My wife and son.


This is just as it was;
Sat with my wife at breakfast one day,our son, last as usual tumbled into the kitchen and done what he always did,grabbed the back of his mum and hugged her as she buttered some toast. "That for me mum?" - Before she could respond he'd made off with the buttered piece and as always I knew he was heading off to have a piss. Joyce - my wife - smiled as she said, - "Did you see him then?" - "What pinch the first piece?" - "NO! The cheeky young beggar squeezed my tits in that hug!" - "Ah Joyce, he's growing his horns,that's all" - "Yeah,you can say that again,I just felt that and all against my bum" - I smiled - "WHAT?" she asked - "He's becoming a man, that's all. It'll pass in no time" - "NO TIME? Christ Charley,he's groping me,I'm his mother!" - "Alright! Alright! I know,but lets face it they are nice tits you've got dangling there!"

She put her hand across her busom's,smiled, - "Are they that nice do you think? That even my own son wants to have a feel?" - going on - "You know,you can't guess the half of it. He even walks between his bedroom and the bathroom sprouting a wacking great stiffy. . . naked mind! I go all hot,I'm sure he does it on purpose trying to embarrass me" - "I dunno, very hairy don't you reckon for his age!" - "Charley,you're impossible! its almost as tho' you enjoy what I'm telling you" - I was,by now my cock was as hard as a steel rod thinking about our son having dirty thoughts about Joyce. Sticking my head in a noose,my mouth rambled on - "Be careful,maybe he'll try to fuck you before long!" - Joyce dressed only in a wrap came round the table and laughingly attacked me plonking herself between my open thighs and grabbing at my wedding tackle.

"You're disgusting you filthy man" - Trying to recover herself as my fingers slipped inside the wrap only to find a very wet pussy gash. - "Mum! Do you have to be so obvious about love! Let the man alone can't you, he's trying to drink his tea!" - She rounded on our son and made a grab at him, - He in turn took every opportunity to pull her close in. My cock twitched as he blatantly gripped his mothers ass cheeks. - "Stop that,god you're as bad as your dad. Let go of me!" - Our son looked at me, - "God you're lucky dad,mum's got a lovely pair. . .

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  well you know what I mean - Thwak as his mum's hand landed on his thinly clad ass. . . Thwak again. - "Behave you! Or I'll have those boxers off that young ass of yours and really give it a pasting!"

The smutty fun was over and I took my hardened penis off to work. On my return, I was surprised to find Joyce still only dressed in her wrap - I admit it was still morning as I'd only popped in for a couple of hours overtime,but still I'd expected to have found her gone off to the shops on this bright saturday morning. What's more she appeared to be slumbering on the settee with one leg half off the side of it. - "Joyce! Joyce! You asleep in there?" - Nothing; being still randy from earlier I edged onto the settee intent on waking her with a feel.

Putting my hand on her thigh,she purred as she moved slightly more on to her back and let her legs fall open slightly more. - "Not already. Not again!" - Her eyes opened and she slammed her thighs shut clamping my hand between them. - "Charley! Its you! God I thought. . . I thought.

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  . . - I ended her sentence - it was our Kev' - Well yeah. Where did you spring from?" - "Its Saturday,remember?" - "Oh yeah! of course" - I prized her thighs open some - I knew what I was gong too find and I did as she relented and letting her thighs open allowing the wrap to fall away,there before me was a sticky mess of pubes and a somewhat large glob of sperm smearing over her complete vagina slit.

Very calmly, I said, - "I told you he would,where is he now? he is here because you thought it was him back for more. Did it make you cum then? How many times has he had you?" - "Only this time,but don't blame him,it was me I encouraged him!" - "So how many times this morning?" - "Only the once,but he did it a couple of times without getting off.
    Oh god Charley its rediculous,my own son, I did it with him and he made me orgasm over and over again. You'll hate me for admitting this but that cock of his is so hard and fat,I just had to have a try with it!"

    "Joyce! Joyce girl,I realised you would, having felt how wet he'd made you. I'm not annoyed or even jealous, I'm sure that pussy of yours is well able to take care of all his and my needs. That's why I asked where he is. I just want to tell him its okay to have you providing you say he can" - Joyce grabbed and hugged me, - "Charley,I'm so glad you've admitted that, I was sure you wanted me to let him after I felt all that wetness on your cock just now after seeing Kev' play with my ass and squeezing my breasts.

    "Just one catch Joyce! Would you go for three in a bed with him and me?" - "Do you think he might? - "He might just say yes. . . if the horny young swine came in from hiding behind that open door.

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      . . Hey Kev' come in here, - Our son appeared with the broadest grin and hardest cock you could ever imagine - hear what I said, mum's asking if you'd fuck her with me on the bed with you two" - I eased to the end of the settee as I realised our Kev's next move" - "Why on the bed mum - Kevin's body had glided between his mother's thighs and I watched as his stiffness slipped back thro' his own earlier offering of cum and he started pounding again into his mother's slippery vagina.

    That was it,I pulled my cock out and in moments my cum erupted all over my trousers as Kev's ass drove stiffly and hard up Joyces' quim into another orgasm. His mother was humping at him for every drop of cum he could offer her. We all remained still now as our mutual orgasms subsided. "Dad! Charley! Are you going to make us a cuppa or do you want me too?" - In answer to her own question. - "Off now Kevin, let me put the kettle on" - As my wife orientated off of the settee she squeezed a gush of our son's cum from her gaping pussy. It dropped onto the edge of the settee. - "Kev' get some tissue and wipe that cum of yours up before it stains. You'll need to wet the tissue as well!" - Kev disappeared thro' the door leaving just me holding a fist full of my own cum,created by watching our own son's large ball sac being emptied by my own wife's vagina as she took her/our son's oversized penis. For a fleeting moment I felt terrible about it, then the feeling about incest passed from as I looked foreward to having our 'three in a bed'saga! watching another man's penis making Joyce orgasm.