My Stepson, My Husband, and Me


When my stepson, Greg, woke me up that morning, I knew something was a little off. First, I was totally naked lying sprawled out on his bed instead of my own. Second, I had no idea how I ended up there. And third, my pussy was sore like I was having sex all night. It took me some time to become aware of all these strange circumstances as I had a hangover like I’d never had in my life. All I remembered was that Greg was having a little get together at our house and I decided to make myself a few martini’s in the game room and watch some late movies on the big screen so not to disturb my stepson’s party. I remember getting pretty drunk as I watched the tube and the next thing I know, here I was. Let me explain this incredible story.
My name is Lacy and I am 32 years old. I think I have an amazing figure with the movie star looks to go along, but maybe I’m a little vain. I am 5'11" tall and weight 130 pounds. My measurements are 40-24-32. I have long black hair and a dark figure. I work out at least two hours a day and eat a very strict diet. I got these habits from my beauty pageant days, though I never won much of anything at them. I could knock their eyes out with my looks and the way I filled out a bikini and an evening gown, but I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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   When it came to the questions or the talent part of the show, I usually lost my lead. I do have to say that on the rare occasions when I won, I usually did so in poor fashion. I must have agreed to sleep with at least ten pageant directors just to get the handful of wins that I got. I know it was low, but I was extremely sexual and knew that I could use that to my advantage. And shocking even to me, I never felt the least bit bad or cheap afterwards. I would leave them sweating and panting for air and they would promise me a win, though they didn’t all make good on the offer. In short, I could see that my future was not too bright so I figured if you can’t make it on your own, you’d better marry well. So that’s what I did. I found a sweet older man that fell for me on the night we met. I didn’t like him all that much at first, and our age difference was a problem for me to overcome since he was fifteen years older than me. But he was a handsome older man and was quite charming and persistent so I eventually gave in and we were married soon after. It didn’t hurt that he was filthy rich or that he had a nice long and fat cock that would get unusually hard for a man his age. He made me cum nearly every time we fucked, and that was a big plus for me. He was a self-made multi-millionaire who had built a very successful business from the ground up. It did require him to travel quite a lot however, and though I went with him at first, I soon grew tired of the travel and opted to stay home most of the time.

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He is not the only man in this story however. There was also his stepson, Greg. Greg was only 20 years old and still in college. He was working on a business degree and preparing himself to take over the family business someday. He often traveled with his father and spent a lot of time at the office to learn the ropes. This was possible because he attended a college that was right in the city. He didn’t live at home, but he visited often. I have to admit, Greg was a very attractive boy. I was closer to his age than I was to his father’s age so in a lot of ways we had more in common than my husband and I. He really was a lot of fun and we talked often. It didn’t bother him one bit that I was his new stepmother. His mother had died a few years ago in an auto accident and he was just glad to see his father happy again. So when he asked if he could have a party at our house because it was bigger than his, I agreed to stay out of the way and give him the run of the place. The party sounded pretty good and the next thing I knew I was feeling Greg’s arm on mine waking me up. This is about where I ended before.

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He smiled at me and told me it was morning and that he had made breakfast. I mumbled something that I couldn’t even make out and he giggled and walked out of the room wearing only his boxer briefs. Then I began to get my bearings and I took my time showering trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My pussy felt stretched as I rubbed some lotion around it hoping the coolness would be soothing. I decided that clothing might be uncomfortable so for the time, I just put a robe on over my naked body and figured I’d let the lotion do it’s work. Then I made my way to the kitchen. As I sat down, I knew I had to know what the hell happened so I just opened up the floor.
"Greg, about last night . . . what the hell happened anyway? I mean I wake up naked on YOUR bed and I don’t remember anything past watching tv in the game room. " I said.
"Wha? You mean you don’t remember a thing?" He replied with his own puzzled look.
"No! I don’t remember shit!" I exclaimed, showing my frustration.
"Oh, well you ended up being the highlight of the party Lacy.

