My weekend with Lizzie - Part 3


I picked out 2 large, extra soft towels for Lizzie, and handed them to her and then grabbed my own towels and a couple wash cloths from the corner linen closet. “Mmmmm thanks Uncle Nick, these are really nice. ” She said snuggling the towels to her chest. “If you were any cuter I just might explode. ” I said, staring at her with a smile. “Explode huh? I could help you with that…” She said, her hand grabbing my cock. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to me roughly, making her drop her towels. “You sexy little nympho. ” I said to her as I pulled her into a long wet kiss. She has the tiniest little tongue and French kissing her is such an incredible experience. “I need a shower, some food and a couple of hours before the little guy is ready for more action Princess. ” I said, pushing her away playfully. As that fabulous pout returned to her lips she said, “Oh Uncle Nick. . . I’m sure I could wake him up pretty quick.

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  ” She said, with another grab of my cock. “Plus, I got real hot helping you get off, and my little pussy really needs some attention. ”I could never resist her sexy little pout, and now she had slipped her hand down and began slowly rubbing her clit with her fingers. “I’ll take real good care of you, don’t worry Princess. ” I assured her and gave her a little slap on her luscious ass. She winced almost unnoticeably as I slapped her ass, then opened the shower doors and walked in, me trailing behind her. As I was walking into the shower, I noticed why she had winced. For one, I had slapped her harder than I had planned, my hand print showing slightly on her ass. Also, I noticed the slightest – yet still there – discoloration of small bruises dotting several spots across her ass. They were nothing that would last more than probably just today, but still, they where there. “Oh Lizzie, I guess I got a little carried away spanking you last night. ” I said closing the shower doors behind me. “There are tiny little, light bruises all over your cute ass. ” I said, truly concerned, as I caressed her ass lightly. “Ya I know, I was checking in the mirror earlier.

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   It’s ok, they’ll be gone in no time, and I really enjoyed it. I like being spanked, and that’s the hardest I ever have been. It really turned me on, and I actually squirted a little when I came, I came so hard. Don’t worry Uncle Nick, I really liked it, and hopefully my ass will be a little more bruised before I leave Monday. ” She replied as she turned and shook her little cute ass at me. “Well sweetie, if I ever go too far anytime we do something, you know you can tell me, right?” “Oh of course. I love you Uncle Nick, and want to experience everything with you. ” She said, wrapping her arms around me, and pulling her self close to me. I kissed her on the head and hugged her tightly. When we broke apart, I turned the hot water down to a reasonable temperature, and move the shower head so it landed on Lizzie. “Turn around sweetie, let me soap up your back. ” I told her. She turned around and faced the back wall, allowing the warm water to cascade over her, as she leaned her head back, soaking her long hair. I turned the shower head up a little to a better position, and as she continued to wash her long beautiful hair and rinse it out, I washed mine. Once her hair was washed and conditioned, she rung it out and pulled it together and over her left shoulder to her chest, completely exposing her back.

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   I grabbed some liquid shower soap she had brought with her and squeezed a glob into my hand, warming it before I applied it to her back. I smoothed the lotion all over her shoulders and back, as she reached her hands out to the wall to support her self, her head hanging down, and her legs spreading apart. It was an incredible pose – very submissive and in an almost ‘police search’ stance – she was in and I got an urge to just take her again, but quickly dismissed the idea, and continued to lather up her back. In slow, massaging motions I worked the soap and warm water into a rich foamy lather from the base of her neck, all the way to the top of her ass. When I had finished massaging her – what must be sore – back and shoulder muscles for several nice minutes, I stepped away and let the water hit her fully and rinse away all the foamy lather. “Mmmm… that was a nice back wash Uncle Nick. ” She replied as I rinsed her off thoroughly. “I love it when you call me Uncle Nick. It really turns me on Princess. ” I told her honestly. “I know …” She said, “And I love it when you call me Princess and when we talk dirty to each other. ”I stepped back in front the spray of the shower, blocking most of it, and reached for some of the shower massage gel I use often for my legs after a long run. I squeezed a large glob into my hand and leaned down to pamper that pretty ass of hers. “This is going to warm up nicely as I massage it in, and it will make it feel better. When we get out of the shower I will get some really good massage oil I have and finish your ass and legs.

