My stepmom and I


I was 18 years old when my father walked out of his second marriage.   He left to go and live with some bimbo.   My real mother now lived in New Zealand, and so I remained with my stepmom, Tracy.   I got on well with her, at 32, she was much younger than my father was and all my school friends thought she was hot.   She was skinny, 5’ 2” tall, smallish breasts and wore her blond hair quite short.
During the divorce, they sold the large family house and as property prices were at a premium, Tracy invested the money saying that the market will turn downwards.   We lived in rental properties until I turned 18, went off to school, and lived in the dorm.
I kept in touch and came back when I could to see her.   When my freshman year finished I returned home for the summer.   The property market had indeed dropped and my stepmom had bought a two-bedroom single story house for cash.   It was a foreclosure and needed a little bit of work doing to it.
The movers were coming to pick her rental house contents up on the Monday, but Tracy wanted to get into the new home and do some cleaning over the weekend.   I flew home early on the Friday morning, she picked me up at the airport and we drove over to the new house.
“Putting on a little muscle I see Ben.   You need to be fit with the work I have planned in the next couple of weeks. ”  She laughed as she pecked me on the cheek.

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She had packed a lot of cleaning and painting stuff in her car, and enough things to see us over the weekend.
The house was a bit of a tip and we started on cleaning and painting the family room first. Tracy cleaned and I painted.   By the evening, we had the kitchen pretty much ready also.
“It’s getting late, Ben, do you fancy Chinese tonight?”  Tracy called out.
“Sure mom, we passed one down the road as we drove here.   Tell me what you want and I’ll go and pick it up. ”
I borrowed her car, went out, and bought the Chinese.   When I came back, I found her cursing in the master bedroom.
“This and the other bedroom carpet still have something sticky on it.   I was doubtful if the carpet cleaner would remove it, it looks like it will have to be replaced.   Heck, I didn’t like the color anyway.   We are going to have to stay in the family room for a couple of days.   I can get a friend I know to fit new carpet Monday. ”
We went back into the family room and started to unpack the bedding.

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“Damn it, there’s only one sleeping bag.   Is everything out of the car?”  Tracy asked.
“Yes it’s empty. ”
“Oh well, I’ll just unzip it and we can use it as a mattress.   I have a sheet; it’s going to be hot tonight anyway.   I did pack two pillows. ”
We ate the Chinese, watched TV and Tracy poured herself some red wine while I drank some soda.   The only lights we had were the ones in the kitchen as the family room had been designed to only use floor and table lamps.
“Let’s turn in early, if we can get the bedrooms cleaned and painted tomorrow morning, you can go swim in the community pool in the afternoon. ”
She went into the bathroom, cleaned her teeth, walked back in and switched off the kitchen lights.
“The blinds get fitted Tuesday; don’t want to give the neighbors too much of a show. ”  She laughed.
I couldn’t help but stare as she was wearing a thin white top and a pair of pale blue, sheer bikini panties.   When I got back from the bathroom, she was already asleep, lying on her side facing away from me.
I took off all my clothes and got under the sheet.

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    Since I was 15, I had always slept naked.   Tracy had seen me naked many times before so I wasn’t bothered.
I woke up during the night and after a little disorientation, realized where I was.   I glanced over to check on Tracy and noticed she had kicked off the sheet.  Her top had ridden up and I could see the outline of her body.   Her bare tummy, hips and the bulge of her panty covered mons was very visible in the moonlight coming in through the window.
I felt my cock stiffen and I was a little shocked at how quickly she had turned me on.   Never one to waste a good erection, I started to stroke myself and had an explosive orgasm.   I cleaned up my cum in the bathroom and went back to sleep.
I woke in the morning up to the sounds of soft laughter and noticed that Tracy was staring at my cock, which had become rock hard again.
“I see someone was having pleasant dreams.  You’ve got quite a nice weapon there Ben. ”  She passed over a cup of coffee as I covered myself up in embarrassment.   She turned on the TV.
“How long have you been up?”
“About 20 minutes.

