My Son The Inventor - Ch2 - Getting screwed


Please first read "My Son The Inventor - Ch1 - I need some volunteers"

When Barry entered his Aunt's room she pushed him against the wall then grabbed his head kissing him passionately. When the kiss broke she dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock bringing it back to life.

Barry pushed her head down his shaft to make sure his cock got to feel her tight throat. She gagged a little but adjusted and he mixed sucking with throat action. She wanted to taste his cum but he pulled her up. He told Auntie to put her hands on the wall with back arched.

Barry asked Aunt Becky what she wanted and she begged, I want my nephew to fuck his Auntie hard. Barry lifted the hem of her robe and thrust deep into Becky. He then started fucking her with the energy that only a seventeen year old can muster.

While fucking Becky, he asked her if she knew she was molesting her nephew and this makes her an incestuous slutty Aunt? Becky came at this erotic illicit talk. He said that she was being a good slutty Auntie.

Barry ordered Becky to come again and slapped her ass and she climaxed again. He took one hand off her hips and rubbed her clit with gusto and ordered his incestuous slut to come for her nephew and thrust his cock at her favourite angle.

When he hit that special spot she screamed I am coming for you and shook so violently that he had to hold her up. Barry pulled out and led her to the vanity's chair where he laid her across his lap.

Becky's ass was in the middle of his lap with one leg hanging off giving him easy access to her pussy.

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   Barry said Aunt Becky was being very naughty, wanting to corrupt her nephew and needed a special spanking.

He hit her ass cheek with one hand and shoved two fingers deep into her cunt with the other hand. He started finger fucking her and slapping alternate ass cheeks. He would command Becky to come for him every so often and she would come in loud moaning climaxes.

Finally when she was spent Barry said he needed to come. He laid her, stomach down, on the bed. Grabbed her head and put his cock into her mouth. Barry face fucked her with occasional throating until he could not hold off any longer.

He pulling out of her throat and emptied the cum he had left into her waiting, sucking mouth. He said now that should hold my slutty Aunt until tomorrow's sex machine test drive. Barry tucked her in and she drifted off smiling after the best fucking day of her life.

The next morning Barry awoke to the sound of a knock at his bedroom door. He said to come in and there was his Aunt with a breakfast tray with coffee, syrup and pancakes. Becky put the tray down on his night stand. As she bent over he noticed she was not wearing panties.

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Becky turned around and sat on his bed asking if his incestuous slutty Auntie could molest her nephew today. Barry sat up giving her a kiss and put his hand on her pussy shoving two fingers into her wiggling them fast.

When the kiss broke Becky moaned and Barry said she need to be a good girl and test out the machines for him. Looking a bit spaced Becky nodded her head.

Soon after Becky left his Mom came to his room. She sat down beside her son as he was just finishing breakfast and said it looks like your Auntie is taking good care of you. Barry said we need to take care of each other.

His mother moved the tray putting it on the night stand and gave him a very sexy kiss. She started to squeeze his cock through the covers asking if she could get some breakfast of her own. Barry smiled and said he made up some fresh baby boy batter for his best girl. He undid her robe massaging her nipples to attention.

She stood up and let the robe fall to the ground. Then Barry pulled back the covers and removed his boxers. Maria climbed on the bed between his legs, looked into his eyes ran her hands from his thighs to his chest giving his flaccid cock kisses on the up and down rubs and brushing her tits across his balls and cock.

Barry could feel her hard nipples on his sensitive cock and his member straighten out.

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   Maria kept her eyes locked on her son's eyes and added licks to his shaft, soon he was hard as steel. Barry just smiled. He saw movement and there was Aunt Becky at the door finger frigging herself to the erotic incestuous scene.

Finally Maria asked if her son would come in her mouth so she could have her breakfast treat. Barry said yes Mommy suck your son's cock for it's creamy filling. Maria leaned forward and took him into her mouth descending down the hard shaft.