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   It’s even warmer and it’ll feel almost hot, but will make you feel right as rain when I’m done. ” I told her. “You are sooo wonderful to me Uncle Nick. ” She replied, looking seductively back over her shoulder to me. There was a longing in her eyes much older than her years. “I could stare into those gorgeous blues of yours for ever Princess. ” I said as I leaned down and began to apply the oil to her ass and thighs. Rubbing it in slowly, and shielding the water so it wasn’t being washed away yet. “It’s tingly and warm. ” She said after a few minutes of my massaging. “Ya, it warms up nicely, buy nothing like what I’ll use after. This is just a pre-treatment, meant for the shower. After I rub enough of it in, I’ll turn up the hot water, and put it on a pulsing, massage setting, to rinse it off. The hot massaging water really feels great, I think you’ll enjoy it. ” “Mmm… it feels nice already.

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  ”I continued massaging her ass and thighs, longer than necessary, but it was nice for me as well. When I thought it was thoroughly applied, I adjusted the shower head and stepped out of the water spray, letting it pulse down on her. “Ohh… it does massage. ” She said as the water started hitting her butt and the back of her thighs. I watched her for several minutes, as she swayed her hips so the water hit her just where she wanted it to. It was an exciting display, whether she was intending for it to be or not. Again I wanted to just step over and slam my self into her, but pushed the thoughts away. When the lotion was thoroughly rinsed off her and she had had a few extra minutes of water massage, I changed the shower head back to a steady stream, and turned her around taking her into my arms, letting the water splash over both of us. “I could keep you here forever Princess. ” “I would stay for ever if you wanted me to. ”“That would be quite nice if it was possible, but I don’t think it will be. ”“You never know… I don’t think Pam would really mind all that too much. ” She said, half angrily and half sadly, calling her mom ‘Pam’ instead of Mom. After a few moments of holding each other, I slowly broke away, and grabbed her shower soap, and squeezed a large amount into my hand. Turning to her I rubbed the lotion over her ample chest, working the lotion into a foamy lotion as I playfully massaged her C – which soon would be D within the next year – cup breasts.

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   As I softly tweaked her nipples the smile that had left her face a few moments before returned and she leaned up and gave me a quick peck on the lips. “I’ve never had anyone wash me before. ” She said. “It feels really nice. ”I smoothed the foamy mess – I had applied much more lotion than needed I noticed – down her chest to her stomach and then further down each leg all the way to her ankles. Turning her around I grabbed the bottle and squeezed more soap into my hand, and continued with her back, ass and the back of her legs. As I soaped up her back she reached over and took one of the wash cloths and began a more thorough cleaning of her self. “Wash that dirty pussy of yours good Princess, get it all clean for me. ” I joked. “HEY! If it’s dirty, it’s dirty from you Uncle Nick!” She teased back. I had showered with other women in here before – like I said, it was a key selling point – but this might be the nicest time of all. I couldn’t sum up the feeling, but it was just… extremely sweet and hot at the same time. “There you go sweetie. ” I said as I finished soaping up the back of her body. “Rinse off and when you get out and all dried, go get comfortable on the bed, and I’ll finish your massage.

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  ” I said, then leaned down giving her kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be ready in just a few minutes. ” She said, moving under the shower head and beginning to rinse off the abundance of soap I had lathered her up with. I grabbed a wash cloth and bar of soap and began soaping my own body up as I watched her rinse off. She was simply beautiful. There no two ways about it. All I could do was stare as she pushed her breasts out towards me as she leaned her head back letting the water rinse her hair out one last time. She reached over and grabbed my cock again on her way out of the shower telling me. “You better wash this guy really good, with everywhere that he’s been. ”“Hey, it’s only as dirty as the person it’s put in. ” I said smiling. She gave me one final squeeze, leaned in quickly biting my left nipple hard, and then left the shower. When she was gone I went back to washing my body. I soaped the wash cloth up good, and began washing my – now reawakening – cock. I wrapped my fingers of my right hand around my shaft and slowly pumped up and down as I leaned my head back and let the water bathe my face and neck.

