My Story: A Trip to the Lake House


Saturday morning arrived early.   We were to meet at Shelley and Jason’s house to leave by 8am.   There were 6 of us going for a 3 day weekend.   There were my best friend Jason and his extremely sexy sister, Shelley, their mother Patty and cousin Mary as well as my mother, Nancy and me.   My name is Tim.   I rushed my mother to arrive a little early I have something important to talk with Jason about before we left.   Fortunately Mom did not press me to find out what that was.   We arrived about 7:30.   Patty was still packing and Mary was not there yet.   I kissed Shelley and her mother and then told Jason I needed to show him something in his room.   Jason looked at me a little strange, but led the way.
Once in Jason’s room I closed the door and said you have to see this, you are not going to believe what I learned to do.   Jason, just shrugged and said what is that.   I said just watch.   I loosened my belt; dropped my shorts around my ankles; and lay down on my back on Jason’s bed.   I slowly raised my legs up over my head until my toes were touching the bed behind my head.

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    That done, I reached up and placed my cock in my mouth and began sucking.   I became instantly hard.   I sucked my cock that way for a just a few seconds and then stopped and got up.   Jason just looked at me in amazement and said how in the world did you learn to do that and can you cum in your own mouth.   What does it feel like?  I just chuckled and waited until he finished his string of questions.   I said that I got the idea from my dog.   Several times in recent weeks I had allowed my dog to lick my cock and it felt really good when I came with him licking me.   I noticed a couple of nights ago that as soon as he finished licking me clean he laid down and started licking his own cock.   For some reason, it occurred to me, that I could probably do that as well and it might feel good.  
Anyway, I was laying on my bed, my cock was still hard from the dog licking it, so I just turned around so I would have room to raise my legs and tried it.   To my surprise, I was able to easily place my cock in my mouth.   At first, I only got the head in, but by moving around I was able to get nearly half of my cock in my mouth.   The first time I did it, 2 nights ago, I came almost immediately.   A very powerful orgasm that was more than I could swallow.   The cum was dripping out of my cock filled mouth, just as my mother stuck her head in the door to say good night.

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    She stopped in her tracks and said and where did you learn to do that, mister?  It took me few seconds to untangle myself and swallow enough cum to be able to respond.   I just said that I learned it from the dog.   She just said, I thought the idea was for us to teach the dog new tricks and here it is the other way around.
Jason then asked if I had cum just now and I said no, I just wanted to show you.   Have you ever tried this?  He said no, but he bends pretty well and maybe I could show him how later this weekend at the lake house.   Jason said show me again and this time, I want to see you cum in your mouth.   I said just watch and learn.   With that I lay down again and quickly had my still erect cock deep in my mouth.   The excitement of telling and then having an audience had its effect as I quickly felt my climax build.   It feels different in this position and strangely good to have my own lips running up and down my cock.   It took me less than a minute to reach climax and I could hardly wait for the load of cum to shoot deep into my mouth.   After sucking as much as I could from my cock opening, I slowly got up and asked Jason what he thought of that.   He didn’t reply, but Shelley and Mary did.   They had come up to get us for the trip.   Shelley was the first to speak and she said I hope you have more of that cum for me!  I just said, yes there is plenty where that came from.

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    As I was pulling up my pants, Shelley walked over and kissed me, a long deep tongue kiss that obviously was intended to get a taste of my cum and was, I hoped a sign of things to cum this weekend.
We all walked outside together.   We were expecting a 4 hour drive to the lake.   I climbed in the back of the van and expected Jason to join me, but Shelley put her hand on his arm and stopped him.   Instead she climbed in back next to me, taking the middle seat to be close to me.   Jason and Mary took the middle seat and Patty and my mother, Nancy were in the front.
I didn’t think much of it at first, but the back seat provided some privacy that the middle seat did not, being open to the front.   Shelley snuggled close to me and put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my leg.   It took only a few seconds and I became aware of her perfume.   I took a deep breath and had an almost instant erection.   Note to this day, I get erect every time I smell that perfume.   The fragrance was very erotic.   I leaned into her and rested my head against her head.   I nearly creamed my pants from the feel of her silky hair on my cheek and neck, her body rubbing nest to mine and her hand creeping up my leg.   She obviously noticed my condition as she rubbed my leg and then placed her hand on my erect cock.