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   I can’t believe you don’t remember. " He was smiling now.
"So let me have it. What the hell did I do?" I asked.
Now still at this point I thought that maybe, at worst, I put on a show and pranced around naked for a while for the boys until I got horny enough to go upstairs and use the huge dildo my husband had bought for me on myself until I was sore. I couldn’t believe it when Greg told me the story. I sat stunned and confused as he told the tale. I had done some wild stuff before, but this was purely nasty.
Greg gave me the story in short. "Well Lacy, the party was winding down and me and the remaining guys were getting pretty drunk. We decided to go to the game room and play a little pool. I figured you had long been asleep since it was pretty late by this point. Instead, you were just sitting on the couch with a martini in your hand and seemed very happy to see us. So happy in fact that I couldn’t believe what you did. For some reason, when you saw me, you got up and stumbled over to me and almost fell into me as you kissed me hard on the lips.

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   My friends were stunned until you went around the room welcoming everyone and kissing them open-mouth style as you made your introduction. Then you stripped down to nothing right in front of us and hopped up on the pool table onto your back and spread your legs asking ‘who’s first. ’ I tried to stop you but my buddy Derrick was already with cock in hand and was half way up in you before I could get around the table. I should have stopped him, but I have to admit it was extremely arousing to see you like that. You have the most incredible body any of us have ever seen, and we’re pretty popular guys on campus if you know what I mean. To make a long story short, you fucked all of us, and I mean me included, until we had all blown our load onto you tits or into your mouth. You insisted. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but you even let us fuck you in the ass! At one point you had one in your ass, one in your pussy, and one in your mouth at the same time. After we had all cum, the guys left and I carried you into my room as you demanded. You wanted to fuck me again, but you passed out just after I laid you into the bed, much to my dismay I might add. That’s pretty much the short of it anyway. "
I was stunned as he told the story. I couldn’t believe it. I had never contemplated having an affair with anyone since I was married. And now not only was I unfaithful, I was unfaithful with my own stepson and four of his friends! A gangbang nonetheless, in my own house.

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   I suddenly felt faint as I wavered a little in my chair. Greg quickly asked if I were all right and came to my aid. I felt his hand slowly move across my breasts as I assured him I was ok and he could let go. It sent a familiar jolt of excitement down my spine before I gathered my thoughts again.
"Greg, I can’t tell you how sorry I am about this. " I finally said.
"Sorry? What for?" He asked.
"I think you know what for. I love your father. I was just drunk out of my mind. I haven’t drank that much in years and I don’t know why I did last night, but I had absolutely no intentions of doing what I did I assure you. "
"Well," he answered, "I can’t say that I’m sorry for anything about last night. In fact, it was the best night of my life. I should have probably said something before, but it was very awkward you see. "
"What are you talking about Greg? Don’t you feel ashamed of what happened? We were drunk is all, and we must keep this a secret.

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   Your father would kick me out on the street and disown you if he found out. Both our futures would be in jeopardy. "
"I don’t think so. " He replied.
"I don’t understand. You seem so calm about all of this. Isn’t it killing you? Even a little. "
There was a long pause before he finally answered.
"I lied a little about what happened last night. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just a freakishly horny guy. I guess I wanted to see your reaction and test your memory a little. You must have really been drunk. " He said.
I was dumbfounded by what he was saying.

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   I didn’t understand a word of it. Now his story was changing? I became more abrupt with him.
"What the fuck are you saying Greg? You mean you made up that whole thing and staged all of this as some kind of prank or something?" I asked assertively.
"Let me explain what really happened. " He said.
"The party was actually over. I was alone drinking one last beer with dad to try to get my courage up. "
"WITH DAD?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH DAD!" I raised my voice now as anger was setting in.
"Let me finish. " He sternly replied, setting me back into my chair a little with shock and, I must admit a little desire. I hadn’t seen Greg this way before and his forcefulness was sexy as hell.
"Like I was saying. I finished my beer and went into the game room. You were very drunk and I knew the time was right. I said hello and set down beside you as you actually did seemed glad to see me.

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   That part was not a lie. We shared some small talk before I changed the subject to sex. I gave you an untrue sob story about how I was depressed about being a virgin. How I was feeling desperate for some female companionship and added how beautiful you were. That part was not a lie either. You are gorgeous. And so one thing led to another and in your condition, you agreed to have sex with me this one time if I didn’t tell anyone about it. We were going at it pretty heavy on the couch when dad walked in and joined us. You didn’t even seem to notice another person had arrived and you quickly, and without question, took his cock into your mouth while I was on top of you having my way. It was quite a little threesome I must say. To see you kneeling before us at the end and drinking our cum as we jerked off into your mouth was something I will never forget. It is something I hope to see again very soon. "
I got up and turned to go to my bedroom. I was stunned beyond belief and a thousand thoughts were going through my head. I barely even notice as I walked that my husband was standing at the hallway entrance.

