My Son The Inventor - Ch4 - Its all in your head


Please first read "My Son The Inventor - Ch1-3"

Barry analyzed the EEG readings he got from the Mindflex recordings and combined them with a new computer controlled sex machine which had clit vibration, suction and water nozzles along with vaginal rotating-pumping articulated fingers which could massage the g-spot.

Barry nicknamed this machine the Orgasmatron after the fictional electromechanical device that appears in the 1973 movie Sleeper.

It took a full week of very late night's but he was finally ready to have the girls try it out. Mom was going be first. Barry said that the machine was pre-programmed to run through many different stimulation techniques. When the Mindflex detected an EEG pattern that matched the previous recordings it would add that technique to a personal stimulation library.

Barry had also added voice commands capability so that the women could command a specific action. Such as one of the personal stimulation techniques, to have the machine stop, slow down or speed up. After a few test runs the machine would know their preferred methods guided by their EEG readings and voice commands. Just as an lover who had often pleasured the women.

Mom was nervous as the attachments were put on her pussy and into her vagina.

Barry turned on the machine and it proceeded to go through its paces. Maria oohed and awed through most of the testing.

On the third test run the machine was so in tune with Maria's needs that the machine-mind meld had her going from one orgasm after another. Finally Maria screamed OFF! When she recovered Maria looked up at Barry and said we are going to be multi-millionaires, loved by women everywhere!

Aunt Becky was chomping at the bit for her turn. When Maria was moved to a chair Becky suited up.

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   It look Aunt Becky five test runs to achieve the sex machine harmony that Maria had on her third try. Mainly because Becky like to scream out her commands and mumbled a lot when she came.

Barry had to turn the machine off himself as Becky would not stop. He decided to add a kill timer and an auto off switch in case the women lost consciousness. Becky was orgasmic goo only babbling when she was unattached. Barry took her to bed.

Over the next week Becky and Maria used the Orgasmatron so often that Barry was not getting all the sex he wanted. He got into the habit of sneaking up and fucking the shit out of Aunt Becky so often she only wore skirts with no panties so that she would be ready for his next assault.

Of course Barry got a daily morning blow job from his loving Mother. Barry being a gentleman would trade the BJ in for a vigorous fuck so Mom did not get jealous of Becky.

A two weeks before X-Mass he said that he needed to pack and ship the sex machines to his client to meet his contractual obligations. The girls were depressed as their daily come count was going to plummet.

Barry told the girls to stay out of a seldom used room in the far side of the large house. He told them he had stashed their X-Mas presents there. Barry warned that anyone who picked the lock would have their presents returned and get a chunk of coal on X-Mas day.

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Of course Barry used that room to reassembled the girl's favorite sex machines. The room was turned into a permanent installation including a jacuzzi to replace the metal tub. He put a sign on a wall which read "Pussy Pleasure Palace".

On X-Mas day the girls gave their stud various presents and he gave them each sexy lingerie. He kissed them both and ate them out right in front of the decorated tree. The girls had a great start to X-Mas day.

Then Barry said he had one last present for both of them. He led them to the "Palace". Unlocked the door and in they went. His girls cried in joy. Barry said my gals were always the only client for the sex machines. They were conceived in love for my sexy girls and their needs.

They hugged him and Barry said lets eat breakfast and then come back here to wear ourselves out. That evening they did not have enough energy to bother cooking the turkey. They had the best horniest X-Mas a threesome with mechanical assistance could have.

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