My Son the Doctor


My Son the DoctorBy: Randy Randy 
 I needed a medical check-up and a shot for a work related trip to South America. I called my son to see if he could get me in to see one of the doctors were he’s working. John had just joined this practice after interning at the local hospital. He said I could come in at four that afternoon and they could see me.  
After checking in a nurse took me to an exam room handed me a gown and said a doctor would be in to see me. In a bit my son walked in and after a brief hello he said there was a scheduling mix up and I couldn’t be seen for an hour, or if I didn’t mine he could do the exam.   It was OK with me; after all he’s not a gynecologist. It was your basic wellness check-up.  
When it came time to check my heart instead of just listening to my heart through the gown he lowered it, exposing my breasts. Even though he was professional about his actions having his hands near my breasts excited me and my nipples became erect. He never had me pull the gown back up and proceeded to give me the shots, one in each arm. He said I was fine and asked me to meet him in his office before leaving.  
When I entered his office he had me take a seat and went to close the door. From behind me he said, “I want you to see this”. When I turned around he was standing there with his dick sticking out of his pants. I was shocked that he would expose himself to me like this but I couldn’t take my eyes off his dick.

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He was fully erect, at least 9 niches long and without a drought the fattest dick I had ever seen. “What this all about” I asked still looking at his dick. “Seeing your breasts with you nipples erect caused this hard-on and now I want you to do something about it”. This whole time my son had been moving toward me and now his dick was right in front of my face. I was still starring at his dick when he leaned forward. I instinctively opened my mouth and took him in.  
He was so large that I could only get half of it in my mouth. It wasn’t long before he was shooting his load and I swallowed it all down. Looking up at my son he had the biggest grin. “Was what you wanted, to have your mother drink your cum?” I asked.  As he tucked it back into his pants he answered. “That was an adolescent dream come true”. “I have dreamed about you doing that for the longest time”. “Besides Linda”, my daughter-in-law, “refuses to give me head”. Saying “I don’t mean to rush out, but I need to get to a patient”.

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   He gave me a quick hug and was out the door. During my trip I thought about what had happen. Why did he expose himself and why did I do what I did. Although we didn’t have sex we do something a mother and son shouldn’t do. His father wanted me to give him head too and I would suck him but when it came to letting his cum in my mouth I always refused. So why did I let John?
Late at night while trying to sleep images of my son’s manhood would enter my mind getting me so excited that I would reach into my panties and play with my pussy.
The day after I got home I went to my son’s office. The receptionist let him know I was there and I took a seat in the waiting room. He came to the waiting room and took the seat next to me. Trying to coy I asked him if he had time for a visit. He started in on how backed up they were and the number of patient he had. I reached over and placed my hand on his crouch and in a lower voice said – “John, I came here to suck your dick, or would you prefer that I leave?” I could feel his dick start to stir in his pants and I gave it a squeeze. He got up and led me to his office.
We entered his office and he took a seat at his desk. I knelt in front of him and started to undo his pants.

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   He rose slightly and I pulled his pants and underwear down. He was fully erect and his dick looked even larger than I remembered. As I stroked him pre-cum was leaking from his pee slit. I licked it up and took my son’s dick into my mouth. I wanted to please him and from his moaning I was succeeding. John kept asking me to take more but I couldn’t take all that he had. Then he pushed my head down forcing his dick down my throat until my chin was touching his balls. He would let me up and then push my head back down fucking my throat like a pussy. Soon I could do it without his help and I continued fucking him with my mouth stopping only lick his balls while. Just as he was about to cum he pulled his dick away from my mouth and shoots his load all over my face.   Again he pulled himself together and left me in his office.
I wanted to go back to my son’s office the very next day but forced myself to stay away so the office staff wouldn’t get any ideas.   Three days was all that I could stand and I called my son to arrange a lunchtime meeting, a quickie blow job wasn’t going to cut it, I needed to have that dick in me. John was waiting for me in his office. I shut the door and started to unbutton my dress.

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   I wore my best white lace underwear and a gaterbelt with stocking. As my dress hit the floor my son was embracing me. While we kissed his hands were cursing my body. When his hand went down the front of my panties he broke our kiss and in an excited voice said, “I love hairy pussies”. He then dropped to his knees and proceeded to pull my panties off. The expression on his face was that of opening a gift that he has always wanted. I use to keep my bush trimmed but I quit a few years ago and now it spreads hip to hip and back to my asshole and is still as brown as when I was twenty. As he ran his fingers through the hair they would lightly touch my pussy lips making me terribly horny.
Backing away I took a seat on the small couch he had in his office. I parted my legs wide causing my pussy to open. “Come lick your mother’s pussy” I told him. My son was a talented licker and he had me Cumming in no time. I had to bite on a pillow to keep from screaming during a second more powerful orgasm. Pulling his head away from my pussy I told him, “Please fuck me, I need to feel that big dick of yours in me!” John undid his pants and pulled his erect dick out. He started to rub it up and down my pussy slit.

