My weekend with Lizzie - Part 2


“Ohh. . . Uncle Nick. ” Lizzie moaned as she took my right hand and slid it down her back to her beautiful tight little ass. I grabbed her ass and massaged it roughly through her shorts as I pulled her closer, it felt like heaven. As I switched from her left nipple to her right, I slipped my left hand into the waistband of her shorts and slid them and her cotton panties down her thighs until they too slipped to the floor and she kicked them out of the way. My hands were now free to roam all over her tight naked body, and did they roam. I let go of her right nipple, and kissed her deeply, our tongues battling each other for purchase. My other hand slid around and grabbed her other little ass cheek and squeezed and tightly kneaded her sweet ass. She groaned against my lips and pulled my left hand away and slid it down her flat tummy and onto her sweet, hairless mound. Kissing her even more intensely, I slipped a middle finger into her wetness as I massaged her clit with my thumb and forefinger. “Ohh. . . Uncle Nick.

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  . . harder please. . . harder…” She said pleadingly, bucking her hips against my hand. “Let’s get on the bed honey. ” I said to her as I crawled up further on the bed. “Mmmmm. . . this is just like all my dreams. ” She said as she followed me up onto the bed. “Oh Lizzie, I have dreamed about you so many times as well, but this is far beyond any of my dreams. ” I told her honestly.

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  “Lay down on your back Lizzie” I told her and then I crawled between her legs as she did. My first full view of her amazing and hairless pussy was astounding. I just stared at it a few moments in wonder until she reached up and slipping her hand through my hair to the back of my head and pulled my face down into her. I gently spread her small lips apart and stuck my tongue out, flicking her clit back and forth, and sending waves of pleasure through her. “Yes. . . yes. . . Uncle Nick, lick my little pussy… PLEASE!” She moaned in a sexy, dirty, tone. I was beginning to understand that I was not her first time, but that didn’t matter, she was mine right now and that’s all that mattered. I slipped my hands under her butt and squeezed her beautiful ass cheeks as I lifted her up slightly and pushed my tongue into her, tasting her sweetness. Bringing one hand up, I stuck two fingers into her, bringing out a little squeal from her lips. “Ohhhh…” She squealed almost silently.

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  Removing my fingers after a few quick thrusts, I moved my now wet forefinger down and roughly slipped it into her tight ass and began ramming it in and out of her – slowly at first, and then faster with each thrust. I wanted to do every possible thing to her, and I was going to. After a few minutes of me intensely eating her pussy and lightly biting her clit in addition to finger fuckin her tight ass, she started to tense up and I knew she was going to cum. I couldn’t wait to have those sweet juices flowing across my tongue and lips. “Ohh . . . Ohh. . . Ohh…. . Uncle… Nick…. ” She squealed. “Mmmmmm….

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   “Was all I could say against her wet pussy. “Ohhhhhhhh… Uncle. . . Nick… I’m. . . Cummmmmingggg……” She half screamed and bucked her hips up and grabbed my head pushing me down harder against her pussy. When she came it was magnificent. Her moaning and squealing and pushing her self up against my mouth was turning me on like crazy and I leaned up and kissed her deeply, plunging my now sloppy tongue deep into her mouth. She kissed me back hungrily, tasting her self, and my once deflated cock was again at full attention and didn’t want to be ignored any longer. I should have let her catch her breath, but I couldn’t wait. I slid up the bed until I was kneeling beside her with my cock hovering over her face as she opened her eyes. “Ohh… Uncle Nick that was sooo amazing! I want to…” She started, but could finish. I loved what she was saying, but needed my own relief, and roughly shoved my cock into her mouth before she could finish what she was saying.

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  Keeping my cock in her mouth and with out stopping her incredible sucking, she moved around until she was up on her knees. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft as nosily as before, with slight groans escaping her lips, and staring up into my eyes with her mesmerizing blues. She snaked a hand around my balls and pressed her forefinger up into my unsuspecting ass. I let out a small startled groan, as she drove it in and out of my ass. It wasn’t something I was expecting – honestly having never experienced it before – but I was soon glad she did it. This new pleasure felt incredible as she massaged my asshole, alternating between slow and then fast thrusts. I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth in long full strokes – while she roughly pleasured my ass. I would pull out until the enlarged tip of my cock hit her tightly pressed lips, and then pushing all the way back in until my balls slapped against her chin. We continued on like this for what seemed an eternity, but in reality were more like 5 minutes, my thrusts gaining in momentum until she again was gagging on my fat cock, tears just starting to shimmer like stars in her eyes. I knew if I continued like this I wouldn’t be stopping until I filled her mouth again with a hot sticky load of my cum and knew I had to slow down and pull out. I wanted to fuck that tight little pussy of hers, and even though she could get a dead man hard with that hot little body of hers, I wasn’t sure if I’d have a 3rd load in me so soon. “I have wanted you for so long Lizzie. I wanna fuck that tight little hot pussy of yours. ” I said against her ear as I pulled our of her warm mouth and leaned down to her. “Yes, Uncle Nick, please… I want you inside of me.


