My Uncle, My Lover and My Self: Part 1


My new life as the other girl

This story is about me and how much I am enjoying my life as the other girl in a relationship. . To start this relationship is not normal in any way. . Most of you will find it disturbing but it is the most fun I have had in my life. . To start my name is Taryn. . I am 5'7, Very skinny blond hair, blue eyed princess. . I work out a lot and am proud of my abs. . I also have a candy apple ass that looks damn good in jeans. . The only thing I don't like about my self is the size of my breast. .

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   I am Barely a 34 B. . I also wear glasses but my glasses are styling. . I am told all the time I look like Taylor Swift. . .

Well as for my unusual relationship I have a girlfriend and a male lover. . My girlfriend is also the girlfriend of my lover. . Most woman would not like being the other woman but I think is is awesome. . That is not the unusual part though. .

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   See my male lover is also my uncle. . Yeah I know that was a shocker huh?. . I will start the story of how I ended up in this relationship with my uncle. . .

My uncle is named Alan James but we call him AJ for short. . He is only 4 years older then me. . He is my height, dirty blond hair, green eyes and works out all the time. . I have had a crush on my uncle since as far back as I can remember. .

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   I always thought of it as a little girl crush but now I must admit I never stopped crushing on him. . That said he was mean to me as kids. . . I always wanted to spend every minute with him but he could never be bothered with me. . He would never let me in his room or to play with his toys. . He also hated when my grand mom made him take me along when he would go out and play. .

We started getting along better when we were a little older but I think he just used me to get my friends over his house so he could fuck them. . See all of my friends also had a crush on him and he fucked each and every one of them started from when I was in 7th grade all the way up until I finished High School. .

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   He even got my friend Melissa pregnant when he was still in high school. . She gave him a son that he finally gets to see all the time but that is off the subject. . . Any way I was always so jealous of the fact that he was fucking my friends. . I realize now it is because I wanted him to fuck me instead. . I have not admitted this to any one but when he was fucking my friends I would sneak out side of the door of his room and finger my self to the sounds of my friends moaning in ecstasy and to the rhythm of the bed springs squeaking. . I never thought of my self as Bi or even Bi curious in those days but I loved listening to a woman moaning as she is having an orgasm. I loved that sound even more if it was my uncle giving that woman her orgasm. . .

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So then I went to college and kinda' didn't speak to my uncle during those 4 years as I went to school to be a teacher. . I have had a few boyfriends during that period but non of them really ever did anything for me. . I think the only reason I even fucked them was because I get really horny when I drink alcohol (more on that later)

When I came back from collage I got a job right away in my old high school as a student teacher. . . That is where I met my future girlfriend Megan. . Megan was 18 at the time with brown hair, Hazel eyes, an amazing body and at the time 36 DD boobs. . I was instantly attracted to her and from that point forward I liked girls. . .

I didn't see my uncle for a few weeks when I returned.

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  . The first time I saw him it was at the mall. . Damn was he hot. . As I am talking to him I see some girl in the distance come behind him and wrap her arms around him. . As I gaze at this girl in jealousy until I realized it was Megan. . The jealousy dissipated and was replaced with the the most intense horniness I have ever experienced. .

We decided to shop together. . Megan wanted to go into Victoria's Secrete so I joined her as my uncle went to some game store. .

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   I helped Megan pick out some of the skimpiest bra and panties the store sells and then joined her in the dressing room so she can try them on. . . All I could do is stare in amazement as this girl stripped naked to try on each of her new bra and panty sets. . God was her body amazing. . I tried not to but I kept finding my self staring at her humongous tits and her perfectly clean shaven pussy. . It took every ounce of self control not to jump on her right there. . I think she knew I was watching also because I swear she made a show out of it. . After the final set she got dressed (To my disappointment). .

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   As we left the dressing room Megan leaned in and whispered coyly "Thank you for helping me pick out some new stuff" and gave me a soft kiss on my lips. . When she pulled away she had the most evil smile on her face. . . We then went to the food court to join my uncle and get some food. . .

