My step dad shared me.


When I was 18 still living at home my step dad came in my room one night after I came home drunk. He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was a little drunk. Next thing I knew he was on top fucking me. It happend so fast that by the time I knew what he was doing his cock was in me. His cock felt so good that I just let him fuck me.

The next day I was not sure if I drempt it or if it realy happened. I did not let on any and after mom left for work he said your really good in bed. I did not know what to think but could kind of remember a big cock that filled me full. I smiled and said how would you know? He said you know and I knew I did not dream it. I kept thinking about that big cock.

The next weekend when mom went to work in the evening i went to my room and was hoping my step dad would come in for a repeat of last weekend.

After about a half an hour he came in an asked if it would be okay to have sex with me. I just said it did not matter and with that he pulled my top off and felt my brests. It felt so good and soon he had his big cock in me and we fucked for about half an hour. I told him that I enjoyed it and that he filled my pussy so full with his big cock.

I continued to let him fuck me for the next six months, then one night he had two friends over and they had been drinking.

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   He called me over and asked if I would okay for them to fuck me? I was so cock hungry i said it would be okay. I went to my room and as soon as I closed the door it opened and one of his friends started to strip. I did the same and we both fell on to the bed. Once he was done and left the other came in and we had sex also. After they left my step dad took his turn.

    For the next six months I was fucking dad and his friends every weekend. I even started asking if they were coming over on saturday night. I enjoyed it so much. Then my mother found out by a massage left on the answering machine. She moved out the next weekend. I stayed living there for another year getting all the cock I wanted each weekend.

    Now that severial years have passed after leaving home and have a boyfriend, I want cock all the time.
    My boy friend called me a cock slut and I agree. My step dad has made me into a cock slut for life, all I want is to be fucked all the time.



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