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   “Please John put it in, don’t tease me”. Then he started to work it in into my hungry hole. Inch by inch it entered me spreading my pussy wide. I had never been so full of dick in my life. He started to work is dick in and out of my pussy. He was so large that it felt like he was turning me inside out with each stroke.
As he got closer to his own climax he was fucking me hard and I could feel his ball slap my ass with each stroke. John was close to cumming when he pulled out and started to stroke his huge dick. Jet of cum shot from his dick. Like white-hot lava they landed on my breasts and body. The last few drops he shot in my bush and rubbed them in with the head of his dick. He joined me on the couch, put his arm around me and put my hand on his dick.
”John, why didn’t cum in me, I was so looking forward to it?”  “I’ve wanted to do shoot my load all over Linda, my daughter in-law, but she will not let me and I knew I could with you”.
His commit made me feel odd. My son felt that he could treat his mother like a slut but not his wife.

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   Was I just a slut for my son’s pleasure, or did our actions have a special meaning to him as they did to me?
Our “lunch” was over and I dressed to leave. My bra was torn and I couldn’t wear it so I stuffed it into my purse. As I walked past the receptionist she looked right at my breasts. I’m large busted and the summer dress I was wearing was thin and lets them bounce around. It embarrassed me to think she noticed that I went into my son’s office with one on and now it’s off. Maybe she too thought of me as a slut.
A few days after my last encounter with my son I got a call from my daughter-in-law with an invitation to come over for a Bar-B-Q. We all get together at least once a month. I accepted and started to daydream about could happen. I wore a light button down the front dress and nothing else. The dress wasn’t see through but my son would know I was naked underneath.
Upon my arrival Linda got me a drink and I joined my son out by the pool. I gave John a motherly kiss on his forehead and then made sure my breasts rubbed his head as I took a set across from him were I was also blocked from the house. “John can we play a bit today”. I then lifted my dress to show him my hairy pussy.

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   Moving my chair a bit closer to John’s I put my foot in his lap and started to rub his dick through his shorts. He was enjoying my foot message and had quite a tent going when Linda appeared at the door and call John to start the grill.
The whole time before dinner John and I were playing grab-ass just like we were kids getting away with something. Once when Linda went to the bathroom John lifted my dress and fingered my pussy. Another time John walked into the bathroom while I was in there pulled out his dick and I sucked it. He was so excited that he came as soon as I took him down my throat.
After dinner John left to get more wine leaving Linda and me sitting in the living room. “So how long have you been fucking your own son?” Linda asked nonchalantly. I was stunned, how did she know had she seen us today? “How” was all I could say. “One of the women at John’s office”. “She told me an older woman was coming to the office and they were spending too much time alone for it to be anything but”. Linda continued, “It wasn’t until now that I realized that you were that older woman”.
“Tell me mom are you taking care of John’s sick fantasies?”  “Do you suck his dick and let him cum in your mouth?”  All I could do was nod yes to her questions.
It was at that moment John returned. ”John your mother and I have been having a nice talk while you were out, all about you incestuous affair and how she’s bringing your fantasies to life”.

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Then Linda went over to John put her arms around him and gave him a kiss. “John if you’re happy it’s OK with me”. “In fact I want to help make another one of your fantasies come true”. After a pause Linda continued. “John you have always wanted to make love while someone watched, well I’m willing to watch if you want me to”. A smile came to his face and he kissed Linda. John came over to where I was sitting and pulled me up to him. “John I don’t want to do this” I told him but he started to remove my dress. When it was completely unbuttoned he pushed it off my shoulders and it fell to the ground. I was now completely naked in front of my daughter-in-law.
“John she’s got a real hairy pussy, you must love that”; Linda committed as John removed his clothes. He came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. He put his arms around me and cupped my breasts. I pleaded once more, “John do not make me do this”.   But John continued playing with me and I was responding to his touch.

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   By the time his fingers parted my pussy lips I was wet.
John took my hand and led to the couch were Linda was sitting. John sat down next to her his dick standing up like a flagpole larger than ever. John didn’t have to ask I knew what he wanted. I got down in front of him and took him into my mouth. I could see Linda watching. She even moved my hair from my face so she could see me suck my son’s dick. It wasn’t long and John started to cum filling my mouth with his load.
True to form he stayed hard and pulled me up to ride his dick. Linda’s boobs are on the small side and she was fascinated with the way my large breasts bounced as I rode John’s dick. I was nearing climax when Linda reached out and started to fondle my breasts. When she leaned over and started sucking my nipples I erupted with the most incredible orgasm ever.
From that day on everything was open between John and me, at least around the house. I still visit the office now and then for an afternoon quickie. Linda has started using me for her enjoyment when John is on travel.

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   Johns has reviled more of his hidden kinky side but that has to wait for the next installment. .



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