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  It wasn’t long before my cock was fully erect, and I leaned my head back down out of the water spray and watched my hand work my cock, as I put my left hand up against the shower wall to steady my self. I am definitely not gay, nor have I ever had a bi-sexual experience, but the sight of a cock and balls was never a turn off for me, especially fully shaved, like I am. As much as I like watching 2 girls go at it, I’d rather watch 2 girls and a guy go at it. A shaved cock – or a pussy for that matter – is a beautiful thing, and I have always enjoyed masturbation. But I digress…Slowly, I could feel my balls begin to stir, and increased the motion of my hand. I stroked my cock in long, fast, full strokes, from base to tip and back. As I neared climax, I propped my left foot up on the ledge of the shower stall and plunged my left index finger into my ass, as Lizzie had before. I slowly moved my finger in and out in a twisting motion, bringing my climax even closer. “Why hadn’t I ever thought of this before?” I asked my self as I inserted a second finger into my ass. With my index and middle finger slamming in and out of my ass, I leaned my head back and pumped my cock even harder as I shot a thick shot of cum onto the shower wall. A second smaller shot hit the shower knobs, not quite making it to the wall, and a third and last shot dripped onto the shower floor. As I slowly composed my self, I realized the two fingers I had in my ass where now in my mouth as I squeezed a final drop out of my cock. “Damn, that little girl has created a monster. I haven’t cum this many times since college. ” I laughed to myself as I resumed rinsing off.

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  As I stepped out of the shower I noticed Lizzie had already left the bathroom. I toweled off and slipped a terry cloth robe on. I’m not really a robe kind of guy, but a thick terry cloth robe is an easy way to finish drying off, especially all those hard to reach spots. I grabbed a fresh towel and dried my hair – it’s not that long, about shoulder length – but always takes a few minutes. I ran a comb through my mostly dried hair, then applied some deodorant and cologne, and tossed my robe in the laundry hamper as I left the bathroom, and headed to the stairs that led up to my loft. Lizzie apparently had been busy in the – maybe – 18 minutes I was finishing my shower. I have several candles positioned around the bed, some on the large built in headboard, others on the chest of drawers, window sills, etc. and she had lit them all. With it being daylight and there being no curtains on the large loft windows, the candlelight didn’t make the room glow like it would at night, but it was nice all the same, and the scents form the candles filled the room with their heavy sweetness. The nicest part of it all was the bed. She had removed the bedding, and spread out a clean terry cloth robe that she had grabbed from the linen closet in the bathroom. On top which she was lying face down on, her hips angled slightly, exposing just a hit of her beautiful mound. She had twisted her, slightly damp, hair into two long braids. “This is really nice Princess. ” I said as I walked by the bed, and over to the large chest of drawers to get the bottle of massage oil I kept – hid – in the bottom drawer.

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  “Thank you, I am glad you like it. It’d be better if it was dark out, but I just love candles and had to light them. ” “I’m glad you did. ” I said as I returned to the bed, my eyes focused on her beautiful body. I climbed up on the bed, naked, and kneeled down with her legs between mine, sitting on the back of my feet. I ran my hands gently over her ass and thighs, producing some goose bumps and a little murmur from her. “As I massage this in, it’s going to get really warm, and even feel like it’s burning a little. ”“That’s fine, I’m sure it will feel really nice. ”“If it burns too much, I can put some cream on and it will cool right off, just let me know. ”“Don’t worry, Uncle Nick, just put it on good and heavy. I bet the burning feels real good. ”“It does, but just let me know if it’s too much. ” I said as I opened the – penis shaped – massage oil bottle. I tipped the bottle upside down, and let drops of the oil drip down onto her ass and thighs. When I thought I had plenty of oil to work with I closed the bottle and tossed it on the bed beside us.