  ” She pleaded. I laid down on the bed, and pulled her on top of me. I have always liked it when the girl was on top, and I wanted to have her this way first. She climbed on top of me and hovered her hips above my hard shaft, staring at me with those piercing blues as she held my cock with both hands and slowly lowered herself onto it. “Ohhhh. . Ohhh…. . Uncle Nick…” She began as the tip of my cock entered her. “Your cock is sooo thick, it feels sooo good. ” She continued as half of my cock was inside her. I reached up and grabbed both of her full tits in my hands and squeezed them tightly and pinched her nipples painfully hard, as I simultaneously pulled her down on me further and pushed my hips up to meet her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…” She moaned as I entered her fully and held her there. “Oh Uncle Nick, your cock is so big…. make me cum again Uncle Nick.

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   I need to cum so fuckin bad. ”“Tell me you want me to fuck you Lizzie, beg me to fuck that tight little pussy of yours. ” I commanded. “Ohh Uncle Nick, Fuck me PLEASE. . . Fuck my tight little pussy… make me cum. . . make me cum all over your fat hard cock Uncle Nick. ” She pleaded. “Keep talking dirty to me sweetie, keep talking dirty to me, my dirty little Princess whore. ” I said as I began slowly pulling my cock out of her tight pussy and pushing it back in all the way to my balls. I picked up the pace and she began meeting my thrusts by pushing her hips down on to me in what was shortly became a nice rhythm. I was soon pounding my cock in and out of her, moans escaping from both our lips from time to time.

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  “Oh ya Uncle Nick, fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy hard, make me cum, make your dirty little Princess cum. ” She demanded. With that I rolled her over onto her back and got in between her legs. I lifted her legs up into my arms – raising her ass up off the bed – and slammed back into her dripping pussy. I wasn’t going to go slow or gentle, nor did I think she wanted me too. I pounded my cock in and out of her pussy making her moan with every thrust for another several minutes of bliss. “Ohh. . . Uncle. . . Nick. . .

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   Ohh. . . Fuck. . . Ya. . . Ohh. . . Fuck. . .

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   me. . . Ohh. . . Ohh. . . Fuck me. ” She stammered as I continued pounding her, as my balls slapped off her little ass. “I’ll fuck you all right. I’ll fuck you till you can’t walk straight you dirty fucking Princess. ” I snarled back at her as I pulled out and roughly flipped her over onto her hands and knees. “Mmmmm.


  . . Uncle Nick… Ya. . . this is my favorite… spank my ass while you fuck my pussy. . . Oh. . . Uncle Nick I am gonna cum sooo hard, PLEASE spank me, spank me HARD Uncle Nick, Spank my little ass while I cum all over your fat cock. ” She demanded. I slammed my self into her and started pounding her pussy, as I smacked her ass once good and hard. “Oww.

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  . . oh yeah. . . spank me harder Uncle Nick… Spank me hard so I cum even harder for you. ” She said after my first hard spank. I spanked her really hard – probably to hard for a girl her age, but hell… a girl her age shouldn’t be on her hands and knees with anyone’s, let alone her Uncle’s, cock buried deep in her pussy – and she moaned out loud and thanked me with each hard smack. “Owwwwwww…. Thank you Uncle Nick. . . Ohh… please spank my little ass again. Spank me hard and make me cry when I cum Uncle Nick. Make me cry for you… while I cum.

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  ” She urged. I did as she asked – though I would have even if she didn’t. I alternated smacks to her left and then her right ass cheek, turning them from pink, to rosy, to a now bright red as the smacks came raining down on her perfect ass matching each thrust of my cock into her tight pussy. With her moans of pleasure slowly subsiding with the increasing pain I was inflicting on her ass with my merciless spanking, I gave her a couple, extra hard, smacks. “OWWWWWWWW…… Ohh Uncle Nick… my ass is burning… Ohh. . . God…. . ” She whimpered and I could see tears streaming down her face as she looked back at me. “That’s it you dirty little slut, you deserve this hard beating I’m giving that tight ass of yours. You’re a naughty little slut Princess, and you’re gonna cry hard before you cum for me. ” I spat at her. “Yes… Uncle Nick… I’m a dirty little slut. You’re dirty little slut.

