My Visit With Lillith


My darling Lillith, you were such a wonderful little girl, and the absolute apple of your daddy's eye. Yes, I did spoil you some, but not so much that you didn't turn out to be a wonderful young woman. You are as smart as they come, and so bright and beautiful. I can only remember having to seriously discipline you once. You were 18 and we had allowed you to go out on a date, It was your very first. I gave you explicit instructions to be home at 18 pm. When you walked in the door at 12:15, I was sitting in the living room waiting for you. You looked at me and began to apologize for being so late. I held up my hand to silence you. I said " Y oung lady , as long as you live under this roof , you will follow my rules!" You knew I was very upset. "Get over here and lay across my lap NOW!" you jumped at the command in my voice and said,"Daddy! Y ou're not going to spank me are you?" "YES damn it Lilly, I am!" "Now get over here or you will be grounded for so long , there will be cobwebs on your ass before you get out of this house again!" Knowing that I always kept my word, you came to me and laid across my lap. You were wearing a short summer dress and sandals. I raised your skirt up and pulled down your white cotton panties. You wailed at the humiliation of your father seeing your bare ass. God the site of your tight ass cheeks made my cock throb at once! I held your back with my left hand and brought the flat of my right hand down on your ass with a very loud smack! You screamed at the shock and pain. Smack! Again and again my hand slapped at your ass.

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   I was getting so hard, I was afraid you would feel my cock pushing against you as you squirmed around on my lap. After I finished your punishment, I could hear a change in your whimpering and was slightly confused. It wasn't the crying of shame and pain. I couldn’t readily identify what it was. I pulled your panties back up , pulled down your dress and told you to stand up. Your face was flushed red and there was a look in your eyes, not anger, not shame,,it was , well it looked like lust to me, I assumed that I was mistaken and sent you to your room. As I pulled up to the front of your home and get out of the car, you come running down the walk. You almost scream out "Daddy!" as you come and throw your arms around me and hug me so tightly. Y ou look better than I remembered you looking in the past. Your big tits pressing hard against my chest and your entire body pressed against mine. It feelt like the embrace of long lost lovers and not father and daughter. Damn it there goes my cock again,,single minded little bastard! Doesn't he know this is my daughter? You pull away from me with a knowing smile on your face and say how glad you are that I could come and stay for awhile with you and the kids. We get my bags and walk into the house. Its late and the kids are long into bed by now. You ask if I would like a drink and as I settle on the couch you go to fix us both one.

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   You return and as you approach me I notice you are not wearing a bra and your tits are bouncing as you walk. . . damn it cock settle down! I think I catch you glancing at my crotch but hope you haven't noticed that I have been hard since you first hugged me. We sit sipping out drinks and talking about your kids and how well they are doing and you and your career is well also. After the 3rd round of drinks, You snuggled up against me you begin to ask me some very personal questions, You asked me if I have loved ? Have I been loved? Did I reach the goals I set for myself. . I pause and reply ,, "yes Lilly, I have been loved but. . "you ask "but what daddy? "I sigh and say " Well , since You asked, “Yes I have been loved, but not lusted for like I always wished I had been. I don't know, maybe its every man's dream to have just one person lust for him so badly that they couldn't keep their hands off him. " You seem so surprised and say "But Daddy ,I always thought that you and Mom had a good sex life. " I shake my head and begin to tell you how over the years since you were born that your mother had just lost all her sexual desires and even when she was active, I had never been able to live out the fantasy that I long held secret. You look deeply into my eyes and say"Daddy, please tell me your fantasy. I won't judge you , or condemn you for it , I promise.

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  " This is a moment I have waited for so long for in my life , to have a beautiful young woman actually want to know what my hidden desires are. I am afraid of what you will think of me and that you will lose respect for me as both your father and as a person. You sense my reluctance and lean over and kiss me full on the lips. Not a kiss of a daughter but that of a woman and man. I am both more aroused and shocked but enjoy it so much. With my courage bolstered by that kiss, I take in a deep breath and begin to tell you. "Darling, I have this deep seated need to totally possess a woman. I want to dominate her completely and have her give in to my every wish and command. I want to do things to her that your mother would have run screaming from. And I want her to do things for me and to me that she would never have considerd. "You are quiet, thinking about what I have just told you and I fear I have crossed a line that I shouldn't have. You look back into my eyes and take my face in both your hands pulling me close to you and kiss me, a kiss with the passion I have never known before! You sweet mouth opens and your tongue teases my mouth open and we taste each other for the first time. My heart is running wild in my chest and my cock thinks we just entered the pearly gates. . .

