over his house,as neither wore any clothing whatsoever for virtually the whole week,as her dad treated her as his loving wife,as they snuggled up to sleep spoonlike every night in the nude.
But what excited me more than anything,was after shaving eachothers cock & cunt,at no time was any protection ever used at all,to heighten the chances of her dad impregnating her for me,which wonderfully,as it turned out,he did.
Four times that summer,I proudly took her down to him,so that with nothing else in mind,she was only down there with to fuck,as her tummy swelled with his lovely baby inside her.
She was just 30yo,with her dad being a very fit 51yo,so to have our lovely 13yo son fucking her at home before and after school every day,was fantastic for me,especially if I was at work,as she bore her dad's lovely little boy,as it turned out,and promised her that as soon as he was big enough,we would get him inside her if we could aswell.
Then when he was about thirteen,we'd get him to fuck her all the time aswell,like our son was doing,whenever he wanted to,even if I was at home to see them,but more exciteing,out in the back yard,if it was pouring down with rain in the nude on the ground,with me standing over them,also in the nude,as they fucked,wanking away like mad,and cumming with tem in the pouring rain as we all got soaked and so excited.
That was a few years ago now,but wonderful to recall those past events.


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