My twin and my sibling sisters.


We had all by now passed into adulthood,but only just, in the case of my yougest sister. She was the quiet studious one,the next two were mouthy to the extreme and boy mad,then there was me - I'm Cherie and my twin brother Charley. I had a love hate relationship with them all,but when it came to boys and sex we were all on one plain.

Charley dominated us girls,but I alone had manipulated him since early schooling when I'd get him to do my school work and used my young pussy as a bribe. A nights homework cost me a feel of my pussy when we were alone. But only a feel,no fingers inside me. Of late we'd progressed and this is where this tale begins,more or less. As we reached legal for sex,Charley had been trying threats of all sorts to get me to get him his first fuck. No,not with me,but with my mate who had told him she intended to save herself and be a virgin when she got married.

I think,well I know she thought the sun shined out of my brothers ass and was trying to impress him while he was much more interested in getting into her pants to hitch her muff on his belt as a first shag. He'd of late got a new turn on - apart from watching me masterbate myself since my first pubes appeared - while he wanked himself stupid. He now found he liked slapping a woman's ass. Namely my ass!

I had worked him up by goading his lack of luck in fucking my friend so much that in shouting 'That's it,you're gonna get some' Expecting him to lash out, - Now understand,I'm a real light weight where as he's stocky and already has muscles girls like harbouring around just to see him work out - yet they hadn't been screwed by him. This was what I'd goaded him over. "Ah,you just want me to get you into marlene's pants because they all think you're a shirt lifter"

That done it,as I darted away in terror,he grabbed me with one hand and in a second my face was looking at the floor. He carried me upstairs as mum hollered, - "hey you twin's - mum knew it would be us - bugger off out instead of driving me mad with that noise" We carried on and by the time he levered me thro' his bedroom door as I clung to every slight grip hold I could grab,my sibling sisters were there to watch what Charley had in mind.

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At this moment he shocked me. Expecting him to grope my tits as he often done saying to the others - 'See,this is what I'll do to you lot if you don't do as I tell you when I'm on the games console' - No this time he held me over his knee and started to peel my knickers down having pulled my dress up over my back. I kicked and struggled as I felt my bum uncovered until, having gotten my knickers down to the back of my lower thighs. He clamped my legs with his leg over the top of them and held me on his lap with the left arm. - I tried my last hope, - "If you do anything to me,I'll tell mum"

The end came in an instant as my ass cheeks rang to the first slap and as they stung I felt them going all hot as the second slap hit home. I jerked as he slapped my ass,but I suddenly realised,I was liking the feeling. I still struggled but not very much as I heard the sister down from me saying too any and all watching, - "GOO! Look how red its going,I bet that hurts,alright Charley I promise I wont change anything on the games anymore. I don't want you to smack my bum ooo I bet its hurting and she's not even crying"

Mel' the one up from her and below me chipped in, "That's embarrassing,look,Charley,you're making her show her pussy,we can see the slit and her pubes,you're disgusting,she's your sister,you can't do that to her" - two more slaps and it finished. They couldn't guess I wanted some more of it! Nonchalontly,Charley stood me up and I missed the feel of his hardon against my belly as I'd become aware that as he'd slapped my ass he'd gone hard. Which in turn had made my pussy wet. I said nothing,while not attempting to pull my knickers up, hoping Charley would look at my cunt.

I felt real proud as the three of them examined the finger wheals across my ass. Then without warning Charley grabbed Mel' - Although she was taller than me - he had her between his legs and as she could actually still touch the floor with her feet,he was finding it more dificult to grip her. The first slap to her ass was with her knickers still up,the second which she screamed out for mum to save her from made a loud slapping noise as it hit bare skin and knicker the third and forth were on her bare ass as he pulled her pussy free from the gusset and slapped about five or six firm slaps on her before he relented and just held her still.

Stephanie the mouthy middle one who done the running commentary on me was off again.

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   - "I bet you enjoyed doing her,I bet you haven't seen she's got pubes now!" - "I know that smarty,I'm not blind" - Charley opened her legs enough for us all to see the fine pussy hairs between and on into her mound. Digging her feet in Mel' wriggled and tho' she didn't know it opened her crack quite a lot so we could see she was juicy. Charley couldn't resist. He slid his finger thro' her pussy slit and looking at her juice he started - "You. . . - She yelped - "Fucking bastard,I'm telling mum about that,you fingered me then!"

The threat was immediate, Three hard slaps that made a tear come into her eyes. "You wont dare,or I drop you in it over George more to the point,his brother,You wont want mum to know 'couse,he's not legal" - A futher sob, - "Okay,I promise,but they all seen you finger me" - A threatening voice, - "You didn't, you didn't see anything here did you?" - The no's followed in unison. - "NO! because you two were there and you let them as well" They had because as they all snitched about each other to me and I came to the place where they do it just as he was pulling his small penis out of my sister,I knew she was the most promiscuous of all of us.

It was truly amazing at what her age was when she lost her cherry and to who she lost it too. I'd have never thought it possible if I hadn't seen him do her! Now she was the bike in our street. Yet the way she carried on,you'd think she'd never even seen a penis for real. - She told me later,she likes cock but that was the first and last time she'd have her ass smacked,it wasn't her scene. I think this was about my mate,because I'd told Charley,I'd be able to get her to relent and let him have her,but at a price.

He listened,but went ballistic.