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  ” She whimpered through the tears that were now flowing freely down her cheeks as she looked back at her bright red, burning ass. “Cry for me Princess, you little dirty whore, bawl for your Uncle Nick. Beg me to stop and let you cum. ” I screamed at her as I applied two more terribly hard smacks to each of her inflamed ass cheeks. “Oh PLEASE Uncle Nick, please stop beating my ass… Ohh… I wanna cum for you, I wanna cum soo hard for you. PLEASE let me cum all over your fat cock. ” She begged, tears flooding down her cheeks in torrents, as she bucked her hips back against me trying to lessen the pain from her ass with the pleasure from my cock in her pussy and her continued assault on her clit with her fingers. I stopped spanking her and rubbed her bright red ass with both of my hands, kneading the gorgeous globes of her ass and feeling the intense heat they were giving off. I continued to slowly shove my swelling cock in and out of her wet pussy, until she had calmed down and again began bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts. The pain slowly subsiding as the pleasure in her pussy returned. With a wicked smile on my face, I let her enjoy several slow thrusts until I could hear her panting with the pleasure I was giving her. I licked the index and middle finger of my right hand – getting them nice and slobbery wet. With out warning I drove both of my lubed up fingers deep into her ass and began stroking them in and out of her dark, beautiful hole. “Ohh yes Uncle Nick. .

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  . Stretch my ass with your fingers… yeah… Oh Uncle Nick. . . ” She panted as she slipped her right hand down between her legs again to work her aching clit furiously. I could feel the cum welling up in my balls again – a surprisingly large load it felt like, even so soon after exploding in her mouth like I did downstairs – and I knew I needed to act fast if I was to finish as I wanted to. I stroked my fingers in and out of her ass a couple more quick times as I leaned down and drooled a huge glob of salvia out of my mouth and straight onto her ass, lubing her up even more. I then quickly pulled out of her pussy and slammed my fat cock into her tight little hole, burying my cock all the way in, in one quick thrust – instantly feeling heaven on earth as her tightness grabbed my cock like a little fist and squeezed hard. “OHHHHH…… FUCK!!! …. . UNCLE NICK…… Ohh. . . fuck ya… Oh God! Fuck my ass with that fat cock of yours…. Ohhhhhh fuck… harder Uncle Nick….

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  ” She panted and started humping her hips back up at me as she worked her clit at a feverish pace. “Yeah Princess… do you like that do you? Do you like your nasty Uncle pounding his fat cock in you tiny little ass?” I asked her. “Ya Uncle Nick … Ohhhh. . . ya… Your dirty little Princess loves your fat cock in her ass…Ohh. . . please… give me your big load of cum… cum deep in my tight little Princess ass…” She begged. “Ya, I’m sure you like it my little Princess whore. How many other boys have had their dicks up this tight little beautiful whole? How many, you dirty fucking little slut?” I screamed down at her, my jealousy showing through surprisingly. “No Uncle Nick, you’re the only one… ohhh… who’s fucked my ass… honest. ” She moaned back to me, as I continued my hard assault on her incredibly tight little ass. I knew she had to be lying, but let it go. It didn’t really matter, and I had more important things to concern my self with at the moment.


  “God Lizzie, your ass is so tight. I love fucking your tight little body. God, you’re so fucking hot. ” I told her. “Ohh. . . thank you … Uncle Nick… Oh fuck me hard Uncle Nick, I’m gonna cum soon. ” She replied. I was more than happy to oblige her, though at this point I would of regardless of what she wanted. I slammed my cock in and out of her ass, drooling another big glob of salvia down onto my cock helping it to slide a little smoother in and out of her tightness. With my left hand grabbing her hip and my right hand applying some quick hard smacks on each of her ass cheeks – which its redness had lessened slightly since my earlier smacks – I slammed into her with what I knew would be my last few thrusts. “Oh Uncle Nick, spank your naughty little slut princess again. Spank her for being sooo bad and slutty. Cum in my ass… oh ya.

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  . . I gonna cum real hard Uncle Nick… oh…Uncle Nick…. ” She practically screamed to me. “I’m gonna cum real hard in your ass baby… squeeze that ass real tight for your Uncle Nick… make me cum real hard you filthy little ass slut Princess. ” I screamed back at her as I smacked her ass another couple hard times. “Ohhh. . Fuck ya… “She yelled as her hand was a blur in her dripping pussy. “I’m cuming Uncle Nick… I’m cuming sooo hard… fuck me Uncle Nick. . . fuck my ass…. OOOhhhhhhhhhh. .