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  small brain is so easily awakened. As our kiss breaks, you smile at me and say "Daddy , I want to be that woman for you. "I reply "Oh my darling baby girl, are you sure this is what you want? Are you really willing to totally submit to me?" "Yes daddy I am, I want to be all yours to do with as you wish. Daddy I have wanted this ever since you turned me over your knee when I was 18 and you spanked me. Oh daddy , I was so hot by the time you finished spanking me , I wanted you so badly then and now I want you even more. "With a shaking hand , I reach up and caress your cheek and say "Ok then. I am honored that you would do this for me my darling Lillith. Do you want to start now?" Your beautiful green eyes are on fire and you say " Oh Daddy , I have wanted to do this for years!”"Ok then, rule number one isalways come to me freshly washed and shaven , no perfume. You will do exactly as I say or be punished. If you agree to this then get your sweet ass in the shower now, because Daddy's cock is about to burst in his pants. " You reach over and gently squeeze my cock through my pants and rise up to go to the shower. "Oh, and one more thing, you will always come to me completely naked. "You turn and say with a giggle in your voice "Is there any other way to be Daddy?"While you are in the shower, I nervously pace the living room. I fix another Stolis and tonic and manage to squirt myself in the face with the lime wedge. I unbutton my shirt ,, I hadn’t noticed it being so hot in here before.

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   Then I hear the shower turn off. "Oh God here we go!" I sit down on the couch and as I turn to put my drink down you have silently entered the room and say to me. " Daddy, I'm all clean for you now. "When my eyes come to rest on you, I am speechless! Before me is not only the most beautiful girl in the world since you are my daughter but more so, simply the most perfect body I have ever seen. No, you are not some toothpick magazine model. Your body is that of a real woman with gentle curves and incredible tits that are full and pendulous. Your hips a bit wide from child birth but all the more appealing to me. Your dark hair, still wet, is combed back and your green eyes are sparkling. Little brain , still in my pants is yelling at me , "Let me see , let me see!"Finally , I gain my breath and voice and say softly to you, "Come here my pet and daddy look closely at you. "As you walk to me, I can see your full cunt lips between your legs . God they look so damn good! You stop in front of me and spread your legs slightly, asking me ,"Do you like what you see daddy?""Like it? God baby I want to rape you this very instant!" You reply "Silly daddy, you can't rape a willing woman,,, but you can try . " and you giggle. I stand up putting my hands on your shoulder and looking into your green eyes and ask, "Lillith, are you sure you want to do this ? Are you sure you are willing to do everything I say, without question or hesitation?" "Yes daddy, I am very sure this is what I want. I want to be used by you in any way you wish. "I smile and tell you to kneel down in front of me.

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   Take off my belt and place it on the couch. " You reach up and with slightly shaky hands, unbuckle my belt and remove it from my jeans, laying it on the couch as instructed. "Remove my jeans and briefs, but do NOT touch me with your hands, use only your teeth. " A sly smile appears on your lips and you lean forward and attempt to unbutton my jeans. I can see you are not going to be able to do that part with just your teeth so I reach in and undo the button. Silently you grasp the tab on the zipper and pull it down. My jeans are kind of tight and you have some difficulty in getting them down my legs but you manage to do so. Then as you look up , you see my colored cotton small briefs and say, "Wow daddy! I never knew you wore such sexy underwear!" You can see my cock starting to bulge in them as you once again struggle to get them off of me as well. When you get them to my ankles, I step out of them both and remove my shirt , standing naked before you. My body is still in fair shape, since my job as a carpenter keeps me very active and fit( although my "six pac" abs seem to have added a couple of cans. ) "Now my sexy bitch , let me see how much you love a hard cock in your mouth. Suck me and remember to keep your hands off me till I tell you to touch me. "You take my now half hard cock into your mouth , with just the head inside , you suck on me like a baby nursing at its mothers tit. God your mouth is sooo soft and hot, your sucking is perfect and you feel me grow harder inside you. When I am fully erect, my cock stands stiffly up against my belly.