   I slowly smoothed the oil around until her ass and thighs were evenly covered and glistening. I then started at the top of her ass, both of my hands side by side, and massaged slowly but firmly down her right cheek and then down her right thigh. Then massaging completely back up her right thigh and cheek, before starting down and then up her left side. Comments like “Ohh… it’s really starting to tingle Uncle Nick. ” Quickly turned to “Ohh… Uncle Nick, my ass is so hot!” As I continued massaging up and down, increasing the intensity of my massage as I went. “Oh Uncle Nick, this feels so good, and it’s also really turning me on. ” “Don’t worry, I take care of you as soon as we finish. I haven’t forgotten. ”“Good, my pussy is soaking wet!” She exclaimed as she slid her hand under her, reaching for her pussy. “Now, now, Princess, just lay back and enjoy, and I’ll take care of that later. ” I told her as I grabbed her arm, and pulled it away from her pussy. “Uncle Nick!” She protested. “I am soaking wet, and I need to work my clit… I can’t wait any longer. ” She said, reaching her hand back under her. SMACK! SMACK!I landed a good hard smack on each of her hot cheeks, and then snatched her hand back out from under her, and placed it firmly by her side.

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  “I SAID, PRINCESS…. I will take care of that in a moment. ”“Mmmmmmmmmm…. . ” She playfully wined, shaking her ass at me. Most of the oil I had applied, had absorbed into her skin, and though her skin was still nice and shiny, it was now dry. The slight discoloration of bruises was virtually unnoticeable, and this massage was mostly for our mutual pleasure, as well as maybe a little preventive maintenance since we still had 3 days together. I moved my self so I was now between her legs and slipped my hands up her thighs and ass, and grabbed her lightly around the hips and urged her up on her knees. With her arms and chest flat on the bed, and her ass in the air, I parted her legs further, fully exposing her glistening pussy. I entered her pussy with my tongue from this, slightly awkward, position and lapped at her wet clit. “Oh ya… Uncle Nick. . . lick my clit, lick that clitty Uncle Nick, I wanna cum, make me cum. ” She purred.

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  I leaned in and licked from her clit, back through her pussy, and up to her tight little dark hole. After 4 or 5 of these back and forth motions, I buried my tongue in her ass. “Ohh. . . eat that ass of mine Uncle Nick, ohhh… God!”Back and forth and back and forth I went, clit to ass and back again. She was bucking her hips up with every thrust of my tongue and her hand had found her pussy again. I continued this assault for several minutes, and then roughly turned her over on her back. When she was repositioned, I moved her hand away, and drove two fingers in and out of her pussy, as I pulled on her clit with my lips. “Ohh. . . Ohh… Ohh… Ohh… Ohh…” She repeated in an almost chant. I moved my fingers in and out of her soaked pussy in a twisting motion and continued to lick, nibble and pull on her clit with my tongue and lips. Soon she arched her back and lifted her ass and hips up with her hands under her, pushing her aching pussy up into my mouth as much as she could.

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  “Ohh… I’m gonna cum Uncle Nick; I’m gonna cum real good Uncle Nick. ” She moaned. I slipped a single finger into her ass, and worked it in and out, as I buried my tongue in her pussy ready to lap up her juices as she came hard around my mouth and tongue. She slipped a hand up and worked her clit feverishly as she came. “Ohh. . . Ohh. . . Ohh. . . I’m cuming Uncle Nick, ohh… fuck… I’m cuming…. ” She moaned.

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  I slipped my finger out of her ass, as her orgasm subsided, and continued to lick her luscious pussy. As she relaxed back down on the bed, she ran her fingers back through my hair, pulling me further down into her pussy. “Make me cum again Uncle Nick; make me cum again really hard. ” She demanded. Who was I to say no to such a hot little nymphet? I slowly ran my fingers back in and out of her pussy and licked her gently until she was slowly getting back into it. Soon she was bucking her hips up against my hand and mouth, wanting more. I reached over and grabbed the massage oil bottle. It was shaped like a penis – while the oil worked great on sore muscles and the like, it was meant for a different muscle altogether – and was about 5” long and maybe 2 1/2” around. I licked her pussy a little more getting it even wetter, and slowly inserted the ‘penis’ into her, producing a startled gasp from her lips. “Ohh… what is that Uncle Nick? It doesn’t quite feel like a dildo. ” “The massage oil I used on you is meant for when a guy… umm… wants to enjoy a night by himself. ” I explained. “And it’s shaped like a penis, suggesting what it is used for. ”“Mmm… there must be some oil spilled on the outside of the bottle, cuz my pussy is burning up. ”“Oh, shit! I’m sorry Lizzie, I didn’t even think of that.