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   I nearly ran into him before I jumped from fright of finally seeing him. He was smiling and I was nearly in tears.
"What’s the matter baby? Didn’t you like Greg’s story?" He said.
Then his face changed expression and he grabbed me strongly around the waist and twisted me until my ass was firmly against his raging hard cock. That’s when I saw Greg walk out of the kitchen and drop his briefs to the floor, exposing his large cock pointing strait toward me as he advanced. I was becoming very frightened from all of this and tried to escape my husband’s grip to no avail. Suddenly, he released his grip and ripped my robe off, exposing my naked body to him and Greg as Greg reached me. Greg then put his arms around me and lifted me up into the air. I could feel the enormous head of his cock pressing against my already sore pussy and then he pulled me down until his cock was firmly inside my cunt. I screamed out in an involuntary cry of pain and pleasure as his cock filled my hole. Then he began to bounce me up and down his shaft as my feet flailed for the floor. Then came the really painful, and incredible. feeling of pleasure. My husband had moved in behind me as Greg was forcing me up and down his cock. I felt the head of his even larger cock at my asshole only a brief second before it was plunging inside me.


   I felt very full and oddly excited about the entire thing. I had been fucked in the ass once before in high school, but I didn’t like it very much. I had never done anything like this and I must say I was really getting off on it this time. I was no longer struggling. I was wanting more as I began to assist my husband and Greg in fucking my brains out. This continued for a while until I could tell the awkwardness and physical nature of it was wearing my two brave men out. That is when I suggested we make our way to the master bedroom so I could really have my way with my two boys. My husband’s cock in my mouth was the first thing I wanted as I hit the bed and pulled him toward me. I think even he was surprised at how horny I was now and Greg quickly moved in behind me to fuck my ass doggy style as I sucked his father’s cock. Greg was no amateur as he grabbed me by the hips and fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. Soon I was unable to keep my husband’s cock in my mouth as my motions and my screams of pleasure were overwhelming me. I was frantically rubbing my clip and approaching my own orgasm when I felt my husband’s cum spraying my moaning lips. I opened up as wide as I could to take his seed into my mouth as Greg was pumping his own sperm into my asshole. It wasn’t enough for me. I still hadn’t cum and I quickly grabbed my husband’s ass and pulled him down onto the bed.

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   I had to have his cock in my pussy. I knew it could make me cum. I straddled my husband, who was lying on his back, and sat my poor swollen pussy down onto his huge cock. Then I leaned over him as he took my breast in to his mouth. I turned to Greg with a look that undoubtedly expressed what I needed and he was more than happy to oblige. He stuck his still-hard cock back into my slick asshole and they began to both fuck me in a double penetration move that would make even the most veteran of porn stars envious. I was a wild woman as I frantically humped my hips back and forth onto my lovers’ cocks. Within a few minutes I was cumming harder than I had ever cum in my life. I nearly passed out from the intense pleasure I was feeling and my sensitive clit was trembling so hard I thought it would last forever. My fluids soaked my boy’s entirely, as well as the bed before I had finished. Then they almost simultaneously said they were going to cum as they pushed me away and positioned themselves, standing on the bed before me. I was still recovering from my orgasm, but knew I needed to drink from their cocks before I was through. I opened wide and felt rope after incredible rope of cum landing in long strands on my face. I was covered and my mouth was full when they finished, and I showed them their offering before swallowing and scooping even more in my mouth for dessert.
We collapsed on the soaked bed in each others arms when it was over.

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   I was a complete mess of cum and sweat and my boy’s weren’t much better off. My husband explained to me what it was all about before we drifted to sleep. He explained that he wanted his son to have everything in life that he had and that included me. I was more than happy to grant this wish as I knew we were all one big fucking family now. Literally. I just hope my poor pussy and ass can forgive me for all the huge cock they are going to receive in the future. We are definitely going to need a bigger bed as I was already making big plans for later that afternoon. They didn’t know what they have gotten themselves into, but I was going to show them. My boys were going to have it all and then some.



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