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  I say to you, "Lift your tits up so that I can reach them. " You cup them and lift them up to my hands and I take each nipple between my thumb and index finger and pull them upward till I feel you moan onto my cock. "I tell you to lay down on the floor on your back and you comply. I squat over your face and then tell you " Put your tongue in my ass , I want to feel you tongue fuck my ass. " You start to say something and hesitate, I command you "DO IT NOW DAMN IT!" I feel the tip of your tongue tentatively start to touch my asshole and I reach behind me and spread my cheeks open for you. Now you push your tongue into me,,,ah yessss , I have wanted to feel this all my life! " Reach up and stroke my cock while you do that baby. " Your hand wraps around my throbbing cock and you begin to masturbate me. Little brain is now yelling out "Holy shit!!! This is fanfuckintastic!!!! Little brain never was one much to hold back on comments. Now that I know you will do as I ask, I stand up and tell you to sit on the couch. As you do ,I kneel in front of you and position you the way I want you . Your ass is on the edge and your knees are raised up against your chest and legs spread wide apart. I look you in the eye and say "My darling Lilly, you did not do as I told you at first and that means I have to punish you. Are you sure you are up for this ? Its your last chance to back out. "I see the fear in your eyes as you nod your head. I pick up my belt and holding the leather tip about 6 inches away from my hand , I slap your cunt with the tip of it once but not very hard.

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   You gasp slightly and then I say "Reach down and spread your cunt open. " You do as I say and I can see the bud of your clit easily. Slap! I smack it with the belt and you holler "Ow Daddy!" I simply say "Shut up slut, you have this coming, so be quiet and take it!" SLAP ! SLAP! I repeat the clit spanking. With each impact, your body jerks and you bite your lower lip to keep from crying out. After several hard slaps to you now hard and extended clit, I can see you are getting so wet that your juice is running down to your asshole. I laugh and look up at you and say " You amazing cunt you , you actually love this don't you?"Your breath is short and you look at me with lust filled eyes,"God yes Daddy! Don't stop now I could cum like this if only you would keep it up!" I cannot resist you or your request so I continue to slap your clit harder and harder till your body shakes and the cum gushes out of your cunt. You almost scream with passion as you cum, and I lean in, putting the belt down and bury my face in your cunt. My tongue cleans you up, and sucking and licking every inch of your woman's flesh. As I raise my face up , I take your face in my hands and pull you to me to kiss you. Our mouths open and you can taste your cum in my mouth. Then I tell you to get on your knees and put your hands on the back of the couch. As I kneel behind you, I stare at your beautiful ass. Little brain is yelling out “Woohooie , look at that asshole! Let’s fuck it!” I move my mouth to your ass and begin to lick your puckered hole lightly. I can’t stand it any longer. I have waited for this moment all my life.

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   I have never had anal sex before and this is it! Little brain wins again!I take my cock in my hand and rub it up and down your wet cunt as you moan and wiggle your hips back at me. “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your little girl at last. I have wanted this for so long”I smile and reply “Lillith, you are mine to do with as I please and I am going to fuck your ass. You mother wouldn’t even let me touch hers and I have never done this before”. “Oh God yes Daddy ! Take my ass! I want to be your first !” Your voice is so husky with lust and it drives my lust even harder. I put the head of my cock at your ass and begin to push. You moan loudly and I can see the head disappear into you. Oh dear sweet Lord! What a sensation! The grip your ass has on me is unbelievable! I push in slowly enjoying every delicious inch as it is swallowed up by you. Finally I am all the way in and just hold it there savoring this moment. You start to push back against me as I grab your hips and begin to pump your hot tight asshole. “OOO daddy, yesss its soo good. Fuck my ass Daddy , fuck me hard !”That’s all I needed to hear. I begin slam fucking you and my balls are slapping your wet cunt. Your ass is milking me and I know I won’t last long.

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   As my orgasm approaches, you cum again and I feel your wetness hitting my balls. I cum so hard up your ass that I almost fall down. My knees are shaking and I keep shuddering with aftershocks from my orgasm. I lean forward and kiss your back softly and say to you “I love you Lillith. That was amazing!”You look back at me and say “Daddy , that was only the beginning”Little brain thinks “I hope we live through this!”.



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