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    Long enough to brew coffee.   I’m going to get a shower, you can take care of that, err, while I’m gone. ”  Still laughing she went into the bathroom, my eyes following her firm ass as she left the room.
I drank my coffee then laid back and slowly stroked my cock.   I didn’t hear the shower stop over the noise of the TV and was still masturbating when she came back in with just a towel wrapped around her.
“Oh sorry, I thought you would have finished.   It didn’t take you long last night. ”
“You saw me?  Well last night I had a little visual stimulation.   That top and panties looked very sexy on you. ”  I retorted before I could stop myself.
“Well I left them in the bathroom.   You think I’m sexy?”
“Err, yes I do. ”
“That’s a nice compliment, for that I’ll give you a hand, rather two hands. ”
She knelt down, straddled my legs with her hips and grasped my cock with her hands.
I lay back as she moved her body backwards and forwards, gently stroking me.

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    I reached out and put a hand on each of her outer thighs pulling her toward me with each rock of the hips.   I heard her breathing change slightly and realized that she was getting stimulation between her legs from my hard-on.   She dropped forward so her hands were either side of my body and my cock was now between her legs.   I could feel the wetness of her vagina on my shaft.
I slipped my hands under the towel and cupped the smooth cheeks of her ass, helping her with the rocking motion.
“I shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels soooo good. ”  Tracy murmured as she moved further forward.
I could now feel her wetness on the swollen tip of my cock and suddenly I slipped into the hotness of her vagina.
“No Ben. . ”  Her blue eyes locked onto mine but she did not move.
I was on fire with lust and I pulled out, but then sunk three inches inside of her and pulled out again.
“Noo ooohh Ben. . ”  She closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

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This time I thrust all the way in and our groins touched.   I could feel the warmth of her flesh against my stomach.
“Oooohhhhhh God I’m cumming, oh yes, oh yes. ”  She pushed back and forth with her hips, grinding herself against my groin.   I could feel my pleasure building beyond the point of return and groaned aloud as I shot my hot sperm deep inside of her.   Eventually she became still and looked down at me before pulling out.
She went into the bathroom briefly, came out and started to dress.
“Don’t talk; let me think about what just occurred Ben.   Give me some time. ”
I went into the shower and got dressed.   Tracy was already cleaning the paintwork in the master bedroom.   Not another word said about our lovemaking; it was as though it never happened.   Tracy cleaned, I painted and at around lunchtime we finished up.
We went out to a deli for lunch and then bought some ingredients for a spaghetti dinner at the local supermarket. We returned to the house and repapered the cupboards in the kitchen.

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“We’ve done well; do you want to go to the pool for a couple of hours Ben?
“Sure, you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine.   I’ll continue for a few more minutes and then I may just relax in the yard for a while. ”
About two hours later, I came back to the house.   The pool was great and I was able to swim 50 lengths.   I unlocked the door and called out.
“I’m out on the patio.   I’ll be inside in a minute. ”  Tracy replied.
Tracy came in wearing a skimpy dark blue bikini, the kind with ties at the hips and neck.   She picked up her water bottle and took a long swig.  
“Can you get the aloe lotion please and put some on my shoulders please?”
I got the bottle from the box labeled “medical” and started to rub it on her back, neck and shoulders.
“Okay I’ve thought it through.   I don’t think we should be dating, you are way too young for me.   I did enjoy that sex though and it is hard to find a good, stable guy.   Therefore, if you want, we can just be fuck-buddies.

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    The trouble is we are going to be living in the same house. I propose we keep separate bedrooms and keep it simple.   If I want to fuck, I will either wear panties or be naked.   If I am wearing PJs, regular clothes or a robe, then it means I’m not interested.   You okay with that?”
I moved round to face her and nodded.   I rubbed some lotion onto her nose and then onto her front.   I rubbed lower until I got to the edge of her bikini top.
“It sounds workable to me mom.   One question. ”
“What’s that?”
“Is a bikini classed as regular clothes?”
“Yes it is.   However…”  Tracy untied the side strings and her bikini bottom dropped to the floor shortly followed by her top.   She looked up into my eyes and smiled.
I smiled back and took her perky breasts in my hands, kneading them together before sucking hard on her nipples.   They responded immediately, shrinking and tightening into hard points of flesh.   I blew gently on them.