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   I’m cuming, keep spanking my ass Uncle Nick…. . ” She screamed as she came hard from her masturbating hand on her clit, and the pounding my cock and hand was giving her ass. Almost – but not quite – simultaneously I slammed all the way into her ass, grabbing both of her ass cheeks with my hands and squeezed them furiously as I came. I emptied my balls into her, and the sounds coming from my mouth were more animalistic than human, while hot shot after hot shot of cum leapt from my buried cock and soaked the insides of her sweet ass. As the last jets of cum left me, and both our breathings began to slow, I collapsed slowly down on top of her and held her tightly. I had used her hard – as hard or harder than anyone I’ve ever been with I thought – and now she needed the tender caresses that come afterwards. I rolled over to my side and pulled her up to me in a spooning position, softly stroking and caressing her still burning ass. I whispered into her ear how good she was, and how good she made me feel. Telling her how much I loved and needed her and all the little things she I knew she wanted to hear over and over again until we both fell asleep, snuggled up close with my arms wrapped protectively around my little sweet princess. * * * * * * * * * * I saw a bright light, and pleasure was cascading through me in wave after wave. “Am I dead?” I thought? “Is this what it is like?” I couldn’t understand the sensations I was feeling. Slowly my eyes started to open just a crack and the light was blinding. I closed them again and concentrated on the intense pleasure I was feeling. “Mmmm… Lips.

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  ” I said softly. The pleasure I was feeling was from a soft pair of lips – and tongue, caressing my cock and balls. I slowly opened my eyes again and realized the blinding light was from the sunshine streaming in from my large loft windows – I never have got around to putting curtains up. Lizzie ran her tongue from under my ball all the way up my hardening shaft, and to its head, tickling its little hole with her greedy tongue and then spoke. “Hey sleepy head. ” She coyly whispered, and then went back to my cock with her wet tongue. “Ohh… Princess… mmm… this is such a nice way to wake up. ” I said. “Mmm… Uncle Nick… I can taste my self on your cock… mmm… and I think I like it. ” She said with a wicked smile on her lips as she stopped licking me and took my now fully hard cock into her hot little mouth. “God damn it Lizzie, you are insatiable. ” I told her, enjoying her eagerness. “Mmm…” Was her only reply. She wrapped her right fist around my shaft and stroked me slowly as she sucked on the enlarged head of my cock. It felt great and a slowly building cum started stirring in my balls, as I laid back and savored every minute of her pleasuring.

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  Her left hand slid down and gave my balls a playful couple of squeezes, before she continued down, and slid two wet fingers into my ass. “Ohh Lizzie, that feels so good, you are such a naughty little Princess. ” “Mmm…” She replied again. She was working her two fingers in and out of my ass quickly, bringing me close to climax with her mouth work on my hard shaft. As I started to tense up – just about ready to blast another load of hot cum in her little mouth – she pulled her mouth off my cock, with out stopping her hand pumping, and plunged her tongue deep into my now slightly sore ass. The sensations of her wet tongue digging frantically in my ass, and her furious pumping on my cock was more than I could take, and I erupted in a fountain of cum. Hot jets of my cum blasted out of my cock and splashed in her hair on the top of her head – her tongue not only not leaving my ass, but picking up its lapping pace. I shot a couple more long ropes into the air, some landing in her hair, others on her back. The last few squirts landing on my stomach and her tight fist, still pumping my shaft, milking every last bit out of my cock. “Good morning Uncle Nick. ” She said with a smile as she leaned down and took my slowly deflating cock in her mouth. “That’s it Princess, suck every drop of cum out of my cock. ” I encouraged her. “We can’t let this go to waste Uncle Nick. ” She said wickedly, as she lapped up all the cum on my stomach and balls.


  “God Lizzie, I might die before this weekend is over. ” “No you won’t. ” She laughed. “I’m 32 Princess, not 18 If you keep it up I am sure to have a heart attack. ” I replied, half joking and half seriously. “Let’s take a shower and then get some breakfast. I am starved. ” She said when she finished thoroughly cleaning me up and gave my now soft cock a couple of quick kisses. “Sure, that sounds real nice. ” I said with a smile. I leaned over gave her a kiss on her forehead and I headed for the shower downstairs, with her following close behind me. “If she wants to fool around in the shower, I really might have a heart attack. ” I thought to my self as we entered the bathroom and I turned the shower on. The End – Part 2~Boston Boy.



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