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   I would get him her cherry but he had to take mine as well. - "I'm your sister you idiot,anyway what if mum found out she'd kill us!" - "Okay,that's the deal so forget it" - A passing shot followed, - "Didn't stop you getting a hard on though and that was just seeing my cum in my cunt,think how it would feel if you were fucking my tight pussy hole" - "You fucking bitch" - "I could get you Stephanie's on saturday as well if you agree" - "You're mad,she with her great mouth,she'd blow us out to mum" - "You're a real no nothing,what do you know about her and blokes" - "Everything,she's still a virgin" - "In your dreams,why do you think she's always dragging round with Mel'?"

He looked at me suspiciously, - "You're only saying that,its all lies" - "Alright,come to our room tonight,I'll get her to let you feel inside her,you'll see she's lost her vaginity and how big her pussy is,if you knew what I know,you'd realise why hers is so big" - I knew I'd done my latest manipulation and I knew he'd appear,which he did. Like a phantom he crept into our room. I'd made it absolutely pitch black and had everything set up. My bike sister Mel' had her legs wide open and was wrapped in all sorts of clothes with her face hidden,not that he could see anything. I helped by putting his hand against her thigh and he soon found the pussy then having put most of his hand in her he said,he'd fuck her if he could do it outside somewhere soon.

But he had nearly brought her off before I sent him away,saying - See,fucking know all" - So the deal was set for him to have my freind and me when we were both there. - He was as good as his word,unlike other times when he'd snitched me up when I'd all but been fucked,He - I'd wondered if he'd been secretly saving me for himself - took my friends cherry and gave me a scare as the screeching he made as he came in her,made me think she'd shut her legs and tore his cock off,he said later it was because his first time was awesome and by the time he was ready to do me,he had decided because I was even smaller,that I may actually tear his cock completely off.
    - Of course it wasn't like that and the first sperm I had in me had really made me orgasm on his hard six inches.

    After,I felt real cool when he - as a man of the world he thought - told me my fuck was better than my mates. - "I haven't finished with you,ass slapping for you my girl" as he stuck his muscular chest out. I hadn't finished with him either,The thought of my pussy ripping his bollocks off brought my artistry talent to the fore. I could do a credible caricature of faces and with an A5 sheet, I drew Charley with a torn tuft where his bollocks and cock should be then I done another adding spurting blood, while I drew me with his cock and balls still sticking out from my pussy plus another of my mate with her mouth full of Charley's torn off weapon. I went on quietly drawing for ages until Mel' came in for the fiver I promised her for letting Charley think he was feeling Stephanie. She stood gazing at my latest offering of my two headed sister, her and Steph' with a large pussy under one arm pit and a virginal pussy under the other.

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       Stephanie's big mouth had Charley's cock and balls stuffed in it.

    "Has he found out?" - "No! Why should he?" - "Got my fiver?" - We were interupted, "What fiver,why would you give her a fiver?" - "Blackmail I answered" - "Oh,that all! I thought you'd robbed a bank,I'd have had one and all. . . Shoo pest I need to talk to your sister" - "Your twin you mean. Bet its about sex,want to smack her ass again I bet!" - She shot away,fearing another ass smacking no doubt. - "She hasn't found out about our fucking,is that what you meant about blackmail?" - "No 'course she haven't,she's just borrowing it" - "Here,about. . . - He had hold of my pictures,studying them I got really shitted up as he kept his eyes on the pussy's under the armpits. He looked suspiciously at me now - Fuck I'm for it now,he's twigged I got Mel' for him to feel.

    My heart fluttered with relief as he grinned and saying,the bike, and a virgin,if only. Here do it again on its own on another piece of paper and put the legs in with mum's great big hairy fanny between them!" - "I can't I don't know what its like!" - He stood looking, "Hang on, he was gone - lookey here" he offered me a rather dog eared photo with what may have been a sperm smear on one side. - "Seen that before?" It could only be mum's pussy - Yeah but not bushed up like that only when all the hairs were clung to her belly and legs because we'd not wiped dry in the pool.

    He had no intention of letting me keep it,just a look and he went away with it,probably to use as his wanking prop tonight.


       In no time he came back again. I had never seen this side of him. He was so friendly - "Hey sis,this is urgent,real urgent, Yeah. . . When can I have it,like sometime tonight?" - I doubt it if I make a good real picture for you!" - "No dummy. Not that, THAT!" - his hand went down to the crotch of my jeans and fingered me - "We can now if you want" - "Where's mum?" - "Down stairs"

    He closed the door and jammed the chair against it as he undone his clothes, "Stand against the wall in case anybody comes" - I dropped my jeans and panty's and he pushed his hardon straight up me,no fingering no nothing,he just fucked me,in moments he came and kept going,until he came again as I orgasmed. I looked as he pulled his dripping cock out of me. - "Thanks,I'll be in for it again later" - "What about Mel' she sleeps in here remember" - "Think she'll say anything if she's watching me doing you?" - "Not now she knows what I said about yesterday" - "What if it makes her randy,you know she wants to do it as well" He grinned and was gone as he whispered,I'll fuck her as well. He's gone cunt mad now he's tried one,there's no holding him! - I drew and wondered if he really wanted to fuck our mum,he's working his way thro' us it seems.

    I put pencil to paper and added another picture of two babies being born with the girl one having the boys penis already stuck in her pussy. Then quickly scribbled that one out!.