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  ” I said, pulling the bottle out of her. “NO! Please put it back in, it feels great, and I am about to cum again. ” She ordered. I slid the ‘penis’ back into her, and flicked my tongue back and forth over her little clit. She was beginning to tense up again, and she was going to cum soon just like she said. Propping my self up on my elbows, I slid the ‘penis’ in and out of her in increasingly fast thrusts, and dipped my head down and buried my tongue back into her ass. “Oh fuck ya. . . God Uncle Nick, I am gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… oh God…” She panted as she bucked her hips up and lost her self in her orgasm. I removed the ‘penis’ and replaced it with my tongue, burying it in her. As her juices flowed I hungrily lapped them up and rubbed her clit with my thumb. After her second orgasm had rocked through her slim body, she laid back on the bed for several minutes with her eyes closed before she spoke. “Oh God,. .

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   Uncle Nick. That was sooo amazing. God, that was so nice. ” She smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m gonna jump back in the shower for a quick rinse before I get dressed. ” I told her as I got up off the bed. “What about YOU, Uncle Nick. I don’t get to make you feel good?” My cock was rock hard again, and sticking straight out at her, demanding attention. I was going to just jump in the shower and clean up, but again, who am I to say no to her?“Well… I suppose…” I said smiling, hoping my cock could take another round. She scooted over the bed towards me and leaning down she took me fully into her mouth all the way to my balls. Slowly she pulled me out of her mouth and back in, her tongue flicking over the bottom side of my cock. She took her mouth off my cock and began licking up and down my shaft, and flicking her tongue over the sensitive head. Running her tongue back down my cock, she started bathing my swollen balls and then softly sucked them into her mouth, one at a time, sending a trickle of precum out the end of my cock and down my shaft. Noticing this, she licked it up and put the head of my cock into her mouth and pumped quickly up and down on my shaft as she stared into my eyes.

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  “Oh Princess…” I moaned. “Oh ya baby, suck me hard, make me cum in your mouth. Fuck… make me blast the inside of your hot fucking mouth. ” She reached in with her other hand and used both to pump my shaft, as she sucked even harder on the head of my cock – her eyes never leaving mine. “Oh, fuck Princess, oh fuck, you nasty little slut. Your Uncle is gonna blow a big fucking load right in your dirty mouth. Oh fuck…” I said as I grabbed the back of her head with both my hands. I slammed my cock all the way in her mouth as she let go of my cock and emptied my load in two thick streams of cum, surprising myself with the intensity of it, so soon after my hand job in the shower. “Eat that cum Princess, eat your Uncle’s cum, you dirty little girl. ” I said as I pumped her mouth. “You dirty cum Princess, fuck, take your Uncle’s big dirty load. Swallow every drop. ” I bellowed as she sucked the last few drops out of me. “Mmmmmm…. .

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   what a wonderful morning we have had so far. ” She said as she licked up the last drop of cum that she was able to squeeze out of my deflating cock. “God damn… Princess. You’ll be the death of me. ” I told her, laughing. “Why?” She replied, trying to sound innocent. “Let’s see… that’s the 5th time I’ve come in . . . what? 18 hours?” I asked her. “5?” She asked, a small smile beginning to light her face. She continued, “I only remember 4. Once by the couch last night, once in bed last night, once when I woke you up this morning, and once just now. Hmmmm… when could you possibly have had the 5th time?” She teased, already knowing my ‘secret’. “Well…” I stammered.