After that they left. . I forgot whatever it was I wanted at the mall and headed to the car. . All I can think about was that hot 18 year old girl and her perfect body. . I got to my car but I could not wait any longer.

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  . I took off my pants and started playing with my pussy. . It started off with me thinking about Megan but soon i was thinking of being fucked by both Megan and my uncle AJ. . I was moving my pussy faster and faster in circular motions inside my pussy and my other hand was playing with my clit. . . I started moaning uncontrollably and soon after I had the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. . It was the first time I ever got my self in such a frenzy that I squirted cum all over the driver side of my car. . I even got some on the wind shield. . .

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Well I saw Megan in school the next day. . Every time I would sit down to do something I found my self staring at Megan and picturing her naked. . It didn't help that I could hear her talking to her friends about how my uncle fucked her hard before she got ready for school and how when she gets home her and my uncle were going to have a three-some with some other girl who goes to this school. . Every day she would tell more and more stories about her sexcapades with AJ and every night I would picture them and masturbate. . I think Megan knew they made em hot. . Every time she was done talking about them she would always look at me and smile.
    . .

    Well one night I thought I should do something else besides stay home and masturbate to the thoughts of my uncle and his 18 year old girl friend so I went to a bar. .


       Wouldn't you know it but Megan was there. . I walked up behind her and asked her why was she there?. . She smiled and said "AJ had to do a double tonight at work so I thought I would find some drunk woman to take home for him and I to enjoy when he is done". . I asked her how she got into the bar in the first place and she showed off her fake ID with pride. . I told her as her teacher I can not allow this and I was going to take her home. . She said it was ok but can I take her to AJ's instead?. . I agreed. .

    So I get her to my uncles.

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      . He was not home yet so I thought I should wait so Megan didn't sneak off and go back to the bar. . Megan though had other plans for me. . She striped to just he bar and thong and went to the kitchen. . She came out with a huge bottle of Southern Comfort and some glasses. . I told her I can not allow her to drink being under 21 but she replied "Look I know you must have needed a drink or you would have not been at that bar to begin with but I ruined your good time so as long as you don't say anything I would if we get our drink on". . I should have told her know but I really did need a drink plus how can I say no to a hottie in her undies?

    Well I am an easy drunk and in no time I was wasted. . Now remember before how I told you how I get so horny when I drink?. .

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       Well tonight is no exception. . I do not know what came over me but I stood up,grabbed Megan's hand, led her to the wall and started to kiss her. . With my other hand I started to fondle her amazing breast. . Megan didn't try to stop me, in fact she started to unbutton my shirt as she was kissing back. . She broke away for one second to say "Lets go upstairs"

    Well we go to my uncles room and Megan pushed me onto the bed. . I could still smell the sex her and my uncle had earlier that day on the sheets and it made me even more hot. . Megan took charge and was taking all my clothes off. . Next think you know she was sucking on my nipples and fingering my pussy.

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      . I was in ecstasy. . Next thing you know Megan was eating out my pussy. . She had her tongue all the way up inside me and she was playing with my clit with her fingers. . I was building to a deeper and deeper orgasm but it would not stop building. . I knew I was about to cum but it kept building and buildingand building. . I could feel my legs tighten but I was still not cumming. . The pressure just kept building. .

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       I was moaning Megan's name and she started going harder and faster. . That just made it build even more. . It felt like my cum was behind a damn and the damn was about to burst. . Finally I came and it was amazing. . I squirted like a fire hose an continually shot my cum on very inch of Megan's body both front and back. . What happened next though was unexpected. . I didn't scream Megan's name. . I moaned out at the top of my lungs "Fuuuuuuuuck Meeeee Aaaaaaaaa Jaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!

    I was so embarrassed and thought Megan would be so upset.

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      . Megan though smiled and said "AJ huh?. . I guess we have something to look forward to in the future"

    That my friends is a story for another time. . .