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I felt her fingers undo the knot of my swim shorts and then a warm hand slipped into the waistband to search out my hardening rod. I lifted her up onto the kitchen work surface and she lay back with her legs spread as far as they would go.
This was the first time I had ever seen her pussy, and briefly admired the blond curls before leaning forward to kiss it.   I heard her groan as I firmly licked and then kissed her clit.
“Suck on me Ben. ”
I took her clit between my lips and flicked it lightly with my tongue, grasping her hips to stop her bucking against my face.
“That feels soooo good, oh yes ooohhh. ”  Tracy murmured as I licked the entrance of her vagina before burying my face between her legs.   Her breathing became ragged as her orgasm started to intensify.
“Fuck me Ben, fuck me.   I want that hard cock. ”
I straightened up and slipped off my shorts before positioning my cock at the wet entrance of her womanhood.   She gasped as I plunged deeply inside of her.
“Oh you’re so tight, so hot mom. ”
“Harder, don’t be so gentle.

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  ”  Tracy begged.   I switched to long strokes, my body slamming against her as I gripped her butt tightly.   Her climax was building and I shouted as I released my load in five hard thrusts.   She screamed out too, peaking at the same time as me.
Tracy relaxed and lay there on the countertop still breathing deeply.   Eventually we separated and I pulled her upright and gave her a long kiss.   She looked into my eyes, her blond hair wet with sweat.
“Better start on dinner, this sex is making me starving. ”  She got off the countertop and walked over to the refrigerator and starting pulling out the ingredients.   Once the meat and sauce was cooking, she went into the family room and pulled on a pair of black boy-short panties and a black camisole with thin straps.
I mentally noted that she had not put on anything else, and I began to wonder if I had re-ignited some serious passion.   Dressing in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and under Tracy’s instruction, I ran some water ready to boil the pasta.
She poured a glass of red wine and we prepared dinner together, chatting and touching like a newly married couple.   As Tracy served up, I washed the pans and cleaned up the kitchen before we ate in front of the TV.
“Can you get me another glass of wine please Ben?”  Tracy asked as I took the plates out into the kitchen.


    As I poured the wine, I saw her lay down on her tummy and elbows to get more comfortable.   The sun had set and the room was almost dark.
I was feeling horny again.   The sight of her panty-clad ass moving around the kitchen and the way her nipples stuck through her top had slowly simmered my desire.
I quietly undressed in the kitchen, walked over and passed her the wine.   She was busy watching the TV and hadn’t noticed my state of undress or my state of arousal.   I knelt down; my knees placed either side of her hips and started to massage her shoulders.   I guessed I would find out if I had heard the fuck-buddy rules correctly.
“Umm that feels nice Ben. ”
My hands caressed her firm shoulders and worked down her back to where a small strip of bare flesh showed above the waist of her panties.   I slipped my hands under her camisole and moved back up her spine before reaching forward to cup those small firm breasts.   I rubbed my hard cock between her butt cheeks.
“You can’t beat the recuperative powers of a teenager. ”  She sighed contentedly as I pulled her panties off.   I wanted her more urgently than ever and quickly sought out the entrance to her vagina.

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    She was already wet and I wasted no time in burying my full length into her.   I heard her cry out as I started to pound her body.
“Oh Ben, you feel so deep inside of me, oh God, oh God it feels so good. ” 
Her words broke up each time I slammed into her.   I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her fully down on the floor.   Tracy’s hands reached out for my legs and I grabbed her wrists, using her arms to pull her body against me with every hard thrust.   My sweat dripped down my face and onto her back.
“You okay?”  I panted.
“Yes, yes, I’m not going to last much longer, aahhhhhhh it’s too good. ”
As she began to cry out in ecstasy, I started to cum.   That almost burning sensation building and then those all too short pleasurable releases as my seed spurted deep inside of her.
I slumped on top of her and we lay there still joined together until we fell asleep.
That summer was one of sexual bliss; her experience and need matched my youthful vigor.   She knew exactly how to keep things fresh, like coming home from work, unzipping her skirt, dropping it onto the floor and with a beckoning finger enticing me to follow her into the bedroom.   No man can resist the sight of a black lace thong and stockings.

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She only surprised me once when her younger sister came over, but that will have to be another story.
Comments email me at clintonbeverly@yahoo. com and quote “stepmom".


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