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  “I watched you in the shower, when I came back in for the bath robe. ” She said smiling. “You had some nice finger action going on I noticed. ” She said still smiling. “Hey…” I began. “You’re the one who got me started on that, and after watching you all soaped up in the shower… who could blame me?”We both laughed for a few moments, and then I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “I’m gonna go rinse off, and then get dressed. I am so starved. ” I told her as I got up off the bed. “Ok” She said. “Just don’t abuse my little guy too much, I am gonna need him again… soon. ” She said as she got up and followed me back into the bathroom. **********It’s was almost 1pm by the time we finished eating, and started washing and putting the breakfast dishes away. We had slept, showered and ‘played’ the entire morning away. “So Lizzie, You wanna go for a run with me in a little while?” I asked her, handing her a dish to wipe.

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  “Sure. ” She said, her eyes lighting up. “I brought a real cute running outfit with me. I know you are going to like it. As long as we walk for part of it, you run for way to long. ”We always went for runs when she came down for visits. I usually run 4 or 5 miles a day, 3 to 5 times a week, but when she ran with me, I’d only do a 2 mile circuit that, half way through, lapped around a nice little park that was always full of people when it was nice out. The park was about half way through the circuit, and we would always stop and walk around it, letting Lizzie get her breath, and check out the people. “Ok. ” I said, “But just don’t be so loud when you make fun of people at the park. ” I said laughing. “Hey, 350 pound old men shouldn’t wear Speedos. It’s not my fault he heard me, I tried to be quiet. ” She protested. “Lizzie.


   You laughed out loud, and if I may quote you, said ‘Oh my God! Look at that big fat whale!”“I said no such thing!” She lied, laughing. “Just behave your self. ”“Scouts honor. ” She said, holding up 3 fingers. “3 fingers are for Boy Scouts, I think Girl Scouts hold up 4 fingers. ” I corrected her. “I got kicked out of the Girl Scouts. She replied. “You did?” I asked, honestly interested. I never knew she was in the Scouts. “Ya. The caught me with four fingers up a Brownie. ” She giggled. It was pretty funny, even though I had walked right into one of the oldest jokes in the world. “Four fingers up a brownie, eh?” I asked – a devilish smile on my face.

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  “Ya, I had 2 in each hole. ” She continued. “Actually, I was never in the Scouts, but I do have a few, umm, close girlfriends. ” She said, returning the same devilish grin. “I wouldn’t mind seeing just how close they are. ” I said, handing her another dish. “Maybe I’ll call one of them up and we can have a little party?” She suggested. “Maybe, that might be quite fun. ”“Cool. ” She said, drying off the last dish. Having finished the dishes, she ran off to her room to change and get ready to go for a run. “We probably won’t be leaving for another hour or so. I want to make sure we miss all the noon runners, so the paths aren’t so crowded. ” I told her as she went into her room. When she came out of her bedroom dressed to go running with me, my jawed simply dropped open.

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   She was wearing a tight, little, red tank top. She must have been wearing a pushup sports bra, and the tank top really accentuated her incredible tits. The bottom of the tank top just touched the top of her shorts, exposing her bellybutton – as most girls’ shirts seemed to do lately – when she moved. Her shorts – and my God, were they ever short – were black, and made of the same shiny material as the shorts boxers wear nowadays. They barely covered her ass and I knew they would ride up whenever she walked, let alone ran. I could also see the straps of her red thong just peaking out above the waist strap of her shorts. “You like?” She asked. “Ummm… Ya. I like. A lot. Though I may get arrested if anyone sees you with me. ” I said, only half joking. “Do you want me to change?” She asked, her well worked pout instantly forming on her lips. “No, you’re fine, hell, you’re more than fine actually. You are fucking gorgeous.

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  ” I told her truthfully. “Great, I knew you’d like it. ” She beamed. “Alright, why don’t you watch some TV while I finish cleaning up, and then I’ll change and we’ll head out. ” I told her. “OK” She said and headed to the living room. “She’ll probably give one of the old men at the park a fuckin heart attack with that outfit. ” I thought to my self. “I can’t wait to see you all hot and sweaty in that tight little outfit. ” I hollered out to her as I walked back to sink to finish cleaning up. The End – Part 3~BostonBoybostonboybluez@yahoo. com.



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