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    At that I visibly inhaled and Shelley let out soft chuckle and whispered to me.   Try not to let the whole car know that you are turned on.   I replied, sorry, you just do that to me!
Try as we might to be discreet, Jason and Mary must have heard us and turned around to look.   They both saw my erection building in my pants and Shelley’s hand near it on my leg and the grin on her face.   Jason mouthed, way to go.   At that his smother, Patty looked in the rear view mirror and said OK what is going on back there?  Shelley and I said, perhaps too quickly and innocently, nothing.   Jason lost it and started laughing.   Patty went for the kill.   In a syrupy sweet voice, said Jason, honey tell your mother what is going on.   That is all it took, he said Tim has an erection and I think Shelley had everything to do with it.   She is rubbing his leg and has a “cat that swallowed the bird grin on her face”.
Shelley, you and Tim behave.   Jason stuck his tongue out and Shelley returned the favor.   After that Mary snuggled up to Jason and they lost interest in us.   My erection never wavered and Shelley gently laid her hand on my manhood and then fell asleep on my shoulder.

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    When she awoke 30 minutes later, my erection was gone, but quickly returned when she began rubbing me through my pants.
I perked up and she signaled me to be quiet.   I laid back against the corner of the seat and slowly felt my orgasm building as Shelley unzipped my pants and reached inside for my cock.   She found what she was looking for and gently began rubbing.   I needed to reciprocate, so I reached out and lifted her tank top and began caressing her breasts.   Ever so gently, I ran my finger tips around her breasts and nipples.   The effect was electric for both of us.   My groin tensed for a pending explosion that I hoped would not leave too much of a mess in my shorts.   Shelley arched her back and her breathing picked up.   She tried to keep it under control but had difficulty as her climax approached.   Not wanting to say anything, I made spurting motions with my hand and mouthed the words I’m cumming.  Shelley grinned and quickly bent down and took my cock in her mouth.   That was all I needed.   Just the feel of Shelley’s hot mouth and warm lips on my cock and I exploded, sending all of my pent up cum shooting into her eager mouth.   That must have done it for Shelley as well.

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    Just as I shot my first load, Shelley placed her hands on mine and held them firmly to her breasts and signaled me to squeeze them harder than I would have thought.   I could see the wet spot developing between her legs as she stiffened and held my hands in place.   After several minutes, Shelley released my cock from her mouth, straightened and gave me a long, deep, cum soaked kiss.   We parted a bit and she smiled that angelic smile and winked at me.
Only then did we notice Jason and Mary watching.   This time they did not let on, just two silly grins.   Mary licked her lips hungrily and Jason looked a bit frustrated, and anxious for some action.   We returned the grins and mouthed “Thank You”.   With that, they turned and left us alone.   However, they seemed to be sitting a little closer together.   Shelley snuggled up to my neck and laid her hand gently on my lap, a loving touch, more so than erotic.   We stayed like that with my arm around her shoulder, gently brushing her breast.   The smell of her perfume sent me into a state of ecstasy.
We were rudely pulled from our bliss as we pulled into a diner and Patty announced lunch time.   I wasn’t very hungry, but my bladder was bursting and I knew it might be a long time until dinner.