As her head started bobbing up and down Aunt Becky could not contain herself and got behind her sister to lick her pussy. Maria groaned on Barry's cock and sucked harder.

The closer Maria got to an orgasm the faster and harder she sucked. Barry could not take much more and yelled Mommy swallow your son's cum. As Maria felt his first squirt she came hard herself swallow he boy's sticky gift.

Maria continued to suck making sure she captured all of her baby boy's batter and then pulled off his shrinking shaft. Maria thanked Auntie Becky and her son for her morning treat.

Barry said after lunch he would like his two volunteers to continue their testing duties. Maria said a women's work is never done Aunt Becky just wore a big smile and that spacey expression.

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After lunch the two women went into the workshop completely nude. Barry was still setting up, arranging two harnesses over a big metal tub. Barry turned around and said you know that look is very becoming. Aunt Becky pushed out her chest while Maria's nipples sprung to attention under her son's praises.

Barry said that this time both girls were going to be serviced in tandem. They came over to the tub and Barry picked up Auntie and said put your legs through the harness straps. Soon Becky was hanging from the ceiling beam with legs spread wide. He did the same thing to his Mom with both girls only a few feet apart.

Barry then picked up and placed between them what looked like a pair of hand held power screw drivers with the girl's individual dildo's attached. Each screw driver had a protective clear plastic cover, just above them were two flexible nozzles with hoses attached running to what looked like a compressor.

Barry lubed up the dildos and then lubed the women's love channel by finger fucking them a bit to a chorus of groans and more please naughty boy. He just shook his head at his horny bitches. They were in for a treat.

Barry extended each dildo into a pussy and slightly changed the angle on the flexible nozzle neck. He looked at the women and said there will be a pop quiz at the end of this session.

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   Any lady that can still talk cogently does not pass. Then he turned the dial on the control.

The dildos started to spin slow then faster while moving forward and back a few inches. Barry heard a mixture of oh fuck, so good, my pussy is in heaven and machine fuck me Barry!

Barry flipped a switch on the control and alternating jets of water spurted out of each nozzle hitting they respective clits. Becky screamed I'm cuuuuummmmiiiinnnngggg and tried to pull in her legs but they were held wide by the harness. Almost immediately Marie scream she as she climaxed and shook in her harness.

Barry leaned over the tub grabbing a nipple from each women and pulled. This time they screamed together and came to another toe curling orgasm. He moved behind his mother and grabber both her tits massaging and pinching her nipples hard.

He whispered into her ear does Mommy want to come for her son. Are you my Mommy slut to use for my pleasure? Marie screamed my son is making me come, oh fuck me Barry, fuck your Mommy . . .

He moved from Mom to his Aunt. He played with her breasts and asked her what she was.

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   Becky screamed I am my nephew's incestuous slutty Aunt, he can use me for his pleasure. Barry said tell Mommy what we did last night.

Becky yelled Marie last night after you were asleep Barry used me like a fuck toy screwing me hard, spanking me, then face fucking me and I loved it! Maria's eyes went wide and yelled Barry I want you to do that to me, please fuck your Mommy, please son. He just told Aunt Becky to come for him and her body spasmed.

Barry picked up the control and turned the dial up. The dildos rotated faster and the water spurts pulsed faster. Mixed with pleasure screams the girls alternated climatic declarations with dirty requests on how they wanted Barry to use them. He was impressed with the variety and depth of perversion of their requested.

Finally Mom's head slumped forward with only her body twitching. He kindly turned the machine off. In truth Aunt Becky was not really conscious. She was more like a prize fighter that was knocked out but still standing.

Barry removed the dildos from their pussies. They could not help him get themselves out of the harness and he really had to work. He got Mom out first and put her to bed.

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   Then did the same for Becky.

With his two gals sleeping he went back to the workshop, emptied the tub and cleaned up. When that was done he went to his room's computer and started working on a new sex machine. .


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