My step daughter's first


I am 47 and I have been married for only three years.   Up to the time I met my wife I had always been single and I have enjoyed a good life, very good income, only me to spend it on, you know the sort of thing.   Anyway, I met her, fell in love and my life changed.
One of the problems of meeting a woman later in life is that she often brings a family along.   In this case a teenage daughter.   Josephine was 18 when I married her mother and was unusually shy for a girl her age.   She seemed to stay away from me a lot and after a while it became a problem.   Her mother explained that, after her divorce, she took up with a guy who seemed ok, but turned out to be a nightmare.   He beat her up regularly and the last straw was when he sexually assaulted Josephine, fingering her sex and making her lick his erect cock.   Luckily, Jo’s mother came home in time to stop it going further and they left his house immediately.
All that was over a year before I came on the scene and once I understood her problem I was able to be more caring and understanding with Jo and we became close.
One day, I was off work, there was no-one else home and I decided to have a long soak in the bath.   I relaxed and enjoyed the hot soapy water, idly masturbating as my mind filled with various formless erotic dreams.   After drying off I came out of the bathroom, naked and still semi erect and bumped straight into Jo.
I apologised and struggled to cover myself, explaining that I didn’t know she had come home.   She looked at my strangely at first and I thought, ‘oh god, I’m going to traumatise her’, then she smiled.

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    She said that she had often wondered what I looked like without my clothes on and she asked me if her mommy liked my thing, was it too big for her?  My mind was whirling.   I stammered that her mother loved my thing and although it was big, she liked that.
Jo reached out slowly and touched my cock, just stroking it with her finger tip.   I groaned softly and hated myself for it and my cock twitched.   She laughed and touched it again, this time encircling it with her fingers.   It came all the way up and I was struggling to hold my composure.   I said that I didn’t want to upset her but she looked up at me and smiled.   She said it was ok.   Then she said that my thing was much bigger than that horrible man’s.   I knew who she meant.
I pushed past her and into my bedroom but she followed me.   She asked me if I thought she was a sexy as her mother and she pulled off her dress, straight up and over her head, leaving her standing there in white panties and a small training bra.   I sat on the bed and murmured that she was lovely and I reached for her.   I don’t remember what I was thinking but the next thing I knew I was holding her in my arms and she had both her hands on my cock, stroking it up and down.
I removed her bra and licked at her little nipples and then I began sliding off her panties.

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    She stopped stroking me then and looked very serious.   She asked if it would hurt.   I was honest and said that if she really wanted to, it would, but only very quickly, then it would feel good.   She asked if I could make her scream like I do her mommy and I told her that I probably could.   My hand cupped her smooth mound and my finger slid between her lips.   She was already a little moist and as I rubbed her clit and opened her wider, she began to sigh and I actually felt her oils increasing.   I lifted her to stand on the bed, her feet either side of me and I placed my hands on her little bottom to brace her.
      I kissed her pussy and pressed my tongue into her and she moaned.   I swear it sounded just like her mother.
    I continued licking her and finally laid her down and slowly, carefully inserted my index finger between her puffy lips.   It went in easily but solely until I felt the resistance. She grimaced and I told her to relax, that it would be ok in a second.   I pushed with my nail and felt it give just as she cried out and bit her lower lip, tears in her eyes.   I withdrew my finger and replaced it with my tongue and she was moaning again, lifting her young hips to meet me.
    I moved to kneel next to her head and as I began to stroke her pussy and tiny clitoris with two fingers, I told her to lick my cock.

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        She took hold of it in her small hand and lifted her head, tickling the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue.   I almost came all over her lovely face.   After a while she grew in confidence and began to lick more boldly and even suck me, struggling to take my cock into her mouth.   It was time.
    I positioned myself between her thighs and lifted her with my hands under her bottom.   My cock pressed between her open lips and she moaned loudly.   I pulled her closer and thrust a little and I felt her tight sheath griping my cock head.   I told her take a deep breath and to let it out as I went into her and I entered her fully, penetrating my step daughter’s 18 year old pussy.   I kept moving deeper and deeper but going slow until I was as far in as I could get, then I held her still.
    She said that she could feel herself stretching and that it didn’t hurt anymore.   She said that she felt strange but good and asked me to make her scream like mommy.   I began pushing, thrusting into her, fucking her slowly at first then faster and harder.   She was really wet and incredibly hot and I knew I would cum soon.   Suddenly she began to shake, her breathing was deep and harsh and her face glowing.   I was about to cum when she screamed.

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        Her body went stiff and hard and she screamed loudly in climax, her already tight sex gripping me.   I moaned myself and pulled out just in time to pump my cum in four huge jets all over her body and right up to her pretty face.   She had jerked upwards but now fell back and sighed.   She looked at me and smiled.
    “Can we do it again Daddy?”



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