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    Somewhat stiffly Shelley and I climbed out of the van and made for the rest room, while the others went inside.   It as a small rural diner and there was only one restroom.   Shelley looked around to see if anyone was looking.   Not seeing anyone, she opened the door and pulled me inside.   After locking the door, we locked in a long and passionate embrace and kiss.   I finally broke the kiss and announced that I really had to pee.   Shelley said good, let me watch you, I have never seen a man pee.   I was a little hesitant, maybe shy at first, but thought, what the heck, peeing in front of someone you have fucked is no big deal.   With that thought in mind, I pecked her on the lips and walked to the urinal and dropped my shorts and underpants to give her a good look.   Shelley grabbed a stool from the corner and sat right next to me.   At first, I couldn’t seem to release my stream.   Shelley reached over and softly rubbed my ass cheek and said you don’t have to be shy around me.   I looked at her angelic face and in that moment I released and a stream of pee shot into the urinal.   Shelley grinned and said my turn.   With that she moved the stool and deposited it about 18 inches from the toilet, just enough room for out feet.


    She pulled down her shorts and thong panties and sat on the toilet. Wither legs spread wide.   She beckoned me to sit on the stool.   Almost as soon as I sat, I was her release a steam of pee into the toilet.
I couldn’t believe how special a simple act of sharing could be.   Shelley wiped and offered the toilet paper to me to wipe the tip of my cock that was still holding a drop of what appeared to be pee, but could have been pre-cum.   I wiped and dropped the paper between Shelley’s legs and we went to the sink to wash.   I pumped the soap dispenser, wet my hands and gently took Shelley’s hands in mine as we washed up together.   I quickly replaced the stool and we walked out of the bathroom hand in hand.   A middle age woman waiting to use the john looked shocked as we walked out together, turned and entered the diner.
As we sat, my mother gave us a strange look and said good thing you showed up, we are starving and were about to send out a search party.   Shelley got a silly grin on her face, nodded to the woman from the bathroom who was eyeing us curiously as she walked to her seat, and said no problem, that lady found us.
Mom just shook her head and returned to studying the menu.   Shelley squeezed my leg under the table and picked up her menu.   Lunch was uneventful and unexciting.

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    As we walked from the diner, Jason touched my arm and whispered, Mary and I get the back seat for the rest of the trip.   Not hearing what Jason said, Shelley passed me a note scrawled on a napkin that said let Jason and Mary have the back seat.   I chuckled and showed the note to Jason.   He grinned and walked over to show Mary.   Mary mouthed a thank you which Patty intercepted and asked “thank you for what?”  I was caught off guard, but Mary was ready with a quick reply that seemed to satisfy Patty.   Shelley and I walked to the van and waited in the shade, she hugged my arm close to her chest.   We waited as Jason and Mary got comfortable in the rear seat and climbed into the middle seat.   Se sat close, but not like before.   Shelley rested her hand on the inside of my leg and leaned into my shoulder.   I did the same and turned my face so I could feel her long soft hair on my cheek and the aroma of her perfume.
Meanwhile, Jason and Mary had a difficult time being discreet.   I imagined Jason’s balls were really hurting from the stimulation and no release.   I learned later that afternoon, from Jason that he fell asleep while we were in the back and awoke with a wet dream.   Unbeknownst to anyone but Mary, Jason disappeared during lunch for a few minutes to get a fresh pair of underpants out of his backpack and change.
Jason and Mary wasted no time in getting intimate.

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    Shelley and I tried to be discreet watching, but it must have been obvious, by their heavy breathing and our discreet but frequent glances over the back seat that something was going on.   They were lying on the seat in a 69 position.   Mary was on top and their shorts were around their ankles.   Mary had her tank top pulled up and her breasts exposed.   Shelley and I could hardly contain ourselves.   Finally my Mom turned around and quietly said, I hope that you don’t think that Patty and I are going to sit around all weekend while you four have all the fun.   Shelley reached up and gently touched my Mother’s face and said, please don’t worry about that, I think there is plenty of passion to go around.   Just wait til we get to the cabin.
As we neared the cabin, the sky turned dark and it began to rain, just a few drops at first, but by the time we pulled up to the house it was pouring buckets.   It was coming down so hard that we decided to run for the house and leave our luggage until later.   Even doing that, we were all soaked to the skin before we got inside.
Next story:  The Lake house.   Tim learns that the entire community is a nudist colony and that the neighbors are very friendly.  
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    I will respond to emails.



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